The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Zanardio
RE: Space: 1671

Jake: John, Megan, you there?

There's a long few seconds of silence. John is then heard yelling over the techno.

John: Uhh, yeah. I had to take care of some drunk guy that grabbed Megan and wouldn't stop trying to get her to "dance" with him.
Jake: We got the prototype, but Chris and Jango are in trouble downstairs. Get down there quick.
John: Will do.

Jake puts away his radio. They drop back onto the catwalk in the rear room, where the security guards are still out cold, and drop down. They rush downstairs and into the TV room. They see the security guard that was watching the TV sitting awkwardly against the wall with a hole in his shirt and a large, scorched wound on his chest. They hear blasterfire from the vending machine hall. They turn the corner and see an endless crowd of Druts beating against the camera room door. They finally break a hole through it, and a grenade is promptly thrown out. Tom and Jake quickly duck back into the TV room as about twenty Druts ragdoll. The other Druts reel back in a Resident Evil 4 fashion, and Chris and Jango mad dash out of the room, laying down fire on the rest of the Druts. Tom and Jake cover them as they turn into the TV room and run out. Tom switches his P428 to grenade mode and tosses a heap of condensed weapons gas onto the floor. They exit. Seconds later, the magnetic field destablizes and the gas expands quickly, exploding.

Jake: I'll be buying one of those.
Tom: Undoubtedly.

They pass John and Megan on the way out. They look confused, but follow. They force their way directly through the night club, pushing everybody out of the way. As soon as they exit, they all break into a dead run back toward the starport. This is when about a hundred Druts blow open part of the nightclub wall and come marching out, all of them firing, regardless of if they're hitting themselves. Seeing that they're all packed together, Jake is about to take a potshot with his railgun. However, John stops him, since the incredibly powerful gun would pass through about ten Druts, then the wall of the night club, then about thirty innocents. They all proceed to lay down cover fire with their blasters. They then reach the starport. As they enter, they see that there's already trouble--about fifty Drut bodies lying around while the shuttle's mounted guns are firing like crazy at the endless horde pouring in another entrance. A Wolf appears at the boarding ramp.


His mouth grows large, he bares his teeth, and opens up with an M134 minigun. It takes about thirty rounds to break through the personal shields, but this is nothing at 6,000 rounds per minute. They proceed into the shuttle. Wolf takes a hit as the ramp closes. The shuttle lifts off.

Jake holds the briefcase above his head triumphantly.

Jake: OH YEAH!
John: And we still got these guns, baby!

Tom grits his teeth and shakes his head.

Tom: Don't say... Euugh! "Baby".
John: Sorry.

Unfortunately, the guns glow and dematerialize.

Jake: ...What.
Tom: ...The.
John: ...Slag.

They get up and each choke a member of the trio.

--Later, at the mothership.--

They all sigh at the sight of Meeriad through the clear floor panels. They are guided back to the conference room by a Diplomat Wolf. Jake tosses the case on the table.

DM Clint: CAREFUL...!
Jake: Now tell us what's in it.

Diplomat Wolf slides it across the table toward the DMs. Clint smiles and is madly reaching for the briefcase. Kyle takes it, waves a hand over it, and it unlocks. He opens it. His mouth slowly curls into a smile. All four DMs stand up and reach for it.

Kyle: Who's up for a game...

They all lift the prototype.


SG&C is silent. Anger doesn't even begin to describe what they feel.

Chris: The money better be DANG GOOD.
Clint: Money?
Rob: What money?
Jon: There's no money.
Kyle: Money is immaterial.

Jake grits his teeth.

Jake: You are paying us, or we are taking the freaking Xbox 360 back to Perrenor.
Kyle: How?
Rob: The only way to get there is through us.

Clint waves his hand menacingly.

Clint: LEAVE US!

The floor opens. They drop directly into space... seemingly. They speed up into Meeriad's atmosphere and stop in the street directly in front of John's house.

There's a long silence.

Chris: Hm.


[Chris receives 8000 experience.]
[Jake receives 8000 experience, holocommunicator.]
[Jango receives 8000 experience.]
[John receives 8000 experience, map of Perrenor.]
[Megan receives 8000 experience.]
[Tom receives 8000 experience.]
John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

6/21/2005 5:25:26 PM

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Experience: 31580

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The Lands of Meeriad - RE: Space: 1671

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