The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Callice
Hired... but alone - COMPLETE

John drives quickly toward Callice in Chris's jeep. He hardly knows anything about the mission, but it sounds urgent. He drives all the way to the other side of the city. He stops at low concrete building. Three men in black three-piece suits with shades stand there, completely ignoring John.

John: I am John Gibson, from SG&C. I believe you're the ones that hired me.
Man in Suit: Ahh, Mr. Gibson... We've been waiting for you. If you'd drive your jeep down there and go into the first door you find, we'll talk about why you were hired...
John: Alrighty then.

John slowly turns the jeep toward a ramp and goes down into their underground garage. He drives around a bit until he finally finds a parking spot. He jumps out of the jeep and heads toward the only door in the place. He opens it and proceeds inside.
As John steps in, he realizes that this place isn't a military installation or some sort of mansion. The place doesn't even look comfortable, other than the carpet squishing beneath your feet.
He looks through the door and sees the three men from outside. He goes through the door and sits down on the couch.

Man in Suit #1: Now we get down to business... Smith, tell him.
Man in Suit #2: A network of buildings close to Callice has been suddenly invaded by monsters. Many monsters. They vary in strength, size and speed, and I suggest you be cautious.
John: You mean you want me to get rid of all the monsters?

All the men look at each other.

Man in Suit #1: Yes.
John: Oh, happy day... Alright. I'll do it. If you pay me good. How much are ya gonna pay me?

The men all look around at each other again.

Man in Suit #3: We will decide while you are gone.
John: How do I know you're paying me enough to risk my life?
Man in Suit #2: We will pay you well. Very well.
Man in Suit #1: The buildings are west of Callice, two miles. I suggest you bring all the weapons you have.
John: Oh, I already have 'em. I got my DE, Glock .45, my Barret Light .50, I got my Mac-10, Glock Field Knife, and a G36 to top it all off. Yeah, I think I have enough, what'd'ya say?
Men: *Pull their shades off.* Wide Eyes
John: Anyway, I'll be goin' now. See ya later. I'd better get good pay for this.

So, John goes back out to the garage and gets in. He drives east for two miles, when he realizes that the men said west. So he turns around and goes west. Eventually he finds his way to a bunch of buildings all connected to one another.

John: Huh? That is the STRANGEST thing I have EVER seen.

He hears gurgles and spit and flapping wings from inside the buildings.

John: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe I don't want to do this...

John Gibson

John Gibson
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2/6/2002 10:45:08 AM

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RE: Hired... but alone

The Trio are on the top-most level of the building. Blick is spitting, Wolf is gurgling, and Sunny is pumping a wind machine that makes a flapping noise.

Wolf: Look at 'im. He's scared as.... well, something really scared.
Blick: Haha, yeah. Hey, how 'bout this? Gimme the megaphone.

Wolf hands him the megaphone.

Blick: Thanks.
Wolf: Anytime.

Blick brings the megaphone up to his mouth and laughs maniacally into it.

John: Huh? Uhm... maybe... I don't---

Back up in the tower.

Wolf: Look at 'im! I bet he just wet his pants!

He feels something tapping on his shoulder.

Wolf: What, Sunny?
Sunny: I didn't say anything.
Wolf: *Looks to his left and sees Sunny pumping on the wind machine. He sees Blick standing in front of him.* Wide Eyes Uhm... I think... *He turns around and sees some hideous demon-like creature with huge, dripping fangs, and overgrown horns like a bull.* Wide Eyes CALAMAZOO!
Blick: *Turns* What--? Wide Eyes AAAAHHHH!!

John looks up just in time to see the Furry Trio jump out of the window and fall straight towards him.

John: Wide Eyes

He takes a step back just as they hit the ground. Blick gets up.

Blick: Wide Eyes DUDE! THIS PLACE IS HAUNTED! Wide Eyes

The rest of the Trio get up and they run at a million miles-per-hour out of the city.

John: Whatever's in there scared them... must be pretty scary. Huh?
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RE: Hired... but alone

John: *Pulls out two Mac-10s.* BRING IT ON! *Runs into the first building laughing maniacally.*

The monsters come surround him. He sprays them and runs upstairs. He sprays some more monsters and reloads. He jumps up and kicks two zombies in the head. They fall over. He shoots monsters as they pour in through every passage possible. He runs out of ammo and pulls out his G36.

John: WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! *Guns down some more monsters.*

After hours and hours, the monsters are all dead. Of course, he's now walking on bodies instead of the floor, but whatever. He finds his way outside and gets in the jeep, driving back to Callice for his reward.*

Smith: You did yer job. Take this Exp In A Can and get lost.

The men boot him out. John drives home in the jeep.

John Gibson

John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

2/7/2002 10:26:04 AM

Level: 19
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The Lands of Meeriad - Hired... but alone - <b>COMPLETE</b>

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