The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Zanardio
Chris and John's house

Monday, 2:10 PM

John: *Puts on his jacket and straps his guns on.* I'm gonna go for a walk.
Chris: Okay. See ya later.
John: Bye. *Leaves and heads down the sidewalk, walking toward the gates of town.*
Guard: Hey John! Where ya goin'?
John: Just on a walk. I have my guns, I'll be safe out there.
Guard: Alright. *The other guard helps him take the bar off the gate and they open them.* See ya later. *John goes through and they close it.*

John: *Walks around for a little bit, eventually winding up in a forest. He walks down a path for a few minutes, when he hears moaning a little bit off of the path. He pulls out his Desert Eagle just in case.*
???: Is that a person...?
John: *Looks behind a bush and sees a guy laying there.*
???: Hi... A grizzly attacked me... I got it pretty good, but it beat me up and... ungh... ran off with my sword. *Tries to get to his feet.* Oww... I think I broke a rib. Ugh
John: Here, I'll help you. *Picks the man up and slings him over his shoulder.* I'll bring you back to my house and bandage you up.
???: Thanks...

*Later, back at the house.*
John: Chris! I'm back. And I have a half-dead guy with me.
Chris: Ooooh, nice. Blah *Comes out of the bathroom.* Ouch. He doesn't look too good. What happened?
???: Bear attacked me...
Chris: Yowza. Bring him up to the guest room, I'll get the medpack.
John: *Goes upstairs, into the guest room, and lays the guy down on the bed. Soon after, Chris comes in with a box of medical slag. He gets to work bandaging the man.*
Chris: What's your name, anyway?
???: Dike. I'm a mercenary, and from the looks of it, you are too.
John: Yep. What were you doing in a place like that, anyway?
Dike: I had a boat, I was delivering some supplies. Pirates stole my supplies, so I came back here to get some help to get the supplies back.
John: *Looks at Chris.*
Chris: *Looks at John.*
Both: We'll help!
Dike: Heh...
John: I'ma call Jake. *Goes downstairs and calls Jake.*

Chris: Do you know anything about these pirates?
Dike: Nope. They did a good job pillaging my stuff, though. I tried to fight 'em, but they drove me into my quarters and locked it. I couldn't get out until they left, when I figured out I needed to break down the door.
Chris: Dang... how much are you being payed?
Dike: Dunno. They said they'd decide by how well I did. Looks like I'm not gonna get a good pay. Oh Well
John: *Comes back up.* Jake'll be here in a little bit. He's bringin' the Sky Wolf.
Dike: Sky Wolf?
Chris: It's an airship. A cool one, at that.
Dike: Hopefully it can go under water... I think these pirates' hideout is under water.
John: Oh boy.
*They hear the door downstairs open.*
Chris: Jake's here.
John: *Goes downstairs.*
Jake: What's up?
John: Found some guy, beat up in the woods. He's a mercenary too. He was hired to deliver supplies to some place, and pirates stole his stuff. We're gonna help him out.
Jake: Alright...

*In the Sky Wolf*
Jango: *Has his feet up on the control panel. Dire Straits is blasting.*

*In the house*
Dike: If we find the pirates and deliver the supplies, I'll split up my pay with you guys. It isn't much, but I think even after being divided, it'll tide me over.
Chris: Okay... I guess we should get going. We've got a stretcher, we'll bring it up in the ship.
Dike: Cool.
Chris: *Picks up Dike and puts him on the stretcher.* John! Help me get this stretcher into the ship!
John: *Comes up stairs. He looks at the stretcher, picks one end up, and they bring it downstairs and out the door.*
Chris: Wide Eyes Umm... Why did you land the Wolf in the street?
Jake: I didn't land. Jango did.
Chris: Ugh
*They bring Dike up the loading ramp and set the stretcher down.*
Jango: *Doesn't even realize they came in.*
Chris: JANGO!!
Jango: *Doesn't hear him over the music.*
Chris: Ugh JANGO!!!!
Jango: *Turns around* Huh? *Turns down the music.* What'd you say?
Chris: *Slaps his forehead.* Let's get going.
Jake: *Comes up the ramp. Jango gets in the copilot seat. Jake sits down.* Where do we go? *Closes the hatch.*
Dike: Out in the middle of the east sea. Umm... I hope this thing can go underwater.
Jango: Don't worry. Grin It can.
*The ship starts moving.*

John Gibson

John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

1/28/2002 2:50:17 PM

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RE: Chris and John's house

*The Sky Wolf blasts off into the sky*

Jango: We need to stop for fuel.

*Chris walks up between Jango and Jake*

Chris: Ok, now, what does this thing use to go under water?
Jango: Air.
Chris: That's it?
Jango: Yes. It's jet propeled with air.
Chris: Thats good. I don't wanna pay for gas to go underwater.
Jango: Yeah, that's why we made it that way. The ship, as it is flying, takes air in from outside, and puts it into tanks.
Jake: That's cool.
Jango: Yeah, I thought so too.
Chris: How much air do we have?
Jango: Enough for 2 days.
Jake: Ok. Look, down there. The air-port.
Jango: Ok.

*They stop and get fuel*
Chris Storms
1st In Command of SG&C

1/28/2002 3:13:52 PM

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RE: Chris and John's house

*sets sky wolf on auto pilot* *walks in back*
jake: soo..whats going on here?
dike: i was pillaged of my sword and supplies and even my boat..fasest thing around...
john: you mean thats the...
dike: orbit 3? yes..
john: whoa...
jake: you say he took your sword?
dike: was handed down by my father..he died in a war.. Cry
jake: use this for now..i need it back though *tosses dike beam sword* it'll take good care of ya ..
dike: thanks
jango: *turns off auto pilot and stops* were here!
jake: please fasten your seatbelts and make sure all hatches are closed please *walks in cockpit*
jango: should i ready the underwater mode?
jake: yes
jango: *pushes a few buttons and levers* we'll be ready in 2 minuets 30 seconds and counting
*ship beging to rattle as it becomes air tight and landing gear hatches close and system double checks itself*
jango: were ready for underwater in 3...2...1... when ever your ready sir
jake: lets go *pilots it under water* (on speaker: everbody listen up and look for something suspicious and report it here immideatly, thank you)
jango: i never knew the ocean was so beutiful..
jake: it's so full of color and life..i mean it's..
*chris busts in*
jake: *turns sky wolf around* and goes slowly
chris: *pointing* look, right there!
jake: i see it..but it seems sealing..well blast it open
*sets machine guns on cpu control*
*the boulder collapses under the intese fire as hundreds of bullets are embedded in it*
jango: look! a clear path!
jake: *rides through* t-that looks like a dock right above us..
*rises up a little*  
jango: it is a dock!
jake: stay in maximum safty we'd be better off putting the sky wolf down in that crack and putting on the cloaking device..then put on scube gear and swim up there..
jango: yeah..i'll stay and guard the ship with dike
jake: ok
jango: *reaches for his dire straits cd*
jake: Ugh  no might attact attention.stay as quite as possible *land sky wolf in crack and engages cloaker*

Jake Conner
3rd in command of SG&C

1/28/2002 3:26:27 PM

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RE: Chris and John's house

(OOC: There's only a cockpit in the Sky Wolf. It's supposed to be a two man ship. Oh Well)

John: *Puts on a rebreather and goggles. They go out and swim up into a place where there's no water. The place is well lit and clean. John takes off the goggles and rebreather and puts them in his pack.* Looks like they keep their place clean...
Chris: Yup...
Jake: Shhhh.
*They slowly and silently go down the hall. They come to a door and some stairs.*
John: Stairs or the door?
Chris: We're better off with the stairs... the door might trip and alarm.
John: Blah
*They start climbing the stairs. A few levels up, they come to an open door. They all look at each other.*
Chris: ...Well...
John: What the heck. *Bounds through the doorway.*
Chris: *Looks at Jake. Jake looks at him. They shrug and go through.*
*John looks up. A huge submarine is suspended in midair. Rowboats are everywhere along the walls. There are small pits filled with water with boats in them.*
John: Wow... this place is huge...
Jake: No kidding.
*They see the water in one of the pits lower.*
Chris: Looks like they're up to something.
John: Hide?
Chris & Jake: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide.
*They run under a raised platform and wait.*
John: I don't see anything. *Looks up at the sub.*
Jake: Umm... guys...
Chris: What?
Jake: *Points down.*
*John and Chris look down. Water is filling up.*
John: Wide Eyes
*They run up some stairs. There are huge double doors closing. They dive through just as they get closed.*
Chris: Whew... that was close. What could they be doing?
John: I think they're doing something with that giant submarine... I saw stuff moving up there, but I couldn't tell what it was.
Jake: Let's hide. We're right out in the open, who knows when somebody's gonna come gun us down?
Chris: Good idea. *They go through a door. John closes it behind them.*
Jake: Look at these weapons...
John: *Slides a sword under his gun strap. He grabs a G36 off the shelf and straps it on.*
Jake & Chris: *Look at him.*
John: Hey, they're pirates. *Gets some more.*
Jake & Chris: *Starts strapping on guns and taking knives and stuff.*
John: Well, now that we took most their weapons, let's find Dike's stuff.

(OOC: The weapons ARE Dike's stuff. But, of course, they don't know that.)

Archer Bio-Shell

1/28/2002 3:59:09 PM

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RE: Chris and John's house

*They walk around*

Chris: I don't see anything else
Jake: Ok, lets got over there

*Points towards a window*
*They go over and look out*
*They see the pirates loading the Sub*

Chris: Can you see what they are loaing?
John: no.
Chris: Wait.

*He takes out is Binoculars*

Chris: ok. I see what they are doing.
Jake: What?
Chris: I'll give you 2 guesses. It ain't legal, and it ain't JUST guns.
Jake: Drugs AND Guns?
Chris: Yes.
John: I wonder what kind.
Chris: I don't know. But there has to be MILLIONS worth there.
Jake: Cha-ching!
John: No Jake. We're not gonna get paid that much for this mission.
Jake: Blah
Chris: I hear somthing, hide!

*They run and hide*
*a pirate comes in*
*Looks at where the guns used to be*
*He gets a worried look on his face*
*He runs out*
*An alarm goes off*
Chris Storms
1st In Command of SG&C

1/28/2002 4:06:32 PM

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RE: Chris and John's house

jake: great..i knew we shouldmn't have taken there stuff...well..they know were here..lets get to work
chris: what to you mean?
jake: *pulls out m-16 and shoots off the things holding the sub up* *the sub falls to the ground because the water wasnt done filling yet*
john: ideot.....
jake: now there sub is gone..we gotta stop em..but how..
chris: i dont think we have a chance you ideot!
jake: hey..move you head to the right
chris: why
jake: do it!
chris: *moves head a bullet flys by where he was*
jake: *starts launching grenades at the pirates*

Jake Conner
3rd in command of SG&C

1/28/2002 6:52:48 PM

Level: 19
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RE: Chris and John's house

*Chris vs. Pirate*
*Chris drwas Diamond sword*

Chris: Finally get to use this thing...

*Pirate draws Iron sword*
*Pirate attacks*
*Chris Blocks*

*Chris attacks*

Pirate: ARGH! Ye'll never win lad!
Chris: Fat chance!

*Pirate attacks*
*20 damage*

*Chris attacks*
*The sword cuts right through the pirate*
*50 damage*

*Battle over*
*70 exp*
Chris Storms
1st In Command of SG&C

1/28/2002 7:04:06 PM

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RE: Chris and John's house

jake:my turn!
jake  vs  2 pirates

jake: bring it on buddy
pirate1: your gonna die
pirate2: huh?

jake: *pulls out knife and throws it and it hits pirate 2 right between the eyes*
*40 damage*
pirate2: *in strange voice* system overload..self desruct *he explodes hurting me*
*40 damage*

jake: *watching in amazment*
pirate1: heres a hint, always pay attention! *pulls out colt M4 and fire at jake*
*38 damage*
jake: you'll pay for that! *fires shotgun* *miss*
pirate1: ha! *fires again*
*29 damage*
jake: ahh! *fires shotgun again*
*60 damage*

*battle over*
*140 Exp*

jake: did you see that..i think one was a-a robot...
*drinks potion*

Jake Conner
3rd in command of SG&C

1/28/2002 7:25:32 PM

Level: 19
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RE: Chris and John's house

John: Yeah. Maybe they are smuggling robots too?
Chris: I don't know. But they certinly have their hands in many cookie jars.
Jake: I'd say.
John: Wait! Wach out!

*A pirate sword passes them*
*John runs over*

*Enter battle*
*John draws his M4*

*Pirate attacks*
*20 damage*

*John fires*
*40 damage*

*Pirate attacks*
*20 damage*

*John fires*
*10 damage*

*Battle over*
*70 Exp*

(OOC: Each Pirate is 70 EXP. and Jake, every time you drink a potion, that is -1 out of your inventory...)
Chris Storms
1st In Command of SG&C

1/28/2002 7:33:31 PM

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RE: Chris and John's house

(ooc: ok)
jake: there everyware..i beggining to think this place is just a decoy..and these are all robots..i mean..there everyware..
john: we should split up and look for some sort of central unit or something to turn the robots off
jake: right, i'll go this way *runs off*
john: i got this way *runs off*
chris: i guess that leaves me with this way.. *runs off*

Jake Conner
3rd in command of SG&C

1/28/2002 8:18:14 PM

Level: 19
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