The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

The End of the World has been averted! Dang, we rock!
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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Nookiya Forest

Chris is plowing down a dirt road in the middle of Nookiya forest, blasting Black Dog and drinking a Mountain Dew. As it goes to the heavy guitar, Chris takes his concentration off the road and starts jamming out.

He sees movement off to the side of the road, just in time and slams on his breaks. A woman is standing in the middle of the road, panting and looking at the Jeep.

Chris: What the crud! I could have killed you! What are you doing?

The woman continues to look at him for a second, then seems to snap out of her shock. She looks behind her, as Chris is getting out of the Jeep and putting his hand near his pistol.

Woman: Th-there are Bio-shell hunters behind me. They're trying to kill me.

Chris looks to where she came from, and can hear someone yelling a short distance off.

Chris: Slaggit. Alright, get in.
Woman: Thank you.

Chris and the woman climb in, and Chris shifts it into drive and takes off with a cloud of dust being left behind. He looks in his rear-view mirror in time to see a man step out on the road with a gun.

Chris: Get down.

The woman ducks, and a shot is heard. Apparently the man is a bad aim. It completely misses the Jeep. The Jeep goes around a bend in the road, and leaves the men behind.

Chris: Alright, you're safe now. You got a name?
Woman: Lexi.
Chris: Nice to meet you. My name is Chris.
Lexi: Thanks for the ride.
Chris: No problem. Mind me asking what on Meeriad you're doing way out here in the middle of the forest?
Lexi: I was just doing a little hiking when I came across that nasty bunch.
Chris: Ah. Well, where you headed?
Lexi: Bluejay.
Chris: I think I have time to drop you off there.

Some time passes. There's obviously been a silence for the duration. Chris finally decides to break it.

Chris: So... are you being "remote controlled" right now or is this... yourself?
Lexi: This is "myself" right now.
Chris: Ah. So, a bio-shell, uh, enjoys a leisurely stroll through Nookiya Forest?
Lexi: Well, yes.
Chris: Huh. I would haven't ever imagined that. I mean, I guess it could make sense.
Lexi: Us Bio-shells get tired of the daily grid too, every once in a while.
Chris: Well, how did those guys figure out you were a Bio-shell?
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