The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

The End of the World has been averted! Dang, we rock!
See what happened on Dankton.
See what happened on Sunder.

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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Callice

Gavin is riding his newly aquired motorcycle down the streets of Callice.Hidden undernieht the hood of his cloak he wears ruby red sunglases and on his ears headphones, the wires trailing down to a walkman. Hes out today, in the shadows of darkness of Callice for a ride to clear his mind of the past few days. "So much death, so short of time." he thinks to himself. And the reacurring thought of meeting Gunner again. Gavin knows secretly that they shall fight side by side more often.

Looking in the mirror on the side of his bike he sees two black cars following after him. Making a right turn. He speeds up being chased by these two cars. He turns his head only a second to look behind him, seeing the cars he sighs and turns around. A silent scream escapes from his lips as his bike flies into a stalled car.

Gavin Flies from the bike, over the car and luckily lands on an old tent. He gets up not knowing who is after him, nor why, but that doesn't give him any reason not to kill them.

The two cars pull up beside him one car a black mustange gt the other a porshe. 6 men (completely) come out.
Gavin *his hand finds its way to his trusty desert eagle and unholsters it* Who are you people and what do you want....
leader guy: we want you
2nd male: Yeah you! but DEAD!
*Gavin raises the desert eagle and shoots the guy who said dead*
Leader: You two get him!
Battle Gavin Vrs! the Men 100 hp each

Guy : *runs at Gavin kicking the gun out of his hands*

Guy2: *leaps forward kicking Gavin across the chin causing 3 damage*

Gavin *grabs the first guy throws him over my shoulder 1 damage. spining and kicking the other guy across the face with my big boot shattering his jaw bow 63 damage*
Guy 1: Gets up and and charges at Gavin*
Guy 2: stands up woozy like*
Galvin: *grabs the charger and throws him into the woozy one they topple over fall down an open sewer ((sign above it says: went out for tea "Chris")) Woozy dies from impact, charger can't get out*

Leader: So you could.....easily dispose of them but not of me!
*leader charges at gavin*
*gavin picks up his gun and shoots the leader in the head* Shut up...

End Battle
*gavin takes the 150 LOM he finds on the leader and the other one with the bullet in his head and takes the keys to the two cares* hmm......what a pradicament the porche or the gt.......*He calls gunner to come pick up a new porche and waits pationatly for him to arrive*

The End of that mission

"My life is a chip in your pile... ante up!" - Setzer (FF6)

Gavin Stormfist
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2/5/2002 8:56:36 PM

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RE: Joyride

*The drivers of the Porsche and the Mustang notice all the men are dead. They close the doors and speed off. When Gunner arrives, Gavin tells him the news...*

John Gibson

John Gibson
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2/5/2002 9:20:44 PM

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The Lands of Meeriad - Joyride

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