The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

The End of the World has been averted! Dang, we rock!
See what happened on Dankton.
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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Callice

*flys sky wolf down to the Kyunkei Labs*
*lands in field*
???:  ahh! you must be jake!
jake: yes, and you must be Dr. Fragney
Dr. : yes, that's me
jake:  jake conner, from sg&c, at you service
Dr. : come with me

*they walk into a small empty sound proof room with no windows*

jake: i heard you got a mission for me
Dr. : what i'm about to tell you, you may not tell is a very dangerous mission, if the public knew, chaos would break loose.
jake: alright
Dr. : we had an operation called the Requim X experement
jake: mm hmmm
Dr. : and the Requim X was an extremely powerful weapon, capable of mass destructin
jake: yes..and?
Dr. : one of our workers turned on us one night. He broke into the vault, and stole the Requim X
jake: wow..what exactly does this weapon do?
Dr. : it's a gun, a new type of beam gun which emmits a super sonic wave that causes the body to go into soon causes Brain damage,heart failure and radioactivity

jake: i have got to get one of those...
Dr. : it is a multi-million dollar weapon..we will pay greatly if you bring back the weapon in one piece.
jake: is it alright if my buddy chris comes along..i might need help
Dr. : ok..but only you, and him may know about this..
jake: right
Dr. : and bring all the possible weaponry you have
jake: i have it all with me
Dr. : eh?
jake: *opens vest*
Dr. : Wide Eyes
jake: *pointing*  i got my DE, m-16 , A4 ,Remington , franchi , spear , beam sword , knife , bow , and a variety of specialized arrows
Dr. : Wide Eyes w-wow..
jake: i'll go call chris now *walks out*
Dr. : i hope he survives..

jake: *calls up chris:
chris: hello?
jake: yea, it's me, i got a mission for ya
chris: whats it about?
*a while later*
jake: you understand?
chris: yea..
jake: get over here as soon as possible, oh i made a modification on the sky wolf
chris: what?
jake: theres a storage area for your jeep you can take it on the Sky Wolf
chris: cool, i'll be over soon
*hangs up*

jake: he better hurry
Dr. : here is a map to the area i think he's hiding out at *hands jake map*
jake: soo..this place is called, Thais
Dr. : yes, it's an old ghost town, i think he's making modifications to the weapon to mount it on some sort of machinery to enhance the beam
jake: ....soo..if he finishes...we all pretty much die unless we stop him
Dr. : the fate depends on ou guys, good luck *walks back in labs*

jake: hurry up chris.....

Jake Conner
3rd in command of SG&C

2/6/2002 8:16:48 PM

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RE: The Labs

*Half an hour later Chris rides up on Stormy, his horse.*

Jake: What took you so long?
Chris: John took the Jeep and didn't tell me...
Jake: Ok. Well, are you ready?
Chris: I guess so.
Jake: Ok. Jango is waiting for us.
Chris: Ok.

*He takes the horse to a stall type thing and leaves it there.*

Chris: Oh. I made a modification to the Jeep.
Jake: Really? What does it do now?
Chris: If I press a button the passenger seat slides off to the sidem like in JP2. So, if we need to shoot the guns, and can't get a good shot, I press a button and you go out..Grin...I press it again, and you slide back in.
Jake: Cool. Im gonna have to see it. We need to get going.
Chris: Ok!
Chris Storms
1st In Command of SG&C

2/6/2002 11:14:26 PM

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RE: The Labs

*in air*
jake: *looking at map* ok, so, jango, it should be about 6 miles west of here
jango: ok *starts heading west*

chris: so this guy has this mweapon..and he can kill us all with it
jake: yea..the doc told me one thing though.....
chris: what?
jake: there is some type of weapon that deflects the beam....he thinks it's diamond
chris: is it?
jake: i don't know..we hafta find that out ourselves

*they soon land in the ghost town*

*they walk out*
jake: be carful, there may be traps, or "he" may be lurking around. Be carful, theres alot of monsters around here
jake: *walks quietly with Diamond Spear in hand*
chris: *walks beside jake with diamond sword in hand*

Jake & Chris VS  Iron man  200 hp
                 Red Blob  170 hp
                 Blue blob 170 hp

chris: blob's can't be hurt by bullets or weapons! find another way!
jake: i got an idea!

*jake draws golden bow with ice arrows*
*chris slashes Iron Man* 100 damage
*jake fire ice arrow at blue blob* *it's frozen* 70 damage

*iron man attacks with beam cannon at chris* 50 damage
*red blob does fire blast magic at jake* 60 damage
*blue blob is frozen*

*chris slashes iron man* 100 damage  -Dead-
*jake fires ice arrow at red blob* *it's frozen* 75 damage

*blue blob is frozen*
*red blob is frozen*

*chris slashes blue blob* 100 damage -Dead-
*jake draws spear and throws it at red blob* 95 damage -Dead-

*battle over*

jake: we gotta be more careful..
chris: lets check out that building, i think i saw something

*they walk into a small building and see a trap door on it's floor*

jake: i'll go first *opens trap door and walks in the tunnel*
chris: *follows behind*  it's kinda dark..
jake: here *grabs torch off wall*
chris: thanks..look..a door!
*they speed off to the end of the tunnel*

jake: i hear someone talking...
chris: shh..let's listen

???:  so, mister Hilors, you have the "weapon" for me?
Hilors: you go Gonji
Gonji:'s very nice..i'll give you 100,000,000 for it
Hilors: that's a little cheap..i want more..i went through alot of trouble to steal this..
Gonji: what does it do..i want to see it in action
Hilors: watch *fires it at man chained to wall*
*the man screams in pain...then he soon dies of radiation,heart failure, and brain damage*
Gonji: i'll give you 200,000,000 for it
Hilors: i'll think about it, come back tommoro
Gonji: fine.

jake: there comeing, quick hide!
*they hide underneath the old floor boards*

*Gonji walks out*  
*He exits the tunnel*

*they get out of the floor boards*
jake: you alright?
chris: yea..we need a plan if we wanna get in ain't gonna be easy..
*Jake and Chris poke their heads up, seeing Gonji heading out. A few arrows fly past him and ricochet off his armor. Ultima comes running past Gonji and takes out another arrow.*
jake: why'd you do that!!! now he knows were here!
chris: ahhh! were gonna die!
jake: remember what the doc thinks? he thinks Diamond can deflect that beam..i say we go fight!

Chris & Jake & Ultima  Vs   Gonji & Hilors

Gonji-  500 hp
Hilors- 1000 hp & the "weapon"

jake: *draws diamond spear*
chris: *draws diamond sword*
ultima: *draws bow*
jake: that ain't good enough! i want this back *tosses him golden bow with diamond arrows*

Gonji: *draws Triable Sword*
Hilors: *draws Requim X*

Jake: *throws spear at Gonji* 95 damage
Chris: *slashes Hilors* 100 damage
ultima: *fires arrow at Hilors* 80 damage

Gonji: *start chanting* *swords starts glowing then flares up* heh heh, your gonna die *slashes jake then chris* 90 damage to each

hilors: *fire Requim X at Ultima*
ultima: *ultima quickly fires an arrow at the beam, depleting the beam*
hilors: NO! NOT DIAMOND!

Jake: *throws spear at gonji* *runs up,pulls out spear and thrusts it into gonji* 150 damage
chris: *slashes gonji 2 times in a rage* 200 damage
ultima: *fires arrow at gonji* 80 damage

-curret standings-
ultima- 200 hp
chris- 212
jake- 183
hilors- 820
Gonji- DEAD

Hilors- GONJI! NO! *drops Requim X and draws Enchanted Sword* *slashes at ultima* 90 damage

jake: *throws spear* 95 damage
chris: *slahes* 100 damage
ultima: *fires holy arrow* 100 damage

Hilors: *runs up and stabs everyone* 30 damage to all

jake: *chants a fire spell* 100 damage
chris: *double slash* 200 damage
ultima: *fires holy arrow* 100 damage

hilors: --To weak to attack*

jake: *throws spear* 95 damage
chris: *slashes* 100 damage

hilors- DEAD

Exp - 400 each

*battle over*

jake: *runs up and picks up arrows*
chris: you guys ok?
ultima: yea *hands jake his bow*
jake: lets get outta here *picks up Requim X*
ultima: *smeaks over and takes triable sword and enchanted sword*

*on sky wolf*

jango: where to?
jake: Kyunkei Labs

*at labs*
Dr. : y-your alive?!  *takes gun* t-thank you!
jake: anytime
chris: and it's in one piece to
Dr. : i owe you greatly.....
ultima: i found these also *gives him enchanted and triable swords*
Dr. : wow..these were stolen from the meuseam..thank you
ultima: your welcome
jake: now lets discuss our reward  Cha-ching!
chris: Cha-ching!
ultima: huh?

Jake Conner
3rd in command of SG&C

2/7/2002 7:25:20 AM

Level: 19
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