The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

The End of the World has been averted! Dang, we rock!
See what happened on Dankton.
See what happened on Sunder.

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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Callice
RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

Chris is talking to John over a walkie-talkie. Chris is still in the Cadillac. Near the beginning it says they both pick up their walkie-talkies.
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9/17/2003 8:31:57 PM

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The Dankton Conspiracy

*After a prolonged gunfight and a large pile of spent brass next to the jeep, John finishes the mounted gunmen off... except for one. The rider redlines his motorcycle to pass John. John throws a small, black tracking device as the motorist rushes by. It barely manages to cling onto the chrome exhaust pipe, sticking out like a sore thumb. Luckily for John, the rider didn't hear it.*

John: Now... I have nothing to do but wait for the others.

*About five minutes later, the others finally show up in the Cadillac. John gets in.*

John: Go northeast. Floor it.
Jake: Huh? Okay. *Floors it and heads northeast.*
John: One of the dudes on motorcycles got away. It just seemed like he was heading somewhere. Soooo... I'm tracking him.
Jake: Ah.
John: He's about 5 miles away.... wait... wha...?
Gunner: What's up?
John: He disappeared... then reappeared... now there's five of him... eh? Now there's one...

*Meanwhile, on the Furry Trio Mothership*
Engineering Sunny, GPS Department: Huh huh... heh... huhuh... *Flicking switches*

*Back on Meeriad.*
John: We're gaining on him... fast. Idiot on his wimpy street bike...
Chris: Idiots in our Cadillac...
Everybody else: ...
Chris: What?
John: Well... he just stopped. Turn left. WHOA!

*The Cadillac skids through the mud at the edge of a large river. About 50 feet down the river is a waterfall.*
Chris: WEE! Grin
John: I see him! He's crossing the river.
Chris: Grappling hook, anyone?
John: Yes. Large branches are our friends.

*Everybody gets out of the car. Chris throws his hook up to one of the huge branches hanging out over the river. He climbs up, then carefully shuffles to the end of it. He tosses the grappling hook over to a branch hanging from the other side, then swings right onto the beach. He pushes the raft that the motorcyclist had used previously into the water, hops in, and rows to the other side. John grabs the tracking device off of the motorcycle and deactivates it. Chris hits the beach, everybody hops in, and they cross back over. On the other side, they all hop out and walk to the field at the end of the small pathway. There, they see a small camp and the young man that had been on the motorcycle talking to two other guys.*

Motorcyclist: The rest of my team is dead. One of those mercs killed them.
Man: By himself?
Motorcyclist: By himself.
Other man: Great. Let's get going then.

*The three men looked around for where the voice came from.*

Motorcyclist: *Sees the group... and John.* AAAAGHHHHHHH!!!!!! *Tosses all his guns on the ground in a hurry and gets down. The other two men aren't so easily scared. They reach for their MP5s but play catch the shiny bullet before they can grab them.*
Jake: *Walks over to the man on the ground.* Get up.
Man: Eep! *Jumps to his feet.*
Jake: Take us to your base. *Gestures to the helicopter.*
Man: I don't fly!
Jake: ...Okay... Fine then. Jango!
Jango: Yeah?
Jake: Can you fly one of those?
Jango: Heck yeah! That's an MH-6. That's the first aircraft I ever flew.
Jake: This guy's gonna guide us to his base.
Man: I am? Bored
John: It's too small.
Jango: Nope. Holds eight people-- two crew, six passengers. *Gestures at the benches.* Everybody in. *Gets in the pilot's seat and looks around.* Okay, I'm a little bit rusty, but I think... *He starts flicking switches and stuff. The rotors begin spinning.* Heh heh. Grin Alright, please keep all appendages and body parts inside the vehicle until we come to a full and complete stop.
John, Megan, and Gunner (who are on the exterior benches): *Give him The Look™*
Jango: Everyone ready?
Megan: No.
Jango: Good. Aaaand we're off.
John: How's your shoulder, Megan?
Megan: What do you think? Huh?
John: Well... Blah Can you move it?
Megan: Nope.
John: Why did you come?
Megan: I dunno. Grin
Chris: *Jabs his Desert Eagle into the young man's ribs.* Now don't try anything... funny. I have .50AE hollow point right here, I don't think you want it in ya. Grin
Young man: Trust me, I don't. Wide Eyes
Chris: You know, I love capturing guys like you. You're so quick to cooperate, it makes our job so much easier.
Young man: <_<
John: I really don't think you should be here, Megan.
Megan: Oh, quit worrying about me. I'm a fast healer.
John: Pffft. You can't use your arm.
Megan: I'll use the other one.
John: WITH A G36??!!! Happy Dead
Megan: .... Not Amused
John Gibson
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11/6/2003 9:15:42 PM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

*After fifteen minutes of travel at the guide of a fully-cooperating motorcyclist, the mercenaries arrive at the flying aircraft carrier.*

--In control tower--

Commander Dale Johnson: Alert the captain that Jackson and his team have arrived.
Petty Officer Second Class Ed Bingworth: Aye aye. *Heads off to find the captain.*

--On the flight deck--

*The MH-6 touches down. Jango shuts it off while the rest of the team unloads.*

John: How's the ammo?
Chris: I'm good. Still have seven mags.
Megan: Five here.
Jake: Six.
Jango: *Pulls out blaster and examines it.* Full charge.
Gunner: Eight mags.
John: Jango--*Unholsters MAC-10 and grabs bag of mags for it.*--here. *Hands them to Jango.*
Jango: *Takes it.* Uh... thanks.
John: You stay here and be ready to get us out of here. Megan, stay with him.
Megan: ... All right... Blah

--In control tower--

Petty Officer Second Class Tommy Smith: *Looking through binoculars at the MH-6.* Uhm... Sir, I think we have a problem.
Commander: *Walks up next to him.* What is it?
Tommy: That's not Jackson and his men. *Offers binoculars.*
Commander: *Takes them and looks for himself.* Smith, alert Jones that we're under attack.
Tommy: Aye aye. *Runs to get Jones, commander of the ground forces.*

--Flight deck--

Chris: We're gonna have to search this place and get the President out fast. I don't want to have to fight this entire ship for too long, or at all if it can be helped. John, you and Gunner search the control tower over there. Me and Jake will cover the lower crew quarters. Let's hussle!

*They all move out to execute their designated tasks.*
Tom Fender
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1/17/2004 3:04:03 AM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

--Outside the tower--
John: Ready?
Gunner: Roger roger.
*They rush into the control tower, guns drawn.*
Gunner: Everybody stop what you're doing and put your hands in the air where we can see them!
*The crewmen do as they're told, some faster than others, but nonetheless there seems to be a large amount of confusion.*
Gunner: Everybody on the floor, hands behind your heads.
*Everybody does so. John takes the stairway to the upper level. Gunner stays behind. John repeats the process. He pulls out his radio.*
John: Nothing here.
John: Chris? Are you there?
Chris: SSSHHHH! We're trying to hide...
John: Umm...
Chris: Shut up! *Turns his radio off.*
John: Wide Eyes

--Lower level, crew quarters--
*Two men, apparently armed, walk by, jabbering obliviously. In a synchronized movement, Chris and Jake jump out of separate lockers and grab the men, covering their mouths, then hit them over the heads. They drag them to the lockers and stuff them in.*
John Gibson
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1/18/2004 8:45:58 PM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

--Sorna Clinic--

Tom: Doc, tell me the truth---WILL I MAKE IT?! No, LIE TO ME!!
Nurse: They over-dosed this guy with morphine.
Doctor: Tom, you are going to be fine. James Howard is coming in, he's a white mage. You'll be out of here in just a little bit.
Tom: MAGE?! MAGE?!? Oh, the insanity! What if he conjures up a horrible creature and it EATS MY BRAIN?!
Doctor: *Sigh* Nurse.

A nurse sticks a syringe into Tom's arm.

Tom: THE LIGHT! *Eyes roll into head and he falls asleep.*

--Flying Aircraft Carrier, Lower Deck--

Chris and Jake get to an intersection in the hallway.

Chris: Which way?
Jake: ... *Listens. He hears voices.* Left.

They go left and reach a room with an open door. Light is emitting from it. They hear many voices inside.

Keith: Just what are you trying to accomplish?
Chris: Bored *Looks at Jake.*
Jake: Bored *Looks at Chris.*

They edge closer to the door. Chris pokes his head in just enough to see. Keith is bound to a chair and is surrounded by six armed men. The M4 hanging from Chris's chest clangs lightly against the door frame.

Chris: Wide Eyes

Chris jumps back. A man turns to the doorway.

Man: Who's that?

The man goes toward the door. Jake backs off from the doorway a little bit, moving further from Chris. Chris crouches low against the wall on the opposite side of the doorway. The man steps out and starts to look toward Chris, but Jake snaps his fingers. The man looks at Jake. Chris slaps his hand over the man's mouth and pulls him out of the doorway. He drags the man to a nearby empty room, ties him up with a bungie cord, and gags him with an empty pillow case. He takes his weapons and radio, leaves the room, and closes the door.

Jake: What are we gonna do?
Chris: I'm not sure. I guess we could just storm the place. It is my name after all...
Jake: Aha... Not Amused
Man: Where did Richard go?
Man: Ugh, probably slacking off again. Go find him.
Man: All right.

The man heads toward the door.

Jake: Not again... Sigh

They repeat the process on this man. He is bound, gagged, and relieved of his weapons and radio in the same room with Richard.

Chris: Well, two down.
Man: Finally, here comes Troy.

"Troy" enters the room through a door on the opposite wall Chris and Jake are on.

Jake: What's Troy? Interrogator?
Chris: Beats me.

The duo continue to watch. Troy is decked out in robes and has a staff.

Chris: Uhm...
Jake: I think he's a black mage.
Chris: This can't be good. I think we gotta go now.

Jake unholsters his Desert Eagle. Chris grips his M4A1.

Jake: Let's move. You get the mage.

Chris nods, and the two enter the room quickly. Two men facing away from Jake and Chris start to turn. One gets five pounds of loaded Desert Eagle to his head, the other gets a telescoping stock to the face. They go down. Chris moves toward the mage who starts chanting something. Chris realizes he is casting a spell, so he fires at the mage just as the spell is cast. A purple beam shoots out of the mage's staff, striking Chris square in the chest. Chris's round hits the mage in the collar, shattering part of his collar bone. The mage falls down after a yell. After witnessing the spectactle, the remaining men drop their guns and put their hands over their heads. At the same time, Jake is running to kick the mage's staff from his hand. Chris regains his footing. He has a smoking hole in his shirt and in his Kevlar vest. Jake grabs his Glock knife and cuts Keith's binds.

Jake: You okay, Chris?
Chris: Barely. Keith?
Keith: ... Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Keith stands up.

Jake: Here.

Jake grabs one of the fallen men's MP5s, checks the chamber and the magazine then hands it to Keith. Chris gathers the weapons of the still-conscious men and slings them over his shoulder. Jake holsters his DE and brings his M16 up. Chris turns on his walkie-talkie.

Chris: John, Jango, we have the President. Get that chopper fired up.
Jango: Copy that.
John: Roger.
Chris: Let's move.

The three dash out of the room. Down the hall, they see about twenty guys armed with MP5s and various AR15s running toward them. One of them opens fire on the three. Another one smacks the man's weapon down.

Jones: Idiot! You might hit the President! Manley, take your men and go around to cut them off!

Ten men break off and head down another hall. The rest continue pursuit.

Jake: What do they want with you?
Keith: I think they planned on mind controlling me.
Chris: So that's what the black mage was for.

They turn a corner and see Manley and his men.

Chris: Wide Eyes Nuts.

They turn around and head another way.

Jake: Stairs! Stairs!

The trio frantically climb the stairs toward the flight deck.

Chris: Keep going!

Chris stops and turns around. He arms a flashbang and tosses it down the stairwell. He promptly plugs his ears and continues to run up the stairs. The flashbang explodes and several of the pursuing men are desensitized. The ones that weren't effected push them out of the way and continue. Chris, Jake, and Keith make it to the flight deck. More men are coming up other ways.

Jones (Over radio): Do not fire on the President! If you have a clean shot on the others, by all means, take them down! But do not risk the President!

In Jango's anxiousness, the MH-6 is hovering an inch or two above the ground. John and Gunner make it to the chopper and climb on.

John (Waving to Chris and the others): C'mon! C'mon!!
Jones (Into radio): Stop that chopper! Stop it!!

Gunfire erupts and hits the MH-6.

Megan: Dangit.

Megan leans out of the chopper and fires a burst from her G36 using only her weak hand. The shots go everywhere.

John: Hold it, Meg, you might hit our guys. Let us handle it.

Gunner opens up with his M4. John follows suit. Chris, Jake, and Keith are still about two hundred feet from the chopper.

Jango: Aw, heck.

The chopper lifts off and moves toward Chris. He steadies it in a hover a foot off the ground. John and Gunner help the three into the chopper. Jango flies off, the sounds of gunfire getting lower as they gain distance from the aircraft carrier. Chris leans back and shuts his eyes.

Chris: Shew...
John: Dang, Chris, what the slag happened to you?
Chris: Hm?
John: Your vest.
Chris: Oh, uhm, black mage. Purple shiny thing.
John: Hmm...
Jake: Keith thinks they were going to mind control him.
John: What for?
Megan: I imagine so they could let him go and use him to sway politics in their favor.
Jake: Well, not today.
Gunner: F-14 on our six!
Jango: Wide Eyes Hang on!

Jango drops altitude drastically, causing everybody's guts to jump into their mouths. Shots from a 30mm chaingun miss the chopper. The jet flies by and circles around for another pass. Jango keeps lowering altitude. Gunner fires a burst of .223 at the jet in futility.

Jango: Sorna is right below. They should back off when we get close enough.

Finally, they are only five hundred feet above Sorna.

Gunner: You're right. It's gone.
John: Any idea who would try to kill you, Keith? It's obvious they don't want you dead. They went out of their way not to kill you.
Keith: There's always that group outside Callice, I forget their name.
Chris: ... Or John Quiching.
Gunner: He's in prison.
Chris: So was Jennifer. She got out.
Gunner: With the help of Quiching.
Chris: Who knows what other contacts Quiching might have had? We'd better go check that out right away.

Jango sets the MH-6 down in a park. Passers by stare blankly at the strange sight.

Gunner: Move along, good people, nothing to see here.

Jango shuts the engine off.

John: I'll go check on Tom.
Jake: Ugh, anybody have any idea where we've left all our vehicles?
Jango: Nope. You an' me can go see if we can find 'em though, if'n ya want.
Jake: Okay.
Chris: Me an' Gunner'll go get a room at that inn for Keith.
Jake: What's wrong with my inn?
Chris: They're probably scouting it out right now and it's shot up real bad.
Jake: Sad
John: Megan, how about you come with me and see if they can do something about your shoulder?
Megan: Okay, fine.
Jango: 'Kay, me an' Jake'll go find our cars.
Chris: All right. We'll be either at the inn here or the hospital.
Jango: See ya.
Chris: Bye.

Everybody but Jango and Jake get out of the helicopter. Jango starts the engines once again and they lift off. John and Megan walk to the hospital.

--Sorna Clinic--

Nurse: Mr. Gibson?
John: Yes?
Nurse: Mr. Fender is fine. He should be waking up soon. We had our resident white mage heal it more fully after the operation. He's currently resting in room 102.
John: Good. Will you have somebody do something about my friend's shoulder here?
Nurse: Of course. Please come this way, miss.

Megan follows the nurse to an office. John heads to room 102. There is a man in a white coat standing outside the office.

John: I'm here to see Tom Fender.

The man opens the door for John. John goes inside and the door is promptly shut behind him. He walks quietly toward Tom.

Tom: John.
John: Tom.
Tom: Is the President still safe?
John: Now he is.
Tom: What happened?
John: Some other group captured him and brought him to some aircraft carrier to put a mind control spell on him or something. We boarded it and got Keith out. He's with Chris and Gunner at an inn near here getting a room. Also, it looks like there are at least two groups after the President. One wants him dead, and the other wants him mind-controlled.
Tom: Wow, I missed all the fun.
John: How long you gonna be in here?
Tom: How long you gonna leave me here? Wink I'm fine. They told me tomorrow, but I'm fine! C'mon, get me outta here!
John: Instead of a bunch of hassle, how about we just leave you here till tomorrow like they say? I'm sure nothing exciting will happen between tonight and tomorrow morning.
Tom: Famous last words.
John: I'll be here as soon as the sun comes up.
Tom: ... How about ten?
John: Okay. Grin Good night.
Tom: Good night.

John leaves the clinic with Megan.
Tom Fender
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1/23/2004 7:22:20 PM

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The Dankton Conspiracy

John: How's your shoulder?
Megan: A lot better. It only feels like there are five knives in it now... You know, instead of fifty-two.
John: Ah.
Megan: The mage said it would hurt for a couple days, but that's a side-effect of instant healing.
John: Not Amused
Megan: I'll be able to use a gun again, that's good.
John: Grin
Megan: So, how's Tom?
John: I think he's still a little messed up from the morphine, but he'll be fine. He claims he's fine right now, but the doctors say he should probably rest until tomorrow. I'm gonna go get him in the morning. *He sees Megan gripping her shoulder.* They didn't give you any painkillers or anything?
Megan: Nope... Well, they offered, but they're too expensive.
John: You're ridiculous.
Megan: Sure am. Grin

*The old Cadillac DeVille pulls up next to them.*
Jake: Hey guys.
John: Where's Jango?
Jake: Finding a place to land the chopper. Chris an' Gunner get Keith a room?
Megan: Haven't heard from 'em.
Jake: How long can it take to get a hotel room?
Megan: Stop being paranoid.
Jake: You stop thinking everything's alright! We've got a military group and a psycho after the President and they're still on the loose! Later, I'm going to go find them.
*He has already shifted into gear. He speeds off to the inn. There's a long silence.*
John: A little edgy, isn't he?
Megan: You can say that again.
John: A little edg--
Megan: Shut up.
John: Sorry.
*Jango walks up.*
Jango: Hey guys. Uhh... Where's Jake?
Megan: Ran off to check on the President.
Jango: Oh.
*The Jeep drives up once again. Jake, Chris, Gunner, and Keith get out.*
John: *Points.* What's he doing here?
Keith: They've got men staking out this whole town. I think it's time we got back to Callice.
Chris: Actually, Mr. President--
Keith: Keith.
Chris: Keith, they've probably taken over the entire capitol building and your house. We need to report your status, but we can't tell them where we are.
Keith: We didn't exactly trust you all in the first place, and withholding information could make them think you're with the bad guys and order your death.
Chris: We've taken care of enough military types.
Keith: What...?
Chris: Nevermind. This is your wellbeing we're talking about, not ours. We don't know who's behind this. Your best friend could be behind this entire thing. You need to hide somewhere, and we need to figure this out. Trust me. Trust us. You need to hide out somewhere.
John: The place they'd least suspect is right under their noses, right?
Keith: No.
Chris: What he said. These guys know what they're doing. We can't risk the Hollywood clichés.
Jango: What's Hollywood?
John Gibson
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1/26/2004 7:17:35 PM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

Megan: So, where are we going to hide him?
Chris: I'm working on that.
John: We should probably just stay at that inn and have have one or two of us stay up to guard the room.
Chris: Let's do it in shifts. I need some sleep.
John: All right. Keith, is this okay with you? They'll know we'll be there though. They're probably watching us right now.
Keith: Well--
Jake: What about windows? They could just blow Keith away in his sleep through any windows in the room.
Keith: Why don't we just move on to a new town?
John: Tom is still in this hospital, and I told him I'd pick him up in the morning. I'd like for us all to stick together.
Gunner: We can just take a mattress or two and put them up to the window to cover it, and we all can sleep on the floor, hopefully below the window sill.
Keith: It's okay with me, I guess.
Jake: I don't like this.
Gunner: Got any better ideas?
Jake: No...
Gunner: All right then. Let's go get a room.

The gang heads over to the inn to check in. They get in the room and block the window as planned. John and Gunner guard first while the rest go to sleep. Nothing eventful happens. Gunner uses the bathroom twice. John beats him by one. They shift with Jake and Chris in a few hours. Morning comes quickly.

John: *Wakes up. Looks around the room. Keith, Megan, and Gunner are still asleep.* Everybody still alive?
Chris: They're all still breathing at least.
John: Good. *Attempts to read clock. His eyes are still blurry.* What time is it?
Chris: 9:45.
John: *Gets up and puts on vest.* I'm gonna go over and see if Tom is ready to go.
Chris: See ya.

John exits the room and heads out of the building. He walks over to the clinic and goes inside. He sees Tom sitting in the waiting area pretending to read a magazine.

John: G'morning, Tom.
Tom: *Looks up.* Good morning. *Sets down magazine and stands up.* Let's get outta here.
John: Fine with me.

The two leave the clinic. They get back to the inn and see everybody but Jake and Jango getting in the jeep.

Chris: We've decided to head back to Callice to investigate John Quiching.
John: Jake and Jango at the Little Bird?
Chris: Yes. They're going to follow us.
John: *Gets in the jeep.* All right.

Tom climbs into the back of the jeep.

Megan: Welcome back, Tom.
Tom: Thanks.
Megan: Here you go. *Sets Tom's M4A1 and his tactical vest in his lap. Slides the bag of full STANAG magazines over to him.*
Tom: Thanks. *Grabs a magazine, sticks it in the well, and slaps the bolt release. The bolt locks forward, chambering a round.* Ahhh, that feels good. *He fills his vest with magazines.*
Chris: *Starts the jeep.* Glad to have you aboard again, Tom.

The jeep pulls out into the street and heads out of town. The MH6 lifts off and follows the jeep. Up in the Little Bird, Jake is enjoying the view. As they approach the clinic, he spots something on the roof.

Jake: Whoa--slow down.
Jango: *Does so.* Why?
Jake: Something--Wide Eyes set it down on the roof of the clinic fast. *He grabs his walkie-talkie.* Sniper on the roof of the clinic.

The MH6 descends quickly toward the roof. The jeep is just passing the building. The sniper fires his Remington 700 ADL with synthetic stock chambered for .300 Ultra Magnum at the jeep. The projectile tears through the jeep's flimsy plastic window effortlessly and destroys the passenger seat, just inches from Keith's head. Chris floors it as soon as he hears the report from Jake and the gunshot. Jake jumps out of the helicopter as it reaches a foot above the roof. He runs to the sniper as he is getting up to run away. The sniper realizes it's too late to run and draws his 1911. Jake grabs the man's arm and twists it hard, forcing him to drop the pistol. He spins him around and gets him in a headlock.

Jake: Who do you work for?!

The sniper is silent.

Jake: Tell me!

Jango has radioed to Chris that Jake has apprehended the sniper. Chris turns the jeep around and heads back toward the clinic.

Jake: Listen, I'm tired of this. My inn has been destroyed, my airship is dismantled, and I'm being shot at on a daily basis. Tell me who you work for--tell me the truth--and why you're trying to kill the President, and I'll let you go right here.
Sniper: ... Quiching. John Quiching.
Jake: I knew it. Why does he even bother though? He's in prison now, and there's no way he'd ever be elected president.
Sniper: I don't know. I don't know anything. I'm just a hired gun. I don't ask questions.

Jake shoves the man away.

Jake: Get out of here while I'm still feeling merciful. And tell your boss SG&C's coming for him again.

Jake collects the man's weapons, heads back to the helicopter, and climbs in. The unarmed sniper heads toward the stairwell.

Jango: Well?
Jake: He told me John Quiching.
Jango: Why am I not surprised? What if he was lying?
Jake: I dunno. *Picks up walkie-talkie.* Chris, John, anybody. The sniper told me John Quiching is his boss.
Chris (Over radio): How un-surprising.
Jake: Right. Let's go.
Chris (Over radio): Roger that.

The jeep moves on, and the Little Bird follows.

John: Although it doesn't make sense why Quiching would want Keith dead. He can't be elected now that he's in prison... or supposedly in prison.
Gunner: Maybe it's just for revenge?
Chris: Why go through all this trouble for revenge?
John: Because he's psycho?
Megan: Also, he's in prison... or should be. So how is he even communicating with anybody?
Chris: He's an influential person. No doubt he has friends still willing to help him.
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4/22/2004 10:15:26 PM

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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

John: So, I guess it's time to get a ride back to Dankton so we can get some leads on Jerkface.
Chris: That's right. Sorna has quite a large harbor, so we should be able to find a ship there that can bring us back.

*The MH6 flies over the shell of the Sky Wolf.*

Jake: ... Wide Eyes
Jango: ... Wide Eyes
Jake: Cry
Jango: Cry
Jake: I just can't get over it...
Jango: I know...

*A sad aura fills the helicopter as they make their way to Sorna.*

Tom: I'm bored.
Chris: Still about thirty miles to go.
John: Let's... count cars. Or something.

*Ten minutes later.*

Tom: What's the count now?
John: Zero.
Tom: *Snaps his fingers.* Just as I suspected.

*They reach Sorna. The port and harbor are bustling with activity. Jango finds a place to land the Little Bird, Chris parks, and they all head to the port. Chris walks up to a man who is unloading things from his ship.*

Chris: Hello.
Man: *Nods and gives a friendly wave.*
Chris: I was wondering if you could give us a ride to Dankton.
Man: Around where?
Chris: Callice.
Man: Ehh... I'm headed for Quze, Zanardio. Callice is a bit far.
Chris: Do you have room for a Jeep and an MH6 helicopter?
Man: *Thinks.* Without my cargo? Probably. But I have a lot of cargo this time around. I'd really love to help you, but I can't miss this shipment. Sorry.
Chris: Okay. Thanks.
Man: Mmm-hmm.

*The gang walks away.*

Jake: We could... Not Amused rent an airship...
Jango: I could never love another like I loved her... Cry
Gunner: What...?
Chris: The Sky Wolf. He's been deeply hurt emotionally at the loss of... her.
Jango: She was... she was my only true friend...
Jake: Huh?
John: *Pokes him.* Don't look at Jangy like that. I know what you're thinking.
Jango: Did you just call me... "Jangy"? Huh?
John: Uhh...
Chris: Excuse me, sir.
Burly man: Hmm?
Chris: You have a big ship. I was wondering if you could carry a Jeep and a small helicopter on it.
Burly man: Sure could for about a hunderd thousan' lom.
Chris: Uhh...

*The gang slips off to the next cargo ship. As they approach a small yacht, a tall, scrawny man in a black trenchcoat who is walking down the gangplank catches John's eye. The man stops in front of the group and faces them. They stop.*

Man: Are you Chris Storms?
Chris: Yes. Who are you?
Man: I am Irsqu Puyatni. I have decided to relieve you of your lives. *Pulls his trenchcoat aside and unsheathes a katana.*
Chris: *Slaps his forehead.* You are really lame. *Pulls out his Desert Eagle and is about to pull the trigger.*
Irsqu: No, it's you who's lame-- and cowardly. You would simply shoot a threat who is more poorly armed than yourself?
Chris: Yeah, pretty much. *Fires.*
Irsqu: *Falls sideways into the harbor. He appears to be dead, but he probably isn't, knowing these types of losers.*
Chris: That was kind of funny.
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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

Chris: Uhm...
John: Hmm...
Jake: ... This is a nice yacht...
Tom Fender: ... And big enough for a jeep and chopper.
Chris and John: Super Grin

An hour later, the yacht, commandeered by SG&C, is crashing through ocean waves, speeding toward Callice.

Tom: You got it at full speed?
Chris: Not nearly.
Tom: ...
Chris: ...
Tom and Chris: Evil Grin

Chris slams the throttle to full. The yacht speeds up, nearly rising above the water.

Megan: Blink *Grabs something.* That's a bit fast.
John: *Slides across the deck past Megan.* Yeah. Wide Eyes
Jango: Chris is completely insane.
Jake: No kidding.
Keith: Blink

Since nothing particularly exciting happens, we'll skip ahead a day. The yacht pulls into a busy port in Callice.

Tom: LAND HO!!!
Megan: No kidding, Sherlock.
Tom: Blah

They secure the yacht to the dock and offload the jeep. They pile into the jeep and head to the capitol building. They soon arrive and go inside. They are met by a guard.

Guard: Wide Eyes Mr. President! You're alive!
Chris: We need to see Robert Holm now.
Guard: Of course. You must leave your weapons here though...

The mercs reluctantly drop off their sidearms (they left their rifles in the jeep.) The guard leads them to Robert's office.

Guard: Mr. Holm, the President is here.
Robert: *Stands up from office chair.* Mr. President! We were beginning to think... well, that these mercenaries might have killed or captured you.
Chris: We're sorry for not keeping in contact. We've had some trouble. Turns out there's more to it than just a lone assassin. It appears there are two groups after him. One of which is an entire ship's crew in your navy wanting to mind control the President so they can control the government through him. The other, whom we have yet to identify, is trying to eliminate him. We suspect it's John Quiching.
Robert: He's in prison.
John: He must have supporters. Mind if we go see him?
Robert: No. Let's go.

They get out to the parking garage and retrieve their weapons.

John: Mr. Holm, do you mind riding with us?
Robert: No.

They get in the jeep and drive to the prison. Robert Holm gets them through to see Quiching in his cell. Chris sits down on the edge of the bed next to John Quiching.

Chris: Heya, old buddy.

Quiching gives the group a look of disgust but remains silent.

John: Well, uhm... it's kind of futile asking him, no doubt. But here goes... Quiching, did you arrange for the President to be assassinated?

He is silent.

John: I'll take that as a yes. Who you got on the outside?

Still nothing.

Chris: He asked nicely. Don't make me get rough.
John: Forget it. Guard, may we see Jennifer... uh... Jennifer...
Chris: Vaccna.
John: Yeah.
Guard: Sure.

They exit the cell, and the guard locks it up.

Guard: Let me run and find out where she's being held.

The man runs off to find the aforementioned information. A few minutes later he comes back.

Guard: There is no Jennifer Vaccna here.

Chris glances at John. John glances back.

Chris and John: Huh?
John: Was she transferred somewhere else?
Guard: There is no record of her at all. Are you sure that is her name?
Chris: Positive.
Tom: This isn't good.
Megan: No kidding, Sherlock.
Tom: Blah
Jake: Who wants to bet it was ol' Jenny that made the first assassination attempt?

The entire team raise their hands.

Chris: Let's get outta here.

Later, they are all back in Robert Holm's office.

John: Well, where could she be?
Chris: And who got her out?
Tom: Questions! Questions! Questions!
Megan: No kidding, Sherlock.
Tom: Blah
Chris: Okay, we all know Jennifer was put in that very same prison, correct?

Everybody nods.

Chris: She's not there, and there's not even a transfer record. Man, ever notice that we're just basing everything on assumptions?
John: Yeah.
Tom: Well, we could set up Keith as bait and see if we can lure Jenny out.
John: She probably wouldn't fall for it. Seeing us suddenly get careless would probably tip her off, and she won't make any moves.
Tom: That's assuming she's been watching us.
Chris: What we really need to find out is who got her out.
Tom: This is really awkward.
Megan: No kidding, Sherlock--
Tom: All right! Enough. Sheez.
Megan: Blah
Tom: ... *Jumps out of his chair and grabs his head.* AAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGGH!!! This is too confusing, makes little sense, and--and--and... DUR--AAAH!!
Jango: Dang, man. Sit down.
Tom: *Instantly composed and back in chair.* Sorry. Sigh
Chris: We need to do something. We can't guard Keith forever... the government can't afford it. Wink
Robert: Ha ha ha... Not Amused
John: Laughing ...... Erk... Blink
Jake: Well, we could just try "Ye Olde Bait Tricke" and hope something good comes out of it.
Tom: *Stands up.* All right. Keith, follow me. *Leaves the office.*

Keith stands up, looks at everybody, shrugs, and follows Tom out. The rest follow shortly afterward. Tom leads Keith right out into the middle of the street.

Tom: HEY! ... JEN! HERE HE IS!
Keith: Wide Eyes
Chris: *Comes over to Keith and Tom.* Tom... this is stupid. She's not gonna try anything in broad daylight--

With every bit of cliché you imagined, a full metal jacket .308 Winchester bullet flies at high speed toward Keith. Fortunately, Chris saw the muzzle flash from the rifle in the corner of his eye and dived onto Keith, forcing him to the ground. The bullet shaves Chris's back and hits the asphalt. The assassin operates the bolt on her rifle and gets ready to take another shot. The rest of the team is already running for the jeep to get their rifles. Chris and Tom pick Keith up off the ground and rush him back toward the capitol building for cover. Another shot flies toward Keith, going astray and taking a chunk of marble out of a pillar. Jake grabs his SR8 and turns to Gunner.

Jake: I'm going to get on a roof. I'm taking her down once and for all. Let them know.

Gunner nods and grabs as many guns as he can. Suddenly, four half-ton trucks stop in the middle of the surrounding intersections to block traffic. Five black sedans pass by and screech to a halt in front of the capitol building. Men pour out armed with sub machine guns.

Chris: *Peeks around from behind a pillar to see what's going on.* ... Wide Eyes *Pulls his head back behind.* There's gotta be forty guys out there.
Tom: Wide Eyes I guess they gave up the subtle assassination approach for all-out war.

The rest of the team return with rifles. Gunner hands Chris and Tom their M4s.

Gunner: If it's war they want, it's war they'll get.
Tom: That is so lame.
Gunner: So's this whole mission.
Tom: Blah

Gunner steps out from behind a pillar and launches a 40mm HE grenade from Chris's HK69 at the group of people. Several men go flying as the grenade explodes. As he steps back behind the pillar, Gunner opens the launcher, flings the empty case over his shoulder, and drops a new round in.

--On the roof of a nearby 8-story building--

Jake unfolds the bipod on his SR8. He moves toward the edge and looks around. He doesn't see anything. A chunk is taken out of the railing and concrete dust goes everywhere. A second later he hears the shot. He listens to the automatic gunfire and occasional explosion below. He continues to scan the horizon for the sniper, presumably Jennifer. He doesn't see anything. Another round comes with a second-late report. Bits of flying concrete scrape Jake's face. He pokes his head back up to look around. He grits his teeth, aggravated that he can't find the sniper. He finally spots a tiny burst of flame... then realizes the shot is coming to him and ducks. He jumps back up and takes aim quickly with his rifle. He centers his crosshairs on Jennifer's forehead. He sees her operating the bolt on her own rifle. He tries to steady himself... he fires. He quickly chambers another round to make another shot. His round passes through her shoulder, and she falls down. He takes aim again, but she rolls sideways, getting momentum to stand up. He fires in frustration, completely missing. He works the bolt again. He sees her run off, leaving her rifle. He fires again, leading a bit too much, and the shot passes a foot in front of her as she runs. She finally moves out of Jake's line of sight.

Jake: Dang it!

Jake moves across the roof, hoping to get to a better position. Unfortunately, there are too many roofs, and he still can't see her. He proceeds to grumble and complain to himself.

--On the ground--

The gun battle is still going strong. Thousands of rounds are being poured into the capitol building. Two of the sedans are destroyed and burning. At least fifteen bad guys are down. Several bystanders and people inside the building have been hit by stray fire. The security force from the capitol building comes outside to lend multiple hands in the firefight.
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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

Tom and Chris are reloading behind a pillar that is slowly being chipped away by constant gunfire.

Tom: This is ludicrous.
Chris: *Nearly deaf due to constant gunfire.* WHAT?!

The two charge their weapons and pop out from behind the pillar to deliver more fire. Gunner fires his last grenade from the HK69. He slings it, grabs his AR15, and proceeds to waste ammunition. One of the security officers runs over to Chris.

Officer: Mr. Storms, Mr. Holm needs to speak with you.

Chris didn't seem to hear. He's still shooting.

Officer: *Hits Chris's shoulder.* MR. STORMS, MR. HOLM NEEDS TO SPEAK WITH YOU!
Chris: *Turns and gives him a dumb look.* NOW?!

Chris finishes off his magazine and rushes inside behind the officer. Holm is in an upstairs office watching the battle in the street below. Chris comes in, wiggling his finger around in his ear.

Chris: Sir.

Robert turns to Chris.

Robert: I was just notified of an attack on the prison Quiching was being held. Several prison guards are down. I suspect they're there to break Quiching out.
Chris: No doubt. How long ago was it?
Robert: It's still going on.
Chris: I'm going to take one or two of my men and head over there to observe. The rest of my crew will clean up here.


Tom: YOU WANNA PIECE O' ME?! HUH?! DO YA?!?! *Shoulders his M4 and sprays into the bad guys.*

Chris comes running out of the building. He goes over to John.

Chris: John, we've got an incident over at Quiching's prison.
John: What's happening? *Takes empty magazine out of his G36.*
Chris: It's being attacked. I guess by Quiching's thugs. Let's head over there and see if I'm right and follow them if I am.
John: What about here?
Chris: The others can clean it up. Let's go.

John and Chris run from pillar to pillar dodging a hail of bullets. They pass Gunner.

Gunner: Where're you guys going?
Chris: To the prison. Quiching's probably making an escape. It's being attacked right now.
Gunner: Convenient.
Chris: We're gonna tail 'em if they're breaking Quiching out. You stay here and finish this up.
Gunner: All right. Good luck.

Gunner proceeds to shoot more. The bad guys are down to about five now. Chris and John get to their jeep where Jake is dropping off his SR8.

Chris: C'mon. The prison's under attack too.

The three jump into the jeep and go down an alley and out on a safe street. In a few minutes, they arrive at the facility. There are three half-tons and two black sedans similar to the ones at the capitol building.

John: Definitely Quiching's men.
Jake: *Grabs his M16.* We goin' in?
Chris: No. We'll stay back and follow them to wherever they're hiding.
John: Assuming they go there.
Chris: Right.

A group of black-clad men burst out of the prison, firing haphazardly back into the prison. Quiching is in the group headed toward one of the sedans.

John: I see 'im.

Chris shifts the jeep into drive. They watch for a moment as Quiching and some men get into the car. As soon as the last door closes, the car speeds off down the road. Chris turns down a side road to avoid the bad guys. He eventually catches up to the sedan and tails it while keeping distance.

Jake: I'm sure it won't be long before they realize we're following them...

The sedan drives around the city basically in circles for a little while.

John: They're testing us... This is not good.

--In the sedan--

Driver: *Observing rear-view mirror.* They're definitely following us.
Shooter: Should I take them out?

SG&C's jeep turns at an intersection.

Shooter: Hrrm...
Driver: Maybe they weren't following us.
Quiching: They probably were. If they come back and follow us through anymore turns, get rid of them.

--In the jeep--

John: What now?
Jake: It'd be nice to have the Sky Wolf... Cry
John: Yeah, really.
Chris: I'll tail 'em again in a minute. Maybe they'll stop going in circles.

They stop on a deserted street and wait. They see the black car pass through the intersection up ahead. Chris pushes down on the accelerator and proceeds to follow the car again.

--In the sedan--

Driver: *Watching the rear-view mirror again.* They're back.

Everybody else turns around to see.

Shooter: Can I shoot 'em yet?!
Quiching: Hang on. Make another circle.

--In the jeep--

Chris: Crud, they're going for another trip around the block.

Chris quits following them again and goes straight where they turned.

--In the sedan--

Driver: They didn't follow us around that turn.
Quiching: Okay, quick, take us out of the city before they catch up to us again.
Driver: Roger that.

He makes another turn and heads for the western city limit.

Meanwhile, Chris turns at the next intersection and speeds down the street in hopes of catching a glimpse of the black sedan inbetween openings of buildings. He finally sees it again just as the city ends. Chris makes the observation that there is nothing but open, flat grassland now.

Chris: ... Oops.
Shooter: They're back!!

Having lost all patience, the black-clad shooter opens fire with his Galil ARM. The .308 rounds go flinging wildly by the jeep. Quiching covers his ears to protect them from the deafening sound of a Galil firing inside a small space. Everybody else grits their teeth. Chris yells and puts on the brakes to avoid bullets. The sedan speeds into a nearby forest. Chris accelerates to catch them. The woods are dense and the road--what little there is--rough.
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