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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Callice
RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

*They leave the room.*
John: Uhh... Jake? How would he get to the President with a FLAMETHROWER without leaving any evidence besides the burn?
Jake: I don't know exactly, but... If someone's an expert at this stuff, they probably can.
John: Then there's another question; Why didn't anything catch on fire? And why didn't he just finish the President off? Someone could've caught him, but still, he'd have to escape through the window or something. And there would be no time for him to OPEN it and get out.
Jake: You're making this harder, you know that? Happy Dead
John: I try. Super Grin
Gunner: No matter what happened, we'd better get going. Might as well try to get this over with as soon as possible.
Chris: Good idea. Guys, get to the Sky Wolf. I want to look around the President's new room to make sure it's as secure as possible.

*Chris follows the doctors as they haul the President to down a hall to his new room. They stop at a large metal door. The two doctors and Chris show a guard their ID cards. The guard lets them through. They turn and go into a room. The doctors set the President down on the bed.*

Chris: Looks like a pretty secure room... The air ducts-- they aren't big enough to crawl through, are they?
Doctor: No. They're probably only a foot in diameter.
Chris: Good. And the security of this block?
Doctor: Ten guards patrolling the hall at all times. If anyone is there that isn't supposed to be, they'll see him.
Chris: Again, good. Well, I'll see--
Doctor: He's awake!!

*Chris quickly looks over at the President. He moans and sits up.*

President Keith Black: *Blinks a few times.* Ow... *Grips burn on his arm.* What happened?
Chris: The assassin attacked again.
Keith: Great...
Doctor: How do you feel?
Keith: Fine... mostly... It's just this dang burn on my arm.
Doctor: It'll blister a bit, but you'll be fine.
Chris: If he's going to be fine... I think he should come with us.
*The doctor hesitates.*
Keith: I think that's a good idea.
*The doctor still hesitates.*
Doctor: I don't know... He might still be... hurt... He just doesn't feel it...
Keith: I'm fine, doctor.
Doctor: Okay...
*Keith gets off the bed and follows Chris outside. The doctor puts an "I don't approve." look on his face.*

*Chris and the President board the Sky Wolf.*
Gunner: Took you long enough.
Jake: Why are we bringing him with us?
Chris: Because I think someone on the staff of that hospital is in cahoots with the assassin. This is just the safest thing to do. John, would you set up a cot for the President?
John: Sure thing. *Opens a compartment in the back and pulls out a cot. A sets it up and Keith lies down on it.*
Jango: Where to, el capitan?
John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

11/28/2002 11:51:18 AM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

jake: *glaces over at jango* To Sehkmet, we'll stay at my Inn, it's a quite safe place.
jango: alrighty.
*the sky wolf begins to lift off as it flys off to Sehkmet*
*upon arrival, the skywolf lowers down into the hanger next to the Inn*
*Jakes walks out of the skywolf and over tot he door, he jangles through his keys and finally unlocks the door*
Jake: Welcome to my side-buisness mr. president
Kieth: Very nice, it should do.
Chris: I'll go back on board and bring in the stuff
Jake: Alright
*the men walk inside the inn and into a suite*
Jake: You can stay here, If anything goes wrong, we'll know.
John: Uhh..Jake
Jake: Not now John
John: JAKE!
Jake: What?!
John* *pointing out window* We've got company
*Large men get out of a vehicle, heavily armed*
Man 1: Get them! Leave none alive!
Chris: They must have hit us with a tracing deivce.
Jake: Arg, get down to the basement, everyone, quickly.

*down in the basement*
*jakes taps a few buttons ont he wall, as a large steel door closes over the old wooden door*
Jake: We'll be safe down here.
Keith: I would hope so..

*Chris, Jake, and John arm themselves with their Berrettes just incase*
Jake Conner
3rd in command of SG&C

1/10/2003 6:49:05 PM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

Jango: Do you think those guys are involved with the assassin?
John: I wouldn't think so... I mean, I doubt this assassin and his comrades would make a head-on assault on us.
Tom: Well, people we've encountered before weren't very swift.
John: True.
*They hear a few low pangs on the other side of the door, but after a few of them it stops. They wait. Then there's a loud thud on the other side and the door shakes. Chris and John look at each other.*
Chris: Battering ram?
John: Battering ram.
*After three bangs and nothing happens, the banging stops. Then a beam sword's blade is seen poking through the metal door.*
Jake: My door! Cry
*Everybody draws their guns. Soon the door falls off and the men pour in. Gunfire erupts. Shells litter the floor. Everybody takes cover behind different objects in the room.*
Jake: The sheets! And pillows! Cry *He goes in a shooting frenzy. Several of the men go down.*
Tom: *Gets shot.* Oooh! Feels like .223! *Falls to the floor.*
John: *Shouting over the gunfire.* Tom's down!!
Jake: *Shouts back.* There's a back door! Get Tom and go! We'll cover you!
John: *Slings his G36 and grabs Tom. He runs to the back door and kicks it open. He looks around, turns left, and runs. Some men left outside guarding their vehicles see him and start shooting.* Oh boy. *Dives to the ground, shooting. Tom lands on the ground, on his hip, where he's been shot.*
Tom: That feels GREAT.
John: Deal with it. *The men look for cover. Using this to his advantage, John grabs Tom and starts running.*
Tom: How come someone always gets shot on these missions?
John: Because we play with guns.
Tom: Good answer.
*John goes into a store and dives behind the front desk. He looks at the clerk, who is ducking for cover there as well.*
Clerk: What in tarnation's all that gunfire 'bout?
John: Dunno. But my friend's been shot.
Clerk: I have a medical kit in the back room, but I haven't a clue what to do with it. Try it if'n ya wanna.
John: Thanks. *Drags Tom into the back room, leaving an extremely noticable trail of blood on the floor. The big men walk into the shop just then.*
Man: Where's the owner of this shop?!
Clerk: *Slowly rises from behind the counter.* R-right here, sir.
Man: *Walks over to the counter.* Have you seen two heavily armed men around here?
Clerk: I don't rightly think so, sir.
Man: *Sees trail of blood. Points.* What's that?
Clerk: *Looks.* Looks like b-- *Hesitates.*
Man: Blood?
Clerk: Well, yes.
Man: Now, why would a trail of blood be on your floor, leading into the back room, where someone could be hiding?
Clerk: Well, err...
Man: *Punches the clerk's lights out and swings himself over the counter, walking into the back room. He promptly has a chair broken over his head.*
John: Bet that hurt.
John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

1/10/2003 7:20:36 PM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

Jake: Arg! My stuff! *puts down his berret and picks up his flamethrower, turns it on and runs out igniting the men into flames*

Chris: *smoke rises fromt he barrel of his gun as the last shot is fired* Lets go find John and Tom
Jake: Right.

*as they approacht he back door they hear more men talking outside*

Jake: I'll take them, you go and find the others
Chris: Alright..but..take care of yerself
Jake: alright

*jake pulls out his berret and puts on his 16x scope*
*he walks around the back of the building and climbs a ladder to the roof. Hes sets his berret against the ledge and takes aim*

Jake: Die you scum

*he takes aim and takes down 2 guards quickly*
*the others take notice and open fire*
*jake ducks behind the roof's ledge and pulls out an old smoke grenade, he throws his it down at the men, temporarily blinding them with smoke*
*jake climbs down the windows and finishs off the rest of them*

Jake: Chris!?
Chris: In here! *shouting from inside the shop*

*jake picks up his things and heads into the shop after he inspects the jeep*
Jake Conner
3rd in command of SG&C

1/10/2003 7:29:07 PM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

*Inside the shop...*
Man: *Swings around. He releases a burst of gunfire at the gang, but misses. They stay outside the shop.*
Gunner: What do we do?
Jake: I know what to do. *Yells.* John! Tranq!
John: Got it!
Man: Unnnnnhh.... *Slumps to the floor. Everybody goes into the shop. John drags Tom out to the main room. Tom has a giant smile on his face.*
Megan: Uhh... Bored What happened?
Jango: Oh no... Help us!
Tom: I wish I was in the land of cotton...
Jango: You're doing this on purpose...
Tom: Old times there are NOT FORGOTTEN, LOOK AWAY!! LOOK AWAY! LOOK AWAY! DIXIE LAND!! ...Always wanted to do that. Grin Oooh, I'm numb. Wee!
Gunner: Why did this store owner have morphine, anyway?
John: I don't know, but I figured I might as well use it, 'cause we aren't getting to a doctor any time very soon.
Tom: I'm FLYING! Grin
*They leave the store and go over to one of the Jeeps that the men came in.*
Jake: It has a minigun. It's a 4x4. And-- *Jingles keys around.* I found the keys. *Hands them to John.* Go find a doctor.
John: Awesome. *Puts Tom in the passenger seat and sits in the driver seat. He starts it up, turns it around, and drives off.*
Gunner: What do we do in the mean time?
Jake: I don't know about you guys, but I am going to go fix my door. *Heads over to his inn.*
Megan: I guess we just hang around and protect the President.
Keith: You can just call me Keith.
Gunner: Do you know how to use a gun?
Keith: Me?
Gunner: Yeah.
Keith: Yes. Shooting events are a hobby of mine.
Gunner: *Holds out his M4.* You should have a gun.
Keith: Super Grin *Grabs it gleefully.* I love M4s, but I've never held one before!
All: *Stare at the President.* Huh?
John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

1/10/2003 7:50:24 PM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

Old Post That Was Created Because I Was On Morphine
For Amusement Only
Not Part of the Story

*John floors it. Everybody gets whiplash. Suddenly, a Wolf McDog jumps out in front of the jeep and dies. A Blick and a Sunny drop onto the hood.*

Blick: Mwahahaha!
Sunny: Hi!

*They get shot full of holes. Our intrepid heroes glance behind them and see several jeeps, full of crazed gorillas firing at them, coming towards them. John floors it again. The jeep lurches as it climbs over Wolf's body. One of the pursuing jeeps hits Wolf's corpse and does a Frankie Flip™. The other jeeps swerve around and continue pursuit. Chris yanks the minigun off the floor and rests it on the rear of the jeep.*

Chris: Uh...

*He checks the chamber.*

Chris: It's empty.

*Keith suddenly fires Gunner's M4 and the shots blow out the lead jeep's front tires. It swerves off the road and hits a dumpster. There is one jeep left following them.*

John: Hang on!
Chris: Like we'd do anything else!

*John swings around a corner. Their assailants barely make the turn. They knock a lamp post out of the ground. They continue the chase.*

Megan: Oh Well

*Keith finally steadies himself again and fires more shots. He blows out the tires of the last jeep. They drive as far as they can, determined, but their jeep gives up after some encouragement from the President.*

Gunner: Nice shootin'.
Keith: Thanks.

*Whatever's left of da crew watches John and Tom disappear in a cloud of dust. They camp inside the reception area of Jake's inn. Jake mopes around grumbling about damage. A man walks inside. He is soon met by four muzzles.*

Man: Wide Eyes *He turns around and runs.*
Jake: ... That wasn't necessary. He looked like a potential customer.
Chris: Sorry... but there's no vacancy here.
Jake: Hm?

*Jake looks through all the rooms. He returns.*

Jake: Looks like it to me.
Gunner: Watch. *He flips a switch behind the reception desk and the neon "NO" lights up next to the "VACANCY" sign outside.*
Jake: ... Mrrm... Ruin my business... Hmmrrmrm...
Chris: Now's not the time for business--*Suddenly there's a squeaking noise behind them. They all swing around. The mouse scurries back into the wall after meeting four assault rifles.*

--Hours later--

Chris: ... Man... it's boring here.

*Suddenly, all the windows on the bottom floor shatter, and black-clad men swing in through them. They all have F2000s with flashlights attached to them.*

Gunner: Famous last words. *He pushes the President behind the desk.*
Chris: Who the heck are you guys?
Man: Give us the President and none shall be harmed.
Chris: Badly spoken. Answer me.

*Another man fast-ropes through a skylight and lands behind the desk. He snatches the President and grabs the rope. He is pulled back to the roof. Megan whacks the nearest man with the butt of her G36. Gunfire erupts. Everybody takes cover.*

Jake: My inn!! Cry
Chris: We'll worry about it later, let's go.

*They dive out of the nearest window. They see a chopper flying away with the man and the President hanging from the rope.*

Chris: Nuts. That was stupid.
Gunner: Shaddap and let's chase 'em!

*They run to the Sky Wolf and see it was stripped for parts.*

Jake: Blink
Jango: Blink
Jake and Jango: Waterfall Tears

Chris: Aahh!

*The black-clad men pour out of every opening of the inn. SG&C proceed to beat the living daylights out of them.*
Tom Fender
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1/10/2003 9:18:27 PM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

Jake: Well, we ain't catching that chopper on foot...
Chris: SHOOT!
*The black-clad men begin firing on our intrepid heroes... and the intrepid heroes fire back. Nobody's getting hit.*
Gunner: We need to move. We're getting nowhere, and as long as we stay here, the President's just getting farther away. Let's go!
*They run, one at a time. The others give the runner cover fire. Megan's up. She begins running. A bullet hits her square in a shoulder. A little higher and it would've been a head shot. She screams, but keeps running. She hits the ground behind a house, with the others.*
Chris: Dangit... We're getting sloppy. Two hits in one mission?
Megan: I have a hole through my shoulder. It hurts. And both ends are bleeding. It hurts. Badly.
Chris: We need to shape up if we make it through this mission alive.
Megan: Look at my hole. Yeehaw.
Jake: Argh. *Takes off his vest and ties it around Megan's shoulder as tight as he can.*
Gunner: Now we REALLY need to move. Grin
John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

1/11/2003 12:23:10 PM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

Chris: Megan, you okay?
Megan: Ugh Sure.
Chris: Good. Now we need transportation...
Chris: I know. What can we do?


*John and Tom are speeding along in the jeep. The aforementioned helicopter zooms overhead with the black-clad man hanging on the rope with Keith in his grasp.*

John: What--THAT'S THE PRESIDENT?! Wide Eyes
Tom: Hello, Mr. President. How are you today? I was wondering if you and Congress wanted to go to Arby's with me for lunch...
John: *Glances at Tom.* Huh? *Looks back at road and speeds up to follow the chopper. He grabs the walkie-talkie from Tom's bloody holster.* Anybody, this is John. What's going on?! I thought I just saw the President fly by on a chopper!
Chris (Over walkie-talkie--breaking up badly): Follow him! They stripped the Sky Wolf and we can't chase 'em!
John: WHAT?! Okay, I'll see what I can do. *Throws walkie-talkie into compartment inbetween the front seats.* Tom, can you hold out for a bit?
Tom: Ya got me on my knees--Layla... Ba nup buh... Bump boo nuh nuh. Boo nuh nuh bunuhmpboo nuh nuh bump boo bun nuh--Layla...
John: Blink *Grabs walkie-talkie again.* Chris, Tom's about to die. I can't follow them.
Chris: Dangit. If only we had those stupid "tracking devices" they have in movies that flash and beep and make all kinds of alerting beeps and light.
John: Yeah. Looks like they're headed south-west. See if you can go that way.
Chris: I'll see what we can do.

*John puts the walkie-talkie back and continues to a clinic nearby. He pulls up, parking halfway on the sidewalk and nearly hitting a newspaper vending machine. He gets out, leaving the jeep running, and grabs Tom. He drags him into the clinic.*

John: I have a man that's been shot. I need some help here.
Tom: For Pete's sake, Jimmy! Would you put the dang Claymore back?! Remember, kids--this side towards enemy. If you see tunafish, don't fire. He could one day save your life.
Nurse: *To other nurse.* Alert the emergency room. *Rushes forward.* Here.

*She grabs the other side of Tom and they bring him to the emergency room.*

John: Can you please take it from here? I have to go now. I'll return... hopefully.
Nurse: What's so important?
John: I'm a mercenary hired by the government of Callice--we're trying to save the president!
Nurse: Blink Oh. Yes, we can take it from here. What's his name? And yours?
John: He's Tom Fender, I'm John Gibson.
Nurse: Okay. *Writes on clipboard.* Good luck.
John: Thanks.

*John rushes out and into the jeep. He spins out and leaves in a cloud of dust, heading toward the enemy helicopter.*

--Back nearby Jake's inn--

Gunner: *Occasionally poking out from behind the house to spray ammo from his M4 toward the black dudes. Nothing ever hits, but it keeps the black guys behind cover.* What're we gonna do?
Chris: I have no idea.
John (Over walkie-talkie): I got Tom to a hospital. I'm following the president now.
Chris: Where's it look like they're headed?
John: Out into unsettled territory. *The jeep hits the end of the road and is now driving through a grassy field. The chopper is ahead about a mile.*
Chris: Can you shoot it down or something?
John: I only have a G36. Besides, it might kill the president.
Chris: Yeah, just throwing stuff out there. Keep up with 'em. We'll see about acquiring transportation.
John: Alright. *Throws walkie-talkie away.*
Megan: *Gritting teeth.* What's going on?
Chris: John's got Tom to a hospital and is now following Keith. We need to get out of here and back him up.
Jake: Look.

*Chris, Megan, and Gunner look at an oncoming flatbed truck filled with bails of hay.*

Jake: That might be our way out. We can hop on the back as it passes, and, with any luck, those guys will think we're still back here.
Chris: Alright. Get ready.

*As the truck passes by, the group rushes forward and hops on the back silently. They lie down as not to alert the driver. It passes on. They watch as one of the black-clad men pops back out from behind his rock and blasts at the house where he thinks they still are. The truck passes through Sorna, where Tom resides, and the group hops off.*

Chris: Tom's probably in the hospital here. We can go check on 'im and have a doctor look at Megan's shoulder.
Jake: I'll see if I can get us a ride.

*Chris and Megan go to the hospital while Jake and Gunner head to a car repair shop.*


Nurse: *Looks at Megan.* What is this? Another gunshot wound?
Chris: Yes. Do you have anybody by the name of Tom Fender here?
Nurse: Yes, he just went into the ER twenty minutes ago.
Chris: How is he?
Nurse: Okay, last time I checked. They're working on his hip.
Megan: I'm fine. I want to go with you guys.
Chris: That is if we're going anywhere. *To nurse.* Okay, thanks. We'll be back.

*Chris and Megan leave. Jake and Gunner pull up in a Cadillac.*

Chris: ... A Cadillac?
Jake: Be quiet and get in.

*They do so and Jake drives out of the town, heading south-west.*
Tom Fender
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9/1/2003 2:20:00 AM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

*As John pursues, the helicopter gains considerable altitude. John can barely see it up in the sky. Inside, a casually dressed man binds Keith's hands and rather violently ties a blindfold over his eyes. He then pushes him to the floor and all of the men sit down, waiting to arrive wherever they're going.*

John: *Grabs his walkie-talkie.* Guys, it's John, you hear me? I'm losing them. They're goin' too fast and they've gained a lot of altitude.
Chris: *Grabs his walkie-talkie.* Okay... Okay... Uhhmm... My grappling hook! Can you reach them with my grappling hook?
John: *Looks.* No. Way too high.
Chris: Dang it... Keep following--
John: Oh slag.
Chris: What?
John: I got company.
Chris: Company?
John: Six dudes in black on motorcycles. With guns, most likely. Out. *Sets down walkie-talkie. One of the cyclists grabs a Glock 18 from a shoulder holster and begins shooting at John. John ducks as the windshield shatters. He reaches for his Mac-10, leans out of the Jeep, and fires on the cyclists. They swerve to dodge. The riding gunman gets a hole in his tire, loses control, and wipes out. John aims for the others' tires, but isn't making very good shots on the bumpy road. He sets the Mac-10 down and spins the Jeep around. He quickly regains his speed and heads straight for the group of motorcycles. They barely dodge and one almost loses control as well. They turn back around, all grab their guns, and shoot at John. Both his front tires end up blowing out. He skids ninety degrees to the right, stops the Jeep, grabs his arsenal, and hops out, using the vehicle as cover.*
John: Guys, I could use a little help. My wheels are gone and these dudes definitely aren't friendly.
Chris: Ugh... We should be there in a minute. Hold 'em off.
John: What else am I gonna do?
*He jumps up and scans the area. He crouches again and throws a grenade over the hood. One of the cyclists happens to run it right over. It explodes, sending him flipping backwards.*

*Meanwhile, the helicopter comes to a halt on the runway of a huge, flying aircraft carrier. Everybody jumps out and the casually dressed man leads the still-blindfolded President to a lower deck...*
John Gibson
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9/10/2003 8:08:42 PM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

(OOC: I'm confused.... if Chris got in the Cadillac with Jake and gunner, then how could he be with the jeep unless the jeep is the Cadillac?  I would post but I personnaly have no idea where I am.)

I've got my (gun) sights set on you.
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9/17/2003 6:27:17 PM

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