The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Wyndor
Inside a small, near-empty cafe in Wyndor...

Ultima sat quietly at a table, staring at the wall. His Mind was off doing something somewhere, and he was just sitting here, doing nothing.

The clerk just watched him, unknowing that Ultima wasn't actually human. The bio-shell hadn't ordered anything in the past hour he'd been there, and normally he would've kicked him out, but the clerk just studied him. He found the unmoving, inhuman look almost disturbing. He decided to ignore him.

Ultima actually walked in the minute they opened up, so it wasn't surprising there was nobody there. Finally, the clerk decided he'd better do his job.

Clerk: Sir, we don't tolerate loiterers around here. Please order something or go somewhere else.

Ultima raised his head and turned slowly, eyes barely open.

Ultima: Where, pray tell, would I go, sir?
Clerk: Uhmm... maybe... uhh... home?

There was a hint of sarcasm in the clerk's voice.

Ultima: I do not have a home, sir.
Clerk: So you just loiter around this cafe?
Ultima: Yes.
Clerk: Uhh... okay. Whatever. Nevermind.
Ultima: I'm sorry if I have annoyed you, sir.

Ultima stood and walked to the door. As he reached to open it, it opened in his direction, stopping as it hit him. Ultima stepped back. The person that had hit him walked in.

???: Oh, sorry about that.
Ultima: It's okay. Wait... you look quite familiar... you must be...

Archer Bio-Shell

10/13/2003 10:54:16 PM

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RE: Inside a small, near-empty cafe...

???: It is I...Oxnard Montalvo!
Oxnard posed as loud fanfare sounded off.
Ultima: Perhaps I am mistaken...
Oxnard wrapped one arm around Ultima.
Oxnard: Sure ya do! Remember when we defeated the Intergalactic Space Slug Zargon with our plasma cannons?! Or when we rigged that evil pillow factory with explosives! Good times, man. Good times.

Ultima stared at Oxnard.
Ultima: not remember any of that. Nor do I remember anyone by the name of Oxnard.
A large smile grew over Oxnard's face.
Oxnard: Neither do I!

Ultima slowly edged away from Oxnard.
Ultima: Right...I'll...just be going now.
Ultima walked out of the cafe, and Oxnard followed.
Ultima: Why are you following me?
Oxnard shrugged.
Oxnard: Dunno'.

Ultima sighed and continued walking.

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10/14/2003 9:15:23 PM

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RE: Inside a small, near-empty cafe...

Ultima: Well, since you insist on tagging along, do you have a weapon? I'm on my way to Nookiya forest... It's a dangerous place.

Oxnard dug into his ear with his index finger.

Oxnard: I have some German M43 potato-masher stick grenades! I like to pull the pin and hold them. What a rush... phew.

Oxnard pulled one out of his bag.

Ultima: Not now, sir.
Oxnard: Aw, man...

He put it back.

Ultima: Do you have anything else?
Oxnard: Nothing except this.

Oxnard finally pulled his finger out of his ear. It was completely covered with gobs of earwax.

Ultima: That... is disgusting.

Archer Bio-Shell

10/14/2003 9:42:05 PM

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The Lands of Meeriad - Inside a small, near-empty cafe in Wyndor...

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