The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Callice
The Call For Silence.

A cloked figure walks through a crowd of people headed for the main govornment building in Callice. There he will meet John Quiching of the New Govornment Movment. He was signed on two days ago by John, to murder a man by the name of Eric Storms. The cloked figure is now going to get more information on Eric Storms.

He goes into the building. A guard meets him at the door.

Guard: John has been expecting you. This way.

They go to an elivator, as they are inside the cloked man grabs a knife and stabs the guard. He stuffs him into a compartment in the elivator.

Figure: I can't take any chances.

He walks out of the elivator and into John's office.

John: I am glad to see you could make it. Where is the guard?
Figure: He ran into some trouble. I think he is just down the hall.
John: Ok. Good. Now, I need you to murder this man.

John hands a picture of Eric Storms to the cloked man.

Figure: Who is the man in the background?
John: That is Eric's brother, Chris. If Chris gives you any trouble, kill him too.
Figure: That will be more money then.
John: That is not a problem. I just want him out of the way. He is the only one standing in the way of my and complete control of the New Govorment.
Chris Storms
1st In Command of SG&C

5/21/2002 11:19:31 PM

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RE: The Call For Silence.

(OOC: The Call for Silence? Huh? Oooookay...)
(Chris OOC: It's the only thing I could come up with at the moment...The guy hires an assassin to silence this dude that just happens to be Chris's brother)

Assassin: Do you have any information on the whereabouts of Eric?
John: He lives somewhere here in Callice. Callice is a big city, so don't expect this to be an easy task.
Assassin: Hahaha... Oh yes, it will be easy. You just watch.

John Gibson: So I says to the guy--
*The phone rings.*
Chris: *Picks it up.* Hello.
Eric: Heya Chris!!
Chris: Eric?
Eric: In the flesh.
Chris: Hey! What's up?
Eric: Assassins.
Chris: Pleasant.
Eric: I want to hire you and your pals.
Chris: Uh-uh, we'll do it for free. You're my brother, after all.
Eric: Really?
Chris: Yep. OK, where are you?
Eric: At my hideout in Callice.
Chris: Hideout?
Eric: Um, yeah. Some assassin or something attacked me at my house, but I have a hideout. I... don't want to tell you--HOLY...!!
Chris: Eric? ERIC?? *Slams the phone down.* Let's move!
*John and Chris dash out into the jeep and take off to Callice.
John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

5/22/2002 11:19:56 AM

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RE: The Call For Silence.

*in the jeep*
john: where could this place be?
chris: i don't know..i never lived i don't know my way around..
john: i don't know my way, and i don't think jake lived in callice either.
chris: great..just great..
john: why do you think he had to hang up? do you think he was found?
chris: i don't know..but we had better go to his house first and look around.
john: yeah.
chris: *tosses him a cell phone* tell jake to meet us at callice in the sky wolf and tell him to head over to the junk dealer, we'll meet him there, it's right by eric house.
john: alright
Jake Conner
3rd in command of SG&C

5/22/2002 8:25:41 PM

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RE: The Call For Silence.


Eric is lying on the floor out cold. The Assassin steps over him and sticks a needle into his arm. She picks up the limp body and walks out the back of the hideout. She looks around and sees a Jeep pull up. She turns around and runs in the other direction into the forest.

Chris walks up to the junk dealer.

Chris: Have you seen Eric this morning?
Man: Yeah. He left early this morning. Looked to be in a hurry.
Chris: Do you know where he went?
Man: Nah'. He doesn't tell me anything, and I don't ask.
Chris: Would you happen to know of his "hiding place"?
Man: Yeah. Now that's one thing he did tell me about. Just in case he needed my help. He always trusted me.
Chris: Can you show me where it is?
Man: I dunno. Who are you?
Chris: I am Chris Storms, his brother.
Man: Ok...My name is Andrew. Lets go.
Chris: Ok. We can take my jeep...

Chris pulls up into the yard of the hide-out, and sees another Jeep there. He grabs his DE. John, Chris, and Jake get out of the Jeep and creep over to the little building. They look inside and see men in black uniforms looking around, and pawing through stuff.

Chris: Ok. They look like they have some high powered toys.

They each grab their best guns and sneak into the hut. They all jump up and point their weapons around.

John: Freeze or we will shoot!

The men grab their guns. SG&C open fire. The men in the black uniforms fall down to the ground wounded, but not dead.

Chris: What are you doing here?
Man: Looking for something that belongs to us.
Chris: What?
Man: Papers...
Chris: Who are you?
Man: Qucmak Security.
Chris: What makes you think they are here?
Man: This is the hut of Eric Johnson Storm is it not?
Chris: No, Eric James Storms.
Man: Oh, I am sorry. We where looking for someone else.
Chris: GET OUT, before I report you!

The men get up gab their guns, run out the door and drive off. SG&C walk out the back door and look around. Jake bends over and examens the ground. Andrew walks up behind them.

Jake: Look, here.
John: What is it?
Andrew: Looks like footprints. They are headed towards the woods. They are fresh too.
John: Could just be one of them *points over sholder*
Chris: No, there is only one set, and no ones coming back into the hut.
Jake: Lets go.

They head off towards the forest. After walking about 15 feet in, they see a body on the ground. They run over to it.

Chris: It's Eric, he's dead...
Chris Storms
1st In Command of SG&C

5/23/2002 7:06:21 PM

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RE: The Call For Silence.

John: Great... Now we can't even find out why the assassin was after him...
*Chris looks up at him.*
Chris: Who cares? He killed my brother, so we're gonna stop him.
John: Sounds good to me.
Chris: Let's head back to the jeep. We'll go back to your house and call the guys over. We'll talk about what to do then.

*They head back to the jeep and drive off.*
John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

8/31/2002 12:17:20 PM

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RE: The Call For Silence.

--Later at Chris's house--
Tom: He killed your BROTHER?! Wide Eyes
Chris: Yes.
Tom: *Gets up off the sofa and stomps toward the door.* LET'S BURY THIS DUDE!
John: *Grabs Tom's shoulder.* Hang on. We don't even know where he is.
Tom: Bah. Let's go get a nuke.
John: Tom--
Tom: It was a joke!
Jango: When me and Jake were flying back in the Sky Wolf, we saw a beat-up pickup truck high-tailin' it out of Callice, heading north.
John: It could be anybody...
Chris: Doesn't hurt to see if we can locate it.
Tom: Let's go!
Chris: All right.
*They head out the door.*
Jake: Let's take the Sky Wolf.
Chris: We'll need a jeep... Let's stick a parachute on mine and tie it underneath the Wolf.
Tom: Coolness. I always wanted to air-drop in a jeep.
Chris: ... Me too. Happy
*They get everything prepared and start heading north of Callice in the Sky Wolf.*
Tom: Hey, Chris, ever performed a HALO jump?
Chris: Nope.
Tom: Me neither. I don't wanna.
Chris: Me neither. Happy Dead
Jango: This is about where we saw it.
Jake: Great... If he went in that forest, it'll be pretty hard to find him.
Jango: *Picks up the radio receiver.* Chris, we're over where we saw the pickup truck. How 'bout you drop off here and see if you can find any tracks and the rest of us we'll check on the other side of the forest.
Chris: *Picks up his receiver.* Copy that. *He puts it back.* Ready, Tom?
Tom: Yup.
*Chris and Tom remove the hooks holding the jeep, and it plunges toward the ground.*
Chris: You can say that again!
*Chris pulls the ripcord and the parachute billows out. They soon hit the ground. Tom tucks the parachute away in the back, and they get out to investigate the ground.*
Tom: Well, there's tire tracks.
Chris: Yup. *Reaches down and feels them for a second.* Warm, too.
*They climb back in the jeep, Chris starts it up, and they fly down the trail the tracks are on.*
--Back on the Sky Wolf--
John: *Looking out the window.* ... There's a white pickup truck!
*Everybody (except Jango) scrambles to see.*
Jake: That's what we saw!
John: Gimme a parachute.
*Megan grabs a parachute out of a storage compartment and hands it to him.*
John: Thanks. Can I borrow your G36?
Megan: Uh, sure.
John: Thanks again. *Grabs it off the rack and jumps out of the Sky Wolf.*
Jake: Huh? The man's nuts.
Megan: Yup.
*As John falls, he watches the truck crashing through the brush. He pulls the cord and tries to get ahead of the truck. He succeeds and lands twenty-five feet in front of the truck. The driver sees him standing in the middle of the road and stops. The driver gets out and looks.*
John: You look suspicious. What you doin' way out--*A knife just misses his head.*--Uh, yeah.
*He opens fire on the assassin. The assassin dodges behind a tree as John puts ten rounds into it.*
John: Come out of there, punk! *He tosses an HE grenade back there. The assassin jumps out of the tree and lands on John, knocking him to the ground. John grabs the assassin's throat and pushes her back.* Y'know, it's really not the greatest line of work you're in. *He gets behind a tree as three knives hit it. He hears another engine getting closer. Apparently, so does the assassin, she heads back for the truck. John sees and rushes toward her. He jumps over the hood of the truck and lands on the assassin. Tom and Chris arrive in the jeep.*
Chris: YOU! *He jumps out of the jeep, unholsters his DE, and stands next to the assassin lying on the ground. John picks her up and slams her to a tree. He shoves the DE to her chest. John rips off her mask.*
John: Uh... *Surprised to see a girl.* Who--
Chris: *Pushes the DE harder.* TALK!
Assassin: Why?
Chris: YOU killed my brother! Why?! Who sent you?! TELL ME AND I MIGHT ONLY PUT ONE ROUND INTO YOU!
John: Easy, Chris. Tom, search that truck.
*Tom looks in the cab of the truck for anything. He just finds a duffle-bag full of assassination equipment. He searches the whole bag.*
Tom: *Comes back out.* Nothing...
Chris: ARGH! *He punches the assassin's lights out and tosses her body into the back of his jeep. Tom grabs the duffle-bag from the pickup and they all get in the jeep and head toward the rendezvous point.*
Tom Fender
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(For conforming.)

8/31/2002 1:01:19 PM

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RE: The Call For Silence.

*Chris drives crazy. The jeep bounces all around as they drive to the rendezvous point. They get there and see the Sky Wolf sitting there with its ramp down. They drive over next to it and stop.*
John: We captured her.
Jake: Her?
John: The assassin's a girl.
Jake: Oh.
Chris: *Gets out of the jeep.* We didn't find anything about who sent her, or who she is, and she wouldn't talk.
Jango: We should head back to John's house and talk about it there.
Chris: Good idea.

*They go to work tying the jeep to the Sky Wolf and soon prepare to take off.*

Jango: Please tie your seatbelts and *Flips a few switches.* keep all limbs inside *Pushes a lever.* the ship at all time. *They take off and go back to Zanardio.*

*They land and go inside.*
Tom: Now what?
Chris: Wait for the assassin to wake up... Not much we can do before that.
*They hear a moan and see the assassin move. John rushes over and holds her down.*
Assassin: Who are you people?!
Chris: *Walks over.* Storms, Gibson, and Conner, teamed with Fender Enterprises. I'm Chris Storms, brother of the man you murdered.
Assassin: I won't have trouble killing y-- *John puts a hand around her throat tightly.*
John: I hate people that flap their gums.
Tom: *Making a tuna sandwich* Yer not really in a position to be saying things like that, Ms. Assassin...
Assassin: *Looks angrily at John. He lets go.* Storms, you're brother's dead, and there's nothing you can do about it.
Chris: Sure, nothing I can do to bring him back, but I sure as heck can lock you up.
Assassin: Mad
John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

8/31/2002 1:20:45 PM

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RE: The Call For Silence.

Chris: Now. Who hired you?
Assassin: Why should I tell you?
Chris: *Draws DE* .50.
Assassin: You wouldn't believe me anyway.
Chris: Shoot.
Assassin: You'll find out soon enough.
Jake: She's not talkin'. Lets take her down town.
Jango: I'll phone ahead.
Chris: Ok.

*Jango goes and calls*
*He comes back a few minutes later...*

Jango: They said to bring her, they are contacting the leasder of the New Govornment to give us an award.
Chris: My award would be seeing her get the death sentince.
Assassin: *glares*
John: Lets go.

*They take her down town, and John Quiching is waiting there.*

John Q.: Thank you. We have been trying to capture this assassin for years.
Chris: What is her name?
John Q.: Jennifer Vaccna.
Chris: Well, make sure she doesn't ever see daylight again.
John Q.: We will.

*John Q. passes her a key when she walks by him. No one sees the pass*

John Q.: Take her away.
Cop: Yes sir.
Chris Storms
1st In Command of SG&C

8/31/2002 1:36:53 PM

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RE: The Call For Silence.

Tom: *Rests his arm on Chris's shoulder.* Now, isn't that just mildly satisfying?
Chris: Sure... She didn't talk. I'd like to bury the person who hired her.
Tom: Me too. Wouldn't mind seeing her buried either... Ya gotta be nuts to become an assassin. There's gotta be better, higher-paying jobs than that... Jeez...
Tom Fender
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Not Banned
(For conforming.)

8/31/2002 1:40:17 PM

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RE: The Call For Silence.

*They leave the building.*
John: I hope she gets what's coming at her.
Chris: We all do.
*They get in the jeep and drive home.*

Jennifer: *Comes back to John Q.'s office.*
John Q.: Kill Storms. Kill him and his comrades. Kill them all. Chris was a supporter of Eric, we can't let him get in the way also...
Jennifer: I have to get revenge anyway...
John Q.: If you want it, I've prepared an extremely fast car for your usage.
Jennifer: I don't need a vehicle. You can be sure that... Storms, Gibson, and... Conner will be dead in the next four days.
John Q.: Very good.

At the house...
Chris: I'm starved.
Megan: Me and John planned on going to Waffle Shack. Y'all can come with us if you want.
Chris: YIPPEE!! Happy
John: Is everyone ready?
All: Yes.
John: Good. A friend of mine is letting me borrow his Bord Extrusion. There'll be room for all of us.
*They head outside. John notices a shadow pass over them. He looks up and sees nothing.*
John: Must've been a bird.
John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

8/31/2002 1:51:47 PM

Level: 19
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