The Lands of Meeriad

The Lands of Meeriad - A Mythical World of Fantasy and Adventure


The Gardens of Meeriad
A gigantic natural phenomenon thousands of feet under the sea between Zanardio and Sekhmet. Spent magic energy is gathered here, and by the energy alone, the beautiful mountains, pearls, and even the strangely penetrable bubble holding out the sea are created. Every five months, give or take, a stable tunnel to the Gardens forms. Many years ago, it would draw prehistoric creatures into the Gardens, but these days it only draws wealthy tourists. In the present, any kind of prehistoric creatures are extremely rare anywhere other than the Gardens.

The gardens are beautifully adorned with streams, creaks, and pools, perfectly clear and pristine, lined with perfectly smooth rock and fed by waterfalls of varying sizes.

Due to the depth of the Gardens, it would be very dark; however, plentiful, iridescent creatures known as chiknia light the place with a soft blue glow, which many believe to be calming and romantic.

The magic of the Gardens nullifies the extreme pressure at that depth, and this also covers a radius of about one hundred feet outside the bubble, creating a low-pressure area where humans can swim without being crushed.


Rashkaa - The rarest of the gems in the gardens, they are perfectly spherical and radiate a soft blue glow, similar to that of the chiknia, but much dimmer. Its name is derived from an ancient Linhi dialect for "healer". When ground up and mixed with a few extra ingredients, it becomes an incredible medicine; however, few know this recipe.

Jenjo - These are quite common gems, often rather jagged and misshapen. They are usually black, but there is a deep green variety that is more rare. The common type still fetch a hefty sum. These can be used to make or enhance a lightning staff.

Tachi - A bit more rare than Jenjos, but still quite common, the Tachis look like ice and, to go along with the appearance, they are quite cold. They are usually a rectangular prism, but some are more like cones. These can be used to make or enhance an ice staff.