The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

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Guns are awesome...

I just got back from my neighbors house, we were shooting targets (frogs, turtles, steel rotating thingies, beer cans, etc) for a good 5 hours. I have black powder burns all over my arms, a bruise on my left hand and shoulder, and my arms are almost completely numb, needless to say... it was AWESOME! He has two magnums(.357 snub and .440 longrange revolvers), a .22 pistol, a .22 rifle (HUGE scope), .65 Italian rifle, 12 gauge shotgun, muzzle loader, and others. He didn't shoot the .65 italian rifle though, the last time he did the bolt came back and broke his nose (not a pretty sight). That must have been the best day I've had this year Smile. My stepdad lied, turtles dont splatter with a .440 the way he said they did Evil Grin

If it hurts, it means you're still alive
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5/8/2002 9:37:14 PM

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RE: Guns¬†are¬†awesome...

Sounds cool! I'm gonna be doing a thing like that on the 11th.
Chris Storms
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5/9/2002 9:39:40 AM

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RE: Guns are awesome...

This past Tuesday, Kyle, my dad, a friend, and myself went to a range to shoot (among all of us) a Beretta Cx4, an HK91 clone (with a 200 dollar, 6.5-20 variable power scope Wide Eyes), an AK47, an SKS, some kind of pump-action scoped .22, a Beretta Px4, a Browning Buckmark, a Springfield G.I. 1911, and an H&K USP. There was also a Bushmaster XM15 in the mix, but nobody shot it. Happy Dead It can be described as yay.
Archer Bio-Shell

9/23/2006 5:42:45 PM

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The Lands of Meeriad - Guns are awesome...

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