The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Callice
Dankton Security Initiative

Towards the far side of Callice, there was a three story building surrounded aby high fences lined with barbed wire. The building's tinted windows would deter most people. Atop the large building were the letters "D. S. I." On the second floor of the building, Steve Ongar sat at his desk, reclined back in his chair flipping through the channels of his wall-mounted TV. He sighed and leaned forward, and began finishing his report. Soon after there was a knocking at his door, and Stan walked in.

Stan: Chief's got a mission for us.
Steve: 'Bout time. What's it this time?
Stan: Beats me. He wants us down in his office.

Steve pushes his chair back and gets up, following Stan into the chiefs office. They both take a seat in front of his desk. The chief slides a portfolio across the desk to them.

Chief: We have word that there is black market activity in Wyndor.
Stan: Nothing new there.
Chief: No, but stolen technology has made its way onto the market, and if not retieved, could prove to be catastophic.
Steve: ..So we're going to go buy it?
Chief: It's too late for that. It's already been claimed by someone running the black market operations. We need this item retrieved at any cost.
Stan: What exactly is this thing we're after?
Chief: I've been givin little information myself, but from what I've heard it's some sort of new guide system for missiles.
Stan: Great.
Chief: You'll need more than just your pistols. But don't draw any unneccesary attention to yourselves. The complex they use is rigged with alarms. If they trigger it, you'll be done for. Head to the armory downstairs. You'll be HALO jumping into the woods outside of Wyndor. Your flight will be leaving at 20:00 hours. Good day men.

Steve and Stan exit, and head down to the basement. They punch in a code to the armory and head inside. Steve walks over and grabs his vest. He throws it on then heads over and picks up an MP5-SD6 off the racks of guns. He attaches a silencer and slings the gun over his back. He grabs a couple of extra magazines and tucks them into his vest, along with his combat knife. Stan does the same, only he chooses a silenced M4. When they're both ready, they head back to the elevator.

"Darkness is the only trustworthy thing nowadays."
Steve Ongar
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12/30/2005 1:34:27 AM

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RE: Dankton Security Initiative

Stan: Can't we just use a disguise and drive in?
Steve: That isn't as fun.
Stan: ...Oh.

They take the elevator to the first floor and go to the garage, where they hop into the back of a Jeep and are driven to the nearby airstrip. A C130 cargo plane awaits them.

Stan: This is a waste of resources.

Steve looks slightly amused for a second, gets out of the Jeep and enters the cargo plane. Stan follows him seconds later. They sit down on opposite sides of the plane and wait. About fifteen minutes later, the loading ramp begins to close and the props begin to spin. Stan leans on his knees and rocks back and forth, looking around the dark cargo bay. He pulls out a Nintendo DS.

Steve: You brought a video game?
Stan: These long flights get boring.

About two hours later, Steve and Stan are alerted that they need to be prepared to jump in ten minutes. They begin putting on their HALO equipment. Ten minutes later, a red light flashes and the cargo door begins to open, the deafening sound of wind suddenly roaring through the cargo bay.

Stan: I hate this part.


Stan takes a deep breath.


Stan and Steve leap from the plane simultaneously, the plane leaving them far behind. The clouds are thick, but the holes between offer a glimpse at the ground miles below. The freezing wind pierces them, even through the specialized clothing. Minutes later, merely hundreds of feet above the ground, they rip their cords, guiding themselves through the Wyndor forest's canopy. They make it to the ground safely and tuck the parachutes away, removing and discarding all of the jump gear. They proceed through the woods, a more-detailed briefing and mission objectives left on their PDAs.
Stan Winchester
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12/30/2005 2:11:00 PM

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RE: Dankton Security Initiative

They get to a small clearing, and Steve begins climbing a tree while Stan is knelt down beside the tree shuffling through his bag for his PDA. He pulls out the PDA and clicks it on. An icon pops up indicating that there's a new message, he opens it up for their mission objectives.

"Greetings Winchester, Ongar.

You have both already been debriefed on your mission. The compound is marked on the map attached with this message. Your objectives are as follows:

-You are to remain undetected, we do not need our presence known.

-Do not kill any civilians

-Tap into the cameras on the outside of the compound

-Find and obtain the Missile Guidance chip.

-Proceed to the extraction point

You have 48 hours to complete your task."

The screen flashes and a map is now displayed. An "x" is marked over a large building on the outskirts of Callice, not too far from their current position. Up in the tree, Steve is perched with binoculars.

Steve: Where's the place at?
Stan: Look about 35 degrees to your right.

Steve looks over in that general direction, and sees a huge, fenced-in compound.

Steve: I see it. It looks pretty dead, actually. But there are no windows, so i can't see inside.

He continues scanning the area.

Steve: Cameras, a bunch of them all over the walls.

Steve stuffs the binoculars away and climbs back down beside Stan. Stan goes over everything briefly with Steve, and they head off through the woods towards the compound.

"Darkness is the only trustworthy thing nowadays."
Steve Ongar
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12/31/2005 12:01:05 AM

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RE: Dankton Security Initiative

Steve acknowledges the fact that the trees around here have very thick branches--thick enough to hold him if he distributes his weight properly. Furthermore, the cameras are pointing slightly downward.

Steve: Going high.

Stan nods. The spinning cameras aren't synchronized and stop for a second at the end of their turn. If timed correctly, he could slip between two cameras and safely walk the entire perimeter of the compound safely. He weaves quickly through the trees, careful to not be seen by the cameras--it is unknown if they have night vision, thermal imaging, or other such capabilities. As two of the cameras again form a blind spot, he makes a mad dash toward the wall, slamming his back against it with a slight thud. He looks up just as Steve jumps from a tree to the roof. Ducking slightly under a camera, Stan moves to his left and looks through the chain link fence. There's a spotlight on a tower, but nobody seems to be watching it. As Steve said, the place is dead. Stan raises an eyebrow. He sidles along the wall the opposite direction and turns a corner, ducking under a few more cameras along the way. He comes to a small area of chain link fence between two buildings; but this has obviously been cut with wirecutters.

Stan: Mann.

Their CO and mission supervisor, Roger Mann, is connected to them via earpieces and throat mics.

Roger: Go ahead.
Stan: I found a section of fence that's been cut.

Stan looks around the area.

Stan: There are no other signs of anybody being through here, but somebody else may want this chip too.
Roger: Be careful and keep us posted.

Stan crawls through the cut fence.
Stan Winchester
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1/6/2006 12:20:16 AM

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RE: Dankton Security Initiative

Up on the roof, Steve sees a large vent grating; the lock was already broken, and it was open. When he got closer to it, he saw that there was a rope tied around a pipe jutting out the roof, and the other end of the rope was down the vent.

Steve: Mann
Roger: Go ahead, Steve.
Steve: The vent is open on the roof, and there's a rope dropped down it. I don't think we're here alone.
Roger: Stan found something similar. I'm thinking there may be another team. We're looking into things as much as we can from here, watch your back.
Steve: Right.

Steve gives the rope a tug to make sure it's secure, then he begins his descent down the dark vent shaft.

Meanwhile, Stan makes his way to a partially open window, and pushes it the rest of the way up, climbing in. He closes the window behind him slowly. The room is dark, all that's heard in it is the humming of the computer which was also the only source of illumination in the room. There was a man wearing camo sitting at the computer desk surfing the internet, he had a P90 next to him leaning against the desk. Stan crept along the room until he was behind the man. Just as he was about to reach for the guard, his wakie-talkie beeped. Stan pushed himself into the shadows of the wall.

??: There is an intruder alert, all guards be on the lookout. Shoot to kill.

The walkie-talkie beeped again. The guard sighed and grabbed his P90, heading out the room and closing the door behind him.

Stan: Steve.

Steve stopped halfway down the vent.

Steve: Yeah?
Stan: Did anybody see you?
Steve: No. But I think there may be others here besides us.
Stan: Same here. Guards are on alert, watch yourself.
Steve: Alright.

Steve continues his descent, and soon comes down to another open vent. He crawls out to find find himself in a pitch-black room. He turns on his night vision and looks around, to see that he's in the basement. There are several large heaters down here, which must be the reason for the vent.

"Darkness is the only trustworthy thing nowadays."
Steve Ongar
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1/6/2006 9:05:15 PM

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RE: Dankton Security Initiative

Stan waits a few seconds to make sure the guard doesn't come back. He then walks over to the computer and enters My Network Places. There are multiple network connections--cc, cam, and a few others that didn't look important. He stops himself before double-clicking "cc". He minimizes, right-clicks My Computer, and checks the computer name. It reads "ds-ops"--with any luck, nobody would bat an eyelash at ds-ops connecting to cc. He returns to My Network Places and double-clicks cc. A password dialog pops up.

Stan: Slag.

There's a moments silence, but Roger's voice soon comes over the radio.

Roger: What was that?
Stan: Nothing.

He begins looking around the many papers on and around the desk, careful not to disturb them much. He grumbles. Waste of time. He slaps a USB memory card into the computer, opens the man's email program--Microsoft Outlook--and copies all of it to the card. He removes the USB device, returns the computer to the way it was, and exits the room, peering out the door first to ensure that it's clear. He hears footsteps down the hall and quickly enters a side room. Several large photocopiers, fax machines, and printers line the room. One of the printers is making noise and spits out a paper. Stan grabs the paper and looks at it while the printer continues printing more of the same paper. It appears to be a memo about a deal relating to "MARX."

Stan: Uhh--

The door creeks. Stan dives behind a photocopier.

Roger: What is it?

Stan taps the button in his earpiece, disabling it. Footsteps head toward the printer he was just at, which has already spit out fifteen of the papers. Stan takes a look at the person before heading silently out the still-open door. A nearby door marked "SUPPLIES" looks like a good place to stop and fill in Roger and Steve, so he enters it and turns his earpiece back on.

Roger: --at's going on there? Steve, have you heard anything?

There's no response from Steve, who is currently very close to some people who would very quickly shoot him if they saw him.

Stan: Someone was right on top of me. Mann, do you know anything about MARX?
Roger: MARX? Doesn't ring a bell. Diego, get on it. I would guess that's our goal.

Diego Logan, the intelligence officer, promptly begins calling his other DSI contacts and going through files.
Stan Winchester
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1/7/2006 12:23:02 AM

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RE: Dankton Security Initiative

Steve is currently ducked behind some heating ducts, listening to the boring conversation between the maitanence crew, who are working on one of the heaters. One of the two men starts swearing when he realizes he forgot some of his tools upstairs in the maitanence room. He sighs and heads up the steps, leaving the other man there. All that was keeping the basement lit was the dim headlight that the man was wearing. Steve snuck around behind the man, and grappled him. Steve dragged him into another section of the basement, and knocked the man out.
Steve then starts up the steps. When he gets to the top, he cracks the door slightly, and peers down the dead hall. He enters the hall and closes the door behind him. Steve notices a camera down the hall facing him, and he ducks into the nearest room- an office. He locks the door when he gets into the office.

Steve: Stan, try to find a way to disable these cameras if you can. I'm going to find an alternate route for now, but we won't be able to avoid the cameras for long, the entire place is being watched.
Stan: I'll see what I can do.

Steve heads over to the window and opens it. After glancing around outside, he sees a steel pipe running up the side of the building, from the kitchen up to the roof. He climbs out the window and makes his way over to the pipe, careful for cameras and guards. He climbs the pipe up to the second floor, and notices the window  is open, so he enters the building there. It looked to be a meeting room, a long table surrounded by around 15 chairs was in the middle of the room, and other various decorations. A small black bag caught his at the corner of the room. He went over to it an opened it, looking inside. He pulls out the laptop and boots it up. He plugs a transmitter into the USB port and transfers everything over to Roger.

Steve: I found a laptop in what seems to be an executive office. I'm sending files over to you now, there might be some information on that "MARX" thing.

Jake Conner
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1/7/2006 12:45:02 AM

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RE: Dankton Security Initiative

Roger: Gentlemen, we've got something.
Stan: Try me.

He peers through the crack between the door and the frame. The man in the printer room exits carrying a stack of papers.

Roger: We didn't get anything about MARX, but it seems another subagency of DSI had a little lack of communication with us.
Steve: Meaning?
Roger: There are two other DSI agents in there with you... and they're not after the same thing.
Stan: MARX?
Roger: We don't know. They're even more classified than us.
Stan: If that's even possible. Keep me posted, I'm going to see about making a little "glitch" in their cameras.

Stan exits the closet and hurries down the hall, stopping at the three-way intersection. Down one way, he can see a few server racks through an open door. Due to the place being surprisingly empty, Stan waltzes into the room, whose door is marked "NETWORKING". Two men are working terminals spread about the room and one man is working on an open server. This could be an issue.

Stan: Steve.
Steve: Cameras are still working.
Stan: I'm working on that. I need you to find a circuit breaker for the networking room and turn it off when I say "now".
Steve: Networking?
Stan: Yes.
Steve: ...Okay. I'm on it.

The man working on the server begins to plug it in. Stan squints.

Steve: Found it.
Stan: Get ready.

The man reaches for the power button.

Stan: Now.

The instant the computer begins to power on, the lights go out and battery backups start beeping annoyingly.

Stan: ...They have batteries. That's bad.

The server technician growls in frustration.

Technician: I think I blew a breaker or something. I'll be back...
Man: Ugh. The router's not in a battery.

Stan enters the bathroom before he is seen.

Stan: Camera feed's dead. Take out the man coming to check the breaker and you'll get a little extra time.
Stan Winchester
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1/7/2006 1:29:14 AM

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RE: Dankton Security Initiative

Steve was back down in the basement again, ducked underneath the steps this time. Above him, the door creaks open and one of the Networking guys starts down the steps, grumbling as he shines his flashlight around. He makes his way over to the breaker and pulls open the door, only to be promptly knocked out, and placed over next to the maitanence worker.

Steve: He's out.
Stan: I'm working on the lines, hang on.

Stan had his field knife and cut one of the wires connected to the server with a label on it saying "CAMERAS", he spliced in a transmitter, then disconnected the main feed. Roger could see through the cameras now, but the guards couldn't. Just to be safe, Stan pulled the tapes out of the VCRs that recorded the cameras.

Stan: Roger, you should have access to the cameras now., they're disabled from the computers around here though.
Roger: Alright. Do your work quickly,

Steve heads up the stairs now, and heads down the hall. Though the cameras were still moving, noone could see him. He works his way to the secretary desk and flips through paperwork on the desk.

Steve: Stan, presidents office is on the fourth floor. You might find something up there.
Stan: Alright.

Roger interrupts them.

Roger: Okay, we've found something witht hat information you sent us from that laptop, Steve.
Steve: And?
Roger: From the files we've decrypted so far, apparently there is some connection between the chip and MARX.
Stan: Connection?
Roger: We'll get back to you on that, for now, keep on your primary objective.
Stan: Right.

Stan heads out the Networking room and looks for a way up to fourth floor, while Steve continues searching around the first floor.

"Darkness is the only trustworthy thing nowadays."
Steve Ongar
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1/7/2006 8:48:22 PM

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