The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Callice
Equipment Acquisition

Tom steps into a gun store in downtown Callice. His eyes grow wide at the sight of walls filled with firearms of all shapes and sizes. A huge grin is on his face. He makes his way over to the counter and speaks to the clerk.

Tom: Hey, this is your lucky day.
Clerk: How so?
Tom: I'm about to buy a lot of guns.
Clerk: I am elated.
Tom: I'd bet you are.

Tom begins to point at the various items lining the wall.

Tom: I'll take one o' them Norinco AK47s there, that M3 shotgun, that Krinkov, and this USP40. I'll also need a buttload of ammo for each one.

The clerk begins to take them off the racks and out of the glass case to put them into hard cases. Tom grabs a Fobus USP Kydex holster and tosses it onto the counter.

Clerk: 3,270.

Tom forks over the cash.

Clerk: Thank you very much.
Tom: Thank you! Grin

Tom exits the store awkwardly, carrying all his newly-purchased equipment.

Tom got:
Norinco AK47
Zastava M92 (Krinkov)
Benelli M3
Fobus USP Holster

Tom lost 3270 lom.
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The Lands of Meeriad - Equipment Acquisition

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