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The Lands of Meeriad

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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Callice
RE: The Call For Silence.

*Sitting at the table*

Chris: Well, the funeral is in a couple of days. You are all invited.
John: We'll be there.
Chris: Ok.

*Takes a bite of a waffle*

Chris: This is good....

*A person walks into the place, they don't take notice of her.*
*She waches them all closely.*
*They get done and leave*
*She tales them for a little while.*
*They don't notice her, they eventuly get back in the Bord, and leave*
*She goes to a motorcycle shop, and "borrows" one.*
Chris Storms
1st In Command of SG&C

8/31/2002 2:03:26 PM

Level: 20
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RE: The Call For Silence.

*They're driving back to Chris's house. Tom looks in the rear-view mirror and sees the assassin on a motorcycle behind them. He doesn't realize it's her yet. The assassin pulls out a grenade launcher and aims at the truck.*
Tom: Uh... Guys, the assassin's right behind us with a GRENADE LAUNCHER! Wide Eyes
John: Wha--?! *He checks the mirror as the assassin fires. He swerves the truck to one side as the grenade explodes on the street.*
Chris: *Looks back.* Nice.
*Jake draws his DE from its holster, climbs into the back, opens the tailgate and starts to shoot at the assassin. She just swerves out of the way.*
Jake: Dadgummit.
*John abruptly turns a corner and Jake flies out the back.*
Tom: Wide Eyes Jake!
Megan: Jake just flew out!
John: *Sees in rear-view mirror.* Dangit!
*The assassin stops her motorcycle and gets off.*
Jake: What are you doing out of--*She kicks him in the gut.*--OOF!
Jennifer: *Points her silenced Mark 23 at Jake and fires just as she falls backwards after a loud gunshot. She screams. Jake took a bullet in his shoulder.*
Jake: UGH. AGAIN!! *He gets up and sees Tom sitting in the back of the Extrusion with the SR8. He waves at them.* Thanks! *Jennifer gets up, whacks Jake across the back of the head, knocking him back down, mounts her bike, and drives off.*
Tom: WHAT?! I shot her!
*Everybody's favorite mercenaries are already out of the truck going over to pick Jake up off the street.*
Jake: Ow... Y'know what?
John: What?
Jake: I'm in pain. *He blacks out.*
Chris: Can he do that at will?
John: Wouldn't surprise me. *They haul Jake back to the truck and drive back to Chris's.*

--At Chris's--
*Jake is lying on the couch, Megan is trying to dig the bullet out of his shoulder.*
Jake: OW... Agh... Got any pain-killer or something?
Megan: ... That's what I forgot!
Jake: ...
Chris: How did she get out of jail already?
John: Beats me.
Tom: I can't believe I missed...
John: Tom, enough already, okay?
Tom: It's just like a video game! Like it lagged and I just totally missed a perfectly still target!
John: ...
Jake: You didn't miss--OUCH! DANGIT!--Tom. I saw it hit her arm just as she shot me.
Tom: Okay, so I didn't miss. That's a little better.
Jake: We should've followed her.
John: And let you bleed to death?
Jake: Nah. Just need a band-aid. DANGIT, MEGAN!
Megan: Sorry.
Tom Fender
Member of SG&C
Not Banned
(For conforming.)

8/31/2002 2:22:14 PM

Level: 18
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RE: The Call For Silence.

*Jennifer stumbles into John Q.'s office, gripping her arm. Blood is running down her arm, dripping off her fingertips.*

John Q.: *Looks at her arm and raises an eyebrow.* You're one of the best?
Jennifer: Shut up and get me a bandage...

John Gibson

John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

8/31/2002 2:26:26 PM

Level: 19
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RE: The Call For Silence.

*She gets the bandage and goes to the place she is staying, and sleeps for a little while*
*She gets back up and grabs a rifle standing in the corner.*
*She takes it apart and puts it in a suit case.*
*She walks out the door*

--Back at the house.--

Chris: Well, I wonder how that creep got out of jail.
John: Are there any windows in the cells?
Chris: Not that anyone can fit out of.
Jake: Maybe she had some sort of lock pic...
John: That could be.

--On top of a building across from the house they are in.--

*Jennifer takes out the parts to the sniper rifle.*
*She puts it all togeather, and waits.*
*Chris comes over to the window a few minutes later.*
*She aims, he just happens to look up and see the shine of the barrel.*
*He ducks back right as she pulls the trigger, it hits him in the sholder.*

John: Where is she?
Chris: On the roof.

*Jennifer ducks back behind the edge of the roof, and crawls to a ladder with the sniper still with her.*
*People scater the streets*
*The door to the house slowly opens.*
*Chris emerges slowly*
Chris Storms
1st In Command of SG&C

9/2/2002 2:56:39 PM

Level: 20
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RE: The Call For Silence.

Chris: BACK FOR MORE, PUNK?! *Brings M4 with attached M203 to his shoulder and fires a grenade up there. She jumps off the building, connected to a bungie cord. She lowers to the ground, disconnects, pulls out an FAMAS, and opens fire. The rest of SG&C emerge from the house and open fire. Five jeeps filled with heavily armed people drive up near Jennifer. They open fire on everybody's favorite soldiers-of-fortune. They duck back into the house.*
John: Great, she's got an army... or something.
Jake: Whatcha wanna do?
Chris: ... Blow stuff up. *He goes back out firing a grenade. Some of the jeeps explode as people jump away.* Cover me!
Tom: Roger. *He goes back out and sprays the jeeps with his MP5K.*
John: Jake, go high.
Jake: Got it. *He grabs his SR8 and heads out the back door of the house.*
Megan: Oh, how come we can never have a normal day?
John: It's the kind of work we do. People like us.
Megan: I can tell.
Tom: HEY! Li'l' help?!
John: Coming!
*Megan and John go outside and blast. Chris and Tom are behind a battered stone wall. Chris is firing grenades as Tom reloads.*
John: Anybody see Jennifer?
Megan: *Ducks behind a crate.* No.
John: Great. CHRIS! *Chris looks at him.* JENNIFER'S NOT HERE! KEEP AN EYE OUT! *Chris gives him a thumbs-up then continues to bombard the troopers with grenades as the troopers keep up a constant barrage of fire.*

*On a nearby five-story building, Jake is climbing a fire escape to the roof. He has no idea, however, that Jennifer is on another building looking right at him through her scope. She gets impatient and finally decides to fire. She misses, and blows some of the railing away from the fire escape. Jake looks alert now. He runs faster. Jennifer grits her teeth and fires again. She takes out two steps. Jake jumps them. He finally reaches the top and gets behind an air conditioner. Jennifer fires two more rounds, hoping to penetrate the air coniditioner, but to no avail. She sees Jake poke his head out, apparently trying to locate her. She fires again, but misses. He ducks back down.*
Jake: Okay, where was she... *He closes his eyes and pictures the building and everything he just saw... He opens them back up.* Alrighty. *He unfolds the bipod, slaps the SR8 up onto the air conditioner, takes a deep breath, jumps up, aims quickly, and fires. It takes a chunk of the building off right above Jennifer's head. She fires, but hears it click.*
Jennifer: Dangit! *She ducks out Jake's sight.*
Jake: Dangit! *He pulls out his walkie-talkie.* Chris, this is Jake. Over.
Chris: *Ducks back behind the wall and pulls out his walkie-talkie.* This is Chris, go ahead.
Jake: Jennifer's on the roof of the insurance building. I think she's out of ammo and I can't see her anymore.
Chris: Alright, I'm goin' up there... *He tucks the walkie-talkie back into his pocket.* Tom, cover me, I'm heading to the insurance building.
Tom: Uh. Sure.
Chris: ... GO! *They both jump up. Chris runs toward the building, blasting away at the troops, but missing terribly.*
Tom: SHOOT ME, RETARDS!! *He jumps around, blasting at them. He sees bullets hit the ground around his feet and he hears a couple wizz by, too close.* Wide Eyes *He jumps back behind the wall.*
*Chris goes inside the insurance building and finds a stairwell. People stare at him as he runs up it. He finally reaches the roof. He opens the door slowly to go outside. He walks silently for a moment. He sees Jennifer, and she sees him. She was in the middle of reloading her Parker-Hale. Chris brings his M4 up to fire, and it clicks.*
Chris: Wide Eyes DANG!
*Jennifer laughs slightly. She tosses the sniper rifle aside, gets up, and unsheaths a knife.*
Chris: Your momma ever tell you not to play with knives? Could put an eye out, y'know?
Jennifer: Scared?
Chris: Me? NAH! *She runs toward him, and dives. He dodges as she lands in a roll and jumps back up. She throws the knife at him. It scathes his arm and lands on the ground behind him. He picks it up.*
Chris: Who's got the advantage now?
*She unsheaths two more knives.*
Chris: Wide Eyes DANG again!
*She swings downard on him with both knives. He brings his arms up and it affectively stops her attack. He knees her in the gut.*
Chris: Just curious, does your conscience ever bother you? Y'know, with being an assassin and all... *She kicks him.*
Jake (Over Chris's walkie-talkie): Chris? Are you okay? What's happenin'?
Chris: Not right now--*He manages to deflect a stab from her knife. She comes again with the other knife, Chris goes to deflect, but scrapes the top of her hand, and her knife scratches his arm. She grunts and drops her knife. He kicks her in the side, and she falls four feet away.*
Chris: You can surrender now and just serve life.
Jennifer: ... Or kill you and not do anything.
Chris: That's not gonna happen.
Jennifer: How are you so sure?
Chris: My secret. Happy
*She throws the knife at him. It hits him in the chest.*
Jennifer: Wide Eyes WHAT?!
Chris: Lady, I wear a kevlar vest.
Jennifer: Grr!! *She rolls over and grabs the knife she dropped before and jumps back up.*
Chris: More? *He casually pulls the knife out of his chest. She jumps and kicks him in the face. She lands and does a roundhouse kick, sending him flying. She dives at him, knife-first. He rolls out of the way as the knife penetrates the concrete. He trips her and stands back up.*
Chris: I win. Give up.
*Jennifer tries to pull the knife back out of the concrete, but fails.*
Jennifer: ...... Alright, I surrender.
Chris: Alrighty. *Twirls his knives around and sticks them in his back pocket.* Dang, you ruined my shirt. *Examines knife-hole.* Let's go, lady. *He grabs her arm and pulls her to her feet. He guides her toward the stairwell, and down it to the street. The fighting is still going on down there.*
Jennifer: ... My--
Chris: Huh?
Jennifer: *She twists out of his grasp, and ends up behind him. She whacks his neck with her hand, pulls out her silenced Mark 23 and unloads a few into his back.* -- surrender ends here. *Chris falls on his face as she runs off.*
Tom: *Sees Jennifer running.* No, you don't... *He gets up and runs straight through the crossfire. He dives on her and forces her to the ground. He turns her around and she finds an MP5K in her face.* FREEZE! One move and I blow your face off! *He picks her up, twists her arms behind her back, and guides her forward, muzzle to her back. Chris slowly rises and walks over to her.*
Tom: By the way, this gun is empty.
Jennifer: WHA--?!
Chris: ... Allow me. *WHACK. Lights out for Jennifer... again. He pulls out his walkie-talkie.* Jake, we've got her.
Jake (Over walkie-talkie): Oh, you ARE alive!
Chris: ... Barely.
John: Alright, I think I'm starting to go deaf. Time to end it. *He arms a fragmentation grenade and tosses it to the remaining jeeps, where the troopers are firing from. The jeeps blow and the troopers are scattered around on the street. Jango, Megan, and John go over to round them up.*
John: Nobody move unless we tell you.
Chris: Jake, I think we've got everybody rounded up. Come on down.
Jake (Over walkie-talkie): Copy that.
*Chris puts away his walkie-talkie. He turns around and sees all kinds of weapons, melee and long-range, laying around Jennifer's unconscious body.*
Tom: Looky what she had.
Chris: Huh?
Tom Fender
Member of SG&C
Not Banned
(For conforming.)

9/2/2002 4:08:58 PM

Level: 18
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RE: The Call For Silence.

*John walks over and picks up her Mark 23.*
John: Thanks, Ms. Vaccna. Smile *He holsters the Mark 23.*
Chris: That was fun.
Tom: I bet.
Jake: Time to deliver her back to Mr. Quichi--
Chris: No.
Jake: Huh?
Chris: I've figured out how she got out of jail so quickly. Who else would want to kill my brother besides John Quiching? My brother was against John in all ways. He was stopping him from gaining power. So, John hired Jennifer here to kill him while he sat in his office drinking beer and acting like he didn't know what was going on.
Tom: Great.
John: Now we have to go deal with Mr. Quiching, huh?
Chris: If my suspicions are true, yes.
Megan: I'll stay here and make sure Jennifer doesn't run off... *Looks at the assassin in disgust.*
Jake: Jolly good! *They get in the jeep and drive to Callice.*
John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

9/2/2002 4:28:33 PM

Level: 19
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RE: The Call For Silence.

*They pull up in front of the New Govornment building*
*John Q. comes out to welcome them*
*Chris punches him in the jaw, almost breaking it*
*Guards come out from around the side of the building, thier weapons loaded and pointed at everyones favorate heros.*


*They all jump behind it as the bullets start wizzing by, and putting holes in the jeep*

Chris: My jeep...Cry
John: We have more important things to worry about.
Chris: Ok, you go left, I'll go right, Tom, you stay here and fire as much as you can...Jake....SNIPER TIME!!! Happy
Jake: Ok.
Chris: Lets move...

*They dart out from behind the jeep, bullets wizzing by thier heads, Chris moves behind a limo, John moves behind a Porche*

Jake: (Over radio) Im gonna try and set up on the north tower.
Chris: (Over radio) Ok. Make sure they don't see you.
Jake: (over radio) Roger. Over and out.

*Tom darts away from the jeep as fast as he can.*
*The jeep blows up a few seconds later from all the bullets hitting the engine.*

Chris: THATS IT!!

*He takes down 2 guys, Tom and John take down a few more.*
*More guards rush out of the building, an alarm goes off.*
*John Q. darts around the back of the building.*

Chris: your not getting away that easily. (over radio) Jake, keep an eye on John Q. He just went around back.
Jake: (Over radio) Got it.

*Bullets pound into the side of the cars, a few of them stop to reload, the heros take the advantage and open fire, several guards go down.*

Tom: (yells over to Chris) I'll see if I can get to John! Cover me!
Chris: Roger!

*Tom backs away from the Porche, and runs for the exploded Jeep, he then runs past Chris and darts down a few blocks and makes his way to where he guessed John Q. had gone*
Chris Storms
1st In Command of SG&C

9/12/2002 1:34:29 AM

Level: 20
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RE: The Call For Silence.

John: *Readies a flashbang and tosses it.* FLASH NADE!! *Ducks behind the Porsche and covers his ears. Most of the guards are blinded and deafened by the grenade.* LET'S MOVE!!

*Chris and John run as fast as they can in Tom's direction. The guards recover their vision and hearing and see that the two are nowhere to be found.*

Jake: *Loads his M4 with tranq rounds and tranqs up the remaining guards.* Nighty-night. Grin *Climbs down from the tower and chases John, Chris, and Tom.*

Tom: COME... BACK... HERE...!!
*John Q. is barely keeping his distance from Tom.*
*A bullet grazes John Q.'s leg. He falls forward. Tom catches up to him, holds him down, and looks back at Megan, who fired the shot. Megan gives him a thumbs-up. Chris walks up to John Q.*
Chris: I'd blow you away for what you did, but that would be sinking too low.
John Q.: I got SHOT! I'm BLEEDING! HELP!
Chris: John, bandage.
John Q.: I don't have any!!
Chris: Not you. *John hands him a bandage and Chris wraps up the wound.* They'll fix that better when you get thrown in prison. And trust me, that won't be a long wait.
John Q.: Ugh
John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

9/12/2002 6:18:51 PM

Level: 19
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RE: The Call For Silence.


New Govornment President: Thank you SG&C. I don't know how to thank you enough. As a gratitude of our appreciation for bringing these two criminals to justace, is 5000 lom each.
SG&C: Thank you.
NGP: We will build a memorial for your brother Chris. He helped get us through these dificult times. He will never be forgoten.
Chris: Thank you sir.
NGP: These people will be locked up, and be punished for their wrong doings. They will never see daylight ever again.
Tom: Just be careful. Keep extra security on them also.
NGP: We will. Don't worry. Thank you again.

--They leave--

Chris: Now I need a new Jeep, those bad dudes blew it up.
Tom: Well, I'll help ya fix it up.
Chris: Well, I don' think it is fixable.

*Chris looks over at it*
*It falls apart*

Tom: Well...uh...good luck I guess.

--Ea. Member of SG&C, and Tom Fender recieved 2000 EXP.--
Chris Storms
1st In Command of SG&C

9/16/2002 4:32:17 PM

Level: 20
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RE: The Call For Silence.

jake: you jeep is about we all pitch in a buy him a new one?
chris: do that
jake: you gotta pitch in too
chris: nevermind then

Jake Conner
3rd in command of SG&C

9/18/2002 3:24:33 PM

Level: 19
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