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The Lands of Meeriad

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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Zanardio
Daring Rescue Operation

John and Megan sit in a fancy restaurant in Quze City, eating, when John's cell phone rings. He shakes his head and sighs. He looks at the screen and sees that it's Chris.

John: It's Chris.

He answers.

John: What's up?
Chris: Some dude wants to hire us.

John slams the palm of his hand into his forehead several times.

John: Okay... When do we go?
Chris: As soon as possible. Our client is heading to my place now.
John: Ugh. Okay. I have to go pick up Tom and I'll head over there. Later.

He closes the phone and stuffs it in his pocket.

John: Looks like we have to go.
Megan: Well, we can't just leave good food...
John: ...Dang right.

They chow down quickly, pay, and leave. John calls Tom to have him get ready. They soon arrive, grab a couple guns, and head to Hirma Field.

John: Glock Field Knife 78 (ankle sheathe), FN P90 Submachine Gun (sling - chest), Strayer-Voigt Infinity Compact (thigh holster - right), Glock 21 Handgun (shoulder holster - left), Cobray M10 Submachine Gun (thigh holster - left)
Megan: Heckler & Koch G36 Assault Rifle (sling - back), Beretta M92F Handgun (shoulder holster - left)
Tom: IMI Galil ARM .308 (sling - back), SIG P229 .40 S&W Handgun (shoulder holster - left), H&K MK23 (thigh holster - right), Heckler & Koch MP5K-A4 Submachine Gun (sling - chest)

They all have extra magazines wherever there aren't guns.

They arrive at Chris's farm and see a black Ford F150 out front. They get out of the Jeep and head inside. They find Chris, Jake, Jango, and a young man wearing a green shirt and blue jeans in the living room.

Chris: Oh, here they are. Mr. Luat, this is John Gibson, Megan Kirate, and Tom Fender, my other colleagues. Guys, this is Kansing Luat. He's our client.
Kansing: Hi.

He shakes their hands.

Chris: Alright everybody, have a seat and we'll get down to business.

Jake, Chris, and John sit on the couch, and Megan, Tom, and Kansing sit in chairs about the room.

Kansing: Okay, so, my bio-shell, Ultima Tipense, was kidnapped and I want you to get him back.

There's a long silence.

Chris: Is that it? No other information or leads?

Kansing stares blankly.

Chris: We can't work with this. Is there anybody that would have any reason to kidnap him? Any anti-bio-shell groups that you know of? People that don't like you?
Kansing: Errmm... Not that I can think of...
Chris: Then we can't help you.
Megan: Actually, I do know of a group that thinks bio-shells are demonspawn.
Kansing: What would make them think that?
Megan: Err... That was a metaphor. They hate them. They think they're evil.
Kansing: ...Oh.
Megan: Anyway, it seems most of their operations take place over around the east coast.
Kansing: He was captured in Nookiya Forest.
Chris: See? Now we're getting somewhere. We'll find out everything we can about these guys. We'll take a 200 lom down payment right now.
Kansing: ...What? o_o
Chris: Two... hundred... lom... down... payment.
Kansing: I can't afford that...

Chris starts laughing hysterically.

Chris: How can you not afford that? Do you live off your parents or something? We are mercenaries. We do work for money. We're most likely going to end up risking our lives, and that doesn't come cheap.
Kansing: I'll... try to raise the money...
John: Come on, Chris. Give the guy a break.
Chris: John. Money doesn't grow on trees.
John: Well, no, but... He's in trouble. We should help him.

Chris continues to look reluctant.

Chris: >_> ...Okay... Fine. We'll do it. But you'd better have some money by the time we save your shell. Anything anybody want to add? ...Alright. Please fill out this contract, Mr. Luat, and we'll get busy.

Kansing takes a few minutes to fill out the contract and hands it to Chris.

Chris: Thank you, sir. That concludes this meeting. Have a safe trip, Mr. Luat.

Kansing leaves.

Jake: So, what's this group called, Megan?
Megan: Bio-hunters... Shell-hunters... Something like that. It was really tacky like that.
Chris: Oh, so you don't even know their name? Dead Great.
Megan: Do a Google search. Oh Well

John, Megan, and Tom walk out of Chris's house and head for John's jeep.

Megan & Tom: Shotgun!

Points at Megan, then at the passenger seat. Tom pouts and mumbles "I said it first..."

In Chris's house, he sits down at his computer and opens Internet Explorer and goes to Google. He searches for bio-shell haters. All he finds is porn.

Chris: Ugh

He refines his search terms and hits the jackpot. He reads the official website of the Shell Hunters and fumbles for his phone. He calls John.

John: Hey. Find anything?
Chris: They have a website.
John: Okay. Who are they?
Chris: Shell Hunters. They don't specifically say they kidnap bio-shells, but they sure don't like 'em. And what do you know, they're based in a little establishment in a tiny area between Nookiya and Callice that's privately owned. It's outside of anybody's jurisdiction, so authorities can't investigate them. Looks like it's our job to put an end to their operations.
John: Sounds good. I'll call that guy... Mr.... whatever his name was.
Chris: Luat.
John: Right. Later.

John hangs up, looks at his copy of the contract to get Kansing's phone number, and calls him.

John: ...Ho-hum... Pick up...

He's about to hang up when Kansing answers.

Kansing: SLIZNIG! Sorry. I just got home. Hello?
John: Hey, John Gibson, SG&C. We have a lead on who might have kidnapped your shell.
Kansing: Sweet.
John: Ever heard of the Shell Hunters?
Kansing: Uhh... Sounds familiar. Kind of. Well... No.
John: Not Amused Okay, well, they operate around where your shell was kidnapped. We're going to check them out. We'll call you again when we have an update. Bye.

He hangs up.
John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

9/26/2004 11:07:51 PM

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Daring Rescue Operation

Later, the team has dispatched to scour Nookiya Forest. Jake and Jango are flying over the forest with the Sky Wolf; John and Megan are on the ground in John's Jeep Wrangler; and Chris and Tom are in their respective Wranglers.

Read here next.

Chris's Jeep Wrangler crashes through some thick brush. Suddenly, a gun shot is heard nearby. Chris instinctively hits the accelerator, but he soon realizes one of his tires have been hit. Another shot is fired. A bullet hole appears in the driver's side door. It doesn't take much for Chris to figure out that was meant for him. He grabs his M4 with attached M203 and leaps out of the Jeep. He scans the brush for any signs of his assailant but sees nothing. Using the front wheel well for cover, he fires a 40mm fragmentation grenade from his M203 in the direction of the shot. After the grenade explodes, four scruffy looking bandits armed with AK47's burst out of the brush to which Chris launched his grenade. They start firing wildly in Chris's direction, riddling his Jeep full of holes. He grows angered at the destruction of his Wrangler (not to mention the fact that they're trying to kill him,) pops up from behind his cover, and double-taps each one in the chest. They are all down within two seconds. He ducks behind the front wheel again and awaits more bandits, but no more reveal themselves. He reaches into the front seat of his vehicle for his radio. He presses the PTT button.

Chris: Chris calling anybody who wants to reply.
Tom: Tom here. Wazzup?!
Chris: My Jeep just got shredded by bandits. I could use a lift.
Tom: Right. I'll be there when I get there.
Chris: I figured.

Several minutes later, Tom, along with the two demons Jonathan and Fire, arrives. Tom turns to the demons.

Tom: Don't kill 'im. He's with me.
Chris: Who're your friends?
Tom: Well, they're more like acquaintances I guess. Jonathan and Fire. Holy fishbats. Your Jeep looks like shredded wheat.
Chris: Don't remind me.

Chris grabs the rest of his weapons from his Jeep and hops into the back of Tom's Jeep.

Chris: Let's go.

Tom goes. After a minute he begins jabbering once more.

Tom: Jonathan and Fire, meet my comrade Chris Storms, excellent with an AR15 and an M203.

Chris takes turns shaking hands with Jonathan and Fire.

Jonathan: The pleasure's all yours I'm sure.
Chris: Boy, are you ever wrong.


Tom: WTB?! Laughing
Chris: I'm A Pessimist
Fire: Hold on. What the smell was all that??!!
Tom: The author had a brain tumor. Don't worry about it. Super Grin
Fire: You people are freakin' creepy.
Tom: Thank you. Needs More RAM

Tom comes out of his daze in time to see a tree ten feet in front of the car. Everybody else is screaming at him. He makes a hard right and nearly flips the Jeep. Fire slaps him across the back of his head.

Fire: What's the matter with you?!

Jonathan and Chris are white-knuckled and breathing heavily.

Tom: I just went on a bad trip. I think you guys gave me too much morphine that one time.
Fire: I think it's the tuna fish.
Chris: Let me drive--
Tom: No... I got it.
Jonathan: Yeah. Into a tree. Laughing *Cough cough* ... Ahem. Not Amused
Tom: Right... What are we doing out here anyway...? Not Amused
Tom Fender
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10/11/2004 2:32:27 AM

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RE: Daring Rescue Operation

Glock Field Knife 78 (ankle sheathe), IMI Desert Eagle .50AE Handgun x2 (shoulder holsters), Heckler & Koch UMP-45 Submachine Gun (sling - chest), IMI Galil ARM .308 (sling - back)
Jonathan: Hunter's Bow
Fire: Wooden Rod, Dagger (belt sheathe)

Tom: Why don't you call John and Jake and update 'em?

Chris picks up his radio and hits the PTT button.

Chris: Tom found some old acquaintances that were with the bio-shell when he was captured. We're heading to the western edge of Nookiya now, around Transphat. Call Jake, fill him in, and tell him to meet us there. Later.

He puts his radio away.


Jonathan, Fire, Chris, and Tom are standing around Tom's Jeep, talking, when Jake and Jango walk up.

Jango: Hi, guys.
Tom: Jonathan, Fire, these two fellas are Jake and Jango.
Jango: Howdy doody.
Jake: Hi.
Tom: Jake, Jango, these two are Jonathan and Fire.

Jonathan nods and Fire shakes Jake's hand. As she reaches for Jango's hand, something clicks in Jango's head and he pulls his hand away.


Jango runs to the Sky Wolf as quickly as he can.

Jonathan: Can you say "bigot"?
Fire: No.
Jake: He'll come to his senses in a while. It's nice to meet you.
Fire: Likewise.

They resume talking. A few minutes later, John and Megan drive up with Jango tied up in the back seat.

Megan: Jango! They're not going to eat you, nor will they drag you down to the underworld to be tortured for eternity. Demons are respectable people. Savvy?

Jonathan snorts. Megan unties Jango, who calms down and climbs out of the Jeep.

Tom: Jonathan, Fire, these two are Megan and John.
Megan: Howdy.

Megan waves, but quickly focuses her attention on Jonathan's and Fire's awesome wings.

John: Heylo.
Tom: Anyway, let's get our butts moving! Super Grin
John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

10/14/2004 12:42:45 AM

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Daring Rescue Operation

Chris: Okay. So. Uhm. Where are we getting out butts moving to?
Tom: Well, they said that they last saw Ultima around the Fountain of Youth.
Fire: Yes, he was there right before he was taken.
John: Well, then. Let's get going.
Jonathan: You'll have to leave your vehicles here. Unless you take the ship. No wheeled vehicles can get there.
Tom: B-b-but...*He drags a chainsaw out of the back of his jeep.* That can be fixed.

*Jonathan glares at him.*

Tom: Or...not.
John: Well, you can tell us where to go. Since we have no idea.
Jonathan: Wha--
Fire: Gladly.

*They all climb into the Sky Wolf.*
*Fire and Jonathan go up front with Jango.*
*Jango looks at them nervously.*

Jango: Uh. W-what way is it?
Jonathan: *Points.*
Jango: *Squeeky voice.* Kay.
Fire: *Looking at Jonathan.* Would it kill you to be friendly at times?
Jonathan: Yes.

*Jango starts up the engines and they take off.*
*Fire directs him the rest of the way.*
*After a short flight, they land.*
*They all pile out, and turn towards to two deamons.*

Megan: I thought you said, he dissapeared at the Fountain of Youth (known here on as FoY)...
Jonathan: *Starts walking towards where Ultima was taken, leaving Fire to explaine.*
Fire: He did. This is the FoD, it looks inviting to throw off the people that come looking for it. That is why no one ever finds it. The FoY is actually a mud puddle coming out of the side of a hill. Poison ivy and snakes over-run it.
Chris: Wow. That's....inviting.
Fire: Yeah.
Jonathan: *Somewhere on the other side of the trees.* Are you guys coming or not?

*They all hurry to catch up.*

Jonathan: It was here. *Gesturing towards the surounding area.*
John: Well, let's get started.

*They split up into groups of two, looking for something that will give them a clue.*
Jonathan Katarn
12/7/2004 1:14:17 PM

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RE: Daring Rescue Operation

Megan: Guys, I found something.

Megan holds up a wallet.

Chris: How convenient.
John: Any identification inside?

Megan pulls out 80 lom and pockets it, smiling. She then removes a driver's license.

Megan: Pratchet, Billy James. 276 Burviss Avenue, Oakland, Callice. Shall we pay Billy a visit?
Chris: We shall. If he's not involved, we can be good samaritans and return that wallet.

Megan's mouth hangs open and she points at her pocket.

Chris: We'll see.

Chris turns.

Chris: John, Tom, Jonathan, Fire, stick around here and keep looking for whatever you can find. Jake, Jango, Megan, and I'll go to Callice and pay ol' Billy a visit.

Chris, Megan, Jake, and Jango get into the Sky Wolf and  take off, leaving the others by their lonesome.

Tom: So, now we're in the middle of an innavigable forest with no supplies, and it'll be upwards of three hours before they get back.
John: Who wants to watch a movie? Grin

Jonathan and Fire ignore the morons.


--Somewhere over Callice----
Jango: My GOSH this whole things is inconsistent.
Chris, Jake, & Megan: Huuuh?

Jango gets up, runs to the back of the ship, opens the hatch, and jumps out.

Megan: ...
Chris: ...
Jake: WHAT THE--!


[Megan gains 80 lom.]

Chris, Jake, Jango, and Megan land at an airport in Oakland and deploy the Jeep. Stopping to ask directions occasionally, they find their way to 276 Burviss Avenue.

Megan walks up to the door, making sure her M92 is out of view, and knocks on the door. There's no answer, so she knocks again. A young man opens the door.

Megan: Excuse me, are you... uhhh... Does Billy Pratchet live here?
Man: Yeah, he's my dad. He's not here right now. Who are you?
Megan: I'm Megan. Do you know where I could find Billy?

Mark hesitates.

Mark: No.
Megan: Okay, thanks.

Megan turns and walks back to the Jeep.

Chris: Well?
Megan: He lives there, but he's not home. Time for a stake out.
Jango: Ooooh! I always wanted to stake something out.
Jake: Everybody does. Anyway, let's go get some food. We'll come back in a little while.
Megan: I have a feeling that guy got suspicious. He'll probably write down our license plate number and tell Billy some weird people came for him today and then he'll send ninjas--
Jake: Ninja.
Megan: ...NINJA after us. To kill us in our sleep.
Jango: Wide Eyes
Megan: I'm joking, Jango...

--Back in Nookiya...--
John: I haven't found slag.
Tom: Why would you find slag in the middle of dense woods?
John: Tom...
Tom: What?
John: Shut up.
Tom: I knew that was coming! I KNEW IT! Left eye.

Jonathan is on the verge of ripping out both of the humans' jugular veins with his bare hands, but he refrains, mostly because Fire was watching and wouldn't approve... He rubbed his forehead.

Fire: We have searched the entire area to no avail. We should retire to our cabin.
John: Sounds good to me. Let's go.
Tom: *Foaming at the mouth.*
Fire: Wide Eyes
John: Don't worry about it.

--Burviss Avenue, Oakland, Callice - Later--
Jake yawns and picks up his radio.

Jake: Nothing yet...

He sets the radio down and looks through his binoculars lazily. Just as he hits the threshold of giving up, a black minivan pulls into the driveway.


Unfortunately, five masked men wielding MP5s exit the vehicle and begin breaching the house.

Jake: HOLY--

Jake fumbles for his radio and hits the button.

Jake: Urrr, we got guys with guns. They're... They're going in.

Tires screech as Chris, Jango, and Megan fly down the road and jump out before the Jeep comes to a complete stop. Chris with his AK, Jango with his 1911, and Megan with her F2000 rush to the house. Gunfire is heard upstairs just as Chris kicks in the door. They quickly and somewhat carelessly clear the first floor.

On the second floor, Mark is sitting in a corner, unconscious and bleeding. Chris motions for Jango to take care of Mark. Jake comes up the stairs with his SPAS-12 shouldered. Chris motions to Jake to get ready to breach and clear the next room.

They do. Four of the masked men are holding guns on a woman and two children, booger hooks firmly on bang switches. Not feeling like having the deaths of a woman and two children on his mind, Chris opens fire. Jango, Megan, and Jake follow suit. They hear a gunshot in the next room and enter it.

Billy is on the floor, dead, bleeding out of his head. The remaining masked man turns and gets a shot off, missing, before Jake peppers him with 00 buck.


Storms Gibson & Conner
"Drop your weapon, you have fifteen seconds to comply..."

Megan Kirate
Member of SG&C

4/13/2005 5:05:23 PM

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RE: Daring Rescue Operation

Jake: I've got something... A van pulled up into the driveway.

The van sits there for a minute before the engine turns off and a short, balding man with large, round glasses gets out, carrying a briefcase. He heads inside. Megan's voice crackles over the radio.

Megan: I'm coming down the street. I'll go knock on his door.
Jake: Roger that.

Second later, Jake sees Megan walking casually down the sidewalk. She turns and heads up to Billy's door and knocks. She hears a voice shout "Somebody get the door!"
The boy from earlier opens the door.

Boy: You again.
Megan: Umm, yes... Is Billy home?

The boy squints and nods.

Boy: Dad, somebody wants you.

The boy closes the door. A few seconds later, the short, balding man opens the door.

Billy: Who are you?
Megan: My name is Megan Kirate, and I'm from SG&C. I just wanted to know if you were in Nookiya forest recently.
Billy: ...Yes, yes I was.
Megan: I was wondering if you were a member of an organization that... doesn't particularly like Bio-Shells.
Billy: Who's asking?
Megan: I just told you.
Billy: Why do you want to know?
Megan: You've pretty much already admitted to it, and I don't really need evidence. I want you to give me back a Bio-Shell named Ultima Tipense, or there's going to be a big gun battle at your compound ending in about a hundred people dying, lots of explosions, fire, and us barely managing to grab him and escape with our lives.

Billy raises an eyebrow.

Billy: Whatever. I'll go call my people. See what we can do.
Megan: Great! Thanks.

Billy slams the door.

--The next day...--

Megan knocks on Billy's door. He answers.

Billy: Well, my guys wanted to have a big gun battle at our compound ending in about a hundred people dying, lots of explosions, fire, and you barely managing to grab Ultima and escape with your lives.
Megan: Sounds good. How's tomorrow sound?
Billy: Pretty good! See you there.

--The next day...--

Jake, Tom, John, Chris, and Megan arrive at the Shell Hunters compound. Gunfire erupts. The gang takes cover behind various things, unleashing about a thousand rounds of ammo and ten grenades for about a hundred people die. They get in the compound, killing and wounding about fifty more people, find Ultima, blow open his cell, and barely get out with their lives. Maybe one of them got shot, but he recovers perfectly.


Everybody gets 400 experience and 650 lom.

Archer Bio-Shell

5/22/2005 12:06:01 AM

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