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Halo 3 (and junk like that)

I got Halo 3: ODST through GameFly recently, played through it (in like five hours) and realized I don't remember anything about Halo 3's story. I've only played the campaign once. I was simultaneously split-screen with Wolf and online with Chris for a three-player coop game, and we were hauling butt through it. Not only could I not see anything, but I couldn't stop and pay attention. Laughing

So I'm playing through Halo 3 by myself. I still don't really know what I'm doing right now. Laughing I went through a big glowy purple portal on Earth to a giant not-Halo. Now I'm following 343 Guilty Spark around, who if I recall correctly, TRIED TO KILL ME IN THE FIRST GAME.

I don't even know.

But it's actually surprisingly fun. While playing ODST I was thinking how mediocre the game was, and thinking back to how little fun I had with Halo 2 and 3. I always loved the first one, though.

I think I'll stop rambling now.
Archer Bio-Shell

12/3/2009 9:34:07 AM

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RE: Halo 3 (and junk like that)

Yeah, I wasn't all that impressed with ODST. Halo 3 didn't really get my attention all that well either. The first game was the best, and it set the standard. All the following games have just fallen short. I am hoping that the game about the fall of Reach will be better. It was a good book, so hopefully the story will hold up when it goes to a game.
Chris Storms
1st In Command of SG&C

12/3/2009 10:19:21 AM

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The Lands of Meeriad - Halo 3 (and junk like that)

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