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The Lands of Meeriad

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The Lands of Meeriad - Sunder Continent - Sorna
Inside job.

Jake sits outside in hangar with Jango. The clanking of tools and clattering can be heard as they resituate the missile pods, rewire, and bolt them in. Through all the commotion, Jake's phone can be heard.

Jake: Ugh, I'll be back. *He hops down and walks into the inn and answers the phone* Conner Inn, may I help you?
???: Come to the Royal Mug Pub in Sorna in two hours if you want a job. *Hangs up*
Jake: ..Hmn..*He picks up the phone and calls Chris*

Chris picks up

Chris: Hello?
Jake: Chris, I just got a call.
Chris: A mission?
Jake: Yeah, the guy said to be at the Royal Mug Pub at Sorna in two hours.
Chris: Who was he?
Jake: 'Don't know.
Chris: Well, I'll get John and come by your place.
Jake: Alright. See you soon. *Hangs up*

Jake heads back outside and explains the story to Jango. They quickly finish wiring up the last missile pod and fire the engine up.

Jake: Ah, she sounds better then she did before.
Jango: Yep, well, hopefully they'll arrive soon.

They power down the engine and await for them outisde.
About half an hour later, a jeep pulls up with John and Chris inside.

Jake: So, you guys ready?
Chris: As ready as you are.
John: Come on, let's go.

Jake hops into the back. Jango stays behind adding the finishing touches to the ship. The jeep drives off down the road, headed twords Sorna.

Around 45 minutes later, they pull up in front of the Royal Mug Pub. They park the jeep, and get out. Jake loads his Desert Eagle, and holsters it.

John: Good idea.
Jake: Can never be too safe.

They head inside and sit at the table. At the stroke of 4:00, a man in a black cloak walks in, and approaches SG&C.

???: I see you're on time.
Chris: Show your face.

The man lowers his hood. He had neatly combed hair and a trimmed mustache. He had Icy-blue eyes that gave a cold stare, he also wore the Royal crest of Abortox around his neck.

???: I am Dargor Cazic-Thull. Royal attendent in the court of Aborotx.
John: Pleased to meet you. Now, what is this 'mission' you need us for?
Dargor: Well..Someone has taken captive the Grand Wizard of Aborotx, our lord. They threaten us with his life unless we meet their demands.
Jake: How would someone be able to kidnap someone of such power?
Dargor: We believe it was an inside job.
John: Let me think about it...
Dargor: Your reward will be very great!
John: I'm done thinking. Let's go!
Jake Conner
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RE: Inside job.

Dargor: We must go before the Court of Abortox first.
Chris: Well, we have to pick up the rest of our team first.
Dargor: Very well. Be there in four hours.

The trio first stop at Chris's house to pick up the rest of the team and fill them in. They get inside and see Tom and Megan playing Halo on Chris's Xbox. Tom pauses it, and the two turn to them.

John: We've got a job.
Tom: ... *Falls backwards.* Dead
Megan: Give us some details.
John: Some head wizard dude of Abortox was kidnapped and his court wants us to find him.

Tom's body convulses violently. Megan gives it a quick, disgusted glance.

Megan: So are we going now?
John: Yup.

Megan shuts off the game and stands up. She kicks Tom, and he rolls over.

Megan: Is he--?
John: No. Come on, Tom!

Tom groans and slowly stands up.

Tom: Hey, *Points at Jake's Desert Eagle.* how can you stand to use that thing? I tried one once, and it kept stove-pipin'.
Jake: I dunno. I just can.
Tom: Ah, I prefer this. *Draws P229 from shoulder holster.* Small enough, yet .40 S&W. I recently bought a MK23 though. That thing's nearly as big as those DEs.
John: C'mon, quit yer yackin'. Let's go.

They all grab their rifles and what-not and head back to the hangar where Jango is waiting.

Chris: Hey, Jango. Get that thing started.
Jango: Aye-aye, Cap'n.

He goes inside to fire it up. Chris and Jake proceed to attach the tow cables to the jeep to bring it along for the ride. The others load the weapons into the Sky Wolf. Soon they are all inside and ready to go and blast off toward Abortox City.
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6/21/2004 5:21:21 PM

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RE: Inside job.

An air of triumph flutters throughout the vehicle as she lifts off and flies toward Abortox.
John is staring at his P90, as if troubled by something.

Megan: What's wrong?
John: This thing is weird.
Megan: No kidding?
John: None whatsoever.
Megan: Wow.

John looks up.

John: So...
Megan: Yeah.

A yell comes from the pilot's seat.


A large luxury airship comes up beside the Sky Wolf and matches its speed. Ten miniguns come out of the side and a voice is heard from outside.

Voice: Surrender, set down your plane, and prepare to be boarded.

Jango activates the Sky Wolf's speaker system.

Jango: We have nothing of value...
Voice: You have that ship and Jeep.

The Sky Wolf suddenly pulls up 70 degrees, spins, and flies the way they came from. The luxury ship is no where near as maneuverable as SG&C's. It slowly turns around and the miniguns open up. The Sky Wolf pulls a quick one-eighty and slows down. The missile launcher rises out of the hull and fires while the minigun springs to life and strafes the open gun holes on the pirate ship. The missile blows a gaping hole into the side of the ship. Thick, black smoke billows from the open hole. A chain reaction was apparently caused under the deck and several other, smaller explosions blow holes in the bottom of its hull. It goes down quickly.

Jango: I didn't think those guys would ever dare show their faces to me again.
Jake: You've seen them before?
Jango: Yeah, back when I was flying with Jones. They're the Blue Blazes gang... I thought we took 'em out back then, but I guess I was wrong. Anyway, we can't worry about them now, gotta get to Abortox. Aaaaaaaaand... we're back on course. We're about three miles away.

The Sky Wolf descends and they slow to a hover outside town. The landing gear extends and Jango sets it down. They all exit and walk into town. Chris walks over to a window shopping mage.

Chris: Excuse me, where can I find the Court of Abortox?

The mage eyes him.

Mage: Why would you wish to see the Court? The Grand Wizard has disappeared and now you strange people want to see the Court?
Chris: Dagror Caztubal or... or whatever his name is hired us.
Wizard: King's Lead Guardsman Dargor Cazic-Thull?
Chris: Yeah... him.
Wizard: I see... The Court is directly down this street, in the center of town.
Chris: Thanks.

They continue to the Court.
John Gibson
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6/21/2004 6:06:19 PM

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RE: Inside job.

Soon after they arrive at the central court. Many people, Royals of the court, wander around, talking occasionaly. All with a seemingly worried look on their face. In the center of the crowd, stands Dargor, this time wearing a very royal, professional, looking robe. a dark-blue robe with golden stitchings. He welcomes the group with open arms.

Dargor: I am glad to see you all have made it.
Jake: Hmn, yeah. You too. Now, let's cut the small chat and get to business.
Dargor: Yes, right.

Dargor reaches inside his robe and takes out a small, circular disk and hands it to John

John: Eh..what does this do?
Dargor: There is a switch underneath.

John flips the switch as a holographic image of Dargor appears on the disk, and it begins to explain the mission. The group listens in.

Holograph: As you may well know, our lord has been kidnapped, by whom, is unknown. We have hired you, the best of the best, to find him and return him to his throne. His wereabouts, are unknown. His current state, is unknown. HIs captors, are unknown. The only thing we do know, is that it was an inside job by one of his close attendants. We would like you, to investigate this case, and return our lord to us. You will be rewarded greatly.

As the holograph flickers, then shuts, the crew looks up. As they look up, they notice that Dargor is gone.

Chris: Hmn. Well. I suppose we should all get started?
Tom: Agreed.

As the group walks back twords the ship, a bullet tears past Jake's face and lands itself in the rock behind him. He instinctivly rolls and lands behind another rock. He whips out his desert eagles. He quickly looks up, from where the shot originated, but sees nothing.

Jake: (To himself) Come another..Second time is a charm..

Jake peeps up from behind the rock, and another shot crashes down into the rock he's behind.

Jake: Gotcha.

He quickly pulls both his arms up, and unleashes 6 rounds. A faint scream can be heard, as a body rolls down from a cliff across the field.

Tom: Um..yeah..*Cough*
Jake: Who the heck was that?
John: Probaly those pirates Jango told us about..
Megan: They must be sore losers.

Jake holsters his DEs, and heads with the group over to where the body came falling down. He rolls the body over, and looks for an ID of any sort. All he finds his a small, white card, with a blue symbol on it. Chris places it in his pocket, and the group heads back to the ship.

Soon after, they arrive back at the ship.

Jango: What took you so long?

Chris pulls out the card.

Chris: Recognize this?
Jango: Um, yes. That's from the gang I told you of earlier. How did you..get that?
Jake: By me getting nearly shot in the head. Twice.
Jango: ...*Cough*
Tom: Either way, we don't have time before they return, we should get going.
Megan: Get going WHERE?
Tom: You see, I haven't quite figured that out yet..
John: ..You think it's possible the Blue Blazes are involved with all this?
Jango: ..It's possible.
Jake: Do you know if they have a hideout?
Jango: Well, yeah. Jones and I followed them there once. They might've moved since, though...
Jake: Take us there. We've got a present in store for them.
Jango: Sure thing.

He fires up the engine and the ship begins to lift off the ground, and it flies off, over the ocean, heading twords a small island.

John: Is that the place?
Jango: Yep.
Tom: Well, let's get ready to give 'em a wakeup call!

The group heads into the armory of the ship and gets ready with their gear as Jango approaches the island
Jake Conner
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6/21/2004 6:32:59 PM

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RE: Inside job.

Jango sets her down on a small beach surrounded by trees and brush. A small cave is the only apparent way inland.

John: *Checks the chamber of his P90 and stuffs some magazines into his vest pockets.* These don't fit very well... *He checks his Infinity and stuffs it into his shoulder holster along with some extra magazines. His M10 resides in its hip holster, as always.*
Jango: I'll just... stay in here. Grin
Megan: I want some diversity in my firearms. Sad
John: Go buy some when we get back. You have more than twelve thousand lom! Laughing
Megan: Well... yeah... but...
Tom: She hoards it... Not Amused Like me.
Megan: Umm... yeah...
Jake: *Slings his new IMI Galil ARM.* I love new hardware. Grin
Tom: Me too. Grin *Repeatedly works the action of his new FN FAL 50.64.* MAN, I love that. Grin
Chris: Okay kids, time to quit playing and get to work.

The crew exits the Sky Wolf and proceeds to the mouth of the cave.

Chris: Everybody stop!

They all come to a halt.

Voice: 'Ey, we got a biiiig wad o' cash comin' in reeeeal soon.
Another voice: Yeah, man. I can't wait fo' dat. I got a wife and a kid to support.
Voice: Yo' married, man?
Another voice: Heck yes. Fifth-- HEY! WHO ARE YOU?!

The two pirates open fire. SG&C return fire. A low thud echoes in the cave as the two men hit the ground.

John: What a shame... A married man...

Jake and Chris drag the bodies out of the cave, back the way they came, and toss them into some bushes. They all then proceed around a curve and exit the cave. The sound of many men singing grows ever louder as they cautiously walk the path away from the cave. They come across a clearing.
Houses, huts, and warehouses as far as the eye can see. To the right is a huge lake that opens up into open water, and to the left is a large landing pad. Two classic pirate ships are tied to the docks in the lake and a single airship, similar to the one that they shot down earlier, lies dormant on the landing pad. The entire place is bustling with activity as at least two hundred men go back and forth between the ships and the warehouses. In the distance, they see a huge villa.

John: Holy cow.
Chris: So... I guess we won't be taking them on...
Jake: No doubt their leader is in that mansion way out there. We should try to get there.
Chris: There's no way we'll get in... It's surrounded by a wall and most likely has sentries.
Jake: We have to try. What if they do have the Grand Wizard?
Chris: What would pirates want with the Grand Wizard of Abortox?
Tom: I don't know, but we'd better take cover.

They jump into the brush lining the path. Five chattering pirates pass them by. Tom pulls out his radio.

Tom: Jango, come in.
Jango: I'm here.
Tom: I'd suggest getting out of there. There's five bad dudes headed your way.

He hears a loud racket over the radio as Jango knocks many things over.

Jango: Ahhh... Uhmm... Holy slag. Talk to you later.

Tom puts his radio away. They begin to sneak around the perimeter of the clearing.

--Back at the Sky Wolf...--
Jango is hurrying to prepare the Sky Wolf for underwater travel. Time seems to slow down. A light on the control panel flashes green and he frantically plunges the ship into the water. Not ten seconds later the pirates emerge from the cave, sit down on the beach, and light up some cigarettes.

--In the huge clearing...--
The team carefully and stealthily skirt the perimeter, using anything possible as cover. They soon reach the other side and find themselves in front of fifteen-foot tall, rickety, wooden fence. It looks new and hastily built.

Chris: Well?
John: Well what?
Chris: Shall we scale it? *Pulls out his grappling hook.*
John: Absolutely.
???: Hey! All of you!

The group quickly looks in the direction of the voice. They see a man running toward them, and they all begin to reach for their guns when he stops abruptly.

Man: Hey, it's break time. What are you doing?

They all look around at each other.

Jake: We were just... talking.
Man: Oh. Okay. Well, I'll see you later.
Jake: Yep.

The man runs off.

Megan: Okay... That was interesting...
Chris: Let's just hurry before anybody else sees us.

He tosses the grappling hook over the fence, tests it, and they all climb over. They observe the situation. Tons of men with guns are guarding the perimeter of the twenty-foot concrete wall and the top of it. On the corners of the wall are guard towers with mounted FN M2HB machine guns.

Tom: This looks like fun.
Chris: Right... How are we going to get by this?
Megan: We don't? Grin
Jake: Not Amused Well, we're going to have to distract them somehow.
Megan: I doubt many of them would leave their posts.
Jake: That's right. We make one of them come check a noise out, and then we take his clothes.
John: An old trick, but it might work.

Chris picks up a large branch and whacks it against the wooden fence behind them.
Big Guard: Huh? *Shoulders his AKS74 and goes to check it out. He stops in front of the fence and looks at it. He hears another whack to his right, from inside a large patch of shrubs and trees.* Who's there? *He continues cautiously into the patch. He is swiftly hit over the head with the butt of FAL and out like a light.*
Chris: I'd say he's about my size...
Jake: Suuuure... You just want to be the one that goes in...
Chris: You think I want to risk my life? Huh? Dude, you go ahead if you want, I was just saying what's probably best...
Jake: Chris... Chill out. I was joking.
Chris: Right...

He slips into the guard's clothes and switches guns.

Chris: Wish me luck.
John Gibson
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RE: Inside job.

Chris casually steps into the front door of the compound and glances around. He sees many armed guards bustling around it. Despite it's elegent looking exterior, the interior of the building is a steel fortress. Chris begins walking forward, tword a door down a hallway to the left. A guard is standing by the door.

??: Hey, Bruno! How's it going?

Chris looks around and realizes the man is talking to him. He swallows his breath, and threw his voice.

Chris: Hey, I'm doing pretty well.
??: What's wrong with your voice?
Chris: Umm..I caught a cold.
??: Heh, all right.

The man turns and enters a code into the panel, and the door slides open. Chris walks in, and the door slides shut behind him. He appears to be in some sort of hangar. The room is loaded with Trucks, Jeeps, Air Fighters, Airships, etc. They all had many modifications to them it seemed. I looked as though the place was preparing for war. On the far left wall were several large crates, with "DANGER: EXPLOSIVES" marked across the side of it. Fewer guards were in this area. But there were many maitenence men in here working on modifying more. Chris ducks down into a corner and grabs his radio. He begins whispering into it.

Chris: Guys, pick up.
John: Yeah, Chris?
Chris: These guys are -loaded- with vehicles, all loaded up to the teeth with weapons.
John: Keep looking, there must be a way to the main chamber without being spotted. I'm sure they wouldn't even let a standard guard in there.
Chris: Right.

He tucks the radio back into the vest and starts walking along the walls casually, looking for some passage. He comes across a large fan vent, about 3' in height. Three of the four screws were missing in the vent. He looked around, the spun the vent to the side, and ducked down, walking into it. He slowly closed it behind him and started walking through it. Up ahead there was a three-way intersection of the vents, but a large slow-moving fan was in the middle of it.

Chris: ..Gah.

Chris reached to his belt and drew out his trusty knife, and cut the lines running to the fan. It slowly came to a stop. He had to contort himself, but he eventually got between the blades and to the other side. He randomly picked a path, and took the right one. As he approached the end, there was a much smaller vent at it. It was about 1'6" high, and this one was elevated off the ground. He crawled up to it, and looked through it. Below he saw what seemed to be control room of sorts, possibly for all the survellence and ship launching. Only one man was sitting there. His legs were kicked up on the console, and he was apparently out cold. Chris used the same knife to pry the cheap, old screws out. He carefully removed the vent, and crawlled out, jumping down to the floor. He snuck up behind the man, and wrapped his arm around the mans throat, putting the blade to his throat. The man awoke in a startle.

Guard: What th--
Chris: Shut your mouth. Give me the master access code to the compound.
Guard: Urg..Pleasse don't kill me..I have kids..

He was struggling to talk, seeing as Chris had a tight grip around his neck.

Chris: Then give me the code.
Guard: Ug..154..86..54..
Chris: Gee, thanks.

Chris slammed the hilt of the knife into the mans temple, knocking him out. He threw the body down onto the floor, and started up the server.

Chris: Let's see...1548654...

He typed in the code, and the main screen came up. It had access to all the cameras, guards names and shifts, inventory of everything inside the compound, maps, and so forth.

Chris: Bingo.
Jake Conner
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6/5/2005 7:48:29 PM

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RE: Inside job.

Chris pulls up a surveillance feed and skims through.

Chris: Here we go... Cell block fifteen.

He checks the shifts. It was five o'clock; time for a shift change. By some incredible luck, the next cell block fifteen shift was Bruno's. He pulled up a map of the villa, found a path to the jail, and left. Within two minutes, he arrives and starts scanning for the Grand Wizard's cell. He finds it, only to see that it's open and empty.

Chris: Nuts.

A klaxon blares. Chris pulls out his radio and hits the talk button.

Chris: The Grand Wizard is missing. I just saw him on the surveillance cam a minute ago, and now he's gone, and now an alarm just went off.

The radio crackles. He hears gunfire.

John: That stinks. Go find him.

Chris puts his radio away.

Chris: There's only one way out of her. I think I'd see if they were taking him... Wait. Duh. He's a freaking wizard... GRAND wizard, no less. He escaped on his own.

He pulls his radio back out.

Chris: Guys! Don't you think, being the Grand Wizard of Abortox, he may have had just a slight chance of escaping?
John: Doesn't matter right now! We have about a hundred pirates that want our blood!

A wall explodes.

Grand Wizard: Chris Storms. Follow me.

Chris does. The Grand Wizard makes his own trail straight out into the front courtyard.

Chris: Why didn't you do this in the first place?
Grand Wizard: I didn't feel like getting shot. You guys made me a diversion.

Chris blinks.

Chris: Huh.

The outer wall explodes, about fifty feet away from the others, who are firing unrelentingly at the oncoming enemy. The Grand Wizard and Chris exit. The M2s on the walls are firing rather inaccurately.

Chris: Guys, let's go!
John: Jango's on his way! It'll be easier than running back through the area with another hundred armed guys!
Chris: Good point!

John tosses Chris his AR15. Moments later, the Sky Wolf lands shortly away from them, ramp already open. They run in and fly off. The Sky Wolf's 20mm minigun lays down the smack.
After things calm, the Grand Wizard bows.

Grand Wizard: Thank you for coming to my rescue.
Chris: Heck, you got yourself out.
Grand Wizard: But it's the thought the counts, yes?
Tom: We were in it for the money. Happy Dead
Jake: Shut up, Tom.
Tom: Why? What--did I say wrong? "Shut up, Tom. You're stupid."

Jake slaps his forehead.

Grand Wizard: However, in addition to the thought, your distraction allowed me to escape without harm. I will ensure that you are rewarded for your efforts.
Chris: Thanks.


The Sky Wolf lands outside the citadel in Abortox. They all exit, surrounding the Grand Wizard. They enter the large double doors to be greeted by Dargor Cazic-Thull.

Dargor: Your honor!

He bows.

Dargor: It is good to see you are safe.
Grand Wizard: Indeed.

The Grand Wizard raises his hand. A lightning bolt shoots out of his palm, ending Dargor.
Our heroes step back, hands on their guns.

Grand Wizard: I already knew that he was an accomplice to the pirates. You all are the greatest mercenary group on Meeriad. He hired you before anybody else could so as to warn the pirates to your coming... However, they were not quick to prepare and you arrived far too quickly. You have done well. I shall prepare your reward. Please return in one hour. I will have my men guide you to my chamber then.


Chris: We're SG&C. The Grand Wizard told us to see him.
Man: Indeed he did. Please follow me.

They walk down two heavily decorated corridors and walk through another set of large double doors.

Grand Wizard: Welcome back, SG&C. Your reward has been prepared. We would supply you more, but our financial situation is not exactly favorable. Please accept three thousand lom each.
Chris: Thank you, Grand Wizard.
Grand Wizard: And Chris, this is a gift directly from me. It is an Abortox Royal Brooch, handed down through the generations. Use it when your situation is dire to summon a powerful force.
Chris: Dang. Thanks.
Grand Wizard: I thank you once again, and now I bid you farewell.

Chris bows. They leave.


[Chris has received 3000 lom, Abortox Royal Brooch.]
[Jake has received 3000 lom.]
[Jango has received 3000 lom.]
[John has received 3000 lom.]
[Megan has received 3000 lom.]
[Tom has received 3000 lom.]
John Gibson
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6/6/2005 5:47:17 PM

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