The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Callice
The Dankton Conspiracy

(This puppy here is a mission for EVERYBODY! ... *Crickets chirp.* Let's hear some excitement! ... *Crickets chirp.* Argh. Nevermind. Anyway, if you want to take part, just post. It'll be open for joining for the next three days, then I'll start it.)

It was a hot day in Callice. John was going grocery shopping. As he walked down the sidewalk, he noticed a flier attached to a telephone pole. He walked over to it and read it.

This is an urgent call. Please come to the capitol building on Friday, November 1.

"Hmm..." John mumbled. He continued on his way, keeping the flier in mind.
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10/29/2002 10:51:54 AM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

John Gibson
Chris Storms
Jake Conner
Tom Fender
Megan Kirate
Jango Ibonek
Chris Storms
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10/29/2002 11:39:46 AM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

(We have lift off.)

*After picking up the groceries, John walks back to Chris's Jeep and drives to the capitol. He arrives and drives into the small, ugly, grease-stained underground parking lot. As luck would have it, there is one parking space left. He puts the vehicle into it. He looks around and sees Tom's Jeep.*
John: Well, I guess the others are here...
*He stops the Jeep's engine and gets out. He walks over to a guard standing by a door.*
Guard: Halt.
John: Oh boy.
Guard: Are you carrying any weapons?
John: ...That's a stupid question...
Guard: You must leave them in the armory until you leave.
John: ...Fine... *He hands the guard his MAC-10, his DE, and his G36.*
Guard: *A small hatch opens behind him. He sets the weapons on a conveyor belt. The hatch closes.* You may proceed.
*The door opens and John walks through. Inside is a giant room, probably fifty feet in diameter. The floor is made of marble, the domed ceiling of gold. The ceiling must be thirty feet high. At least. Several doors, desks, and plaques ring the room. A kid, probably twelve years old, runs over to John.*
Kid: Err... umm... Are you an, uhh... Adventurer... or a mercenary or something?
John: Yeah.
Kid: Umm... Follow me... then...
*The kid leads him to the end of the room, down a corridor, into another room of the same size as the last one, and into an elevator. The kid presses the "4" button. The elevator rumbles as it's lifted to the fourth floor. The doors open. The kid walks out, turns left, walks to the end of the room, into a corridor, and then through a door. A large table sits in the middle of the room, with many chairs around it. Flat, grey carpet lies on the floor. A large bookcase sits in one corner. A desk is at the end of the room.*
Man at the desk: Please, take a seat.
*John looks around. He sees Chris, Tom, Jake, Jango, and Megan, and goes to sit by them.*
*The man behind the desk appears to be counting something.* Six... Okay... Greetings, mercenaries and adventurers of Meeriad. I'll just get to the point... Someone is trying to assassinate the President. We cannot find the assassin. We can't even tell what kind of weapon he... or she... uses. It could be a rifle. It could be ice daggers. We don't know. All we know is, the President is in danger. Something severely injured him four days ago. He's been in the hospital ever since. We need your help to find this assassin and bring him down.
Tom: Sounds good.
John Gibson
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11/1/2002 11:11:23 AM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

*Gunner is running frantically towards the town hall (or wherever this is at)*
Guard: Halt!  Are you carrying any weapons?
Gunner: Uhm..... yes. *gunner practically throws the guard a DE, B 92FS, M16, Barret M82, Franchi SPAS and a M4 and bolts through the door*
Gunner: Hey kid?  where do the adventurers go?
Kid: Right this way.
*The kid leads him to the elevator and then into an office*
Gunner: *running in the door* Am I late!?  What are we doing?
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11/1/2002 4:45:24 PM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

Man: (Does a quick overview for gunner) My name is mister Robert Holm. You will report to me with any new findings you might have. Any Questions?
John: Yes, where did the attempted assassination take place?
Rob: At his house.
Gunner: Will we get cards or anything to prove that we are who we say we are, so that we can have access to crime sceens?
Rob: Yes. You can pick them up whith your guns.

*Everyone gets up from the table and the young lad leads them back out of the building.*
*They all get their weapons, and ID cards.*

Chris: Where to start?
John: Well, I suggest we go to where the attempted assassination took place.
Tom: Good idea.
Chris Storms
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11/1/2002 4:46:13 PM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

*Gunner looks at everyone else*
Gunner:*under his breath* At least I get to work with Storms Gibson and Conner on this one, they're pretty cool
*Gunner looks over at Tom, Jengo, and Megan*
Gunner: I don't know you three.  Do you work for a company or are you all mercenaries?
Megan: We're all from SG&C.
Gunner: Oh.... ok then....
*They arrive in the garage*
Gunner: Can someone give me a ride?  I don't have a car.
Howling Wind Agent
(Cause I put it here!)

Not Immortal
11/1/2002 4:57:48 PM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

Chris: Sure. I have an extra seat in the back of my jeep. So, what is your name again?
Gunner: Gunner.
Chris: I've seen you someplace before...
Gunner: Hmm...

*They start to go into the the house, but a security door slams shut in front of them*

Door: Please insert ID code.

*They all do so, and go in*
*They look around in the house and go up to the room that the President was in when the attack happened*
Chris Storms
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11/1/2002 5:04:21 PM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

Tom: What do you think we could find that the police didn't?
John: *Shrugs* I dunno. Maybe we'll get lucky.

The window is broken. Shards of glass lie on the floor underneath it.

Chris: Well, the assassin didn't try to be subtle...

Chris picks up a piece of glass and examines it.

Megan: There's not a single footprint or anything. Hmm...

The group continues to search the room for any clues. After a half an hour of unsuccessfully searching, they stop.

John: I say we go see the President.
Chris: Alright. Let's go.

The group leaves the building, climbs into the jeep, and they drive off toward the hospital. Later, they arrive and go inside.

Chris: *To a nurse* Hello, we're here to speak to the President. *Hands her his card. She glances at it then gives it back.*
Nurse: He's been in a coma since he got here, you won't be able to speak to him.
Chris: Hmm... May we at least see him?
Nurse: Go right ahead. He's in room 327 on the third floor.
Chris: Thank you.

They all go upstairs and into the room. They see the President lying motionless in a bed, hooked up to breathing machines and such. Many bruises line his forehead, other than that, he looks okay.

John: Chris, didn't Robert give you a list of his injuries?
Chris: Yeah. *Pulls a piece of paper out of his back pocket* Two wounds on his abdomen, possibly inflicted by a knife or a large caliber rifle, and severe head injuries.
Tom: Ow.
John: Hmm... It couldn't be a rifle, or else there'd be damage to the walls or something where he was attacked.
Jake: Yeah...
Chris: Well, not much we can find out here. Where to now?
John: Good question.
Gunner: Maybe we should go ask around town and find out what some people think.
Chris: Alright. Let's go then.

They leave the hospital and drive to a part of town where there are many little shops.

Chris: Each of us should pick a separate shop and ask people in there.

Everybody jumps out of the jeep and heads toward separate shops.

--Fruit Stand--
Jake: Excuse me, Sir. Have you hear about the attempted assassination on the President?
Shop Owner: O' course! Who hasn't?
Jake: I dunno. Do you know of any person or group that might want him dead?
Shop Owner: Sure! There's plenty o' people! Like that John Quiching--
Jake: He's in jail.
Shop Owner: Yeah, but still. He might have had supporters too, y'know. And there's that radical group right outside the city. They moved out because of this New Government movement.
Jake: What are your feelings about the New Government?
Shop Owner: It's fine with me. I wouldn't kill--or try to kill--anybody, even if I didn't like it.
Jake: Hey, I wasn't saying you could've done it. About that radical group--what are they capable of? What do they do?
Shop Owner: They're just a buncha punks that moved out of the city because of the New Government. They refuse to come back in until the the Old Government returns.
Jake: Do you think they'd do anything violent?
Shop Owner: I dunno. I don't think they've done anything before.
Jake: Do you know where they live now?
Shop Owner: Nope. I just know they move around a lot, but they stay around the city.
Jake: Thank you for your time.
Shop Owner: Anytime.

Jake leaves and meets at the jeep with the others who have had similar conversations.

Jake: Well, that guy said something about a group of radicals that are against the New Government that live outside the city.
Chris: That's what I heard.
Gunner: Me too.
Megan: Maybe we should check 'em out.
Jake: He said they move around a lot, so we'll have to search for 'em.
Jango: We could take the Sky Wolf.
John: Yeah. Let's go.

They all pile into the jeep, again, and make tracks toward the Sky Wolf's landing area. Jango starts the ship up as the rest of the group load their weapons onto it. They get inside and Jango takes off. They fly outside the city.

Jake: I wonder how big of a group they are.
Gunner: The lady I talked to said they were about thirty people.
Chris: So they should have a pretty good-sized camp.
John: I see smoke. Maybe it's their camp. Set it down there, Jango.

Jango sets the Sky Wolf down half a mile from the camp in a wooded area. They all get out and walk toward it, carrying weapons, just in case. They come to the clearing the camp is set up in. They see several men, armed to the teeth with high-powered rifles and handguns, patrolling the perimeter.

Chris: Hrrm... They don't look very friendly...
Jake: It's safe to assume they are a violent group.
Tom: Yeah, we walk up to 'em--"Hey, may we talk to you for a minute? We need to know if you tried to kill the President." ... A shootout ensues.
John: Let's try to avoid shooting.
Tom: Fine with me, but is it fine with them?
Gunner: Maybe we could sneak up to the camp and eavesdrop on them, or something?
John: Hmm... That could be dangerous.
Gunner: Maybe if only a couple of us went in...
John: Okay. Who wants to volunteer?
Gunner: I will.
Megan: Me too.
John: Okay then. You two find the best way in, the rest of us will stay back here and keep an eye on your backs. Turn on your walkie-talkies and we'll contact you and provide backup if you're spotted. Gunner, you might want to leave that .50 behind... I don't think it'll help to sneak around...
Gunner: Okay.

Gunner takes the M82 off his back and hands it to John. He and Megan switch on their walkie-talkies. They head toward the camp, moving along the treeline, trying to stay covered. John's cell phone starts ringing. He answers it.

John: Yes?
Robert Holm: Gibson, this is Holm. There's been another attempt on the President.
John: Okay, we'll be right over.

John hangs up.

Chris: What is it?
John: The assassin struck again.

Chris grabs his walkie-talkie.

Chris: Guys, pull back. We need to go. The assassin struck again.

Gunner and Megan turn around and run back. The whole group heads back to the Sky Wolf.
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11/1/2002 9:31:27 PM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

*They arrive back at Callice. Jango quickly sets the Sky Wolf down and they hurry to the hospital. Passing their cards under the face of the nurse as they rush by, they come to the the room the President is in. As they enter, they quickly look over the President's body for any injuries. A small burn mark lies on his left arm, beginning to blister. A doctor crouches next to the bed, studying the wound.*

Doctor: *Looks up at SG&C.* I don't know what could have caused this... It might have been magic, but I've dealt with a magic burn and it is not like this.
Megan: *Walks over and looks closely at the wound.* It looks like... I don't know WHAT it looks like...
Doctor: I believe now is the time to move him to a different room...
Megan: Wait... Do you personally know the President?
Doctor: Well, yes... why?
Megan: *Grips his shoulder tightly.* YOU'RE THE ASSASSIN!
Chris: No he's not.
Megan: Oh. *Lets go.* Sorry.
Doctor: Bored
John: Megan is kind of... tense... sometimes.
Megan: Blah
Doctor: Anyway, like I said, we'll move him to a different room. We have a high-security inner-building block. This 'assassin' would have to be inside the building to harm him from there.
Gunner: That's a good idea. Why didn't you do that in the first place?
Doctor: I'm not fully in charge of where patients are placed. It's not like they ask me where they should go, so they just put him here.
Jake: ...That sounds awfully suspicious.
Megan: *Looks at John.* He's tense, too!
John: Rolling Eyes But it does sound suspicious.
Megan: You're telling me that one of the people that work here put the President in this room to make him easier to assassinate?
John: It's possible.
Tom: Makes you want to trust people, eh?
John Gibson
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11/1/2002 10:03:38 PM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

Jake: *kneels next to president while the others talk and examins the burn*

jake: this doesnt seem to be a burn that tried to kill him, the assin was merely trying to let us know that he's here..this is a burn mark of a small flame thrower.
chris: how would you know?
jake: i have a flame thrower, in the sky wolf though.
john: well, anyways doctor, let us know where you move him too, we'll keep the place guarded, while we search for clues
doctor: alright..
Jake Conner
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11/3/2002 8:28:53 AM

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