The Lands of Meeriad

The Lands of Meeriad - A Mythical World of Fantasy and Adventure


The Skies of Meeriad
A massive collection of flying islands that drift over Meeriad. The Linhi basically rule all of these islands, so they make up the majority of the population. Most structures in the skies are large and quite a sight to see, apparently quite expensive to construct. The shops only carry the most expensive of items. The legendary weapons crafted by the Linhi are extremely difficult to find anywhere else, and they're still quite scarce in the Sky Kingdoms.

    - Kingdom of Taspin - Population: Approx. 8,600 - The kingdom of Taspin is hardly known or populated. If you come here, you'll likely see many uncompleted buildings. It is mostly unpopulated due to an odd operation by a corrupt Linhi who was controlling a wealth of hideous and vile creatures who were killing construction workers and residents. Since this operation ended and Linhi have moved in to clean up the creatures, construction has resumed. Currently, the majority of the population can be found along the northwestern edge.

    - Kingdom of Filuria - Population: Approx. 303,600 - A huge kingdom almost entirely covered with one huge city. The gigantic castle lies near the southern edge. When most people think of the Sky Kingdoms, they think of Filuria.

    - Smalia - Population: Approx. 246,300 - This town is mostly occupied by a strange, advanced race of winged creatures called Linhi. Few humans are to be found here. There were once ten blacksmiths of Smalia that were incredibly skilled and powerful in magic. They created the most powerful Linhi weapons in existence. Only three of these smiths remain, and they still reside in the city of Smalia.

    - Altor - Population: Approx. 58,500 - Altor is a small village on an equally small island. Strangely, it's flooded with antique and specialty shops.

    - Giskan - Population: Approx. 235,800 - A city nearly as large as Smalia. Many shops occupy this town. Two blocks on the eastern side are lined with shops which carry very rare and powerful magic items.