The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

The End of the World has been averted! Dang, we rock!
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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Wyndor

*Scorcher is exploring Wyndor.  After looking around for ahwile, he realizes he has been over the entire town.  He goes out east a little, when he walks into a plain.  The ground starts to rumble beneath him, and it caves in*
Scorcher: Whoa!!
*hits the floor of a cave.  He looks around and sees a branch on the ground.  He hits it with his sword, and it catches on fire*
Scorcher:*picks it up* ahh, a nice torch.
*A bat flies in an bites Scorcher*
Scorcher: Ow!
*Scorcher punches the bat for 5 damage*
*Bat bites Scorcher for 10 damage*
*Scorcher Slices bat with sword for 17 damage*
*Bat is sliced in half and two halves fall to the floor, flaming*

*EXP 20*

*End battle*
Scorcher: Stupid bat.  Now, for a way out of here...
*Scorcher walks deeper into the cave*
Scorcher: There has to be a way out of here... this stick had to get in here somehow....
*Scorcher walks deeper still, until he comes to a fork*
Scorcher: Left or right? *goes left*
*A rat scurries past Scorcher*
Scorcher: What the!?  Oh, just a rat.  Why is it running so fast?
*A wolf comes running after the rat, then stops and looks at Scorcher*
Scorcher: How did a wolf get in here?  Now I know there has to be way out..
*The wolf snarls and snaps at Scorcher*
Scorcher: *backs away from the wolf* Hey, steady boy.
*Wolf bites Scorcher and gnaws on his leg for 20 damage*
*Scorcher kicks the wolf away, 5 damage, Then slices its back with his sword for 15 damage*
*The wolf backs away a few feet, then lunges itself at Scorcher.  Scorcher side-steps and the wolf hits the cave wall for 3 damage*
*Scorcher brought his sword down trough the wolf's neck, for 17 damage, slaying the beast*

EXP: 50

*End Battle*
Scorcher: *grips his leg* I can't walk on this now! *Rips off part of his cloak and wraps his leg*
*Scorcher limps farther down the path he chose*
Scorcher: I need to get out of here and see a doctor...*trips over something*
Scorcer: *grips his leg* AAAAHHHH!!!! *gets up and holds his torch closer to the ground*  He sees a body laying there*
Scorcher: Hey!  You okay? *nudges the body a few times with his foot*  Hello?
????: *moans* Who, who are you?
Scorcher: I'm Scorcher.  Who are you?
????: My name is Doc...
Scorcher: Are you a doctor?
Doc: No, but I need one.  Some wolf tried to eat me a minute ago, then it took off after some rat.
Scorcher: Oh, yea, I killed that thing, so don't worry.  How did you get in here?
Doc: About a mile down this path there is an opening I found.
Scorcher: I just came from tha way!
Doc: Then you've been going in the wrong direction.
Scorcher: Well, come on.  I'll help you out of here.
Doc: I can barely move. *Scorcher picks him up* Hey!  What are you doing!?
Scorcher: When I was in Wyndor, I saw a poster offering a reward for a missing person, and I'm thinking that's you.  How long have you been down here?
Doc:  Only a few days, I thought I was gonna die when that wolf ate the rest of the food I packed.
Scorcher: Well, you were saved by a rat.
*Scorcher tries his best to carry the man back out of the cave*
*After a few hours of carrying Doc with a bad leg, they reach an exit.*
Scorcher: Finally, we're out.
Doc: Hows your leg?
Scorcher: I'll live.  I need to take you to the police department and get a reward.
*they walk into the department*
Scorcher: I've found the missing man.
Police Chief: Oh!  Doc, dear brother, where were you?
Doc: I was stuck in a cave, and this guy helped me out of it.
Police Chief: Thank you, sir, here is the reward.
*Scorcher receives 1000 LOM*

Fire!!! FIRE!!!!! AHAHAAAA!!!!
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