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The Lands of Meeriad

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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Callice
Probably Something Bad

Terenn sits in his old red recliner at his house in Callice. The lights are off. He had just arrived at his house about twenty minutes ago after five years of travel. The house is completely intact, albeit dusty. Somewhat surprising to him, as a five year abandoned house seems like the perfect meeting place for lowlifes. The red recliner is his "zone", the place for him to think, rest, nap, or just get comfy. He missed that recliner.

Then the phone rings.

Terenn: Dude, what the heck...

He sits up, puts the foot rest down, and grabs the phone.

Terenn: I've been home for a grand total of twenty minutes and you're already bothering me. Jeez, I don't want to know how many messages I have on my answering machine. What do you want?
???: Hey Terenn. I enchanted your house about... three years ago so I'd know when you're home. It's Koryn.
Terenn: Hi.

Terenn rubs his brow.

Koryn: Anyway, I did that because I had to talk to you, but there was no way I knew where the heck you were, so I just had to wait for you to get home. I had to talk to you because me and the guys here at the Meerian Bureau of Magic have been on the trail of a crazy guy that's been doing really heavy duty evil stuff with magic. You knew him.
Terenn: Okay. Who is it?
Koryn: He was in the same classes as you. Sirlo Muerpe ring a bell?
Terenn: You're kidding.
Koryn: No.
Terenn: Sirlo was awesome. He was the epitome of awesome. He was the best friend I had the whole time I was in the academy.
Koryn: Well, he's screwed up now, and he's doing some pretty nefarious things.
Terenn: Like what?
Koryn: Mind controlling masses of people. Slavery. Making them thieves. We've been tracing hundreds of thefts of some pretty useless stuff back to him.
Terenn: And you can't find him?
Koryn: I don't know why, but no.
Terenn: You're the greatest investigators of magical garbage that exists, how am I supposed to help?
Koryn: Good friends often develop a telepathic link.
Terenn: Sounds like he works with minds. I'm sure he'd have broken any he has. Besides, it's not like I can steal information from his mind.
Koryn: You can trick him into telling you something.

Terenn breathes deeply.

Terenn: I'll give it a shot. See ya.

He hangs up.

Terenn: Hoooo boy.

Terenn sits back in his recliner and stares off into the distance. Within a few minutes, he suddenly flops and becomes transfixed on a single point on the ceiling. While his body remains in this state in his recliner, his consciousness is transferred to a subreality. He stands in a circle of light, the silhouette of a man in a high-backed office chair behind a desk is barely visible in the darkness.

???: Terenn.
Terenn: Sirlo?
Sirlo: Mmm-hmm.
Terenn: Long time no see. Whatcha up to?
Sirlo: Not much. Business. How have you been?

Terenn: Oh, pretty good. I just got home a little while ago... been gone for five years.
Sirlo: You just disappeared off the map. I wondered if you died.

Terenn chuckles.

Terenn: Yeah... Say, where are you living now?
Sirlo: Right now? Mid-Callice... Sherwood.
Terenn: Oh, cool. I'm about twenty minutes from there. We should get some coffee some time, do some catching up.
Sirlo: Yeah. Sure. Where?
Terenn: There's this great place a few blocks from here. Best coffee on the planet, I'm tellin' ya.

Terenn thinks. Written directions appear on Sirlo's desk.

Terenn: 4:30, Friday.
Sirlo: Sounds good.

Terenn snaps out of it... only now he's in weaver stance in a factory, Glock 19 out, with pistols pointed at him. A man in blue with a blue bandana speaks.

Man: Put your gun down.

He drops it, eyes wide.

Terenn: How the--
Man: Tom, duct tape.

Another man, wearing six-color desert camo pants, a black t-shirt, and a black tactical vest moves in and duct tapes Terenn's hands behind his back. A long-haired man in a grey vest pushes Terenn forward, leading him out of the factory. Parked outside is a large black airship. They lead him inside.

Grey-vest: Who are you working for?
Terenn: Umm... I didn't know I was working for anybody. I don't even know how I got here.
Grey-vest: Uh-huh. Don't make me Spaghetti-O you, I'm running out.
Terenn: Huh? Just a few minutes ago I was in a telepathic link with an old friend of mine, who's apparently evil now, and then when I came out of the link I was here. I think he mind controlled me.
Grey-vest: Who?
Terenn: Sirlo Muerpe.

Grey-vest looks at Blue Bandana and raises an eye brow. He turns back to Terenn.

Grey-vest: You're talking too easy. I think you're lying.
Terenn: Sorry to disappoint.
Grey-vest: Where is this Sirlo Muerpe?
Terenn: Don't know, that's what I wanted to find out. I told him to meet me for coffee on Friday.

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