The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

The End of the World has been averted! Dang, we rock!
See what happened on Dankton.
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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Callice
RE: The Invasion of Meeriad

Chris: John, save yours in case something goes wrong. Jake, you take the right one.

Jake nods. They crouch and aim.

Chris: Fire.

The rockets fly, penetrating both tanks' turrets. Simultaneously, explosions blow out the top hatches. John pulls out his radio.

John: We have two confirmed kills. We're coming back.

Jake and Chris reload their rocket launchers on the way back.
John Gibson
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2/4/2006 12:38:31 PM

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RE: The Invasion of Meeriad

On their way back, they notice several bright flashes and balls of fire barely visible high in the sky.

John: Wow. Looks like they're being torn to bits.

Suddenly, a blue-tinted hologram of a robed figure appears in front of them. It is Dominion Master Kyle, but they don't know that.

DM Kyle: You are correct. Their entire fleet has been eradicated. Only the forces on the planet remain.

The hologram fades away.

Chris: Well, some F18 Super Hornets should be able to take out the remaining aircraft.
John: And we should be able to take out the remaining ground troops.
Jake: Jawsome. Let's rock--
All: And RIDE!

With newfound zest, they jog back to the cabin to relay the good news.


News hath been relayed.

Tom: Sweet nuggets. Where's my tactical nuke?
Megan: It was in my sock drawer at home.
Tom: Crud. Huh? Why was it in there?
Megan: It got mixed up with my laundry.
Tom: Oh.
Tara: Before you go save the world, you should eat. I've finished supper.
John: Great! What did you make, Mom?
Tara: Deerburgers.

They sit down to eat. Megan chews a bone.

Megan: This is... there's a bone...

She grabs an empty chip bag.

Jake: That one's empty. Here--
Megan: I know.

She sticks her head into it. Disgusting sounds can be heard emanating from within.

John: *Picking gristle out of his teeth* Mom, it's great and nice that you would feed us before we go off to waste the bad guys, but we really should be going... You know, before more people die and stuff.
Jake: Uhh... There's a piece of cardboard in mine...
Tara: Stop complaining! I work all day to cook a meal and all I get is complaints!

An explosion is heard in the distance. SG&C jump up.

John: Mom, thanks for the meal. Loved it. Gotta go.

They all grab their gear and rush out the door. Cliff locks all five deadbolts and other security mechanisms after they depart.
Tom Fender
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3/6/2006 11:17:25 PM

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RE: The Invasion of Meeriad

Hours later, SG&C in a lone Jeep arrive at a hill overlooking Quze City, capital of Zanardio. Landed right outside the city is an unscathed capital ship.

John: Uhm... One got by.
Chris: Oh, you think?
Jake: That hologram did say only the forces on the planet remain, and it is on the planet.
John: But he said the entire fleet was eradicated!
Tom: Does it matter? It's there. Let's blow it up.

Everybody looks at Tom. They then turn to the incredible mile-long capital ship.

Their eyes glaze over.

Chris: Much easier said than done.

Jake pulls out some binoculars and scopes out the town. Megan leans forward, as if to see the town better.

Megan: Whaddya see?
Jake: Enemy armor and patrols. Looks like they have control of a small part of the city; I see checkpoints.
Chris: How much armor?
Jake: A tank at every checkpoint, but I can only see a few--three. It's difficult to see much of anything else. Lots of buildings in the way. Wait--more tanks coming out of the big ship.

He continues scanning the town.

Jake: Looks like some fighting on Taerius Avenue. Enemy tank and soldiers against people with rifles.
John: Well, I guess it's up to the six of us to pull a classic SG&C stunt and do what a city full of people couldn't. Let's clean up the invaders.
Chris: Jake, you should put some of that .338 I brought ya to use. How about you stay up here with Jango as your spotter and provide overwatch?
Jango: I would like to take a second to tell you all how much I appreciate the role you have bestowed upon me, one that will keep me out of harm's way upon this nice, grassy hill, somewhat far from danger.

Jake rolls his eyes and hands Jango the binoculars. He then digs out his SR8, boxes of .338 ammunition Chris brought, and two ghillie suits. The two climb out of the vehicle, don the ghillie suits, and find a nice overgrown spot to set up in. The Jeep continues down the hill toward Quze.

Chris: Let's take a vote. Go in the bad-guy-occupied entrance or the presumably friendly entrance?

Tom can be seen in the back seat holding two rocket launchers, one over each shoulder.

Tom: Bad-guy-occupied entrance. Super Grin

John shakes his head slowly, mouth agape.

John: You are psychotic. I vote friendly entrance.
Megan: Me too.
Chris: Me three. Okay, we're going in the friendly entrance.
Tom: Sad

Tom puts the rocket launchers down. Minutes later, they enter the city limits. Windows are boarded up, and rifle muzzles can be seen protruding from any openings. On one street corner, in front of a small hardware store, a balding man, probably in his mid-fifties, and his two sons are perched behind sandbags with two mounted PKMs and plenty of ammo. They give SG&C a look and wave them to stop. The older man walks over to the Jeep.

Chris: Hi, we're here to help. What's been going on?
Man: They've been attacking this part of the city in waves. So far we've been relatively lucky. They haven't brought anything heavy in here yet, so we've been able to hold them off.
Chris: We noticed some fighting on the way in. How do we get to Taerius Avenue?
Man: Keep going straight along here for five blocks. It's to the left.
Chris: Thanks. Do you have any grenades or rockets?
Man: We're on our last case of frag grenades. We ran out of rockets hours ago.
Chris: We might be able to spare a few rockets. M136?
Man: Yeah.

Tom hops out with a case of HEAT rockets and takes it over to the machine gun nest on the corner.

Jake's voice can suddenly be heard over the radio.

Jake: More soldiers and a couple more tanks headed to Taerius Avenue. They're pwning the place. Hurry up.
Chris: We're headed to Taerius. Good luck.

He waves to the man and continues on down the street. The sound of gunfire and the occasional cannon blast get louder as they draw near Taerius Avenue.

Tom: I've got a crazy idea.
Megan: As usual.
John: Are we going to die because of it?
Tom: It's possible, but anything is possible.
Chris: What is it?
Tom: You drive the Jeep around as fast as you can through the enemy while John and Megan fire at the troops and I--*Pulls rocket launchers up again*--blast me some tanks!
John: Again, you are psychotic.
Tom: Why, thank you.
Chris: Maybe we should try something a bit more... tactical?
Tom: Aw, c'mon! That is tactical!
Chris: Plus, I'm not getting this Jeep blown up. I say we park here and continue on foot.
John: But my old-man legs...

Chris stops the Jeep in an alley and shuts it off.

Chris: Sorry again, pops. You'll just have to soldier on.
Tom: Okay, same strategy but on foot. I'll go take out the tanks while you guys cover me.
John: There should be enough cover fire from the people. I'll take a rocket launcher too.

Tom grabs his FAL folder and hands his G3 to Chris.

Tom: Here, it's, at the least, more powerful than the AK I know you were gonna grab.
Chris: Thanks.

Chris checks the rifle and grabs spare mags, stuffing them in his vest pockets. Megan grabs Tom's .308 Galil and makes bizarre eyebrow movement and noise.

Megan: Mr. Eyebrows Eh? Eh-eh? Mr. Eyebrows
Tom: You can have it.
Megan: Ehh! Mr. Eyebrows!!

She checks it and loads up on mags for it. John grabs his P90, Mossberg 590, an M136, and ammo for each.

They all hop out of the Jeep, donning their shooting glasses, (better safe than sorry!) and head down the street. Bullet holes can be seen appearing all over buildings at the next intersection. Several people are pinned down behind rubble. SG&C begin running. Chris peeks around the corner.

Chris: Three tanks.

Tom looks dead serious. John is giving him a funny look, noting a rocket launcher in each of his hands.

John: You're not going to use them both at the same time, are you?
Tom: Heck yes I am! Why do you think I brought them?!
John: How are you going to hit what you want?
Tom: I've been practicing.

A look of stunned realization washes over John's face.

John: So that's where most of the rockets went!
Chris: All right, enough. Let's do this.

Megan and Chris start shooting at soldiers around the corner. John and Tom pop out enough to blast the tanks. John goes for the far one while Tom shoots the two close ones simultaneously. They all hit the turrets of the tanks, disabling them.

John: Wow, Tom. That's incredible... or incredibly lucky.
Tom: WHAT?!

They toss the empty launchers aside for now and engage the soldiers with their rifles.
Tom Fender
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3/11/2006 1:55:25 AM

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RE: The Invasion of Meeriad

John takes cover behind a concrete pillar supporting an overhang in front of the entrance of a corner store. Beam weapon fire flies past it, occasionally ripping into it, pelting John with chunks of concrete. The P90 clicks and he proceeds to reload. Just before he inserts a fresh mag, an alien bursts through the front door of the store. Dropping the magazine, John whips out his 590A1 from a back holster and blows a chunk out of the alien's flesh. He racks it quickly and fires another shot into the alien's face, dropping it. He holsters the shotgun and picks up his dropped P90 mag, inserting it quickly and racking the charging handle. He leans out from behind the pillar and begins laying down fire one again. Eight rounds later, his P90 jams.

John: Got a jam!

Tom laughs maniacally. John realizes he's firing his XM15 and Jango's M4 at the same time. He does a double take. A dead alien falls on Chris as a .338 round passes through his cranium, courtesy of Jake. A bag of Skittles falls out of Tom's sleeve. Chris shrugs the body off and yells at Tom.


Tom is hitting everything, but ineffectively. As he reaches bolt lock, he gets behind the side of a building, slings Jango's M4, and proceeds to reload his XM15, reverting to conventional, and more useful, single-gun technique. Before slapping the bolt release, he reaches into the danger zone to recover his bag of Skittles. He stuffs it into his sleeve, onto his shoulder. Chris raises an eyebrow. By this time, John has cleared his jam and proceeds into the store to keep any more of the aliens from getting the drop on him. It is, in fact, an antique shop. Two of the aliens have entered the back door. Attempting to shoot John, their beam weapons shatter a few old ceramics and rip through a few pieces of old furniture.

An APC pulls up in a three-way intersection near Tom, Chris, and Megan. The machine gun turret atop it turns and begins blowing large chunks out of buildings.

Tom: Let's take that bad boy! Super Grin
Chris: How the slag are we gonna do that?!
Tom: Go knock on their door!

He rounds the building he's next to, runs through an alley, and comes up behind the APC. He bangs on the rear hatch. It opens slightly and a grenade pops out. Tom stares at it, screams like a little girl, and pops it back inside, plugging his ears. The blast blows the ramp open onto him, but takes out everybody inside except the driver. Megan quickly runs inside and pops the driver with Tom's Galil. Chris pulls Tom out from under the ramp, heads inside, moves the dead driver, and sits down. Tom pulls three grenades off of several dead aliens and pockets them. Megan soon follows suit. They grin happily.

Inside the store, John is appalled at the destruction of innocent antiques. He screams thusly at the top of his lungs:


He opens up on full auto, only stopping when the two aliens are firmly on the floor. He breathes heavily, gritting his teeth. He then realizes he's still holding the trigger and it's not firing. He comes to the unfortunate realization that when he dropped the magazine, it knocked the rounds cockeyed. He replaces the magazine, switches to his shotgun, and continues out the back. He bumps into an alien who is scurrying backwards toward the store. He puts some 00 buck into the alien's back. He then realizes the alien was running because of the commandeered APC.

John: Sweet.

Blue, glowing rounds whiz through the air at 600 rounds per minute, blowing smoking holes in the aliens. The APC comes to a halt next to John and the back ramp slams open.

Chris: Jump in!
John: Bug out!
Chris: Enemy armor spotted!
John: Need a medic!
Tom: Bug out!
Megan: SHUT UP! Ugh

Meanwhile, Jake and Jango are lying among some tall weeds atop a hill. There's a rustle behind them. Jango raises an eyebrow and slowly rolls over. Jake whispers.

Jake: ...Jango...?

Jango silently removes his Kimber from a leather IWB holster. A about twenty feet away, a few feet below them, three of the aliens are shuffling about. One has a strange looking rifle-esque weapon. Jango jumps up, instantly assuming an isosceles stance, and proceeds to go IPSC on their butts, double-tapping each one and performing a speed reload in about two seconds. He lowers the pistol and gets back down on the ground, his jaw dropped. They're both silent for a few seconds.

Jake: ...Nice shooting.
Jango: ...Thanks.
Jake: Get them binoculars back over here, I need to keep some heckers off our mans.

Jango turns around and puts the binoculars to his eyes.

Jango: Aw crud. They're in our base... killin' our mans.
Jake: Onoes.
Jango: Hey hey. Rocket, two o'clock.
Jake: ...From us or them?
Jango: THEM.

A .338 whistles through the air. It pierces the rocket-bearing alien's spine. Unfortunately, this immobilizes his lower body, leaving his arms to operate the rocket launcher.

Jango: He's still moving.

Jake fires again the instant the alien fires the rocket. Firing the rocket off course, it blows out the front of the first level of an office building.

Jake: ...Oops.
Jango: Wait a second... Our guys are coming toward us. What are they doing?

A minute later, the APC arrives after blowing out the guts of a few aliens along the way. The rear hatch opens and Megan quickly drops off Jango's M4 and his extra magazines.

Megan: We're heading in for the ship. You might need this.

She closes the ramp and the APC takes off, heading back into the city. A vehicle, much smaller than the APC, comes off of a side street directly in front of the our intrepid heroes. It launches a green web-like shot at them, but Chris swerves, dodging it, and drives directly over the small vehicle, smashing it to bits. Chris punches the accelerator, as the street they are currently on is a straight shot for the landed ship.

Chris: Tom, start blowing us a hole in that thing!

The APC rocks constantly and there are many meaty thumps heard. Tom opens fire with the turret, blasting concentrated fire at the ship. Megan is standing in the front, next to Chris, gripping the doorway and dashboard with white knuckles.

Chris: Where's my hole?
Tom: Out to lunch.
Chris: This'll have to do. Hang on!
Megan: I am!

She displays her white knuckles. The APC hits a convenient ramp of rubble and flies toward the weakened hull. A giant green blast takes out the entire rear of the APC as they collide with the ship. Metal twists and tears out, and Chris, Megan, Tom, and John find the APC sliding sideways through a hall, taking out several foot soldiers along the way. It soon slams into a wall. Everybody is mashed against the wall of the APC.

John: Am I still alive?
Tom: Well, there aren't any Twinkies and I don't hear the Village People, so I think we're okay.

John looks at the opening in the APC where the back quarter of the vehicle used to be.

John: Let's get moving.
John Gibson
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3/15/2006 5:54:03 PM

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RE: The Invasion of Meeriad

Chris grabs his walkie-talkie and finds that it wasn't on. He switches it on; Y.M.C.A. can be heard briefly. Tom's eyes bug out.

Chris: Don't worry about it. It was just the radio.
Tom: I have a bad feeling all of a sudden.

Chris presses PTT.

Chris: Jake, we're inside the ship.
John: Good crud!

Thirty alien soldiers march down a hall toward SG&C. The team runs for the best cover all the while trading projectiles.

John: What are we going to actually do now that we're in here?
Chris: I don't know. I don't think that far ahead.

Megan lobs two HE grenades as the rest stare dumbfounded. She jumps out from behind cover and goes running down a hall, popping aliens here and there. The rest follow. On the way, Tom hands a grenade or three to the aliens.

They explode.

Megan: I've seen it on TV--
John: What?
Megan: You make the engine's core overload and it causes a chain reaction that blows up the whole ship!
Chris: I hope you're joking.
John: Yeah, that's a lot of bull.
Megan: Well, I don't hear you guys coming up with anything.
Tom: Maybe they're allergic to tuna. We could give them tuna and they'll all explode.
Chris: I like Megan's idea better.
John: Me too.
Tom: I like tuna.
Everybody else: We know.

They wax a couple guards and enter a room.

Megan: Is this an engine room?
Chris: Beats me. Jake or Jango would probably know, but--
John: They're not here right now.
Tom: May I take a message?
Megan: I think we need to frog blast the vent core.

Tom hands Megan a couple frogs.

Megan: See any vent cores?

Chris points to a vent-like structure on the "engine."

Chris: That looks like one.

Megan lobs the frogs into the vent.

Megan: Let us exfiltrate.
Tom: Quite.

They all mad dash for the nearest exit.
Tom Fender
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5/18/2006 1:03:47 AM

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RE: The Invasion of Meeriad

After wildly stumbling through identical hallways and popping a dozen or so aliens while something... bad... can be heard in the ship's engine, they find themselves in a large hangar. Tom notices a group of men with high-res hardware loading into one of the alien APCs. Nobody else does, but he then realizes that there's still another APC available. He makes bizarre eyebrow movement and noise.

Tom: Mr. Eyebrows Eh? Eh-eh? Mr. Eyebrows

Without a word, the others hasten to the APC. Tom cries tears of joy.

Tom: Clint's finally letting me have an APC!

Nobody seems to hear him. Chris, having experience with one of these (five minutes of experience, but experience nonetheless,) drives again. They catch about three feet of air when they exit the hangar in slow motion, a triumphant plume of flame from the exploding engine shooting out behind them. As they drive away as quickly as possible, other, smaller explosions occur all along the ship. Megan and John hunker down on the floor, expecting a gigantic nuke-like explosion to occur. A subdued THUM is heard and smoke pours out of all of the ship's orifices--and that's the end.

John looks up and blinks. He then notices that there are armed humans out in the open everywhere, standing over the fallen invaders.

And it feels good.

John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

6/17/2006 6:08:57 PM

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