The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

The End of the World has been averted! Dang, we rock!
See what happened on Dankton.
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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Callice
"Foretold trouble" (Short sweet and finished)

Shadowfax galloped fastly against the strong currents of wind. Tucked closely against the black steed, was "the weapons master." His eyes fixed on the image of Callice, Erupting from a smoky haze of blue and gray clouds. Lightning shone as thunder cracked in the coming distance. Gavin had small time to ponder what was to be done. And even smaller time to get it done.

The horse leapt over a small fence coming closer to the city walls. As the horse passed through into Callice, Gavin smiled softly. His green eyes reflected the city lights, the people laughing, carring on with their life like there wasn't a problem in the world. That was something Gavin knew that they didn't. Nothing in this world was right, everwhere you turned nowaday's something was waiting for you, ready to slit your throat and send you on your way to your death.

Problem with that though, was that Gavin, was the one who'd slit the attackers throat in a second without hesitation if that was required. But all of that is of little importance to him, nor will it ever be. He had little time.

He stopped the horse infront of an old abanded church. Tieing it to a post, he kicks open the doors to the church his Desert Eagles unholstered. He lowers his arms to his sides, his fingers ready to close on the triggers.  All of a sudden he is ambushed by a mutant.

Battle- Gavin Hp 221 Mp 35 Vs Mutant hp 210 MP 0

Mutant- *tentacle launches out where arm should be striking gavin across the face* (10 damage)Gavin- 211

Gavin- *raises arms up rolling to the side firing of 4 shots from his desert eagles(two each gun )they strike the mutant in the shoulder, hip, right tentacle, and waist.* (84 damage) Mutant- 126

Mutant: *wavers back in pain, doubles forward and races towards Gavin. Leaping on him it sinks it cookie cutter liek teeth into Gavin's right arm. 34 damage* Gavin-177

Gavin: *screams in pain as he hits the mutant in the back of the neck with both guns.( 20 damage) kicking the mutant back. his body begins to glow bright yellow* Mutant-106

Mutant- *it's tentacles in a bloody mess it lets out a howl that pierces gavin's ears and makes them bleed.(40 damage)* Gavin- 137

Gavin- *his eyes flash, and flare red* Hyper Shot!(22 mp)* He swings both of the guns together as a series of wavs of energy surge through his body towards the barrels of the guns. He waits a second and pulls the triggers at the same time, both guns firing of large blast of energy. The Energy tears through the air and races towards the mutant. It enters the mutants body and begins to fry his insides. (79 damage) Mutant-27 *gavin's mp 13*

Mutant- *stumbles backwards, unable to control it's bodily functions. Blood begins to seep from it's strange oval eye sockets. In a blind rage it throws out both tentacles towards Gavin. Both Miss* Gavin hp- 137

Gavin- *his fist begin to emit a strange yellow glow from them* Shock Punch! *rushing forward leaving a yellow trail behind him, He does a double punch against the mutants face, each punch sending electricity to the mutants brain.(25) Gavin stops and does a roundhouse to the mutants chin(6)* Mutant- 0

Battle Over

Gavin takes out two bottles from his pack- a potion and a mana and drinks them replenishing his hp and mp, he hears footsteps coming up from behind him and a sullen voice speaks to him.

"My life is a chip in your pile... ante up!" - Setzer (FF6)

Gavin Stormfist
Gunslinger / Howling Wind Agent

2/10/2002 9:26:29 PM

Level: 5
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RE: "Broken Wings"

????: Good going there. You killed my precious pet.

Gavin- *holsters his guns after loading them* He wanted to play.

????- *the man shakes his head* well good going, i hope you are proud of yourself.

Gavin- I am...i'm alive and its not. Now. *he turns towards the man* Maithu....where is it.
Maithu -*puts out a cigar and steps forward into the light.* Everythings here as ordered. The officals...

Gavin- I know...sent me a message to pick this up.

Maithu- That and a message.

Gavin- *looks over at maithu* Message..

Maithu- *hands him a leather case and a envalope* Later job's done. *maithu walks out the door*

Gavin- *opens the envalope* Gavin Stormfist inclosed in the case is a m16, in hopes that this well aide you in your mission. Drows have captured Gunner, Kuan, and Gorath. Standard Procedure Rescue Operation. Should you fail. Howling Wind Officals will destroy Nookiya Forest. H.W.O- - -
Gavin: Dear...god...*he grabs the case and heads out the door*

"My life is a chip in your pile... ante up!" - Setzer (FF6)

Gavin Stormfist
Gunslinger / Howling Wind Agent

2/10/2002 10:02:17 PM

Level: 5
Experience: 1188

Total Posts: 171
The Lands of Meeriad - "Foretold trouble" (Short sweet and finished)

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