The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

The End of the World has been averted! Dang, we rock!
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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Callice
RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

Just for kicks...
John: Isn't it amazing that after all this shooting throughout our lives none of us have died yet?
Chris: Yep. *Head blows apart.*

John: It's amazing that none of us have died yet with all this shooting throughout our lives.
Chris: Heck yeah. Nade!
*The jeep swings hard to the left and hits a bank, drives up it, and flies into a large ditch as the grenade explodes. Everybody is very shaken up.*
John: Nice parking job.
Chris: Thank you. *Grabs his cell phone and presses auto-dial for Tom.*
Tom: Hidy-ho, neighbor!
Chris: We've been compromised.
Tom: Where are you?
Chris: In a ditch by a forest road west of the Callice prison. Send Jango in the chopper.
Tom: We're already on our way to the prison. I'll tell him where you are.
Chris: Jolly good.
*They hang up.*

In the air...
Jango: I see... a black sedan! How nice. Swoop!
*The MH-60 goes down low, far behind the car. The car turns at an intersection and heads north.*
Jango: They seem to be going to Abortox.

In the mothership...
Engineer Sunny: Heh heh heh. *Touches the blip titled "SG&C Helicopter" and drags it twenty feet to its right.*

In the air...
Jango: WHAT THE...?!!! AAAHHHHH!!! *He regains control.* Okay... That was weird.
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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

*Gunner swings out from behind the pillar and shoots at the remaining five men with his Barret M82*
Gunner: Eat slag! *he shoots one of them in the throat*
*One of the remaining men shoot at Gunner and hits him in the arm*
Gunner: Gah! *drops the M82 and swings back behind the pillar.  He rips his sleeve and uses his left hand and teeth to tie around the bullet wound on his right arm*
Well, this is bad, I can't aim anymore.
*Gunner picks up his M82 and puts it away, then withdraws his Colt AR15-A2.  He sets it on burst fire and holds it only in his left hand*
I'd ask for help, but I want the others to catch Quiching....
*Gunner dives out from behind the pillar shooting at the 4 remaining men, not really aiming, hits the ground and rolls up behind another pillar*
*He sticks his head out to see if he hit anyone.  He didn't*
Gunner: Slag!  this is gonna be hard....

((OOC: I think this is my first post that actually contributed to the story....))
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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

(Don't you think an M82 is a little large to be using in a close-range fight? It's really meant to be fired from a supported position using the bipod. Happy Dead Oh, well. Also, Stasis/John neglected to write that they've finished off all the bad guys and are in the air with Jango. Anyway... I'll fix it without messing with anybody's posts! Grin)

Tom: To be... or not to be...?
Megan: *Finishes a burst. Turns head to Tom.* What in the HECK have you been blabbing about?!
Tom: *Pulls pin on frag grenade and heaves it toward the remaining bad guys.* THAT IS THE QUESTION!

Everybody ducks behind pillars for cover as the grenade explodes, taking the remaining bad guys with it. Megan pokes her head out from behind the pillar.

Megan: ... *Turns to Tom.* Nice toss.

One of the security officers radios in that the fight is over. Everybody safes their weapons and slings them.

That was all fifteen minutes ago. Now Jango, Gunner, Megan, and Tom are in the MH-6 following the black sedan. Engineer Sunny has already had is fun, and Jango has straightened the chopper out. Back on the ground, John, Chris, and Jake are climbing out of the wrecked jeep.

Chris: *Presses PTT on his radio.* Think y'all can come pick us up without too much trouble?
Jango: As long as you make it quick.
Chris: All right. Get yo' butt down here.

The Little Bird comes down fast and doesn't quite touch the ground as the three grounded mercs climb aboard. It quickly climbs into the air and continues pursuit of the car.

--In the sedan--

Shooter: Ha ha. *Sits back down and reloads his smoking Galil. Quiching unplugs his ears.* Did you see that? They went flying over that bank.

Quiching just gives him a hard glare. The driver's cell phone starts ringing. He glances at the LCD displaying the caller's name. He tosses it to Quiching.

Driver: For you, boss.
Quiching: *Opens the device.* Quiching here.
Voice: Ahh! John Quiching! Good to hear you again.
Quiching: Mr. Ritan...

--In the MH-6--

Jango: Dang, the forest canopy's gettin' thick. We're gonna lose 'em pretty soon.

Chris just grumbles. Tom wishes he had some tunafish right then.

John: Hey, Jake.
Jake: Hey.
John: Did you get the sniper?
Jake: ... *Doink.* No. I hit 'er arm though.
John: Was it Jennifer?
Jake: Yes.
John: So she's still back there?
Jake: Yes.
John: Dangit! I'll bet she's gonna try something!

Chris grumbles louder and more angrily.

Jango: Should we keep following them or go back and make sure the President's safe? I think we're gonna lose 'em pretty soon anyway.
Chris: Bring us to the other side of this forest fast. Drop a few of us off and go back to the capitol.

Jango speeds up and flies ahead of the car.

--In the sedan--

Driver: A helicopter. That's kind of weird.
Shooter: Think they were following us?
Driver: ... Yes.

Jango lands the helicopter one half of a mile ahead of the car on the otherside of the woods. John, Chris, and Jake hop off, and Jango takes it back into the air and heads back to Callice, going around the forest so he doesn't alert the bad guys.

John: Okay... so what are we gonna do?
Chris: Grab on?
John and Jake: Huh?

Back in Callice, the President is settling in his office. Robert and five security guards are inside with him.

Keith: That was certainly... exhilerating.
Robert: Indeed.

On the top floor, Jennifer climbs through a window into a vacant office. She pulls in her climbing equipment and stuffs it back into her pack. She slings that and goes to the door. She shoves a fiber optic cable underneath the door and looks around. There is a guard and a man in a three-piece-suit out in the hall. She watches as the suit enters an office and shuts the door behind him. The guard goes to the elevator and goes down. She pulls the cable back in, puts it away, and steps out into the hall. She closes the door quietly behind her and makes her way to the stairwell. She walks down it silently to the third floor where the President's office resides. She moves toward the door just as an elevator down the hall makes a beep and opens. She sees Jango, Megan, Gunner, and Tom inside it. She draws her sound-suppressed M1911 and fires at them. They are already scrambling away from the elevator for cover as she fires. Jennifer is backing quickly to an elevator at the other end of the hall. Tom pokes his head out, and a .45 flies by it. Tom sees the door to Keith's office opening.


Jennifer shoots the doorway hoping Keith is there. Tom takes the opportunity to lean out and shoot a round from his M4 at Jennifer. It hits her smack in the face, and she crumples to the floor dead. He switches it back to safe and steps out from behind his cover with the rest. The guards come out of Keith's office and check the body.

Gunner: There's your would-be assassin.
Tom: She's the one that killed Eric Storms. *He grabs his cell phone and calls Chris.* Chris, we got Jennifer. She's dead.

There is silence for a moment.

Chris: Good. She got what she deserved.
Tom: She was on her way to whack the President just as we got here.
Chris: Gotta go. Quiching's coming.

Elsewhere, Chris puts his cell phone away.

Chris: They killed Jennifer.

Jake and John just nod.

John: What are we going to do now?

The car is approaching quickly.

Chris: Uhh...
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RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

Chris: Okay, I have an idea. John, Jake, you guys get in the brush on that side of the road. I'll take this side.
John: Then what?
Chris: I'm getting there. When the car comes, we jump out, pull open the doors toss 'em all out, and make sure Quiching's the only one left... he won't put up much of a fight by himself.
John: Indeed.
Chris: All right.
Jake: What if their doors are locked?
Chris: What if?
Jake: ... Huh?
Chris: Let's do it.

The three hide and await the car. It is soon chugging on by, and, right as it passes the brush the team is hiding in, they jump out, fling open the doors, and toss the black-clad men out. Chris takes the driver's seat, and John and Jake take either side of Quiching.

Jake: Hello, Mr. Quiching.
John: Going somewhere?

Quiching yells in frustration.

Chris: *Looks at a cell phone sitting on the dash board.* Hey, check this out. *Tosses it back to Jake.*

Jake looks at the last ten callers.

Jake: (In an "AHA!" kind of tone) Last ten callers are a Mr. Carlos Ritan.
John: Isn't that the mob boss you used to work for?
Jake: Yep.
John: *Turns to Quiching.* What's he got to do with this?

Quiching just stares out the windshield without saying a word. Chris turns the car around and heads back to Callice City.

--Capitol Building, Callice City--

Quiching's getaway car pulls into the parking garage. The mercs get out, dragging Quiching behind them. There's no security guard here at the moment to take their weapons so they just go in. They take the elevator up to the President's floor. It arrives, the doors open, and they see a ton of people all around Jennifer's body, including Gunner and the rest of SG&C.

Chris: Gunner.

Gunner and the gang turn to see them. Keith and some security officers--who happen to be part of the local police force--come over to Chris, John, and Jake.

John: This is John Quiching. Needless to say--arrest 'im.

The officers proceed to do so.

Jake: It would seem Carlos Ritan, a mob boss from Mesania, was helping him. He was contacted at least ten times with this. *Tosses an officer the cell phone.* We got it off of, presumably, some of his henchmen. That's all the evidence we have. Admittedly, it's not much.

Robert Holm steps forward.

Robert: SG&C, Gunner... I would like to thank you all for your greatly appreciated help. If it wasn't for you, the President would surely not be alive today.
Keith: You all did way more than you needed. I thank you.

He proceeds to shake everybody's hands.

Robert: Since we're kind of a mess at the moment... how about you stop by tomorrow for your pay?
Keith: I'll make sure you all get a little extra for going out of your way to help me.
Chris: Thank you.
Jango: Jake and I have some business with some sailors of yours whom I believe are defecting.
Robert: We've already had some special forces assault the ship and take it back.
Tom: *Raises eyebrows.* Wow. That was fast.
Robert: I shall let them know you're coming.
Jake: Thanks.

--Aforementioned Aircraft Carrier--

The MH6 is flying toward it. The entire crew is lined up in neat rows out on the flight deck with many special forces around. There are three Pave Lows landed that weren't there last time--apparently the special forces'. Jango sets the Little Bird down on the deck. One of the commanding officers of the special forces comes over. Chris hops out and proceeds to talk to him. The rest climb out.

Chris: Did any of your men happen to find a large pile of aircraft parts or anything? And a new engine?
Commander: Well, yes, in fact, I was just informed of an unusual stockpile of parts for aircraft which we don't even have in our navy or air force.
Chris: That would be ours. These guys stripped our aircraft for parts a few days ago. Mind if we go take a look to make sure it's ours?
Commander: No, go ahead. I'll have one of my men show you.

He calls for a soldier, instructs him, and the soldier proceeds to lead the team to their beloved aircraft parts somewhere below deck. Jake sees an engine and instantly recognizes it. He runs to it and hugs it.

Jake: My engine!! Cry

Cheesy happy music.

Jango: Man, what a mess. This isn't going to be fun putting it back together.

Jake stands back up and looks around, scratching his head.

Jake: Where's the missile launcher?!
Soldier: We found an odd missile launcher on a mount on the starboard side of the ship.
Jango: May we look at it?
Soldier: Sure.

The soldier leads Jake and Jango who anxiously follow. Chris just stands there with the rest staring at the pile of parts.

Chris: ... How are we gonna get all this off?

The rest shrug.

Topside, the soldier, Jake, and Jango come to the missile launcher.

Jake & Jango: THERE IT IS! Grin

They both hug it.

Later, the team is back on the flight deck with the special forces commander.

Chris: So, is it okay if we just take the stuff?
Commander: Well, probably not, but I haven't reported it yet. Because it doesn't make much difference to me and you guys seem trustworthy enough, I'll just let you take it and won't mention it in my report. But... you guys need to give us back that Little Bird helicopter y'all have. That belongs to the navy, you know. Deal?
Chris: Yeah. Thanks.

A few days later, SG&C and Gunner have collected their pay: 8000 lom each plus a 4000 lom bonus. Quiching has been locked up, and the key was thrown away. Carlos Ritan was questioned but nothing came of it. The Little Bird was returned to the Callice Navy, the Sky Wolf's parts were shipped to Jake's inn, and Jake and Jango are preparing to rebuild the aircraft.

SG&C (Chris, John, Jake, Megan, Jango, and Tom) and Gunner get 12,000 lom and 6000 experience each.
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The Lands of Meeriad - RE: The Dankton Conspiracy

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