The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

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The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad
Gavin Stormfist
Gunslinger / Howling Wind Agent

Level: 5
HP: 244
MP: 50
Experience: 1188

Total Posts: 171
Member since 2/4/2002
Real Name: Gavin Stormfist
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Witnessing the grusome, unreal murder of his parents, Gavin Stormfist, was orphened at an early age. He wandered across The Lands Of Meeriad, becoming a beggar, while he was in the streets of Callice, at the age of 9 however, he was found by an aristocrat named Thomas Farwite, Thomas took Gavin back to his mansion, and took him under his wing, raising Gavin as he was his own. By the age of 11 Thomas, took Gavin to a secret door in the mansion, leading to a teleportation circle. The circle took Gavin to the Headquaters of the "Howling Wind." As Thomas had called the agents, "The Heralds of Hope." He told Gavin that he could make ammends for the death of Gavin's parents, Gavin knew this was true and vowed that day forth to protect the innocent at all cost. Hoping, secretly that he would find the "thing" that killed his parents. Growing up til the age of 25, Gavin was trained in the arts of survival, defence, and the forbidden arts of Fighting. Gavin has been called by many agents, "The Weapons master." For he can use any weapon with a strange accuracy, and perfection. When he was 19, he befriended a rookie agent by the name of Gunner. Today he has been friends with him. And today still he befriends many rookies, and hopes to teach them all that he has learned. So that in the event of his death, there will be more like him, trained at the very best.
He carries with him a pair of modified set of duel Desert Eagles.
Spells: Shock Punch (10 mp) Shock Blast (17 mp) Hyper Shot (22 mp)
E-Mail: (Private)

Lom 1119

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