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The Lands of Meeriad

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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Callice
RE: Mobsters

Later that day, back at John's house, John, Megan, and Tom are slouched on the sofa while Megan channel surfs. They all appear extremely bored. Tom suddenly perks up a little.

Tom: Oh, yeah.
John: (Grumbling) What?
Tom: I was nearly gunned down in town earlier. I forgot to tell you guys.
John: That's not unusual.
Tom: No, I'm getting to the strange part. I was saved by a ninja.
Megan: A ninja?
Tom: A ninja. He then told me to gather my friends and fight the source of my worries.
John: Lack of tuna?
Tom: *Shrug* I guess.
John: How do you fight that? And how do your friends help you?
Tom: I don't know. Call Chris.
Megan: Tom, are you sure you weren't having one of your "trips" again?
Tom: I am positive. I was on my feet the whole time.
Megan: ... Never mind. Rolling Eyes
John: C'mon, let's advance the plot.

Later at Chris' house... Tom, John, and Megan are relating the story of the ninja.

Chris: And you couldn't just call me? You had to travel six hundred miles to tell me in person that you need more tuna fish?
Tom: Yes. A ninja told me, so it's that important.
Jake: Uhm... Has it occurred to any of you guys that just maybe this... ninja... wasn't referring to a lack of tuna?
Tom: Not a bit.
John: Nope.
Chris: ...
Megan: I'm going to get a sandwich.

Megan goes to Chris' kitchen and helps herself.

Chris: Help yourself.

Chris' words hit dead air.

Tom: So what would he be talking about, Mr. Smarty Pants?
Jake: Carlos Ritan comes to mind...

John snaps his fingers.

John: SHUCKS! Why didn't I think of that?
Jake: Tom's stupid is rubbing off on you.
John: I guess. Can he stay with you for a while, Chris? My brain hurts.
Chris: No thanks. You can keep him.
John: What kind of response is that?
Chris: ... It's rubbing off on me too.
Jake: Okay, people, shape up. We need to figure out what the heck is going on. Let's go over what we know: we shot Carlos Ritan's brother and got him thrown in prison. That was over a month ago. Would he bother wasting money trying to have us killed purely for revenge? He's a ruthless business man. If it doesn't make him money, he won't do it. However, his brother isn't that swift, but he's wealthy like Carlos. Perhaps he's the one sending hitmen--albeit under-skilled hitmen--after us. He's angry... holds a grudge against us.

Tom grabs his forehead.

Tom: Ow. Ten words or less. Please.
John: But shouldn't Carlos' brother be in prison? How is he sending hitmen?
Jake: Did that ever stop John Quiching?
John: ... Good point.

A jet-powered toilet is heard flushing. The nearest bathroom door swings open and Jango steps out, light shutting off behind him. An atrocious odor flows through the open doorway, seizing SG&C's respective olfactories in a burning vice grip.

Chris: Wide Eyes WHOA! Close the DOOR!

Chris tosses some Glade scent grenades into the bathroom and slams the door shut before Jango realizes what he just said. A flash of light is seen briefly beneath the door as the scent grenades explode.

Jake is tapping his foot.

Jake: Can we move on?
Chris: (Dusting his hands) Yes.
Jake: We could just go see Carlos and ask him to stop if he's doing it.

Megan returns from the kitchen, peanut butter and jelly sandwich in-hand and some in-mouth. Her nose wrinkles. She hurls the bit of sandwich from her mouth straight onto Jango's forehead.

Megan: What is that SMELL?!
Chris: Jango...
Megan: Oh my GOSH. EGH.

She goes back to the kitchen to eat her sandwich.

John: You mean... just... ask him to stop? Laughing
Jake: I'm serious. I really doubt he's sending any hitmen anyway. He may have at first, but I doubt he's started up again. There's no money in it.

Chris grabs a nearby telephone.

Chris: I'll call him and make an appointment. What's his number?
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12/29/2005 12:14:42 AM

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RE: Mobsters

A man is driving through Legivve in his lowrider with 22-inch spinnaz, blasting his bass. The pavement cracks as the long, powerful sound waves hit it. He ducks his head as the back windshield shatters and the stereo sparks, a sharp star-shaped piece of steel now embedded in it.

John, Tom, and Jake are loading up the Jeeps with as many guns as they can. If they're going to go see Carlos Ritan, they'd best be prepared. Jango is at work doing a favor for John: clipping together six belts of 5.56x45mm.

John: You know what we should do?
Tom: Toss our cookies?
John: We should get a battery for that minigun we found a long time ago.
Jango: Wide Eyes
Jake: Yeah... Grin
Jango: Wide Eyes Wide Eyes

Chris exits the house.

Chris: We have an appointment for 2:00 A.M. Tuesday.
John: ...
Jake: ...Tuesday?
Chris: Yeah, so you might want to halt loading up the Jeeps.
John: He's one busy man.
Chris: Should've figured. A mob boss running half of Callice is going to be.
Jake: Or he just likes making people wait.

John makes an exaggerated face of anger.

Elsewhere, there is a pristine, eighty-story office building in Callice. On floor sixty-six lies Carlos Ritan's office. The two walls of the office facing the outside of the building are composed entirely of four-inch-thick bullet-proof glass, which can be raised to allow access to a luxurious balcony outside. Carlos takes a sip from his mug of Columbian coffee--he has connections, you see--and just at the moment, a ninja punches straight through the four-inch-thick bullet-proof glass. He is wearing a hoodie with the word "NINJ4" emblazoned in large, bold letters on the front. The lower half of his face remains covered.

Straph: Somebody I know wants an appointment now, and you do not seem very busy.

Carlos reels around in surprise, but Straph is already gone.

Carlos: What the...
John Gibson
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12/29/2005 11:31:23 PM

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RE: Mobsters

John, Jake,and Chris are huddled around the TV playing X-Box. Tom is eating tuna (As usual), Jango is passed out on the couch, and Megan somewhere. The phone starts ringing, but nobody seems to care. After a short while, Jango groans and reaches for the phone.

Jango: ...Hello?

The phone rings loudly in his ear, which promptly wakes him up. He clicks the 'talk' button.

Jango: ...Hello?
Secretary: Hello, is this the office of SG&C?

Jango looks around at the trashed living room full of empty soda cans and potato chip bags.

Jango: ..Office? Uh, yeah, sure.
Secretary: Your appoitment with Mr. Ritan has been changed.
Jango: To?
Secretary: 7:00 PM tonight.
Jango: 'Kay.

He hangs up.

Jango: Hey guys..

There is silence.

Jango: Hello?

More silence. Jango walks over, shutting off the X-Box.

Jake: You have to the count of five to explain yourself before I kill you.
Jango: We have to see that Carlos guy tonight.
John: ..Today isn't tuesday.
Jango: No, they changed the appointment. Tonight at seven.

Chris looks over at the clock.

Chris: We better get going soon then, we've got three hours only.

They groan and eventually get up. John heads in the kitchen only to see Tom with a mountain of tuna sandwiches in front of him. In a split second, they were all gun, followed by a loud belch from Tom.

John: ..I won't ask..But, uh, let's get going.
Tom: I hope Carlos had a nice bathroom.
John: ..Why?
Tom: You'll find out later.
John: Wonderful.

After more procrastinating, they head out the jeep, where they find Megan sleeping in the back seat. Tom prods her with a stick.

Tom: ...Wake up sleepy head!

Megan grabs the stick, and bashes him over the head.

Tom: Ow.
Megan: I can't get away from you, can I?
Tom: We're leaving.
Megan: ..Oh..Okay.

They load into the jeeps and head out. After a while of driving, they park on the top floor the annoyingly large parking structure.

Jake: So who's going in?
John: Chris and I will, you guys stay here as backup if we need it.
Jake: Ehm, okay.

John and Chris unload their guns and set them inside the jeep, knowing the building would probably have metal detectors. Chris and John head to elevator, and down the parking structure.

Jake leans back in his seat and looks up the tall building. About halfway up there is a bunch of scaffolding, and some guys installing a huge pane of glass.

Jake: ..I wonder what would happen if they fell.
Tom: Splat.
Jake: Yep.

Chris and John head into the building, and through the large metal detectors after emptying their pockets. They grab their stuff head over to a large desk. They ask the receptionist about Carlos, and she directs them to the sixty-sixth floor. Chris and John head to the elevators and push "66". John pulls a walkie-talkie out of his pocket and turns it on. He clicks the button.

John: Can you guys hear me?
Megan: Yep.
John: Okay, just making sure. I hope you guys can get up here fast if we need it.

He tucks the walkie-talkie back into his pocket as the elevator doors open at the sixty-sixth floor.
Jake Conner
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12/30/2005 12:09:53 AM

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RE: Mobsters

John: Do you s'pose the garbage will hit the fan?
Chris: Yup.

The elevator reaches the 66th floor. The doors slide open smoothly with nary a whisper. They head down the lavish carpeted hall to the single door at the very end. Chris grabs the knocker and... well... knocks.

The door opens. Carlos can be seen sitting across the room behind his desk.

Carlos: Come in.

They do. The door closes behind them. They notice a large oriental man dressed in black had control of it.

Carlos: What do you want of me? I'm a very busy man.
Chris: No doubt.
John: Did you hire people to kill us?
Carlos: Yes, but this was months ago.
Chris: Not recently?
Carlos: What did I just say?
Chris: ...
John: Wh--?! o.o

Tom and Jake pass by on a moving scaffold outside the large windows. They are waving and grinning like idiots. They are soon out of view. Carlos turns around to look out.

Carlos: What?
John: Ju--nothing. I just had some gas.
Chris: Laughing--ahem. Blink

Carlos raises an eyebrow. He resituates himself.

John: Would you have any information on people trying to kill us?
Carlos: No, I would not.
Chris: Like... your brother?
Carlos: I have nothing to do with his actions. Now, your presence grates my nerves. Please see yourselves to the exit.
Chris: Uhh... Thank you for your time?

They get up and leave. Tiny--no doubt the name of the oriental man--stares daggers at them. Chills run up Chris' and John's spines. They haul butt down the hall and back into the elevator. It slingshots them to the ground floor. They exit the building.

Chris: Think he's lying?
John: I don't know what to think.

They get back to the Jeep. Jake and Tom have their feet kicked up on the dashboard.

John: And--*Snickering*--what the heck were you guys doing?!
Jake: ... I have no idea what you're talking about.
John: ...

Jake and Tom look confused. Chris and John hop in.

Chris: Never mind. Let's get out of here.
Jake: Where to?
Chris: I don't know. Just drive around.

Jake cranks the Jeep and drives off. Chris makes a call to a buddy of his in the security team of the Callice maximum-security penitentiary. He inquires about Frankie Ritan's stay. He is informed that Frankie was released two days prior due to judicial technicalities or some slag. More likely is Carlos bought someone off.

Chris hangs up the phone and sighs.

Chris: Frankie was released from prison two days ago.
Tom: So he's mad at us and is trying to get us killed. Brilliant!
Chris: Blink
Megan: Probably wasting a lot of money doing it too.
Tom: Megan, does it ever inflate your head to think that we seem to be the ultimate warriors on this planet?
Megan: I never realized before, but, now that you mention it, my head is growing larger.
Tom: You're welcome. I'll inflate with you.

A shot rings out from an indiscernible location. Smoke starts billowing out from beneath the hood of the Jeep.

Chris: Slag.

Everybody grabs their guns and bails, heading for the nearest cover.

Chris: My Jeep. Cry
Tom: What's it gonna be this time...
Megan: What?
Tom: What gun is being used against us this time.

Nearly two feet of concrete is blown out of the sidewalk near SG&C.

John: Wide Eyes HOLY MIKE!
Tom: I'm leaving.
Chris: Me too. I don't even want to deal with this.

Tom jumps the fence down the alley and starts putting distance between himself and the shooter. The others follow suit.

Tom: It's at least .50 BMG.
John: No kidding.

Now several blocks away, they proceed to take the bus out of town.

Jango: Anybody ready to fake our untimely demises and move to the other side of the world? Happy Dead

Tom raises his hand. After getting sharp looks, he lowers it.

Unbeknownst to our heroes, a helicopter of Russian origin, an Mi24 Hind, looms ominously several hundred feet above the bus. The shooter is hanging out the side, clasping his 15.2mm Steyr IWS 2000 rifle. A man is speaking into a microphone behind him. He finally puts it down and turns to the man with the huge rifle.

Man: He says he doesn't care about collateral damage.
Man with rifle: All right then. Guess I'll put this up.

The man with the rifle stands up and puts it aside. The helicopter flies ahead of the bus, spins around, and comes back at it. It aims its missile turrets right at the bus.

Inside the bus, the driver sees the helicopter coming right for them and panics. He ditches the bus off the side of the road and opens the doors. SG&C react quickly, exiting the bus and urging as many people with them as they can.

Missiles launch from the Hind helicopter. SG&C run across the road and dive over the hill, rolling down it painfully. The missiles impact the bus, blowing it and anything within a hundred feet of it apart. The Hind makes another pass, hosing everything with its .50 caliber minigun. Several bystanders are hit.

Chris: Got a rocket?
Jake: Nope.
Tom: No, but I'd bet they do.

They look to see Tom pointing at a nearby gun store. They dash to the store, leaping inside.

Chris: We need to shoot down a helicopter.

The clerk is already handing out several stinger missile launchers.

Chris: Thanks! Grin

They run outside. Jake, John, and Chris all fire missiles at the chopper. One goes awry, but two hit it. Flames and smoke can be seen inside. They see what appears to be someone flying out. The helicopter wobbles and shakes violently as it loses altitude and eventually meets the ground.
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