The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

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The Lands of Meeriad - Sunder Continent - Sorna

Jake is sitting inside the Sky Wolf in Sorna, with his toolbox open next to him. On his lap was the holocommunicator open in two pieces. It was obvious he was trying to see if he could figure out how it worked, so he could create another. Just then, his cellphone rang. Jake picked it up.

Jake: Hello?
Chris: Jake, have you heard from Jango lately?
Jake: Uh..Nope.
Chris: Right. No answer on his cellphone, or house phone in the past three days.
Jake: Why have you been trying to get him?
Chris: He has my dang copy of Halo 2.
Jake: I'll give him a call.

They hang up and Jake tries calling Jango. There's no answer on either phone. Jake calls Chris back in a few minutes.

Chris: Hello?
Jake: No answer.
Chris: Dangit, I want my game!
Jake: I'll go fly over there.

They hang up and Jake packs away his tools. He starts up the Sky Wolf. He lifts up and flies over to Jangos house. He lands in the yard and gets out, knocking on Jangos door. There's no answer, so he checks the door, it's unlocked. He opens it and heads inside. The entire place looked ransacked and looted. There was a note posted on the far wall. Jake walked over and grabbed the note, reading it.


Jake grabbed his phone and called up Chris again.

Chris: Hello?
Jake: Yeah, Chris. Get the others, bad news.
Chris: What?
Jake: Jangos place is ransacked, and he's gone.
Chris: Great. I'll call John and the others.
Jake: All right.
Jake Conner
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6/21/2005 7:14:15 PM

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RE: Kidnapping

John: Call Melissa and ask her about it.
Chris: Good idea.

He hangs up, then calls Jango's fiancee, Melissa.

Melissa: Hello.
Chris: Hey Melissa. It's Chris.
Melissa: Hey! What are you up to?
Chris: Have you talked to Jango lately?
Melissa: I talked to him around five yesterday. Why?
Chris: Really? Because I haven't been able to get a hold of him for the past three days.

There's a short silence.

Chris: Jake just swung by his house. He's not there and the place is ransacked.
Melissa: I...

Chris hears a sob.

Chris: Do you know of any remotely plausible reason for Jango to be kidnapped?
Melissa: I have no idea! I... can't imagine anybody wanting to... kidnap him!
Chris: All he does for us is fly the Sky Wolf. Nobody even knows about him, really... Even if they wanted to take our pilot so we couldn't go anywhere, none of the people we've taken out would know to take Jango. We'll find him, don't worry about it. Bye.

He hangs up.

Chris: ...No leads...

This is when, at Jango's house, Jake feels two arms curl under his, lifting him off the ground. A black-clad man steps out of the dining room and heads toward the squirming Jake. His hand curls into a fist and he pulls back, obviously going for Jake's stomach. Jake makes use of his unrestrained legs and kicks the man directly in the face, then pushes, knocking his captor onto his back. He quickly gets up and draws his 1911. The man with a bootprint in his face is dazed, while the man on his back is struggling to refill his lungs with air.

Jake: On your stomach! Now! Hands on your head!

A floor board behind him creaks. He thrusts his left elbow backwards, catching another man in the jaw. Before he can fall down, Jake turns, grabs him by the collar, and tosses him to the floor in front of him. He swings into the room where the third man came from, but sees no one. He then swiftly makes his way to the dining room, making sure to step on two of of the men in his path on the way. Nobody.

Jake: Is anybody else here?

None of them answer. He looks around and spots a roll of duct tape on a table nearby. He grabs it and proceeds to bind the men. He then drags them out to the Sky Wolf.

Jake: I have... ways... of making you talk... MwahahahaHAHAHAHA!
John Gibson
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6/22/2005 1:43:27 AM

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RE: Kidnapping

Jake piles the three men up against the inside hull wall in the skywolf.

Jake: Now, now. Who wants to talk first?

One of the men spits at him. Jake prompty takes care of him with duct tape.

Jake: I'll ask again, will either of you other two be talking?
Man 2: You'll get nothing from me!
Man 3: Loyal till the end!
Man 1: Mmmphf hmmpf kmmpf!

Jake sits down in the pilots seat and spins around to view them. Jake thinks for a moment, and remembers a mode of torture that worked in the past. He runs into Jangos house and grabs a can of Spaghetti-O's, and sticks it in the microwave for a few minutes. He brings the bowl into the Sky Wolf and sets it a few feet in front of the bound men.

Jake: Well, I'll be back in a few, guys. Enjoy.

Jake walks back down the ramp, grabbing his cellphone and calling John.

John: Hello?
Jake: There were three men inside Jangos that attacked me.
John: Oh? I take it you took care of them?
Jake: Oh yeah. They're getting the Spaghetti-O treatment.
John: Ouch. A bit harsh, you think?
Jake: Heck no.
John: I'll call up Chris and we'll figure something out.
Jake: All right.

They hang up. Inside the Sky Wolf jake can hear a lot of rustling.
Jake Conner
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6/22/2005 2:03:36 AM

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RE: Kidnapping

He sees the Sky Wolf shaking. He takes a peek inside. The men are shaking around wildly, trying to escape the inescapable: Duct tape.

Seconds later, there's a blood-curdling scream.

Jake: You tell me who you're working for first.

Jake shrugs.

Jake: That's interrogation.

He takes another look. Man 3 is actually crying.

Man 3: I'll... I'll talk...
Jake: Good! Who are you working for?
Man 3: We do mercenary work. In case we get captured, like we just did, we're never told any names. People go to Robbie Harmon, give him a job, and we do the work. You'll have to go to Harmon for more information. We have a different meeting place all the time... We don't know where he spends the rest of his time... Last time, we met at... uhh... the back room of the Johnson Parkway Inn in Mesania.
Jake: Good! You get two mouthfuls.

Jake holds the bowl in front of Man 3. He digs in, making a mess of his own face, since he can't use his hands. Jake sets the bowl aside and pulls out his cell phone.

John: Hello.
Jake: I got a lead. A Robbie Harmon. I don't know where he is, though. The last time these guys saw him was at an inn in Mesania. He said... Johnson Parkway Inn, I think. Meet me there.
John: Will do.
John Gibson
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6/23/2005 3:07:45 PM

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RE: Kidnapping

John is on his way there when his cell phone rings. It's Chris.

Chris: Hey, any leads yet?
John: Yeah. Someone by the name of Robbie Harmon.
Chris: Oh great. Not Robbie...
John: You know him?
Chris: Yeah, back when I was on my own I had a case involving him. Not a very nice guy. I wasn't able to get him on anything, but I know he was connected.
John: I'll keep that in mind. I'm headed for the Johnson Parkway Inn in Mesania right now to see if I can find him.
Chris: You won't find him there. Try the Nightingale Club on 34th.
John: The way Jake said it, it sounded like he moved around a lot. What makes you so sure he'd be there?
Chris: Robbie likes women. And, in his opinion that's the place with the best women in Meeriad.
John: How did you find that out?
Chris: It was before I realized he had anything to do with anything. I was just having a casual conversation with him, and that somehow got brought up.
John: Okay... I won't ask any more.
Chris: Good. Okay, I'll be on my way. You're probably gonna need a little bit of help. Call Jake and let him know the change of plans.
John: Alrighty. Out.

John hangs up and heads towards the club.
Chris Storms
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6/25/2005 8:12:52 PM

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RE: Kidnapping

After calling Jake and giving him the news, John arrives at the Nightingale and heads for the entrance.

Doorman: Are you a member?
John: No. What's the cover charge?
Doorman: 20 lom.

John's brow furrows. He hands the doorman 20 lom and enters. It's a small place, but it's packed. The main room is circular, with a wide, raised platform in the center. Multiple poles accompanied by "exotic dancers" decorate it. John, realizing he has no idea what Robbie looks like, heads outside so he can hear Chris on the phone. He calls him.

Chris: Zanardio sheriff's office, can I help you?
John: What the heck does Harmon look like?
Chris: Uhh... A bit short, five-foot seven about, real short hair, goatee. He likes to wear frameless sunglasses.
John: I think I saw him. Oh yeah, they need a 20 lom cover charge if you're not a member. I can probably handle it myself.
Chris: We'll wait outside. Beep my walkie talkie if you're in trouble.
John: Will do.

He hangs up and goes back inside. After looking around for several seconds, he spots a man who closely matching Chris's description. A scantilly-clad woman is dancing on the table in front of him. John steps up next to Robbie. Robbie completely ignores him. John watches the dancer for several seconds. He turns to Robbie.

John: She's pretty good.

Before Robbie can even turn his head, John grabs him by the collar of his jacket and tears him from his seat.

John: Who hired you to kidnap Jango, slimebag?
Robbie: Wha--What? Huh?!
John: You sent your men to kidnap a good friend of mine! Who put you up to it?

Robbie looks at the table dancer.

Robbie: Hey, stick around. I'll be back in a couple minutes. This guy's a friend of mine! He's just foolin' around.

He winks and makes the "okay" hand signal.

John: We're not going anywhere. You'll talk right here, right now. Who hired you?
Robbie: Can't say! Confidential. That's how my business goes.
John: This is how my business goes.

John punches him in the face. Nobody pays attention.

Robbie: You hear about that What's-His-Face's law of physics or whatever? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction or something like that...

John had seen the trick before. He catches Robbie's fist and punches him again.

John: NOW! You tell me who hired you!
Robbie: She... Well... She didn't say, actually.
John: She? Right... Then where's Jango?

Robbie shrugs.

Robbie: I dunno.
John: You're lying. Lying makes me angry.

He takes a swing. Robbie grabs his arm, ducks under it, and throws John to the ground. John draws his Cougar as Robbie pulls a T-handle knife. John puts a round through Robbie's thigh. Robbie plummets to the floor. John holsters the gun, grabs Robbie, and drags him outside, tossing him into the Jeep. He calls Chris.

John: Robbie's thigh isn't doing too good. He's in the back of my car. He won't talk.

There's a silence.

Chris: ...Okay... Where am I going to meet you?
John: The hospital, I guess. I can't exactly let him bleed to death right now.
Chris: Okay. See you there.

[John has lost 20 lom.]
John Gibson
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6/25/2005 9:32:13 PM

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RE: Kidnapping

John arrives at a nearby hospital. He sees the rest of the team minus Jango awaiting his arrival. He parks the Jeep and gets out. Jake comes over and helps him drag Robbie out of the car. They bring him inside the reception area.

John: I would say this guy needs emergency medical attention.
Nurse (observing blood getting everywhere): Me too.

They drag him into the emergency room and toss him onto a gurney. Some of the hospital staff attend to Robbie.

John: So, gonna talk yet?

Robbie stares out a window with the perfect poker face.

John: What have you got to lose? We have you and three of your men. Where's Jango?

A deafening pop is heard followed by the sound of people screaming outside in the waiting room. Three gun shots ensue. Tom draws his MK23 from a shoulder holster and peeks out the door. Smoke is clearing and eight men clad in black and body armor and carrying 11.5"-barreled AR15 rifles are moving quickly through. A man slumped in a chair is dead with two bullet wounds to the chest and a Glock 23 in his hand. Apparently the first gun shot was his doing, but quickly ended by the invaders.

John is crouched by Robbie's gurney with his M10 drawn. Megan is ducked on the other side of the gurney with her TLE/RL II. Chris and Jake are on the opposite side of the room in the corner near the door. Chris with his Px4 and Jake with one of his M1911's.

Chris: What the heck is going on, Tom?
Tom: Eight bogies with shorty AR's, soft body armor, and helmets. One guy got a shot off, but was quickly wasted.
Chris: They coming this way?
Tom: Uhh...

Jake: We're dead.
Tom: You guys hang tight. I'm gonna try something crazy.
Jake: We're dead.
John: Anybody got a Five-SeveN handy?
Chris: Nope.

Tom waits on the side of the door opposite the hinges. The sweat pours as they wait for the armed men to enter.

The door swings wide open, nearly off the hinges. Tom grabs the handguard of the entering AR15 and jerks it away.

Unfortunately, it's attached to the man by a tactical sling, so he doesn't have much slack. The man looks surprised, but is hit in the face by the stock of the rifle. Tom starts tugging on it madly. The team is bottlenecked in the doorway and aren't able to shoot Tom without injuring their own man. Tom reaches for his Glock knife and cuts the sling off the rifle. He pulls it away, kicking the man back through the doorway, and slams it shut. He gets the rifle oriented and plants the stock firmly into his shoulder.

John: Throw down your weapons and surrender; we have Robbie Harmon!

The door swings open again, hard. Another man enters, rifle-first, but plays catch the shiny bullet from Tom's recently-acquired AR15. The rest of the men funnel through. SG&C are able to drop some. There are now four left. Everybody is moving quickly. Bullets are flying. Jake reaches out and kicks one right in the shin. He goes down. Jake dives over the man, grabbing his rifle, and awkwardly points it at another. He pulls the trigger. The shot penetrates the soft armor and the man goes down. There are two left.

They drop their magazines, release their rifles, and put their hands in the air. John and Chris proceed to disarm them completely.

John: Who do you work for?
Man #1: Robbie Harmon.

Jake gives a look over his shoulder at Robbie.

Jake: Wow. Quick response time.

John goes over to Robbie.

John: Okay. So much for your rescue. How about you tell me where Jango is? All this could've been avoided.

Robbie rolls his eyes.

Suddenly a .308 caliber bullet rips through his skull. Needless to say, everybody is stunned at this. John looks toward the other end of the room. There is a single window and one neat hole through it. John shakes his fist.


He moves sideways again as another bullet screams through the air, missing John and penetrating the drywall behind him.

Tom: Freaking sniper.

Jake draws his second 1911 and dashes to the window. He puts a couple rounds through it on the way and crashes through it feet-first.

John: Is he learning from you, Tom?
Tom: I don't think so... Huh?
Jake: Come out, come out wherever you are...

About a hundred feet from the hospital is a condemned office building. Jake runs in a zig-zag motion toward it. The sniper fires again, confirming his position to be inside the dilapidated structure. The bullet hits the ground a few feet behind Jake. He is almost to the building. A string of three shots fires, all missing Jake, but hitting too close for comfort.

He finally reaches the office building and kicks down the rotten one-hinged door. He hears footsteps going at a rapid pace from one of the upper levels. He heads for the nearest staircase and ascends it rapidly. At the top, he sees the sniper with a PSG1 coming to the end of another staircase. The sniper is dressed in a black flight suit and balaclava and wearing a tactical vest filled with G3 magazines and a P228. Long hair is hanging out from beneath the balaclava. The sniper aims his rifle quickly. Seeing this, Jake backs up, nearly falling down the stairs. The sniper fires, but the shot misses Jake. Jake regains his footing and fires his 1911's. The sniper dashes back up the stairs. Jake pursues.

Jake reaches the roof and sees the sniper sliding across a zip line to the roof of a nearby parking garage. The sniper cuts the line and disappears into a lower level. Jake grabs his walkie-talkie.

Jake: Guys, sniper is in the parking garage.
Chris: Roger.

John, Chris, Tom, and Megan arrive at the exit to the parking garage just as a Honda CRF450R motocross bike comes flying through the exit, mounted by the sniper. He nearly hits John. Tom quickly shoulders the short-barreled AR15 and aims for the bike. He fires a few shots, but nothing comes of them. The sniper is soon lost in the distance.

John: Well, this is a fine turn of events.
Tom Fender
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6/25/2005 11:50:45 PM

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RE: Kidnapping

The company rushes to the Sky Wolf and lifts off quickly. It heads in the direction they last saw the sniper going. Presumably, a dirt bike wouldn't be hard to spot in a car-dominated city, but they don't see it. That is, until they hear the police sirens and find the flashing lights. Sure enough, a dirt bike... badly outrunning the police. However, the measly little bike didn't have a snowball's chance in my bathroom of escaping the mighty force that is "Sky Wolf".

Chris: Hit it!

Jake slams the throttle forward. He feels the engines' pain.

Tom: Bring us down on his head!

Jake's head does a 180 to look at Tom. Tom shrugs.

Tom: Fine. Just right above him.
Jake: ...Okay...

Jake matches the bike's speed and flies about ten feet above him. Tom opens the floor hatch.

For Amusement Only
Not Part of the Story

Tom lands on the back of the bike, prompting it to pop a split-second wheelie. Ignoring the searing pain, he grabs the sniper's throttle hand, pulls it off the handle, and hits the brakes. The sniper soon shakes free and elbows Tom in the face. Before he falls, Tom takes his Glock to the rear tire.

Defying everybody's expectation, he doesn't jump out. He shoulders his XM15 and takes out the dirt bike's rear tire. The sniper manages to brake enough to not die before wiping out. The cop cars stop and pull to the side. A cop gets out of one of the cars after the Sky Wolf lands and Tom and John exit.

Cop: We usually don't blow cyclists' tires when we're chasing them, but it worked...
John: Actually, he killed Robbie Harmon and had something to do with the kidnapping of a friend of ours. Mind if we take him?

The cop shrugs.

Cop: Not at all, just bring him back when you're done.
John: Thanks.

John and Tom carry the sniper into the Sky Wolf. The cop brings in a crew to get the crashed bike.


There's the loud sound of a giant switch flipping. A single overhead light flickers and turns on, lighting a small area. The sniper finds himself sitting in a pitch black room, save for the overhead light. A man with facial hair that looks tremendously like Hulk Hogan's, dressed in professional black clothing with black sunglasses, steps out of the darkness, hands behind his back. He tilts his head.

Hulk-wannabe: So, who are you working for?

The sniper laughs.

Sniper: Am I supposed to take you seriously?

The Hulk Hogan-wannabe gives him a good backhand, knocking the chair over.

Hulk-wannabe: Next time you insult me I'll rip your spine out through your MOUTH!
Sniper: Right.

For Amusement Only
Not Part of the Story
Hulk-wannabe: What did I say? WHAT DID I SAY?!

The Hulk Hogan-wannabe reaches into the sniper's mouth and pulls out his entire spine in a fluid motion.

The Hulk Hogan-wannabe lifts the chair, with the sniper on it, and sets it back upright.

Hulk-wannabe: Who--are--you--working for?
Sniper: Honestly. I'm too valuable for you to rip my spine out, even if you could. This means I have no reason to ever tell you.

The Hulk Hogan-wannabe raises his fist into the air. An arm reaches out of the darkness, holding a bowl of Spaghetti-O's. The Hulk Hogan-wannabe takes the bowl and sets it a few feet in front of the sniper. He then disappears into the darkness.

Sniper: Puh-lease! I've been trained to resist a hundred types of torture.

His words fall upon no ears.
John Gibson
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6/28/2005 6:18:48 PM

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RE: Kidnapping

Outside the room, SG&C sits around a table, kicked back, watching TV. The Hulk hogan-type guy walks out.

Hulk: Okay, see you guys later.
John: Oh, seeya Steve.

He leaves.

Jake: Soo..You think the guy will crack?

Chris looks at the clock.

Chris: Give him another 20 minutes.

Tom nabs the remote off the table and changes the channel. As he passes the news channel, he notices that their story has made the headlines. The news was showing video coverage of the Skywolf chasing down the dirtbike, and Tom shooting at him.

Tom: Hey, look! We're famous!
John: Oh boy.

A loud thud is head inside the interrogation room. They rush to the door and open it. Inside the chair that held the sniper is on the floor, with him still attatched. The table is overturned next to him. The spaghetti-o bowl was shattered, and spaghetti-o's were covering the floor. The sniper was licking it up off the dirty floor, his face was covered in sauce and little "o"'s.

John: Ready to talk?
Sniper: nghgghrgh NEVER!

Jake walks over with a mop, and starts cleaning away the spaghetti-o's that were near the sniper.


His eyes began tearing up.
Jake Conner
3rd in command of SG&C

6/29/2005 3:23:04 PM

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RE: Kidnapping

Jake: Where is Jango?
Sniper: I don't know, but I know who does. The woman that hired me: Melissa Jefferson.

Jake glances at everybody else. They look somewhat surprised... all except Tom, whom starts to freak out.

Tom: HAH! I told you!!
John: You said she was an assassin.
Tom: ... Close enough!
Chris: Let's go pay her a visit.

The sniper is sliding around on the floor making loud slurping noises as he eats up the remaining spaghetti-o's. John puts down another bowl of spaghetti-o's and leaves with the rest of the team.

Later, the Sky Wolf arrives at Melissa's house on the outskirts of Sorna. It lands in the front yard. Her dark green Ford Taurus is sitting in the driveway. The team exits the Sky Wolf and goes to the front door. Chris knocks. It opens shortly thereafter.

Melissa: Hi, guys.
Chris: Hi. May we come in?
Melissa: Sure.

She opens the door and they all come in.

Melissa: Have you found Jango yet?
Chris: No, but we were hoping you would know where he is.
Melissa: You already asked me. I don't know.
Chris: According to a hitman, you would know.
Melissa: Why would you believe him?
Chris: They almost never lie after the spaghetti-o torture.
Melissa: Oh my...
Chris: Why would you have Jango kidnapped?
Melissa: I wouldn't!
Chris: Why would a hitman know your whole name?
Melissa: I don't know!

Tom gets up and heads to the kitchen without anybody noticing. He sees a cellular telephone sitting with a purse on a counter. He peeks over his shoulder to make sure no one is looking and snatches the phone. He steps off to the side and out of sight. He flips it open and finds the voice mail option. He listens to all of them. They're all from Jango. None of them sound suspicious. He navigates the menu and finds the recent caller list. All are from Jango except a few numbers with the name "First Bank of Sunder." He steps into a closet and closes the door. He then dials the number for "First Bank of Sunder."

Female Voice: First Bank of Sunder, how can I help you?
Tom: Is this really a bank?
Female Voice: Wha...? Yes, this is a bank.
Tom: Where are you located?
Female Voice: On Main Street in Downtown Sorna. You can't miss our sign.
Tom: I'm Tom Fender. May I get your name?
Female Voice: Trish Johnson.
Tom: Thank you. Good bye.
Female Voice: Good bye.

He ends the call and steps out of the closet. He puts the phone back and walks back into the living room.

Jake: What were you--?
Tom: Come with me. Guys, Jake and I are going to take the Sky Wolf. We'll be back in a bit.

Jake reluctantly follows Tom out the door. Everybody else just shrugs. Tom and Jake board the Sky Wolf.

Jake: So, what are we doing?
Tom: I was looking through her cell phone and found some recent calls from First Bank of Sunder. The rest were from Jango. I want to go check out this bank and make sure the woman I was talking to is there. I also want to make sure it's a bank.
Jake: You are a nut.
Tom: Bear with me. Let's go.

Jake starts the Sky Wolf and takes off. Minutes later they arrive at the First Bank of Sunder in Downtown Sorna.

Jake: Uhh... Parking's gonna be tight.
Tom: Try that parking garage over there.

The Sky Wolf hovers over the garage. Jake squeezes it into five parking spaces. He shuts it off and exits with Tom. They walk over to the bank and enter. Tom walks over to a clerk.

Tom: Hi, is there a Trish Johnson here?
Clerk: Yes.
Tom: Where can I find her?
Clerk: Office 214 upstairs.
Tom: Thank you.

Jake and Tom make their way upstairs to office 214. Tom knocks on the door. A voice beckons them in.

Tom: Hello. Trish Johnson?
Trish: Yes.
Tom: I'm the guy you just spoke with on the phone.
Trish: Oh, Tom Fender?
Tom: Yes.

Thank you for your time.

He turns and leaves. Jake stumbles to turn quickly, as he just stepped into the office. The door shuts behind them. Trish is dumbfounded.

Jake: What the heck?
Tom: Well, she's the one I actually talked to, and I'd say this is a real bank.
Jake: Duh...
Tom: What if it's just a front for a huge underground kidnapping organization?
Jake: Uhm... No.

Tom shrugs. They get back to the Sky Wolf and fly back to Melissa's house.

John: Where'd you guys go?
Tom: The bank. I had to make a deposit.
John: Right...
Tom: So, any success?
John: With what?
Tom: *Points at Melissa* Cracking her.

Melissa looks offended.

John: Uh... No. Rolling Eyes
Chris: Okay, now that the Sky Wolf is back... Melissa, would you mind coming with us for a while?
Melissa: Uhm... Why?
Chris: In case they try to kidnap you next.
Melissa: So you don't think I'm the kidnapper any more?
Chris: I don't know what to think, but I'd say you're better off with us.
Melissa: Okay.
Chris: All right, let's get out of here.
Melissa: Let me grab my purse.

She runs into the kitchen and grabs her purse, tucking her cell phone into it. She walks back into the living room with it on her shoulder. They all leave the house and enter the Sky Wolf. Jake starts it up again and takes off.

Jake: So where to now, St. Peter?
Chris: I guess Jango's house. Let's see if we find any more bandits snooping about.
Tom: Show me... which road I'm on. Which road I'm o------on.

They land in Jango's backyard and exit. They hear the sound of glass breaking and see a shadow move through the back sliding glass door. Jake grabs some AR15's off a gun rack before coming down and tosses them to Chris and John. Chris and John head to the door while everybody waits. The back door is opened slightly. John slides it open and they enter quickly, clearing the living room. Nothing.

John: Who's here?

Chris and John creep along to a hallway entrance. After a second, they both sidestep into it, looking down opposite directions. John sees a Wolf with an M60E4 at one end, aiming it at them. John Mozambiques (double-tap to the chest, one to the head) him. He goes down. The body and the rifle fade away after a second.

John: Nuts. They always have such cool equipment, but it always fades away.
Chris: Anybody else here?

They hear a raspy whisper and scurrying.

Voice: Nuts... Nuts!
Other Voice: They're going to--
Voice: I know. I know. Let's just--
Chris: Come out!

A Blick and a Sunny, both with M60E4's, pop out of a bedroom. They drop the guns and put their hands up.

Blick: We'll leave. Don't shoot!
Chris: Not before I ask you some questions.
Blick: Nuts.
Sunny: Hrrm...
Chris: Did you have anything to do--?
Blick: NO!
Sunny: We were just ransacking the house since it was unoccupied!
Chris: ...
John: Did you take anything?
Sunny: ... No.

About a hundred pounds of silverware falls out of both their shirts.

John and Chris: ...
Sunny and Blick: ...
Chris: Get outta here...

Sunny and Blick turn and haul butt. They teleport to who-knows-where in a bright flash of light.

John: Psychos.

They finish clearing the house and find nobody else. Megan, Tom, Jake, and Melissa come inside.

Melissa: What a mess.

Jake crosses his arms and stands next to Melissa.

Jake: Where would you take Jango if you kidnapped him?
Melissa: It's not me!!
Jake: This is hypothetical.

Chris walks over to Jango's Xbox, switches it on, and takes out the Halo disc. He turns it back off.
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