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The Lands of Meeriad

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The Lands of Meeriad - Sunder Continent - Sorna
RE: Kidnapping

Chris stuffs Halo into his vest.

Melissa: If I were to kidnap Jango--which I wouldn't--I'd put him somewhere nobody but me knows about, even him... Some place secret. I don't know of a place like that, so I'd probably put him in my basement.

Tom strikes a pose and points into the distance.

Jake: Tom...
Tom: Just covering all our bases... and basements. I mean, I checked mine before we left.
Jake: You don't have a house.
Tom: I know.

He jabs his finger to his temple repeatedly, as if pointing at his brain.

Chris: Fine. Tom, John, take my Jeep and go to Melissa's house. We'll take the Sky Wolf and investigate anything we think of. Call us when you leave and we'll tell you where to meet us.

Tom and John unload the Jeep, loading all the guns they can fit, and drive off. Chris looks around the front door of the house.

Chris: It rained a few days ago... and these aren't Magnum boot prints, like we wear...

Chris walks slowly, carefully studying the ground. He finds that the prints lead to a pair of very shallow tire tracks, which become deeper as they leave the cover of the trees.

Chris: It's still kind of muddy... We should see where these tracks lead. Bunalanalanalanalaaaaaaaa. To the Bat Wolf!

The Sky Wolf soon takes off. With the jets on low power, they carefully follow the tracks. They soon realize it's actually two sets of tracks... and there's a fork about a mile down.

Chris: Get both! First, we go right.

They go right. The path ends up on a paved road, which turns directly into an on-ramp onto highway-25.

Chris: Slag. Okay... The other way.

They soon arrive at a log cabin at the base of a cliff. To both sides are long stretches of rolling, grassy hills. Chris snaps his gloves on.

Chris: Time for breaking and entering.

He first knocks on the door. Knock knock. No answer... Knock knock. No answer... He tries the knob. It rattles, but it's definitely locked. He circles the entire cabin. All windows closed and locked. He returns to the door.

Chris: Oh well.

He kicks it.

Chris: Ow. Owwww. My ankle. Hurts. Terribly.
Megan: We really need glass cutters.

Chris raises his finger and opens his mouth, then returns to an idle stance.

Chris: Jake, knife.

Jake hands Chris his Glock Field Knife 78. Chris's brow furrows as he realizes the knife will be of no use. He hands it back to Jake. Jake goes into the Sky Wolf. Seconds later, he reexits, SPAS-12 in hand.

Jake: Shotgun?
Chris: There might be someone inside that's not talking to us.
Jake: Let's just break the glass.
Chris: About that... I don't want to make it look like we've been here, either.
Megan: We're in a pickle.
Jake: I could go for one of those right now.

His stomach is heard.

Chris: Oh! Hey! Knife, please 'kay thanks.

Jake hands him his knife again. Chris takes it to the outside hinges.

Jake: That's dumb.
Chris: Hey, it lets us in.

He moves the door aside. They enter. There's a film of dust on top of everything in sight. However, there are many foot prints in the dust, all clumped together or leading in all different directions. Chris draws his Px4 and heads into a bedroom, which a thick path leads to. The bed's covers are ruffled and the pillows are lying on the floor, appearing to have been tossed about. There are many large marks in the dust on the floor, appearing that somebody's been dragged around. Chris's phone rings. It's Tom.

Chris: Stay away from me!
Tom: Nothing odd in Melissa's basement.
Chris: Unfortunate. However, we found tire tracks going from Jango's house to a log cabin in the middle of nowhere. There's signs of a body being dragged and some kind of scuffle... but nobody's here. Go back to Jango's house, we'll meet you when we're done looking around here.
Tom: Will do.

Chris hangs up and turns to Megan.

Chris: Where's Jake?

Megan blinks and looks around.

Megan: I thought he was behind me.

They exit the bedroom. Jake is seen stuffing his face with sliced turkey, ham, and pepperoni.

Chris: Eewww. How old is that?

Jake finishes swallowing an entire slice.

Jake: It's fresh!
Chris: Alright... I won't be having any. Hey. Did anybody see a mailbox or anything else that would have an address?
Megan: I saw one a little way down the path.
Chris: Let's go look. Maybe we can find out who owns this place...
John Gibson
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6/30/2005 4:35:36 PM

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RE: Kidnapping

They walk down to where they saw the mailbox, and the name: Woody Marlin, is on the mailbox.

Chris: Well, that seemed a bit easy, didn't it? Well, let's go back and see if we can dig up any dirt on ol' Woody.
John: Sounds good.

They all head back to the Wolf, and log into the computer that's on board.

John: Looks like, thirty-five, originally from a little village called Hernal in Wyndor. He was married, but then got devorced and moved here.
Jake: Anything else?
Jonathan Katarn
7/3/2005 1:58:01 AM

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RE: Kidnapping

John: Yeah. He works at an electronics parts factory in Callice.
Chris: Has a cabin near Sorna, originally lived in Wyndor, and works in Callice. That's bizarre.
John: A little bit. Apparently he doesn't actually live here, judging from the amount of dust all over everything. Anyway, it's late, and we don't know where this guy is. We should drop by that factory tomorrow. For now... we sleep.


They wake up in front of a factory.

John: I didn't go to sleep here.
Jake: I couldn't sleep, so I figured I might as well get us here. Saves you all enduring the hour-and-a-half flight.
John: Sweet. Let's go find us a Woody Marlin.

They walk into the factory. John turns to a man that appears to be taking a break.

John: Is there a Woody Martin here?
Jake: Woody Marlin.
John: Yeah, yeah, Woody Marlin. Is he here?
Man: Woody's back in--

A gun shot echoes loudly in the steel building. They all clear leather.

Man: Not again...

He draws a .30-06 Magnum Research Lone Eagle from a shoulder holster. They hurry to the loading dock in the back of the factory. There, they see a man dressed in odd clothing--lots of wrappings and strange monk-esque things. He's waving a Glock 19 around carelessly while two men in ski masks toss boxes upon boxes of electronics parts into the back of a white, unmarked van. They draw down on them.

Chris: Put the boxes down and put your hands up!

The two ski masked men toss the boxes onto the floor and reach for their guns. They go down quickly. The odd man looks around in a confused manner.

Chris: Put your gun down.

He drops it, eyes wide.

Odd man: How the--
Chris: Tom, duct tape.

Tom moves in and duct tapes the man's hands behind his back. Jake pushes him forward, leading him out of the factory and into the Sky Wolf.

Jake: Who are you working for?
Odd man: Umm... I didn't know I was working for anybody. I don't even know how I got here.
Jake: Uh-huh. Don't make me Spaghetti-O you, I'm running out.
Odd man: Huh? Just a few minutes ago I was in a telepathic link with an old friend of mine, who's apparently evil now, and then when I came out of the link I was here. I think he mind controlled me.
Jake: Who?
Odd man: Sirlo Muerpe.

Jake looks at Chris and raises an eye brow. He turns back to the odd man.

Jake: You're talking too easy. I think you're lying.
Odd man: Sorry to disappoint.
Jake: Where is this Sirlo Muerpe?
Odd man: Don't know, that's what I wanted to find out. I told him to meet me for coffee on Friday.
John Gibson
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7/6/2005 1:17:49 AM

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RE: Kidnapping

Chris: Hmm.
Jake: Sirlo's the only thing we have to go on.
Chris: What do you say we go with you for coffee so we can follow Mr. Muerpe home?
Odd Man: Uhm... May I ask why you want to do that?
Chris: If you want.
Odd Man: ... Why do you want to do that?
Jake: A comrade of ours has been kidnapped, and after much trouble, being shot at, and what-not, we ended up here with you. The only lead we have is this Sirlo dude.
Odd Man: Uhh... Okay, I guess you can go with me--
Chris: Great. Where at? What time?
Odd Man: A Cup o' Joe's in downtown Callice. 4:30.
Chris: PM?
Odd Man: ... Yes.
Chris: Who are you anyway?
Odd Man: I am Terenn Blackfield.
Chris: Fantastic. See you at Joe's.
Terenn: Wait a minute. Just who the heck are you?
Chris: I'm Chris Storms. This is Jake Conner, Megan Kirate, John Gibson, and Tom Fender.

--Downtown Callice, Friday, 1635 hours--

Chris and John are sitting in Chris' Jeep parallel parked across the street from A Cup o' Joe's. Jake, Tom, and Megan are in the Sky Wolf landed in a clearing outside the city.

Inside, Terenn is sitting in a booth awaiting the arrival of Sirlo. Just as Terenn is about to start beating his head on the table, Sirlo Muerpe, dressed in a black tunic and robe, enters the diner, carrying with him a guitar case. He looks around for a second and finally spots Terenn. He comes over and sits opposite to him.

Terenn: Hi. You're late.
Sirlo: Yeah. Business had me tied up.
Terenn: What's in the case?
Sirlo: You don't just assume a guitar?
Terenn: No.
Sirlo: A Thompson M1A1.
Terenn: I figured. What's your business? Hits?
Sirlo: What?

Sirlo laughs heartily.

Sirlo: No. I planned on going to the range after work.

The waitress comes over to take Sirlo's order. He orders black coffee. She hurries on her way to fill the order.

Terenn: Anyway, what kind of business you in?
Sirlo: Psychiatric help.
Terenn: Ah, yes. Of course.

Terenn takes a sip of his coffee. The waitress brings Sirlo a cup.

Sirlo: How's Koryn?

Terenn swallows hard.

Terenn: Okay, I guess. What brings her up?
Sirlo: I heard the Bureau of Magic suspects me of involvement with that crime organization that mind controls people to rob and do other such deeds.
Terenn: Where'd you hear that?
Sirlo: Oh, just some people that know some other people that know some people. You know. Could be hog wash.
Terenn: Yeah...

Terenn looks out the window at Chris' Jeep. Chris mouths something and starts waving his hands frantically. Terenn quickly looks back at Sirlo.

Sirlo: How was your five-year trek across the world?
Terenn: Interesting, but I'm glad I'm home.
Sirlo: Anything exciting?
Terenn: Some warzones. Was with one of the friendlier warring tribes in Torbald for almost a year treating a ton of people that were shot daily. I was shot at quite a lot myself. Pretty scary.
Sirlo: Indeed.

Suddenly a nervous-looking man bursts into the establishment. He quickly and sloppily dons a ski-mask and pulls a 9mm Walther P99 from a shoulder holster beneath his jacket.

Nervous Man: This--*gulp*--this is a stick up.
Sirlo: *Rolls his eyes* Please. He's going to rob a coffee shop?

Sirlo stands up from the booth. Terenn grins slightly in mild amusement. He watches for what Sirlo is going to do.

Sirlo confidently and slowly walks toward the nervous man. He towers over the would-be robber. The man jerks his pistol toward Sirlo.

Nervous Man: Stop right there, and... and put your--dadgum--hands in the air.

Sirlo casts a Gust spell, blowing the man to the floor and knocking his gun across the room.

Sirlo: ... Get out of here.

The man quickly climbs to his feet and runs out the door. Sirlo takes a few long strides over to the P99, picks it up, and places it inside his tunic. He sits back down with Terenn. Terenn claps lightly a couple times.

Terenn: Bravo.

They sit and talk for a little while longer and drink a few more cups of joe.

Soon, Sirlo sucks his mug dry, sets it down, and checks his watch.

Sirlo: Unfortunately, I have to get going. I have an appointment at five.
Terenn: All right. Good to see you again.
Sirlo: *Stands up* Likewise. Goodbye.
Terenn: Farewell.

Sirlo picks up his guitar case and exits the building. Terenn stays behind to have one last cup of coffee. He sees Chris' Jeep pull out into the street to, presumably, follow Sirlo.

John: Wow. He drives fast. Don't get us killed.

John picks up the radio and contacts Jake in the Sky Wolf.

John: We're leaving the coffee shop and following Muerpe.
Jake: Roger, Bob, and Charlie. Tango-four-nine-two. Over.
John: ... Okay.

John sets down the radio receiver and focuses on the road. Chris is flying around corners and through yellow lights to keep up with Sirlo's Ford Mustang.

John: Perhaps you could make it a little less obvious that we're tailing him?
Xheis: Not.

John slams into the passenger door as Chris speeds through another corner. Tires squeal.

Chris: The man's nuts.

Chris and John notice the Sky Wolf fly overhead.

Tom (Over radio): We'll tail 'im for a while. You get off his back so maybe he won't suspect--
John: You honestly think he doesn't suspect we're tailing him with the way Chris is driving to keep up?
Tom: ... Yeah.
Chris: We're getting off him.

Chris takes another corner on two wheels to get off Sirlo.
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RE: Kidnapping

Sirlo pulls into a strip mall, into a parking space in front of a building with the word "PSYCHIATRIST" in bold print above the canopy. On the door they see the name "Dr. Thomas Kincaid". Chris drives on past. Two blocks down, the Sky Wolf lands in an old, empty parking lot.

Tom: I'll go in. I'm the one that needs the most psychiatric help anyway. Super Grin

He heads for the boarding ramp.

Megan: You're going to go in wearing camo and a tactical vest with an M4 on your back?
Tom: Ah-ah, it's an XM15. And... yes. I said I need help, remember? Super Grin

He exits and treks down to the psychiatrist's office. He enters. He strikes a dramatic pose in front of the receptionist.

Tom: I need to see the doctor! It's urgent!

He grabs the receptionist by the collar of her shirt and pulls her closer.

Tom: My very brain may be leaking out!
Receptionist: Do--do you have an appointment?
Tom: Appointment? APPOINTMENT? My brain is rupturing and liquefying!
Receptionist: I'm sorry, I think you need to see an actual brain surgeon about that, not a psychiatrist...

Tom grabs his head.

Tom: I CAN'T WASTE ANOTHER MOMENT! Show me to the doctor!

A man steps out of an office in the back.

Man: What is that racket?

Tom bum rushes him.

Tom: Are you Thomas Kincaid?!
Doctor: Yes... yes I am.
Tom: My brain is liquefying and coming out of my ears!

Tom is uncomfortably close.

Doctor: ...Okay... I'll... see what I can do. Step into my office.

Tom peeks into the room, looking around. He pulls out several boxes of tin foil. He hands two of them to Thomas.

Tom: Here, cover the walls and ceiling. I think the government's after me, and their spy satellites will be listening in.
Doctor: The insides of our walls are already tin foiled, don't worry.

He smiles very insincerely.

Tom: ...Oh.

He snatches back the tin foil and stuffs it back into his vest. He plops down in a chair. As soon as Thomas begins to sit down, Tom jumps back up, pulls the tin foil back out, and starts covering the walls.

Tom: Not that I don't trust you, but listening devices could have been slipped in under your nose!

After several minutes, Tom has covered the walls and ceiling entirely. The doctor has been tapping his foot in annoyed silence. Tom makes sure the door is latched, then locks it. He finally plops back down in the chair.

Thomas: Now, my name is Thomas Kincaid... What's your name?
Tom: My name isn't important, just FIX MY BRAIN, you FISHMONGER!
Thomas: Okay... When did you first notice the liquefying of your brain?
Tom: I took a shower one day and my ears were wet. There's only one thing it could be!
Thomas: Your brain?
Thomas: And you believe this is related to your brain leaking out of your head?
Tom: No, what would make you think that?
Thomas: I'm... not sure.

Tom gets up and grabs Thomas by the collar, his eyes opened wide in a psychotic stare, piercing Thomas's very soul. Tom clears his throat, then bares his teeth.

Tom: Let's see if I can get my Sam Fisher going WHERE is Sirlo Muerpe?!

Thomas's brain can be heard breaking.

Thomas: Sirlo Muerpe? I... I don't know a Sirlo Muerpe.
Tom: He came into this building. Where is he?

Thomas rubs his brow. Tom begins shaking him violently.


Tom stops shaking and his face shows pure fear. He slowly releases Thomas and turns away.

Tom: What have I done?!

The door knob can be heard rattling.

Tom: NO! Stay away! You don't know how dangerous it is in here!

He turns and dives through a tin foil-covered window. He sees a Kawasaki KLX300R driving off with Sirlo atop it. Tom pulls out his radio.

Tom: There's a dirt road behind the strip mall. Sirlo's going that way. Go, my children! I'm gonna lie down for a while.

He puts the radio away and lies down on the dirt.
John Gibson
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7/11/2005 9:36:01 PM

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RE: Kidnapping

The bike speeds off down the road, headinf twords thick forest. The Sky Wolf quickly aquires the target and begins following.

John: If he gets into those woods, we're not gonna find 'im.
Jake: Who said we'll let him into the woods?
John: Huh?

Jake flipped a switch, then typed in a code on a panel next to him. The words "ARMED 4" were displayed on an LED screen. Jake flipped another switch and waited a moment before pulling almost straight up.


Everyone was being pulled back into their seats. Those not seated, promptly landed on the floor.

Jake leveld out, then dove back down twords the bike, pressing the button next to the display. One of the missiles launched out of the missile pod on the right wing. The missile hit the ground about 300 yards ahead of the bike, exploding. The entire path ahead was now a smoldering crater. Sirlo had no chance to slow down as he went straight into the hole, crashing his bike and flying off it. Jake flipped the switches down and hovered above Sirlo, who was now face-first in the dirt. Jake came down and landed next to the crater.

Jake: Well, that was jawsome.
Chris: What?
Jake: Huh?
Chris: ...Nevermind.

Jake Conner
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7/13/2005 12:24:42 AM

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RE: Kidnapping

Megan: Did you have to?
Jake: Yes.
Megan: You're right.

Megan picks up Sirlo and dusts him off.

Megan: You okay, man?
Sirlo: ...Dude... What the--
Megan: We couldn't let you get away. Now, come with uuUUAAAUUUGGGHH!!

Megan steps back, gripping her head in agony.

Sirlo waves his hand, sending Jake flying backwards into the side of the Sky Wolf. Megan soon stops screaming, but then looks at her hands and begins screaming again. Jake regains his senses, gets up, and draws one of his 1911s. An extreme wind blows the single .45 ACP off course, but it still grazes Sirlo's leg. Jake feels the grip of his 1911 become extremely hot and he drops it. Sirlo turns and runs off as quick as he can with his newly acquired limp. Jake grabs the 1911 off the ground and gives chase. The chase ends soon with Jake grabbing Sirlo by the shoulder, turning him around, and punching his lights out. After dragging him back to the Sky Wolf, where Megan has regained her sanity, he radios the others.

Jake: Megan and I are about half a mile down the path behind the strip mall. Sirlo's unconscious. Megan regained her sanity.
John: Regained her sanity?
Jake: Yeah, Sirlo made her nuts for a minute. Messed with her mind, I guess.
Megan: I was just bleeding everywhere and my flesh was coming off, nothing to be too concerned about.
Jake: Yeah. That. It was jawsome.

There's a silence.

Jake: Look, just because I'm different--
Chris: We're on our way. See you in a minute.

Soon, the Jeep arrives. Tom is asleep in the back, crowding out Terenn, who they picked up after passing the strip mall. Sirlo is tied up.

Terenn: Here...

Terenn reaches forward and snaps twice next to Sirlo's ear.

Terenn: As long as we keep him subdued, he's going to have a heck of a hard time casting anything.
Tom: Is anybody else here totally in love with deus ex machina? I'm going to marry it.
Jake: How are you involved in the kidnapping of Jango Ibonek?
Sirlo: I don't know. Ask Melissa.
Jake: Dad gummit.

Tom freaks out.


He squats and points.

Tom: HA HAAAA! Suckers!
Melissa: On your knees, buttclowns.

Jake looks over his shoulder. Melissa is standing on the Sky Wolf's ramp holding Jake's UMP.

Jake: Oh, you did not just get your greasy fingerprints on my UMP...
Melissa: They're not greasy, and I'm wearing gloves anyway.
Jake: That's beside the point, you sandwich-maker.

Megan looks at Jake and raises an eyebrow. He shrugs.

Melissa: I said on your knees!

Terenn swings around, runs up to Melissa, and does some sweet kung-fu, disarming her after about fifteen moves. He then palms her chest, sending her flying twenty feet, obviously on wires.

John Gibson
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7/13/2005 1:25:53 AM

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RE: Kidnapping

Melissa hits the ground hard, knocking the wind out of her. Megan walked over grabbing Melissa by the shirt and lifting her up. Jake walked over grabbing his UMP.

Jake: It's okay now, everything's all right.
Terenn: Who're you talking to? Huh?
Jake: My UMP.
Terenn: .....
Tom: Oh, you'll get used to it.
Terenn: ..Right.

They turn their attention to Megan who's now proceeding to go "angry woman" on Melissa.

Megan: WHAT did you do to Jango?
Melissa: *Cough hack cough* Well, first I--

Melissa cuts off mid-sentence and sends a fist at Megans face, knocking Megans grip loose. Jake instinctively grabs his 1911 and takes a shot at Melissas leg. The shot grazed her leg, causing her to drop down to one knee. Just then, John and Chris pull up.

John: So I guess it -was- Melissa? Huh?
John: Shut up.
Tom: ...Fine.

Megan walks over and gives Melissa a swift kick to the chest for punching her in the face.

Chris: Ouch.

Melissa looks up to the group now surrounding her.

Chris: Where's Jango?
Melissa: Hah, good luck finding him. I never did love him. I just wanted him for the money.
Chris: ..What money?
Melissa: Shut up. That's why I left him..For Sirlo.
Jake: You've -got- to be kidding me.

They proceed to tie her up and toss her next to Sirlo. John heads into the Sky Wolf, and grabs Melissas purse. He took her cellphone out and began looking through the address book. Sure enough, he found Sirlo listed. He wrote down the address and brought it out to Jake.

John: 738 Manor road. Take us here.
Jake: Eh, okay.

They all grab their stuff and head inside the Sky wolf. A little while later, they spot the place below them. They lower and land in the well-kept yard. The engines of the Sky Wolf completely destroyed the yard, though. Jake slings his SG 552 and heads out, followed by John with his G36. They head around to the side of the house, and crack open the bathroom window, climbing in. They walk through the house, finding nothing. As they get to the kitchen, there's a door opposite the window. John opens it up, revealing stairs heading down to a basement. He flips on the lightswitch, but nothing happens. The stairwell remains pitch black. Jake starts rummaging through the kitchen drawers and such, and eventually finds a small flashlight. He tosses it to John who promptly duct tapes it to his G36. They start heading down the steps. On the opposite end of the large basement, there is a dim light with a chair below it. Jango is on it tied to the chair.

John: This seems too easy.
Jake: Jango! Is that you?

He shouts. Jango wearily turns his head, he appeared to be battered and bruised. He caught glimpse of them and shouted back just as they began walking forward.

Jango: Don't! It's a trap!

It was too late, they had tripped a wire, and a set of bars slammed down behind them, blocking the stairwell out. John grabbed his walkie-talkie and tried to contact the Sky Wolf. Nothing but static.
Jake Conner
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7/13/2005 2:40:05 AM

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RE: Kidnapping

John: Freaking sweet. Now what?
Jake: Rot?
John: Okay.

John lies down and his flesh promptly begins to smell.

Jango: Dude...!
John: Sorry.

He gets up. The stink dissipates.

They hear a yell from upstairs and see Tom come sliding down the stairwell on a trash can lid. The trash can lid stops and Tom clears the room.

Tom: Looks like you are inside one giant pickle, and I don't like pickles. Maybe Megan will eat it.
John: What the heck are you talking about?

Tom pulls out a vial of Blair's 16 Million Reserve.

Tom: Better start rubbin'.
John: What the heck? What is it?
Tom: Pure capsicum. Guaranteed to make your tongue start listening to Linkin Park.
John: ...What.
Tom: Nevermind.

After looking the bars up and down for about five minutes, Tom turns around and hits a switch. The bars rise.

Jake: Jawsome. Let's rock and ride.

Jake throws Jango over his shoulder, chair and all. They exit.

John: Oh man. Sweet.

They enter the Sky Wolf, execute Melissa for being a butt hat, and fly off into the sunset.

--Some days later.--

Surgeon: We've managed to gather every last piece of his brain and we're having a couple mages fly in from Wyndor to put it back together. We'll have to make him a new skull after that and graft some butt skin for his head. We're not sure what we're going to do about his eyes yet.
Tom: How did this happen?
Jake: He asked why I keep saying "jawsome".
Tom: Slag.


[Everybody gets 8000 experience, you butthats.]
John Gibson
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7/13/2005 2:47:18 AM

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