The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

The End of the World has been averted! Dang, we rock!
See what happened on Dankton.
See what happened on Sunder.

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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Zanardio
Space: 1671


Wolf runs in. Kyle turns around, raises his hand, and Wolf is forced to the ground on one knee.

Wolf: Dominion Master Kyle--my leige--the prototype has been stolen!

Kyle is deeply disturbed, but masks it.

Kyle: By whom?
Wolf: Our archnemesis--MyroSyn.

Kyle squints.

Kyle: Summon the other DMs. We will hold a conference.

--John's house, Zanardio.--

John and Megan are furiously playing Halo 2 co-op.

John: Megan, stop leaving me behind. I--DAD GUMMIT. I wouldn't DIE so much if you wouldn't always run ahead!
Megan: Well, I'm sor-ry! You're slow!
John: Augh--FLOOD!

Gunfire erupts. Tom is stuffing his face with Ritz Chips. The power goes out.


Suddenly, the air gets foggy.

John: What the heck?

The front door blows off of its hinges. Three black-clad men with UMP45s step through, laser sights diffusing in the fog. Upon closer inspection, they're not men, but orange-, black-, and grey-furred humanoids. Tom reaches for his P229 and takes out the black-furred one while Megan ends the orange-furred one. The grey-furred one throws his UMP down, puts his hands up, and yelps.

Wolf: I'm here to deliver a message!

Tom holds his P229 on him.

Tom: What message?
Wolf: The Dominion Masters of Meeriad wish to meet with you!
Tom: The what?

Wolf screams, assuming an ion cannon blast is about to vaporize the house.

Wolf: The Dominion Masters!
John: Who are the Dominion Masters?!

Wolf has a heart attack and dies on the spot. Another trio steps in the door, unarmed and no longer dressed in black.

Wolf: Come with us. You are to meet with the Dominion Masters.

The three of them raise their eyebrows and follow, guns drawn. They soon arrive at an obvious ripoff of a Lambda class shuttle from Star Wars and enter.

Pilot Blick leans out from the cockpit, wearing a grey flight suit, sunglasses, and helmet with built-in headphones and microphone. He gives them all a thumbs up.

Pilot Blick: Fasten your seat belts, this'll be one heckuva ride! YEEHAW!

He goes back into the cockpit. The door closes. John, Megan, Tom, and the three humanoid animals sit on the benches to the side of the compartment. It begins to shake horrendously. As it reaches two miles in altitude, a mind-wiping beam shoots out of the bottom, erasing everybody within a mile's radius's memory of the past five minutes. The shuttle soon exits the atmosphere and docks with the Mothership. The loading ramp opens, and an exact clone of Wolf is standing at the bottom. John does a double-take between the Wolf sitting in the shuttle in the fancy-robed Wolf at the ramp.

Diplomat Wolf: Follow me.

Reluctantly, they do. After passing through dozens of halls and doorways, they arrive at a room with a large view of surrounding space. Diplomat Wolf steps to the side and bows. At a pill-shaped table sits four cloaked men. Only their mouths are visible below their hoods. In a horrid rendition of Emperor Palpatine's voice, the shortest one speaks.

DM Clint: Welcome, GK&F. SC&I will be arriving soon. Seat your posteriors.
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RE: Space: 1671

After a few moments of silence, Chris, Jake, and Jango walk in. As they enter the room, the Diplomat Sunny exits, and the door closes behind them. One of the taller cloaked men speaks up.

DM Jon: Be seated, SC&I. GK&F has already arrived.

Hesistantly, they sit down beside John, Megan, and Tom. Chris whispers to John.

Chris: Uh..What's going on?

before John could respond, another of the men spoke up.

DM Kyle: We have summoned you humans here for a very vital recovery operation that may cause a galactic war if the item is not recovered in time.

DM Rob: Our reconnaisance has told us that our item has been someware on the planet of Perrenor.

John: ..Perrenor?

DM Kyle: Perrenor is located on the far side of your solar system. There is only a small area inhabitable by sentient life forms since Dominion Master Bob relocated.

DM Jon: We will be sending you, SG&C, to sector C4-11, where you will meet our informant.

Chris: Who is your informant?

DM Clint: Do not worry of that. He will know you, and he will approach you. He will further detail you on your mission.

DM Rob: Now, if you will all exit to the door on your right, and transport awaits you.

A large door on the right side of the room slowly slides open, revealing a long hallway.
Jake Conner
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RE: Space: 1671

They enter the transport ship.

John: What about our weapons?

Diplomat Wolf gestures toward the six lockers in the back. They open themselves, revealing all of their weapons conveniently arranged.

John: ...Sweet.

The passenger area is very similar to a passenger airliner. They all sit in the comfortable, padded seats.

Megan: It's... wraps around your butt. Comfy.

They hear the engines power up, and the ship lurches forward. The intercom crackles.

Pilot Blick: Buckle your seat belts, suckers, 'cause you're in for one heck of a ride! YEEHAW!

There's another lurch and they can feel the ship speeding up. Jango is seen squirming and sweating.

Jango: Don't they have inertial dampeners?

They all feel themselves being pushed harder and harder into the seats. The cockpit door flies open and gibs fly out.


Another Pilot Blick runs out of the back of the ship.


The entire ship begins to rumble. Things rattle. Pilot Blick enters the cockpit. Just as his gibs fly out again, the ship stops rattling. Another one comes out of the back.

Pilot Blick: Inertial dampeners enabled. I guess I'll go fly now.

He enters the cockpit. Janitor Sunny comes in, gathers the gibs in a bucket, and goes back. Everybody blinks in confusement. The intercom once again crackles.

Pilot Blick: We're about to enter hyperspace. This is going to be incredibly painful, so you may want to take the bullets from under your armrests and bite. Very hard.

Jango screams like a little girl. John, who is a man, figures he can take it. Tom, Megan, and Jake bite their bullets. John is flinching every few seconds in anticipation. They hear horrible screaming in the cockpit. The door opens and gibs fly out. Another Pilot Blick comes from the back.

Pilot Blick: We're through the worst of it.

He enters the cockpit. Everybody looks dumbfounded, as they felt nothing. There's maniacal cackling from the cockpit.


The ship docks at Torenpls starport on Perrenor.

Chris slings his Cx4 (tactical sling, chest), holsters his Px4 (right thigh). John slings his P90 and holsters his Beretta M8045 (left shoulder) and Five Seven (right hip), and checks his Glock Field Knife 78 (lower leg). Tom slings his XM15 with M203 and ACOG (tactical sling, chest) and Galil with Leupold MARK 4 LR/T (sling, back), and double checks his MK23 with KAC OHG suppressor (right thigh), P229 (left shoulder), and Glock Field Knife 81 (belt). Jake slings his SG552 (tactical sling, chest), and holsters his two 1911s (left shoulder, right thigh). Megan slings her F2000 (tactical sling, chest), double checks her TLE/RL II (hip). Jango slings his MP7 (single-point sling, chest) and holsters his IG88 (right thigh).

They exit the ship and proceed out of the starport. Quite a stench meets their noses as they step into the streets of sector C4-11. The place is run down. Garbage piles, homeless people, smoke billowing from the sewers. A man dressed in rags walks toward them.

Chris: We don't have any money.
Man: What? I'm Jeremy, your informant.
John Gibson
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6/16/2005 6:15:57 PM

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RE: Space: 1671

John: Oh, well..Spill the info.

Jeremy hands John a map of the entire sector. John unfolds it and looks over it.

John: Pretty big sector. Huh?

Jeremy: Our intel leads us to believe the lost 'object' is someware in this region..

He runs his finger in a circle around the northwestern area. As he runs his finger around it, a red mark follows his finger, creating a circled area.

Jake: Hey, that was pretty neat.

Jeremy: We have reason to believe that a group of interstellar bandits have a base of operations in an underground complex in that area. The entrance will likely be well guarded by disguised guards.

Jeremy reaches into his pocket and takes out a small golden disk. It was about 4 inches in diameter, and about half an inch high. He hands it over to Jake.

Jeremy: This is a holocommunicator. When you have infiltrated their complex, contact me on that, and I will give you further intel on your operation. Understood?

They nod.

Jeremy: As you descend further into their complex, I doubt your weapons will have much effect, seeing as the higher ranking guards have personal shielding devices.

Chris: So..What does that mean?

Jeremy: Your weapons will be rendered useless, pretty much.

Jeremy points down an alleyway heading east.

Jeremy: Roughly a quarter mile down that alley is a 'pawn' shop. Tell him Jeremy sent you, and he will take you into the back room. Stock yourself with our weaponry.

With that, Jeremy turns and walks off.

Megan: He smelled funny.

Tom: Yeah, I know.

Chris: Well, I guess we should get going?

Jake Conner
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6/17/2005 2:58:12 PM

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RE: Space: 1671

They go down the alley and into the shop. The men inside eye them.

Chris: Jeremy sent us.

The clerk nods toward the back room and goes inside. They follow. The lights flicker and turn on, revealing the walls filled with weapons they've never seen before.

Clerk: You can have whatever you want, but they gotta be back in a week or you die. That is, unless you pay for them.

He lifts a price tag. They don't recognize the currency symbol, but they do see a large number.

Clerk: If you need help with anything, just ask.

Jake points at a particularly interesting looking pistol.

Jake: What's this?
Clerk: That's a Martek Z27. It's not that great. The bolts disperse terribly at twenty-five yards. If you want a really nice pistol, check out the Lern 42.

He points.

Clerk: I guarantee it won't rust, parts won't break ever, and it won't disperse. Period.
Jake: Disperse?

The clerk blinks and gives him the "Are you stupid?" look.

Clerk: Dispersion is when the magnetic field breaks down and releases gas. You couldn't hit the broad side of a barn at fifty yards with the Martek, it disperses so bad.
Jake: So it gets inaccurate when it disperses?
Clerk: Duuhurrr, yeah.
Jake: You better get a handle on your attitude. We just got to this planet.
Clerk: That explains a lot. Like those whacked out guns you have. Well, since you're newbies, I'll help you out. This...

He points at a rifleish weapon.

Clerk: a Jinxes P428. Highly customizable with scopes, night sights, vertical foregrips, telescoping stocks--You name it, it has it. It won't disperse up to a thousand yards.
Chris: We'll take six.
Clerk: ...We only have two. But their cheaper model, the P420, we've got plenty of. It's got cheaper parts, and it'll start dispersing around eight hundred yards, but it's still a great gun.
Chris: Then we'll have four of those and the 428s.
Clerk: Alrighty.

He takes them off the wall and sets them on the counter.

Clerk: Jinxes makes some great railguns, too. This is a P330, their latest model. The scope is a Pairril X39-20, adjustable from four to thirty-two power. The stock and cheek rest are adjustable for any build. It's got a thirty inch barrel in a bullpup configuration and a fully adjustable bipod. Battery efficiency is awesome.
Chris: We'll take one. Oh yeah, and six Lern 42s. Will the Jinxes rif--Uhh...
Clerk: Blasters?
Chris: Yeah. Will they go through a personal shield?
Clerk: ...Why do you ask?
Chris: That's... classified.
Clerk: ...Yeah. It will.
Chris: Great.

After stuffing the guns into several duffle bags, they leave the shop.
John Gibson
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6/17/2005 7:54:06 PM

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RE: Space: 1671

Tom: Isn't it nice of them to not tell us what the heck we're even looking for?
Megan: Terribly nice.
Tom: So, we gonna try to get inside the bandits' place without causing a major ruckus?
John: We can try.

They head to the northwestern area of the sector. It looks almost the same as the area surrounding the starport except for a prominent building--a night club--flickering with neon and emitting obnoxious bass from a techno song playing inside. The team stops to ponder.

Chris: How much you want to bet the entrance to the base is in that night club or is that night club?
Tom: Seems odd that there would be a night club with all the poverty around here. There's definitely something fishy--tuna fishy.
John: Seems like if they want to keep it a secret they'd do something a little more low-profile.
Jake: Tom and I can go inside to check it out real quick.
Chris: All right. Keep in contact. The rest of us will continue to look around for anything else that could be the entrance.

Tom and Jake break off and head to the front entrance of the night club. The rest of the team moves on to continue searching.

Tom and Jake are stopped by a burly man wearing a black shirt that reads in large white letters, "SECURITY".

Security: Weapons aren't allowed on the premises.
Tom: These aren't weapons.
Security: My butt. I can hold them for you if you like, but they aren't allowed on the premises.
Jake: Uhh... No thanks.

Jake and Tom leave and move out of view of the doorman. They make sure nobody is around and pull a bunch of boxes and trash off a rusted dumpster, open the lid, and put their rifles inside.

Tom: Think they'll search us?
Jake: Probably. Better take off anything you've got concealed too.

They remove their pistols from their shoulder holsters as well as their thigh holsters with pistols. Tom removes his knife and places it in the dumpster as well. All they have now are empty shoulder holsters.

Tom: Let's try this again...

They walk up to the doorman again.

Security: Membership pass.
Tom: Uhh...
Jake: We don't have any.
Security: Then there's a fifty triggut cover charge for each person.
Jake: ... Okay, thank you.

They walk out of view again.

Tom: Okay, now what?
Jake: Well, we've got to check it out. We're gonna have to sneak in.

They open the dumpster and re-equip. They walk past the entrance, well enough away to keep the doorman from paying them much attention. They move down an alley next to the building. The structure appears to have been a warehouse. There are wide windows near the roof, but too high up just to climb through. Jake notices a rickety ladder near the rear of the building that goes to the roof. They run over to it. Jake climbs first. He reaches the roof, and Tom quickly follows. There are many industrial-sized air conditioners on the roof. They notice several hatches as well. They try a couple, but they're rusted shut. Jake finds one that moves, but it's very tough. They both tug on it and manage to open it. It squeaks obnoxiously, but the sound of the music blaring inside pours out, masking the sound for the most part. The hatch leads to a catwalk hanging above the bar. Inside there are strobe lights and many people dancing like morons. The music blaring from low-quality speakers is almost deafening. Toward the back of the building is a dining area. Only three people are situated there. Directly in the back of the building, there is an unmarked room with one door guarded by two large men with black "SECURITY" shirts similar to the doorman. They each have one blaster pistol about the size of a Micro Uzi in shoulder holsters, trying in no way whatsoever to conceal them. Tom and Jake creep along the catwalk toward the back, trying to remain concealed.

The catwalk ends at the back wall. There is no way down beside jumping. The three people in the dining area get up and head to the dance floor, leaving the dining room empty aside from the two security guards. Jake turns to Tom and says something, but no sound appears to come out. Tom gives him a "huh?" look. Jake makes several hand signals, instructing Tom to jump onto one of the men and incapacitate him. Tom nods in affirmation.

They both leap off the catwalk onto the men. As they fell, they briefly noted the sound of the blaring techno had been muffled somewhat by the glass separators of the dining room.

The man Jake landed on hits his head hard against the wall and falls unconscious. Tom isn't so lucky as the one he jumped on is still conscious. He delivers a quick blow to the man's head, knocking him out cold. They disarm the men and drag them out of sight.

Tom: I sure hope these are the "bandits" or else I'll feel a little sorry for doing this.
Jake: I have a feeling they are. Where the heck did all those people out there dancing come from? This town just seems to be bums and more bums.
Tom: I have no idea. It's weird.

Jake moves to their target door. He notices there is quite a large gap between it and the floor. He kneels and peeks underneath it. On the other side is a small room, dimly lit. He stands back up.

Jake: I don't see anybody in there, but let's move in quickly and take down anybody that may be in there quietly.

Tom rubs his knuckles, hurting from smacking the last guy. He readjusts his gloves. They stack up next to the door. Jake grabs the knob with his left hand and holds up three fingers with his right. He quickly counts down to one and flings open the door. They move in and cover the nearest two corners. The room is devoid of life. Jake closes the door and turns to examine the room. There are a couple metal folding chairs, a rickety wooden table made of two-by-fours, and a deck of cards strewn across the top. In one dark corner of the room is a door in the floor. The door is segmented into different sheets of steel that appear to slide. On the wall next to it is a keypad reading, "READY".

Jake: Great. Password or something.

Jake unsheathes his walkie-talkie and presses PTT.

Jake: Anybody there?

After a second, Chris responds.

Chris: Chris is.
Jake: We had to sneak inside the night club. We're in a back room and have found a door that, presumably, leads underground. The only way to open it appears to be by a nearby keypad or breaching charge.
Chris: Okay. Sounds like you have the best lead.
Jake: If you're coming to us, better make it quick while the coast is clear. Go down the left-side alley of the club. Near the rear of the building is a ladder to the roof. On the roof is a hatch that's already opened leading inside onto a catwalk. The catwalk ends at the door to the room we're in. We already took out the guards. Better hurry before they realize what's up.
Chris: All right. We're comin'.

Jake sheathes his walkie-talkie and turns to the keypad, stumped.

Tom: Maybe we'll just get lucky and someone will come through here to open it for us.

Suddenly, gruff laughter is heard coming from behind the door.

Tom: What'd I tell ya?
Jake: Shh...

The keypad on the wall now reads, "OPENING...". The metal door in the floor silently slides open, one segment at a time. Two large men wearing the same black "SECURITY" shirts and packing blaster pistols like the others come up the staircase. Jake and Tom leap onto the men from behind, forcing them to the ground. They both strike their heads, rendering them unconscious. They disarm them and move them underneath the table.

Tom: We need to start carrying duct tape with us so we can neutralize guys without killing brain cells.

Jake gives Tom a funny look. Just then, the rest of SG&C comes through the front door silently.

Jake: We got it open. Grin
Chris: Good. Let's check it out.

They proceed down the short staircase into a hall lit by overhead fluorescent lights.

John: I'm thinking this could be the underground complex.
Chris: Really?

After twenty-five feet of long, monotonous hallway, they come to a steel door. Fortunately this has a handle and no lock. Chris turns the handle and slowly opens the door.
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RE: Space: 1671

The room past the steel door is dark. Guns drawn, they proceed inside and turn on the fluorescent lights. A closet with wooden pantry doors is near the corner directly to their left, a stark contrast to the concrete and steel everywhere else. In the farther left corner is a folding card table with a steel, empty, open briefcase sitting on it. Lining the wall to their right are multiple near-empty bookcases. In the far right corner is another steel door. Jake points at the closet. Tom checks it. Nothing but cards, dice, and some kind of tabletop role-playing character sheets. They proceed to the door and Jake peaks through. Everything looks entirely different. Blue carpet; waist-high wood trim, above which is tan wallpaper; decorative fake plants; and office chairs. On the wall to the right is a 52-inch plasma TV with a brown, leather couch in front of it. One of the burly men with "security" shirts is on the couch, watching some kind of sport. Jake turns to Tom, puts his finger to his lips, and points into the room. He carefully opens the door, and they silently go past the man and turn left, into the next hallway. On the left side are a pair of vending machines on opposites sides of a door, sans a knob. They hear voices coming their way from down the hall. To their tremendous luck, the knobless door is open very slightly. Tom claws at it until he gets it open, and they slip inside. Jake sees that this side has a knob, and he closes the door behind him.

Voice: Dad gummit! Stupid thing closed on me again.

They hear keys jingle. They realize that behind them is the security camera terminal, with ten screens displaying individual live feed of security cameras around the complex. If they had been a few minutes earlier, they would have been seen. The door springs open slightly as the lock pops. A large locker is to the right of the door. They get on the opposite side of the locker as one not-so-burly man enters. Just before he sits down, Tom wraps his left arm around the man's neck and puts his right hand over his mouth. The man squirms for a few seconds, but stops, realizing it's pointless.

Tom: I think somebody around here stole a prototype of... something. I don't know what. I want you to tell me what it is. Now, I'm going to let my hand off your mouth nice and easy, but if you do anything loud it's dream land for you. Got it?

The man nods as much as he can. Tom moves his hand.

Man: I... I don't know anything about a prototype. I mean... Uhh... They brought something in a big briefcase the other day, but... but they wouldn't tell me what it was. They said it wasn't my business, and they took it downstairs. They were being really secretive.
Tom: Who's "they"?
Man: The... Joey Carmike and a few of his goons.
Tom: Who's he?

The man makes a feeble attempt to look over his shoulder at Tom, confused by his ignorance.

Man: Everybody knows who Joey is. He's the head of the Carmike gang.
Tom: What's downstairs?
Man: I... Nobody knows except Joey and a couple other big shots from the Carmike gang that come in here every few weeks. My buddy Alan snuck down there once and I never saw him again.
Tom: He sneaked in? How?
Man: I don't know for sure.


Chris, John, Megan, and Jango are going down the hall one by one. As Chris arrives at the end of the vending machine hall and Jango starts down it, the camera room door opens.

Jake: Psst, in here.

Jango jumps, but remains silent.

Jango: Chris!

Chris looks. He sees Jake hanging out of the doorway. They all go inside.

Man: He was always getting his shifts changed around the entire building, so he got to explore the whole place... You know, except downstairs. Maybe he found a way in somewhere else.
Jake: What about the air ducts?

Chris points at the one in the room. It's ten-by-four inches. Jake shrugs.

Jake: It was a thought.
Tom: Well, I've gotten about all I can out of you.
Jake: Hey! This thing has a "stun" setting! Grin
Tom: Grin

Jake switches it to "stun" and shoots the man.

Tom: Okay, Jake and I will go topside and look around for hidden entrances and the like.
Chris: Okay. Megan, John, you go check the night club. I'll look around down here. Jango, you watch the cameras and tell me if anybody's coming my way.
Jango: Roger, captain.
John Gibson
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6/19/2005 12:26:59 AM

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RE: Space: 1671

They all head off twords their respected areas. About ten minutes later Tom and Jake arrive back up on the roof, hoping they hadn't been seen. They break off and begin heading around the roof, looking for anything. Back ion the night club, Megan and John also split up to look around. They were constantly being bumped into and hit by the dancers and ravers at the night club. Back down under the night club, Jango sat with his feet kicked up on the desk, watching the monitors as Chris stood opposite of the room, inspecting a door with no keyhole, doorknob, or code panel.

Chris: Hm..this is odd. I wonder how it opens?

Jango: Maybe it only opens from the other side?

Chris: ..Then how would they get down there?

Jango: Oh, yeah..Right. Got any door breaches?

Chris: Nope.

Chris would bang on the heavy steel door.

Chris: I don't think they would have done much to help, either.

Chris scratched his head, thinking. He moved over near Jango and started looking over the monitor panel.

Chris: Dangit, move over Jango!

Jango: Pft, I'm comfortable.

Chris gives Jango a push and he loses balance off the chair legs and falls back, landing halfway under the panel.

Jango: Oof! Hey, why'd you do th--

Jango looked up at the bottom of the panel, near the overhang of the desk by the chair.

Jango: Hey, there's a button! Maybe it opens the door?

Chris: No, don't push it!---

Jango already pushed it. The lights illuminating the underground hallways are now drowned out by flashing red lights.

Chris: -Nice- going, Jango.

Jango pushes himself back up to his feet and looks at the monitors, the hallways now filling with armed guards.

Back above them, on the roof Jake and Tom come across a big locked hatch on the roof. The hatch was located on the far edge of the roof, away from the dancefloor below.

Tom: Hey, over here Jake!

Jake hurries over, seeing the hatch.

Jake: A way down?
Tom: Well, might as well check?

Jake shoots the lock out, knowing people wouldn't hear it over the blaring music. They both up the heavy hatch then and look down it. It was a long ladder heading down to what looked to be a dimly-lit room. They nod at eachother and begin heading down. The room is empty when they reach it, it seems to be a service room of sorts.

Jake: Great, nothing.

Tom: Is that a tuna sandwich?!

Tom runs across the room, as he runs across the carpet, mid-way across it the sound changes from sounding like running on wood, to running over steel. Tom reaches the other end and devours the stale, old tuna sandwich.

Jake: First off, ew. Secondly, did you hear that?

Tom: Hearf whaf?

Jake: ..Swallow yer dang food, Tom.

Tom can be heard gulping down the sandwich in his mouth. He then belches.

Tom: Hear what?

Jake walks over to where Tom ran and kicks his foot down on the ground. "CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK".

Jake: That.

Jake gets off the area-rug and pulls it up. Theres a small iron hatch under it.

Jake: Oh, neato.

Tom heads over and pulls it up. There's a short ladder heading down about 10 feet, under the ladder there was a brightly-lit hallway that looked to descend down from what they can tell. Jake reaches into his vest and pulls out the Holocommunicator.

Jake: does this work?

He fumbles with it, and the thing lights up, displaying an image of Jeremy.

Jeremy: Oh, hello Jake. Are you in the complex?

Jake: Seems so. Mind informing us the rest of our mission now?

Jeremy: Of course.

Jake Conner
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6/20/2005 4:45:46 PM

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RE: Space: 1671

Jeremy: The prototype was last stashed in a one hundred percent damage-proof briefcase. This is identifiable by the large "DM" lettering engraved in one side.
Jake: You could just tell me what the prototype is and it'll help out tremendously.
Jeremy: No it won't. They can't possibly get the case open, at least not yet. It's not important what's inside. Just get it back.

Jake grumbles.

Jeremy: Once you recover the case, return immediately to Torenpls starport for extraction.
Jake: Right...

He turns off the holocommunicator.

Tom: Alrighty then.

He shoulders his XM15, Jake his 552, and they descend into the building. Everything is white, lit by fluorescent lights at the bases of the curved walls. They stick out like sore thumbs. They turn a corner. A brown-furred creature that looks very similar to a Sunny or a Blick jumps in a cartoon-like fashion at the sight of them, turns, and runs.

Jake: Oh crud.

They give chase. They find him laughing at them as thick, heavy blast doors close in front of the doorway, moving just slow enough to be closed by the time Tom and Jake reach it. The only problem, however, is that the creature forgot to go through the door before closing the blast doors. Jake grabs it by the shoulder and punches it in the gut.

Jake: TALK!
Jake: We?
Drut: We're like the trio! We are infinite!
Jake: The trio?
Drut: Blick, Wolf, Sunny... The creepy furry guys that you like to kill.
Jake: Oh. Does that mean I can kill you without consequence?
Drut: Yeah, pretty much.

Jake pulls out a 1911 and wastes him. They hear the sound of many firearms racking behind them. They turn and about ten Druts decked out in riot gear holding shotguns at hip level are facing them.

Tom: Start shooting?
Jake: Start shooting.

Tom opens up on auto.


Within seconds the Druts are down, having not fired a single shot. Their bodies sink into the ground, along with their guns.

Jake: Sad

The blast doors behind them open, the deaths of eleven Druts triggering them. Inside, they see a half-foot-thick glass cylinder surrounding a sturdy metal briefcase on a pedestal. Jake promptly raises his 552 and releases a five-round burst into the cylinder. It barely dents it.

Jake: Hm.
Tom: How about we just try this?

He presses a button. The glass cylinder lowers into the floor. Jake grabs the briefcase.

Jake: It says "DM".
Tom: Awesome.

Just as they exit the room, klaxons blare, and the lights turn red. They hear many loud footsteps in the distance.

Jake: Fun time.
John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

6/21/2005 2:02:24 AM

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RE: Space: 1671

Jake: Time for the big guns?
Tom: You know it!

Jake grabs a smoke grenade off his belt, pulls the pin, and tosses it down the hall. Tom and Jake then duck around the nearest corner, and sling the fancy weaponry off their backs. Tom grabs the Jinxes P428 and Jake grabs the P330 Railgun off his back and looks over it.

Jake: Man that's awesome.
Tom: Okay, so..What's the plan?

Jake points down the hall to a small open area, stuffed with crates.

Jake: We're heading down there.

The smoke grenade went off and the hallways began flooding with smoke as Tom and Jake ran down the hall, running behind the crates. Jake moved one of the crates over a bit, and kneeled down, placing the P330 on the crates below it, and looking down the scope. Tom was at Jakes left side, looking down the other hallway. A few moments later, figures could be seen coming through the dissipating smoke. Jake lined up a shot, and squeezed the trigger, sending a slug down the hallway, straight through one of the men, dropping him. Tom turned quickly and jammed the trigger down on his P428, sending a slew of shots down the hallway, however as they got near the men, a birght-green flash was around them, and the shot seemed to be non-effective.

Tom: Are you kidding me? I thought that guy said these go through those shield things!

Jake didn't answer, as he was reloading the railgun, ducked behind the crates.
Tom was looking about the weapon and saw a small dial marked "Power". He turned it all the way the right and jumped up from the crates, unloading again, this time the shots were connecting, dropping the men. Jake leaned up on the crate again and lined up another shot. He lined it up at a one of the guards' chests. He took the shot and slug went through several of them. Tom took care of the few others.

Jake: Sweet.
Tom: Yeah, no time to celebrate.

Tom points down the hallway to their left.

Tom: More.
Jake: Gah.

Tom reloaded and started firing down the hall.

Jake: I can't get a clear shot from here!

Laser blasts were crashing into the walls and crates around them. Jake ducked around to his right, behind another crate. Jaked peered around it, now getting a clear view of the hall. He layed down, and pulled the railgun around the crate, aiming down the hall. Tom continued to unload his magazine on them. Jake lined up the shot, and took it, dropping three of the men. All of a sudden, Toms gun stopped firing. Two of the side panels on the barrel flipped open as steam began venting out of it. The trigger was locked in place he noticed when he tried to fire.

Tom: Wonderful.

Tom ran backwards, and dropped to the ground behind the crates. Jake noticed that he didn't have enough time to reload now before the men got to them, so he set the P330 over his back, and pulled out the blaster, taking shots down the hall. After a few moments, the vents of Toms guns flipped closed, and the trigger was unlocked. Tom reloaded it, and jumped out, joining Jake. After another few minutes, the laserblasts ceased, and the guards stopped coming.

Jake: We better get moving.
Tom: Let's get back up to the roof and contact the others.

Tom grabbed the briefcase and the two ran back up the hallway, and back up the ladder. Then slammed the hatch down, and pulled the rug back over it, then continued up the second ladder back to the roof. Jake grabs his walkie talkie and pushes PTT.

Jake: Chris, what's going on down there?
Chris: Bad timing, Jake. Get your butts down here!
Jake: Where?
Chris: Down in the ----
Static can be heard drowning out Chris' voice, as well as laser blasts in the background of it.

Jake pushes the button again to contact John and Megan.

Jake Conner
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6/21/2005 4:32:02 PM

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