The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

The End of the World has been averted! Dang, we rock!
See what happened on Dankton.
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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Callice
Long Awaited Revenge

Gavin Stormfist sat at the edge of the bridge, water dripping from the brim of his hood. Rain steadily trailing down his green cloak. He watches carefully as the water droplets pound into the river flowing ever gently benieght the bridge. He hears the heavy sets of footsteps before he can see the oncomer. The man he saw looker like the type of person to be a bouncer at a night club. Only this bouncer was wearing a wrinkled suit jacket a white shirt and black jeans. His dark glasses drenched with water.
"Mr. Stormfist..." The man speaks to him.
"..." *Gavin says nothing, but turns his head to see a crowd of soliders with colt m16s.*
"Sorry Gavin...I've got someone who wants to meet you."
*Gavin stands up on the edge of the bridge and looks downwards at the bald man.*
"What if i don't wish to meet him?" Gavin replies softly.
"Sorry kid, ain't no 'buts' in this one. My boss wants you. He gets you. One way or an another. He'll getchu." The man smiled showing small crooked fangs alinged by his canines*
*Gavin shakes his head and looks down at the water again. His eyes trail where the water ends in the distance.*
"Shades....HIS GONNA JUMP!" *the man screamed as the soliders raised their m16's*
*Gavin leaped forward and did a dive into the water as bullets raced past him. The bullets slowed for a second when they hit the rivers surface, but then tore through the water as if it where nothing but air.*
"Boss ain't gonna like this. Thats for sure."
*The currents took Gavin down the stream to a small land bridge. The bridge raising above the ground. Reaching out he climbs from the river and falls to the ground. He coughs up water and looks up as the butt of an m16 connects between his forhead.*
"one way or another, kid, one way or another...." The man in the suit jacket smiled, "Take him away boys." *soliders grabbed the limp body of Gavin and carried him off.*
Minutes seemed like hours.
Hours seemed like Days.
Days seemed like years, while gavin was unconcious. He awoke to find himself in a small prison cell. Shackled hands and feet. he stood up as best as he could. "WHERE THE FRAG AM I?!" *he screamed at the top of his lungs* No answer.
After and hour of screaming he laid back in a tattered mat and slept.
While he was sleeping a tall muscilar built man opened up the door to gavin's cell.
"..." *the man walks forward.* "Gavin..." *closer* " GAVIN!" *gavin jumps up awake.
"Wah!' The sleepy gavin answers.
"It's been awhile Gavin. Do you remember my voice?"
Gavin: " a distant time.....yes i think i do remember."
The man: " Then who am i, Gavin stormfist? Dare you speak who i am? Dare you remember fully?"
Gavin: *his eyes full of rage he looks up towards the shadow of the man.* "Your the man who killed my parents."
The man smiled a big grin: "Good....good you remember just fine."
Gavin: "What do you want with me?!"
Man: " me Warrant"
Gavin: "Answer ME!"
Warrant: "hm..."*warrant scratches his chin* "Sorry lad. That part of the story goes with me til my death."
Gavin: "By the shades answer me now!"
Warrant: "Sorry boy. Lance, come here." The man in the suit jacket walks through the prison doors.
"Yes sir?" The man speaks in a tone similar to a robot.
"Tell our friend here, what i want him to know. Until we meet again Gavin, au revoir." Warrant gets up from his seat and walks out the door.*
"Mr. Warrant has issued me to tell you whats in plan for tommorrow. Tommorrow you shall ride the train to the next town where you will be held captive til further notice." Lance said with a plastered smile on his face.
"But this room was becoming so cozy" Gavin said with a tone of sarcasim.
*Pushed over by the tip of a gun, gavin covers his eyes with his arms as the sun beats down upon his face.
Lance stood beside Gavin, waering the same dark sunglasses. A smile spread out on his face. Gavin lowered his arms when he heard a familar laugh.*
"Well...well...well let's get going now Lance, don't want to keep nature boy here way from his new home." Warrant said with a cackle.
"Oh, your coming along on the ride also?" *Gavin turns his head towards lance and smile at him.* "I hope the ride won't be too uncomfortable for you."

They pushed gavin through a door , the bailsman took gavin to the end of a room and chained his arms over a long pole going from the ceiling.
"Lose your guns! Lock them up. You have gotten close enough for him to grab them 3 times already" Lance snapped at the bailsman.
"I Won't Lose this here gun." *the man turned his head to cough*
"Lock...the....fraggin.....gun...up. I won't tell you again." *Lance took off his glasses to show a pair of silver eyes.*
"Alight! Alight! Lets lock up our weapons with that prisioners!" The man called out to the 13 men in the room.
Lance exits to a chamber farther away closer to the caboose of the train. As the bailsman slides the guns on the rack with the other men he grabs another gun and slides it under his belt.*

~Later on the trip to the new location~

Gavin looks upwards again at the pole he is attached to. He trails it down towards the gunrack. A smile spread over his beaten face. He calls to the bailsman playing poker with the guards. "Hey Stupid!"
The bailsman looks up at over at gavin.
Gavin: "Glad you know what your name is idiot."
The bailsman gets up and walks over to him. "You miserably piece of dirt." *he pulls out the gun from under his belt and point it far enough from gavin's head*
Gavin: "You know i don't need the gun. It just helps me out." *gavin kicks the man between the legs and flips his head back.*
The bailsman pulls the trigger and doubles over in recoil. Gavin takes off leaping on a near by chair and slides himself down to the gun rack.
*kicking his feet upwards he breaks the lock to the gun rack in a quick motion, Gavin Stormfist kicks a gun up into his hands and pulls the trigger. A bullet flies out of the chamber of the gun and strikes the chains around the long bar. The chains snap and gavin falls to his feet, quickly grabing for his two imi desert eagles. Turning around with a melancholy smile on his face. "Well boys there's only a few options you have here. Die from my guns. Or jump from the train and probably die there. The choice is yours."

The men look at each other and race towards the large train doors. They leap outside and Gavin races outside the back of the train and begins climbing a ladder to the top of the train.*

Meanwhile in the caboose-

A gunshot is heard in the far off distance.
Lance looks up with a look of fear and grimace.  "We have to get out of here now!"

A guard looks upwards,"Why? whats that sound?"

Lance- "That my friend is the sound of revenge...."

The wind pierces Gavin's face striking him in the eyes, taking no notice he carries his way forward not minding the pain a bit. Bullets blur past him as he turns he sees 5 guards making their way up ontop of the train.

Start Battle: 5 Guards = 63 hp

Gavin rushes forward pulling his guns from his holsters and fires off 2 bullets.
2 bullets fly into one guard*  64 damage
Guard 1: Dead*
Guard 2: 63 HP
Guard 3: *unholsters his berreta and fires at Gavin. 18 damage.*

Gavin: 182

Guard 4: *unsheaths his iron sword and charges at gavin*
Guard 5: *aims with m16 and pulls trigger. 3 bullets miss, 2 make contact with Gavin. 36 damage*

Gavin: 146 HP. *falls backwards and fires off two more bullets into guard 2 and 3*

Guard 1: Dead
Guard 2: Dead
Guard 3: Dead
Guard 4: *Lets guard 5 make a move.*
Guard 5: *unsheaths his beam saber throwing his m16 down and charges at gavin*

Gavin: Holsters his guns and unshetahs his beam saber leaping at guard 5*

Guard 5: Takes a swing upwards. It grazes Gavin's shoulder. 14 damage. then turns spining the saber into an aerial attack on gavin.

Gavin: 132 HP. *Raises up his saber and deflects the blow. Turns and connects an elbow to the side of the guards face* 15 damage* Guard's hp 48

Guard 5: Falls backwards and reaches for his m16 grabing and pulling the trigger. Four bullets hit. 71 damage.

Gavin: 61 damage. *puts foot on the side of his chin and pushes sideways snapping the guards neck. Guard 4 runs away.*

end Battle

Gavin runs forward and grabs a chain as bullets fly from the room below. The chainm attached to part of the train gavin leaps off the side of the chain with his m16 drew*

His eyes full of rage as he pulls the trigger sending hot lead into unsuspecting guards causing them to fall down. Swinging upwards he lands back ontop of the train and heads towards the caboose. Suddenly the train stops. Gavin runs now towards the end of the train sweat and his enemies blood trailing down the sides of his face*

When he gets there he looks down the side of the caboose through a window and sees noone.

"Well well boy!" Lance screams.

Battle Mid boss. Lance hp 134 Mp 0 2 guards 63 hp mp 0

Gavin: " I didn't want to do this but you left me no other option."

Lance: "Less talk. More violence! GET HIM!!"

Guard 1: *rushes forward throwing a punch. Gavin dodges. Guard throws another. Hits. 5 damage."

Gavin: 195 HP. *Punches the guard in the stomach (6 dm) grabs his wrist turns it and breaks it(23 dm) Leans forwards and pushes fist into the guards throat breaking the bones on the back of his neck* (death) Guard 1 dead*

Guard 2: *Rushes forward wielding a dagger in both hands. The guard slashes gavin chest - 15 damage- and swings with the other dagger.*

Lance: *watches with a smile plastered on his face*

Gavin: 180 HP. *tkaes the chest attack but grabs the dagger other arm of the guards and twist is behind the guards back and forces the guard to stab him self along his spine*(20 dm)

Guard 2 *body starts to convuls and he shakes rapidly. then without warning it stops*

Lance: "What the slag did you do to him!?!"

Gavin: "A pressure point locks the body up and sends all the blood to ones head.....killing them"

Lance: "Very smooth."

Lance rushes forward with his modified glock .45 in one hand and a small thin masamune in the other his dark glasses revealing a shade of red eyes*

Gavin: *takes his time reloading both his desert eagles*

Lance rushes forward and throws his hands together causing the two weapons to merge into one. A gun-blade. "Lets play gavin"

Gavin rushes forward making the advancing move. his guns ready he fires of a bullet from each gun. One strikes Lance in the arm and the wound heals. "Wha....WhaT!!!!"

Lance: "Im not from around here....i should say. Only elementals can hurt me." *Lances sword glows red as he swings it down across gavin's chest A firey bullet strikes the lower side of gavin. (50 dm)

Gavin: 130 HP. "FRAG!" * he falls backwards. as he does a small canister falls from his pack. an idea flashes through his brain. Grabing the canister he pulls the pin and throughs it towards lance.*

Lance: *catches the canister* "Whats this?" *he reads a little label. :" HE GERNADE :Throw your enemy is pretty much slagging fumes in the underworld": "What you think this gernade can kill me! *an explosion occurs fire spews over Lance. Lance falls down flames coming from his rancid eye sockets*

End Battle

Gavin runs and leaps off the stopped train and raises after a cloaked figure. The figure named Warrant. Gavin chases after the figure until they come to a large cliff.
Gavin: "Nowhere to run Warrant."

Warrant: "Think i didn't know that."

Gavin: "You knew where you were running?" *confused look(

Warrant: *smiles melancholy then nods* Orvwitz! Destroy him!*

*towering from behind the cliff's wall flies in a huge red winged dragon. it's eyes shinning with fire and hate fixxed upon Gavin.*
Gavin: "Slag......"
Battle: Gavin Vs Dragon Orvwitz!

The dragon rushes forward and slams its giant fist across gavin's body. Gavin flies backwards and hits a tree*

Gavin. "0.0!!!"

Orvwitz rushes forward to snap the body in half.(


*huge beams of energy fly into the red dragon followed by the sound of rockets. They all connect into the dragon causing it to explode.*

Gavin looks up to see Kuan flying a modified helicopter.
Gavin : "Slag dude..!"

Kuan over intercom "I've takin care of that problem. Take care of yours!" *kuan flies away*

Battle over!

Gavin gets up and walks towards Warrant both desert eagles unholstered*
Warrant: "Please.....please don't kill me! Take anything you want! There is a chest in the caboose of the car with a ton of money and a glock .45 Take it all i don't care! Just don't kill me!"

Gavin: "Too late. You signed your own death certificate when you killed my family."

Gavin *raises up both of the guns and unloads both clips into warrants body. Warrant falls backwards and stumbles off the cliff.*

Walking til dawn of the next day. Gavin walks into the caboose and sees a black chest with a lock on it. He blows the lock of with a desert eagle and opens it. Inside he finds 1000 LOM and a Glock .45*

*taking it without hesitation he walks outside, putting his fingers to his mouth, he makes the mysterious whistle that draws his horse from whereever it is.*


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