The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Zanardio
VR Training

Hone your skills!

Sword Fighting
Fist Fighting

Levels of training
Rookie - 80 lom - 20 experience - AEH (Average Enemy Health): 50-70
Intermediate - 160 lom - 50 experience - AEH: 100-130
Expert - 220 lom - 70 experience - AEH: 200-220
God - 600 lom - 150 experience - AEH: 500-600

Terms: If you do this, one of the admins is going to RP your character in fights so it's more fair and it'll actually be possible to lose.
Also, only one person is allowed on your party.
Ultima WILL NOT get money. Nobody will get money from this.

Archer Bio-Shell

2/20/2002 5:39:12 PM

Level: 1
Experience: 0

Total Posts: 1308
RE: VR Training

*John enters the Sniping VR room. Suddenly he's in the middle of a field wearing a ghillie suit. He searches for his weapons, but the only thing he has is his Barrett.*
John: Aaaaaaaaaaalriiiiiiight.
*He hears a voice from his radio.*
???: Raptor 1, proceed to waypoint Charlie and stay in position. You have no one to cover you, so stay out of sight as best you can. Take out Platoon 5 and proceed to waypoint Bravo. Clean out the camp and report back to HQ.
John: Coooooooooooooooooool. *Checks his map. He realizes that waypoint Charlie is on a cliff.* Yay!
*He cuts across the field, hoping nobody saw him while he was being briefed. He stops, hearing leaves crunching. He drops the the ground and hopes he looks like a large pile of leaves. He watches as a man with an M16 walks by, looking bored. The man turns toward a cave and walks in. John stands up and runs up the mountain trail. He comes to a rock wall. He slams his back up against it and makes sure he's not being followed. He checks for a rope hanging down... no luck. Then he realizes there's a rolled up rope hanging from his belt. He finds a rock and ties a loop around it. He throws the end with the rock on it up on the cliff. He tests it and begins climbing.*
*He reaches the top and goes behind a huge rock formation. He continues along the path and comes to the end, waypoint Charlie. He sits down, cross-legged and pulls out his Barrett.*

John Gibson

John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

2/20/2002 5:59:09 PM

Level: 19
Experience: 31580

Total Posts: 442
RE: VR Training

jake: *walks in* *slaps 220 LOM on the table* gimmie Expert sword training

*he idssapears and re appears in middle of a town*
jake: this is cool *notices what he's wearing* sweeet, i got a stealth ninja suit with a sword  (look at a picture of Rikimaru from Tenchu 2 for an idea)

???: procede to checkpoint 1 where you will acuire a scroll, you must then take it checkpoitn stop you is enemy bases scattered around..checkpoints 2 and 3 you must pass trough to get to the checkpoint 4..good luck, and remember stealth is your key to sucess as a succesful ninja.

jake: cool *look at map* alright then

*heads tword a waterfall*
jake: hmm..theres nothing here
???: psst, over here
jake: *walks over*
???: take this *hands him scroll* take good care of it *runs off*

???: checkpoint1 achieved

jake: i'll do my best *heads tword checkpoint 2*

*notices a guard*
*sneaks up quietly and covers the guards mouth and slits his throat*
*quickley rolls behind a tree while the other guard runs over to see what happed*
jake: *reaches for belt*, i have Shuriukens
*throws one at the guard and hits him in the chezst*
*runs up and slashes him*

???: checkpoint 2 achieved

jake: beter get going before more come *jumps into tree and runs across branches into forest*
*stands alone on branch looking at map* *then takes off west*
*soon reaches a small cave*
*sneaks in quietly and sees the bandits sharpening there weapons*
*hides behind wall*
*when the bandit isn't expecting it jake quickly runs up and thrusts the sword through his chest*
*ducks under table*

bandit: what the?!
jake: *quickly jumps up and throws shuriuken at him and hits him between the eyes then runs further down the cave*
*sees 1 more guard heavely armed blocking the exit*
*runs up, kicks the sword out of his hand and impales him with sword then runs out of the exit*

???: checkpoint 3 acheved

jake: home free *runs off*
*notices a a large man heavely guarded*
jake: who's that..
guard: come Mushadio, we must protect you
jake: soo..Mushadio eh?
*jumps into tree and takes out all the guards with shuriukens then jumps down ready to slash Mushadio with sword but he quickly draws a sword and blocks the attack*
Mushadio: who do you think you are attacking me?!
jake: just watch *does backflip to get away but gets slashed in the air and falls to the ground*
mushadio: you won't live long boy
jake: wanna bet *throws sword rght in the man, gets up, pulls the sword out and slashes him*
*uses last bits of streghth to get to a dojo in the west of a town*
*hands the scroll to the man in the dojo*

???: checkpoint 4 achieved, training over

*jake dissapears and re-appears back in the room he started*
john: how was it?
jake: sweeet, do you sell those ninja suits and stuff?
john: yep, for the full suit like you used it's 1,250
jake: SOLD! *buys*

Jake Conner
3rd in command of SG&C

2/21/2002 6:42:00 PM

Level: 19
Experience: 31340

Total Posts: 1088
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