The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

The End of the World has been averted! Dang, we rock!
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The Lands of Meeriad - Sunder Continent - Sorna
The Mad Bomber

Jake would be sitting at his desk at the inn. He has the chair leaning back on two legs, with his feet kicked up on the desk. The news had just come back from a commercial, and was speaking of another explosion, demolishing a building.

Jake: Geeze, this must be the third building already..

He muttered to himself.

Jake shrugged it off as usual, and went about his daily work, often stopping to play with his new Ruger Blackhawk .45 LC. Several days would pass with no contracts being signed for SG&C. About three days later, however, Jake recieved a phone call.

??: Conner, you have three hours to bring $500,000 to the Rusty Nail Inn at Sorna. It is to be placed down the old well in the back. If you fail to comply, you can say good-bye to your home, as well as business. If the explosives are tampered with, they will detonate. Good-day.
Jake: Hey!--Who is this? Hello??

The man had hung up. It seemed to Jake that he was this bombers next target. In a frenzy, Jake started tearing the inn apart, searching for any possible bomb, even though he knew nothing of the workings of one.
Down in the old cellar, behind some crates, Jake had found the culprit. Several blocks of C4 were armed, and counting down from a timer. Jake was in almost shock. He was tripping over his own feet as he ran up the stairs to the phone, calling over to John, hoping he may be able to help.
Jake Conner
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5/22/2005 12:54:18 AM

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RE: The Mad Bomber

John: So go toss it in the ocean. You're close enough.
Jake: He says it's wired to blow if it's tampered with.
John: I guess you're in for quite a light show, eh? Look, there's no way I can make it from here to there in three hours. I don't know what to tell you. I'll get moving, but you'll have to figure out something in the mean time. Freeze it or something.
Jake: Okay.

They hang up.

Jake: Freeze it... Freeze it? How am I supposed to freeze it? Dang it. Only magic I know is fire...

He looks to his right. A chainsaw meets his eyes. A ray of light seems to be shining directly on it. He grabs it and rips the cord.

It gurgles. He rips it a few more times to no avail. No gas. He gases her up and she starts right up.

Jake: Evil Grin

He goes to work taking out a chunk of the wall. Succeeding, he carefully knocks it out and carries it to down to the harbor.

Go freaking figure. At least twenty boats and ships are shuffling about the harbor.

Jake: Tough luck, guys. Not Amused

He chucks it into the water and goes back to the inn.

Jake: Man, if I ever find this guy, he is gonna get it.
John Gibson
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5/22/2005 1:08:51 AM

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RE: The Mad Bomber

As Jake gets back to the Inn, he grabs the phone and calls John back.

John: Hello?
Jake: Problem solved.
John: ...Really? Y-you froze it?
Jake: Nah. I threw it in the harbor
John: Wait---What?
Jake: I threw it in the har--
John: You IDIOT.
Jake: What?
John: There are PEOPLE and BOATS at the harbor.
Jake: Hm..I guess I didn't think about that...But how am I..supposed to get it?
John: Figure something out! I Can't get there in time, you better hope some other SG&C is around Sunder.

John hangs up before Jake gets another word in. Jake only hopes that meant John was going to call around. Jake ran out of the inn and down to the harbor, where he had thrown it. He looked down the deep waters, but they were filthy, and he couldn't see the explosives. Even if he could, it was pretty unlikely he could get the entire thing from the bottom and swim back up with it. Thoughts raced through his head as he attempted to think of a solution. It hit him, he ran to the main building on the harbor, and kicked down the office door. He grabbed the loudspeaker, and announced there was a bomb threat, and that all people and boats must evacuate immediatley.w Within half and hour, the harbor was completely empty. Jake made his way back to where he threw it, and without thinking he grabbed a grenade off the side of his belt. He pulled the pin, and pulled the handle off. Then he lobbed the grenade down in the water, right where he dropped the bomb. The moment the grenade plinked into the water, he ran the opposite way and took cover behind the building.
Water shot up into the air, as an explosion rumbled through the air. He luckilly took out the C4 in one shot. Jake soon emerged from behind the building.

Jake: Well now, at least the bomb is taken care of. Now just to figure out who's been doing this.

He was obviously thinking out loud, seemingly unphased by the ordeal. He would start walking back up the road to the Inn, to give a call to SG&C.
Jake Conner
3rd in command of SG&C

5/22/2005 2:09:40 PM

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RE: The Mad Bomber

Megan happened to be back in Sorna visiting friends and family when John called.

Megan: Hello.
John: Jake's got problems. Ed's done busted out the capsule window tryin' to--
Megan: John, get to the point.
John: AHEM. Right... You heard about all the bombings around Sekhmet, yes?
Megan: Uhh, yeah.

There's a short silence.

Megan: Oh. I'll head over there now. Is he okay?
John: Yeah, he's fine. He... tossed the bomb into the harbor.
Megan: He did WHAT?
John: I know. I told him to figure something out, and I imagine he did... He's good at that. Anyway, you get going. Jango's bringing over the Sky Wolf and Tom, Chris, and I are going to be on our way.
Megan: Okay. Bye.

She hangs up.

Megan: Sorry guys, I have to attend to something. I'll call you when I have time.

She hurries outside, gets in her Mustang, and begins the twenty minute drive to Sekhmet.

Megan parks in front of Jake's inn and goes inside. Right on the lobby counter, Jake has about seven guns spread out, disassembled. He's currently rubbing the crud off of his UMP's bolt.

Megan: Hey.
Jake: WHOA!

He pulls his Desert Eagle out from under the counter and points at at her.

Jake: Oh.

He quickly sets the gun down.

Jake: Hi, Megan.
Megan: Hey, Jake. You aren't looking for this mad bomber guy?
Jake: Where am I supposed to look? Might as well make sure my guns work so if I see that mother--
Megan: Yeah, alright. We could go look around his recent targets for clues...
Jake: Nope. I just set up some motion detectors all over all the doors and windows so if anybody tries to get in, I'll know. He'll see his little bomb didn't quite work and there's no money in the well. He'll be back.
Megan: Or he'll realize you're smarter than him and not try here again.

Jake squints angrily.
John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

5/22/2005 2:52:25 PM

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RE: The Mad Bomber

Jake continues sitting there, cleaning out and reassembling his guns. Moments later a loud roaring sound shakes the entire Inn.

Jake: Jango must be here.
Megan: Geeze, one day your in is gonna fall down!
Jake: Nah, she's built like a rock.

Jake hits his hand against the wall to show her how strong it is...A chunk of the wall fell down when he hit it.

Jake: You didn't see that.
Megan: Riight..

Jake pulls a big gun case onto the counter, and begins loading it with several pistols. He grabs his field knife and shoves it into a boot sheathe and sticks it on his boot. He holsters one of his Desert Eagles, and puts the other in the case. He slings the heavy barrett over his shoulder, and begins heading outside with Megan, where the Skywolf was awaintg out in the field. Jake and Megan both climb on, and the Skywolf lifts off.

Jake sets down the heavy gun case, and pulls the Barrett off his shoulder.

Chris: ..Have enough weapons? Huh?
Jake: Nope.

Jake walks over, and punches in a code on a wall-panel. The panel lifts up, revealing guns, upon guns mounted inside the panel.

Chris: Dizzy
John: ...Okay then.

Jake: Any ideas on where this guy might strike next?
Tom: Well, where did he strike before your Inn again?
Megan: The Rusty Nail Inn, right?
Jake: Yeah.
Tom: Sounds like he's going after Inns, or something.
Jake: ..Why would he go after inns and not banks, or something?
Tom: How would I know?
Jango: I hate to interrupt, but where are we headed, firstoff?
Jake: Callice.
John: Callice?
Jake: I have a few empty racks. I need more guns.
John: Dead


The Skywolf lands on the outskirts of town. The bay hatch of the Skywolf opens, and Chris drives his jeep down and out of it. Jake and John head down, and hop in.

Jango: You had best not take too long!

The large hatch raises up, and closes. Chris hits the gas and they head off into town. A bit later they arrive at a weapons shop. Jake heads in alone. About half an hour later, Jake comes out to see John with his feet kicked up, napping. And Chris listening to the radio.

Chris: So..What did you get?

Several men come out, bearing large gun cases, and they throw it in the back of the jeep, and head back in.

Jake: Oh, only a few things. A Bushmaster M203 Grenade Launcher, a Beretta Cx4 Storm, aaand a SIG SG552 Carbine.
Chris: ...
Jake Conner
3rd in command of SG&C

5/22/2005 4:22:45 PM

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RE: The Mad Bomber

John: Man, you guys hang on. I'm jealous now.

He goes into the store.

Chris: Oh boy...

--Minutes later...--

John exits the store, carrying two pistol cases, stacked on his arm. Sitting on top is a blister pack containing a Gemtech SOS-45 suppressor. In his other hand is a large case, which he seems to be having trouble carrying.

Chris: Whatcha got?

John sets the cases on the dashboard and opens the first one.

John: Five-Seven aaaaaand...

He opens the other one.

John: USP Tactical. .45.
Jake: Kiddie stuff.

John looks smug.

John: Take a look at this.

He heaves the large case onto the seat and opens it up.

Chris and Jake: Wide Eyes HOLY NUTS!

There, in the case, sits a thing of beauty. An M249 SAW.

Jake: Hrrrgggnnhgg! GIVE IT HERE!
John: No. Happy
Jake: Grrgrrghghnn!
Chris: Enough. Let's get going.
John: Hang on, I couldn't carry the last thing.
Chris: Gosh. There's more?
John: Nothing much. One sec.

He runs inside. A few seconds later he comes dashing back out with another rifle-sized case. He tosses it in the seat.

Chris: What is it?
John: Shotgun. Mossy 590 to be more specific.
Chris: Right.

Chris hits the gas.


Jango: Took you long enough.
Chris: Both these fools decided they wanted more guns.
Jango: Ooh! Ooh! Whatcha guys got?
Jake: Standalone M203, a Cx4, and a 552.
Jango: Awesome. John?
John: USP Tactical .45, Five-Seven, Mossberg 590, aaaand...
Jango: And?
John: Just a Minimi--
Jango: A MINIMI?!
John: Everybody freaks out at the Minimi.
Jango: Maaaaaan... I want one.

Jake points through the windshield.

Jake: To the Rusty Nail Inn!

The Sky Wolf takes flight.
John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

5/22/2005 5:33:31 PM

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RE: The Mad Bomber

A few hours later the Skywolf flies over the Rusty Nail Inn. It seemed to be a bit quiet then it's usual vigor. They landed a few miles out from the inn. Jake and the others began arming themselves, with concealed weapons mostly, as to not draw attention. Chris, Jake, Tom, and John head out in the Jeep to the Inn. As they approach, Chris and Jake jump out, while Tom and John pull around back. Jake shoves the door open and walks in, Chris following behind. The place was completely dead. Not a single person inside.

Chris: Hmm..this is odd, isn't it?

A slight muffled sound could be heard coming from behind the bar counter. Chris ran over and peered over, seeing a man bound with duct tape.

Chris: Uh..Jake.
Jake: ..What?
Chris: There's..a guy.

Chris leans over and pulls the duct tape off the mans mouth while Jakes walks across, over to Chris. The moment the tape was off the mans mouth, he let out a shout;

Jake Conner
3rd in command of SG&C

5/23/2005 4:26:31 PM

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RE: The Mad Bomber

John: Oh, nuts. Chris, grab him!

Chris grabs the man, slings him over his shoulder, and they all run outside. I bet you expected them to get out just in the nick of time. Sorry. The building doesn't explode. Yet. They watch for several minutes.


Man: Nooooooooooooooooooo!
Jake: Dude, pipe down. Dang.
Man: But... that was my inn!
Jake: I know how you feel. I hope you have insurance.
Man: I do...
Jake: Well, you've got nothing to worry about, then.
Chris: Now what do we do? We don't have anything to go on...
Jake: Wait...

Jake turns to the owner of the Rusty Nail.

Jake: Did the bomber call and demand money?
Inn keeper: Uhh... Yeah.
Jake: Where did he want you to bring it?
Inn keeper: The... the Pavilion Inn. He said to leave the money under a big upside down bucket behind it.

Jake turns to Chris.

Jake: Let's go!

Chris has already figured it out. They all jump in the Jeep and hit the gas, heading over to the Pavilion Inn.


They arrive and run inside. The innkeeper is standing behind the counter, looking bored.

Jake: Split up!

The innkeeper looks surprised.

Innkeeper: What's going on?!
Megan: We think your inn's been targeted by a bomber. We're looking for bombs. Have any suspicious characters been through here recently?
Innkeeper: Bombs? Suspicious characters? The only person's been through here today is the guy fixing the air conditioner in one of the rooms.
Megan: How obvious. Which room?
Innkeeper: ...Four...
Megan: Can I get the key?

The innkeeper pulls a Remington 870 from under the counter and grabs the phone. He dials 911.

Megan: What the--?
Innkeeper: I'm calling the cops to arrest your butt for trying to plant a bomb in my inn!
Megan: You've got to be kidding me.
Innkeeper: No, I'm-- Hello! Five people just came into my inn and split up to plant bombs! Please send a bomb squad! I'm at the Pavilion Inn on Pavilion Street.
Megan: GUYS!

The innkeeper pokes her in the chest with the muzzle of the shotgun.

Innkeeper: Quiet.

Megan grabs the gun and pulls it away from him. He pulls the trigger, discharging it into the ceiling. Everybody comes running into the lobby.

Innkeeper: What are you doing?!
Megan: He thinks we're here to plant bombs! He just called the cops!
John: Buttnuts.
Tom: Doesn't matter, we didn't find a bomb.
Megan: Umm... I think it's in room 4.
Innkeeper: They've assaulted me!
Megan: Dude... Shut up.

She reaches over the counter, grabs the key to room 4, and they all run upstairs and burst into the room. An obvious lump under the covers. Jake rips the sheets off.


Chris rips the faceplate off of the air conditioner. A huge block of C4 greets him with a blinking red light. The next thing he notices is the fact that it's wired directly into the air conditioner.

Chris: Umm... nuts.
John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

5/23/2005 8:56:39 PM

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RE: The Mad Bomber

All of a sudden, the Air conditioners in each room begin kicking on, it seems they're set to turn on when the rooms hit a certain temperature. The small digital timer attached to the C4 lights up, displaying "3:00". It begins beeping as it counts down.

Jake: ..Not good.

Megan rushes forward, and shuts the power the on the air conditioner. The timer continues counting down.

Chris: The plug!

Megan grabs the plug and rips it from the wall, but still to no avail as the timer continues, now displaying "2:40". Jake attempts to pull the air conditioner from the window, only to find it's screwed in.

Jake: Gah!

Jake pulls his DE from it's holster, and puts several rounds right through all the screws holding it to the wall. The air conditioner falls loose, and almost falls out the window, but Chris grabbed it.

Chris: Uh...HELP?
Jake: What are we supposed to do with it?!
Chris: I don't know! But at least help me get it OUT OF HERE!

Jake grabs it and helps him carry it out the room, Megan kicked the door open and helped them down. They then began working their way out the door as fast as they could.


The Innkeeper reaches for his shotgun again, police sirens are heard off in the distance.
Jake Conner
3rd in command of SG&C

5/23/2005 10:21:09 PM

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RE: The Mad Bomber

They toss it into a nearby river just in the nick of time. A plume of water rises up twenty feet into the air, raining down on the mercenaries.

Just then, they hear a voice over a megaphone.

Voice: Put yours hands in the air and turn around slowly!

They all look over their shoulders. Many cops are holding guns on them.

Voice: Put your hands up!
Chris: I guess all we can do is jump...

Chris points at the river.

Chris: Count of three and all that jazz... One... two... three!

They simultaneously jump into the rushing river as police open fire.


The all emerge from the water downstream, under a bridge. Jake grabs his phone, turns on the GPS, and calls Jango.

Jake: Get your butt down here. We've got police on our butts.
Jango: Police?! What the slag?
Jake: Just get moving!
Jango: Roge-o, capitan.

Jango hangs up.

John: That innkeeper is a buttclown.
Tom: Buttclown?
John: Yes. Buttclown.
Tom: Oookay.
John: I'm tired of your BULLSLAG, Tom!
Megan: Shut up! They'll hear us.

A roaring jet is heard overhead. Jake's phone rings.

Jake: Under the bridge.
Jango: Oh.

He hangs up. The Sky Wolf slowly comes into view, ramp lowered. Everybody hurries inside and Jango flies off.

Nonsense follows.

Suddenly, they see a bright, blue flash outside the windshield. They look to the right of the ship. An entire line of cop cars (with cops) has been vaporized.

Jake: What the...?

--Minutes ago, aboard the Mothership...--
Wolf: Umm... Aaahhh... A squad of police in Sekhmet have broken law IA8.
Kyle: Destroy them.
Wolf: Yes, my lord.

End nonsense.

Jake sits down in the copilot seat and pulls up a map of Sekhmet in Paint Shop Pro.

Jake: I figure it's too cliched to work, but it's the only thing I could think of.
Jango: What?
Jake: Maybe he's bombing a pattern. Ever seen that episode of Inspector Gadget?
Jango: What's Inspector Gadget?
Jake: Nevermind. The first three buildings...

He marks the first three.

Jake: Are here, here, and here... my inn is here... The Rusty Nail and the Pavilion are here and here...
Archer Bio-Shell

5/24/2005 1:28:45 AM

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