The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

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The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad
Kate Foster

Level: 2
HP: 210
MP: 0
Experience: 280

Total Posts: 103
Member since 1/26/2002
Real Name: Kate Foster
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Class: Terrorist
Weapon: AK-47
Spells: None
MP: 200
HP: 0
Level: 1
Experince: 0

His origins are unknown to all around him. His patent fighting style has earned him his place. His cut throat tactics have made him feared amongst those he walks with. He have a profound and unreal hatred for the world powers. He wishes to destroy them all and if possible destroy all good in the world. Allowing him to rule all. Rumors state that he may infact be from the future or of another demension.

E-Mail: (Private)

Lom 8350

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