The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

The End of the World has been averted! Dang, we rock!
See what happened on Dankton.
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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Callice
Hostage Infiltration

Location: Callice

Police chief: The Howling Wind?  Never heard of them.  Why didn't you bring in SG&C like I asked you to?
Deputy: They're out filling another contract right now ((so, members of SG&C, don't post in this))... The Howling Wind was the next best choice sir.
Police Chief: Have they been briefed of the hostage situation in the mall already?
Deputy: Yes sir, they are ready to go.
Police Chief: How many are there?
Deputy: Only two sir... But they are the top two agents.  Gavin Stormfist and Gunner Michaels.
Police Chief: Send them in then.

-behind the mall-
Gunner: It's been a while since we've had a mission that actually involved us getting together.
Gavin: I know...
Gunner: You sure did bring a lot of Handguns...
Gavin: I know...
Gunner: SOmething on your mind?
Gavin: Not really.  Lets just get in there and show these terrorist whackers whats what.
Gunner: Hey... try not to hit any of the hostages.
Gavin: Huh? ... why would I do that?
Gunner: I'm just saying...

*Gunner and Gavin rip off a vent exhaust cover that leads to the ventilation shafts inside the building.  Gunner crawls in first, then Gavin*

Gavin: You've done this before, right?
Gunner: Yes... when I was on the SWAT Team here.
Gavin: So why did they call us in if they have a SWAT team?
Gunner: They called them in first.
Gavin: What happened to them?
Gunner: What do you think happened to them?  They had to call someone else in.  What happened to them should be pretty obvious.
Gavin: *sigh* What store are they holding them up in again?
Gunner: I think they said JC Penny...
Gavin: And what store are we going to drop out into?
Gunner: Whichever one we want.  Do you smell that?
Gavin: Eww... yea, what is it.
Gunner: *smirks* I farted.

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6/10/2005 4:46:18 PM

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RE: Hostage Infiltration

Gavin: That....was beautiful....thanks.
Gunner: Anytime man.
Gavin: The terrorist have the front and back entrances wired with syntec.
Gunner: So that takes the obvious entrances out of the picture....
Gavin: Right. the reason why we are in here.The shaft is large enough, turn around for a minute. *Turns on a flash light. lays out a map showing a map layout of the mall. Then pulls out a transparent map of the vent system. Lays it down*
Gavin: If we go in through this vent shaft here, we can enter in from Spencers or FYE. Or we could fall right into JC Penny.
Gunner: *points from the shaft entrance* Whats this?
Gavin: Uh.....I believe that is an elevator entrance
Gunner: Let's split up.....You go in from the elevator. I'll take Spencers...That gives us an attack on both sides.
*Gavin nods and pulls out two black sexy watches* This came from the tech. department. Its a two way radio-camera. Think of it as a walkie talkie. *Gavin slips one watch and and hands the other to gunner* Just push the time button, the red button, on the side to communicate.
*Gunner slips it on*
Gavin: .....Let's get this over with....

Meanwhile infront of the building.

Deputy: Here you are sir. *hands the chief a box of krispy kreme donuts.*
*The chief opens the box* Dang it! I asked for creme filling! *takes a donut and eats it anyway*

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6/10/2005 5:08:58 PM

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RE: Hostage Infiltration

*Gunner crawls over the vent cover in the Spencer's Gifts store.  He looks down at the ground*
Gunner: This... is high.
*Gunner takes hold of the vent and pulls it up and sets it aside.  He grabs the ledge and swings down, slips, and hits the ground hard on his back*
Gunner: Ow... son of a... jeebus cristo... ow....
*Gunner stands up and looks around*
Gunner: This store certainly has an... interesting selection.
*Gunner sneaks towards the door and peeks outside.  He sees a thug armed with a Benelli M1 Tactical Shotgun patrolling.  He slips behind a rack and activates the watch radio thingy*
Gunner: Gavin... they have guards patrolling around outside all the stores... be careful.
*Gunner pulls out his Heckler and Koch USP Tactical Handgun*
Gunner: Get ready to be pistol whipped...

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6/11/2005 2:42:56 AM

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RE: Hostage Infiltration

"Gunner: Gavin... they have guards patrolling around outside all the stores... be careful."
Gavin: Roger that....*gavin looks over the edge of the vent. out at a large open space. Just as he peeks his head out into the space a rush of air forces him to pull his head back inside. Just as he does an elevator rushes mechanically downwards. *
Gavin: No time like the present.....*taking a deep breath he rushes out of the shaft and grabs onto the elevator cable. Sliding downward rapidly towards the elevator. As he is sliding he interlocks his boots together, causing his body to  shift face. Now his head falling faster towards the elevator.
Gavin: I hope this works. *with one fluid motion Gavin unholster's two IMI Desert Eagles both equiped with sound suppressors and aims them at the top elevator hatch rapidly making its approac to gavin's head. Gritting his teeth he unloads both magazines into the hatch.*
*The bullets tear through the hatch like paper. And just before Gavin collides with the elevator he wraps the desert eagles like his boots, letting his boots go his body weight shifts again. letting go he lands in feet first, His body hits the elevator floor and he lands in a crouched position. He takes quick notice of his surroundings and rushes forward to one of the two guards in the shaft, the other being dead, Gavin twirls his body like a tornado and brings his desert eagle against the confused guards throat. As the guard falls, gavin unloads a single bullet from each desert eagle into the guards head.*
*Gavin looks down at the watch and pushes the button* Gunner....these guys are heavily armed...I've taken out two...I'm going ahead. Be careful.
*THe elevator doors start to slide open, gavin rushes to the side.*
Guard: What the heck!?! * three guards enter the elevator shaft.
Gavin: Hiya boys!
-Battle Begins-
Guards Stats- 150 HP 10 MP

Guard A/armed with a Beretta M92F Handgun
Guard B/armed with 2 Strayer-Voigt Infinity Compacts
Guard C/armed with an Izhmash AK47

Gavin Rushes forward his hands glowing yellow as electricity flows around from his palms around his desert eagles. "Shock Punch Combo!" (40 mp + 14 rounds combined guns) Gavin Ducks under guard C's  arms and brings his gun upwards in a flash of yellow electricity he delivers a punch to guards c's stomach and to the face of guard b, pushing backwards gavin turns and fires of a magazine at each of the guards.
Guard C takes 5 rounds to the chest and one in the neck, while guard b takes 2 rounds in his right arm and 4 in the shoulders. Guard C takes 183 damage, Guard B takes 145 damage.
Guard C Slumps backwards into the elevator door entrance.
Guard B falls to one knee.
Guard a looks at both of them turns and runs into the side of the elevator wall.
Gavin:.....i don't think so...! *rushes up behind the guard grabs his neck and snaps it. The guards lifeless body falls ontop of guard C's body.
*battle end*
*reloads desert eagles*
Gavin walks back over to Guard B
Gavin: Whats...your name..
Guard:..J......j....*coughs up blood*
*Gavin pistol whips him* What is youre name and who do you work for! How many are there!?
Guard:.. wide....variety....of talents........*coughs up blood and laughs*'t stand ....a chance....alone..*spits blood on gavin*
*in a fluid gavin pulls his desert eagles on caster and unloads both magazines on him. then wipes his face off on a hankerchief(typo-whatever) that was found in caster's pockets.*
*gavin steps out of the elevator reloading his desert eagles*
Gavin: I'm not alone...

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Gavin Stormfist
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6/12/2005 1:09:00 AM

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RE: Hostage Infiltration

*Gunner sneaks up behind the guard.  He raises his gun, flip it in his had so he's holding the barrel, and brings the handle down onto the back of the Guards head*
*The gurad hits the floor, unconcious*
*Gunner drags the body into Spencer's Gifts, hides it behind a rack, attaches a sound supressor, and puts a bullet in his head*
Gunner: Ok... so now... to become inconspicuous...
*Gunner strips the body and takes the uniform.  He puts the uniform on and takes the Benelli M1 Tactical Shotgun*
*Gunner speaks into his watch*
Gunner: Gavin, I'm dressed like one of them, so make sure any guards you take out aren't me.  I'm not wearing a mask, you should recognize me.
Gavin's voice: Ok... but I don't think...
-Gunner interupts: Someone's coming!
*Gunner switches off the watch and steps outside*
Guard: Mark, is that you?
Gunner: Yea, come here, I found something.
Guard: Huh? You sound kind of different...
*Gunner grabs turns and steps intot he store before the guard gets a good look at his face*
Guard: What did you find?  Wait... you're not...
*Gunner throws the shotgun aside*
Guard:150 hp
Gunner: 327 hp

Gunner rushes the guard, throws his COLT AR15-A3 Carbine aside, and uppercuts him in the jaw.  A snap is heard.  20 damage.

The guard cluthces his broken jaw and lets out a series of low wails. He swings at Gunner, Gunner ducks his arm.

Gunner counters, grabbing the guards arm, forcing it down, kicking his elbow back the way its not supposed to bend, another snap is heard.  20 damage

Guard: 110 hp
Gunner: 327 hp

Gunner grabs his other arm, puts his knee into his back and swings him onto the ground.  He snaps his other arm.  20 damage

The guard wails, helpless, face down on the floor.

Guard: 90 hp
Gunner: 327 hp

Gunner stamps one foot on the guards back, stands up, and kicks the guard's head a few times.  80 damage

Guard: 10 hp
Gunner: 327 hp

Gunner kneels down and whispers in his ear.
Gunner: I could kill you right now.  Or, you could tell me...
*the guard whimpers*
Gunner: Oh yeah... your jaw... hm... I guess I'll just have to kill you then.
*The guard passes out*


*Gunner opens a package of fuzzy handcuffs and cuffs his legs together.  He notices the guards crotch is wet*
Gunner: Wow... I guess I scared him.
*Gunner opened another package and cuffs his arms together just to be sure.*
Gunner: *turns the watch back on* Gavin... what were you saying?

Fire!!! FIRE!!!!! AHAHAAAA!!!!
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6/12/2005 8:50:54 PM

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RE: Hostage Infiltration

*Sulking down low in the shadows gavin makes his way through the food court, avoiding the attention of 5 guards making a routine perimiter check of the food court. Slipping in between two food vendors, gavin begins making his way behind the comfort of a 3 foot wall.
Gunner: Gavin... what were you saying?

*gavin's eyes shoot alert and stops in his tracks, holding his breath he hears the suprised shouts of the guards as they turn to the source of the sound.
Guard: Show yourself! We know you are there!
Leaning his back against the wall, gavin checks the bullets in his clips.
He waits.
The guards edge closer their fingers resting uneasily on their triggers. Just as the guards approach the McDonald's Vender, Gavin pops up from the Italian Food Vender.
The guards turn in surprise.
Battle- 5 Guards 150 Hp Each with Colt M61A1 Rifles.
Gavin: 244

Gavin Turns to the closet guard and fires 3 shots from one desert eagle.

The bullets race forward only two making thier target. One hitting the right shoulder blade, the other hitting the stomach. 30 damage. Guard 1- 120

Guard 2- turns to gavin and pulls the trigger to his m16. Bullets tear through air leaving gavin only a few seconds to fall to the floor.

As Gavin falls he puts all his strength to kicking off the small thin wall protecting him from the guards. The force of the push sends gavin sliding on the floor.

As gavin is sliding he raises both desert eagles and aims at the wall, and unloads the remaining clips.

The bullets rip through the wall and a few of the bullets find their way into two of the guards legs.

Guard 2 takes a bullet to the left kneecap causing 40 damage, sending him falling to the floor. HP- 110

Guard 4 takes two bullets to the right upper thigh causing 36 damage.  HP- 124

Guard 3 rushes forward and leaps over the wall aiming the m16 at gavin.

Gavin: "I'm faster than you. And you know it."

Guard 3: "That makes no difference, these bullets are faster than you'll ever be."

Gavin: "Let's find out!"

In a blur, Gavin is on his feet rushing guard 3, his cloak flying rapidly around him.

Guard 3 pulls the trigger unloading the contents of the gun at gavin.

Bullets race through the air, but most seemingly to pass through gavin's cloak. Gavin is less than 3 feet away when he leaps into the air. As he does two bullets tear into his left arm. The impact of the bullets sends gavin spiriling down into the floor infront of guard 3.

Gavin takes 40 damage. Gavin's HP 204

Guard 3: " You are fast...but I...i am faster."

Gritting his teeth gavin throws his legs into a sweep kick at the guard. The kick makes contact and sends the guard falling into the remains of the wall.

In an instant gavin is on his feet. He rushes foward and  in a blur of motion and brings his right knee to the face of guard 2.

Guard 2 - 20 hp = 90 hp

While his knee is making contact he lunges forward grabing the throat of
guard 4. Clenching the vocal chords, a slight snap is heard.

Guard 4 - 50 = 74.

Guard 4 falls backwards ontop of guard 3.

In one final motion Gavin pulls out his USP Tactical Handgun and unloads a single bullet in each  of the first four guards head.

Guard 5: "You are good" *guard 5 brings the rear end of his m16 down across Gavin's head.
Gavin slumps forward knocked out. "But I'm much better."

End Battle

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Gavin Stormfist
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6/12/2005 10:27:55 PM

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RE: Hostage Infiltration

Gunner: Gavin!?  I heard gunshots.  That blew our cover.
Gunner: Gavin?  Gavin?  You there?
-a voice comes in on the watch-
Guard's voice: I'm fine, where are you?
Gunner: Gavin?  You sound funny...
Guard's voice: I'm shot, hurt, and bleeding.  Don't you think you would sound funny too?
Gunner: Yea, I guess...
Guard's voice: Where are you now? We need to regroup.
Gunner: I'm still where I was.
Guard's voice: Come on man, I've just been traumatized here.  I can't think straight.  Where are you!?
Gunner: I'm... still in the arcade.
Guard's voice: Arcade, right, I remember now.  Stay there.  I'm coming.

*The guard (name is Darren) calls in more guards on his radio*
Darren: Bruce, I'm in the food court.
Bruce: I'm almost there.
*Bruce and two other guards arrive*
Darren: Strip him naked, takes everything he has on him.
*they take everything*
Darren: Now tie him up.  Take him and throw him in with the hostages.  When he wakes up, kill one right in front of him.
*Bruce and the guards tie Gavin up and drag him away*
Darren: I hate when they resist us.*he turns on his radio* Mark?

*Gunner's radio beeps to life*
Voice: Mark?
Gunner: *masks voice* Yea?
Voice: .... you ok?  Hows that cold you were coming down with?
Gunner: worse...
Voice: Anyway, call in Josh and go check out the arcade, we got someone holed up in there.
Gunner: .... Sure thing.

Police Chief: There were shots inside! *Drops his last donut* Slag!
Deputy: Sir, should we ask about the hostages?
Police Chief: Radio them.
Deputy: Are the hostages safe?
Voice: Yes... they are.  But for every man you send in here I'm killing one.  So far I've counted two.
Deputy: *to the chief* They found the agents sir.  *in the radio*  We will meet your demands, we just need more time.
Voice: slag time.  Get me the aircraft, now.  And I want to talk to the president.
Deputy: The president won't take calls on account of a recent assassination attempt, we told you that earlier.
Voice: As soon as I catch this other man you've send in on us, I'm going to kill a ostage every hour until you get me the president on this radio frequency.
Deputy: Hello?  Hey!  He switched off chief.
Police chief: *mouth is fulla nd mumbles*
Deputy: Didn't... you drop your last donut?
*police chief blushes and turns away*

Gunner: *into the radio* Josh, Get to the arcade.  We've got a cop held up in there.
Josh's voice: I knew I was missing action!  I'll be there in a second.
*Gunner picks the Benelli M1 Tactical Shotgun up and leaves Spencer's Gifts.  He hides behind some coke machines until he hears Josh approach the arcade*
Josh: *whispering* Mark?  Where are you?
*Gunner attaches a sound supressor on his USP tactical Handgun, swings out from behind the cokes machines, and aims at Josh's head*
JOsh: Oh, son of a *Gunner pulls the trigger*
Gunner: don't cuss, it's bad.  *Gunner takes Josh's radio*
Gunner: *masks voice to sound like Josh* The cop or whoever slipped out of the arcade.  Mark and I are pursuing.
Darren: ....? Nevermind, Ok.  Keep me updated on his position.
*Gunner sneaks over to the food court, the place he heard the shots come from, and hides behind a wall.  He peeks out and sees that Darren and three other guards are now looking in his direction, but they don't seemed to have noticed him*
Gunner: *Pulls out Josh's radio* He's coming to the food court.  He somehow snucka round and is approaching from the west entrance*
*Gunner jumps out from behind the wall as Darren and the Guards turn around*
Gunner: Hey guys, how are ya? *Gunner blasts a guard into the nest life with the Benelli*


Gunner unloads the remaing four blasts into Guard2. Close range critical, 145 damage.
Gunner tosses the shotgun aside.

Darren: He's dressed like us!
Darren unholsters his Izhmash AK74(7.62x39mm).

Guard1 unholsters his Izhmash AK74(5.45x39mm).

Guard2 falls over and loses lots of lifeblood.  Guards2 loses 2 life, blood loss damage


Gunner rushes Guard1, grabs the Ak47 and pushes the barrel towards the guards head as he pulls the trigger.  All shots hit point blank.  Critical 150 damage.

Darren: I got you.
Darren shoots a three round burst into Gunner chest for a point blank critical of 320 damage.  Yowzers.

Guard2 dies of blood loss.

Gunner hits the ground and slides away a bit.

Darren walks forward slowly.

Gunner takes 3 damage blood loss.

Darren prods gunner with his foot.

Gunner: Eat lead.
Gunner: Raises his USP Tactical Handgun and shoots Darren int he eye for a critical 200 damage.
Darren falls over dead.

Gunner pulls out a potion.

Gunner takes 3 damage blood loss.

Gunner puts the potion away, gets out his revive potion, raises it to his lips...

*Gunner takes 1 damage blood loss*

Darren: Dead
Guard1: Dead
Guard2: Dead
Gunner: Dead

*The revive potion tips into Gunner's mouth.  The contents run down his throat.  Gunner is revived.

Darren: Dead
GUard1: Dead
Guard2: Dead
Gunner: 100


Gunner: *stands up*  Ow... wow...  that was bad...
*Gunner picks up the Benelli M1 Tactical and slides it into the holster in his stolen uniform*
*Gunner takes Gavin's watch from Darren't corpse.  He also takes Darren's radio and throws Mark's and Josh's away*
*The radio beeps in*
Voice: I heard a lot of gunfire, Darren!  Tell me you got the guy.
Gunner: We got him.
Voice: Good, report in.
*Gunner switches the radio off*
Off to JC's then....

[Gunner has lost 1 Revive.]

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6/13/2005 1:33:10 AM

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RE: Hostage Infiltration

Gavin's eyes open slowly. The world around him shown as a twisted blurred version of reality. Sweat drips into his open eyes as his vision begins to straighten.
?????: "Good morning! Mister.....hmm...Mister What? Who are you? You don't have any i.d on you. And you are certainly not a cop. No red-neck hick cop could pull what you've done. What are you...special forces?"

Gavin looks forward to see a tall man with a red goatee with long hair slicked back into a ponytail. His eyes are hidden behind a pair of slim black reflecting sunglasses.

Gavin:..."Who...wh....are you."
?????:..."Tsk..tsk tell me yours...i'll tell you mine. *the man leans forward with a Colt Single Action Army Revolver .45 Colt
and presses it under gavin's chin. The man grabs a handful of gavin's hair and pulls it back.
"I told one comes in..noone gets hurt. But they wouldn't listen. You cost me. You cost me more than you know."
Gavin: " what is it.....four...five men?"
?????: The man in the shades pistol whips gavin across the face. "They were brothers to me and my men. Brothers. and you will pay for that. And so will these people. Ivan! Bring the female."

A stout guard brings for a woman with red hair.
????: "Mister What, I'd like you to meet. Karen. Isn't she pretty." The womans face is ducktaped her make-up is stained from tears and bruises. The man in the shades points the colt 45 at her stomach. "And this.....this is little julie. Karen came here to buy baby clothes. But because of you. Neither of them will need anything!"

The man in shades pulls the trigger to the colt 45 and a bullet tears through karen's stomach. His next motion sends a chill down Gavin's spine as he puts the gun to karens head, leans over and kisses her ducktaped mouth and pulls the trigger. Karen falls over lifeless.
Gavin: " Yuo son of a.."
????:*pistol whips gavin again* "No no little boy. it's not nice to tick your captives off. Now a name and rank, or another hostage gets it. And open your eyes...i'm not gonna run out of hostages any time soon."
Gavin looks up and realizes the distorted visions he once saw are the bodies of people huddling together.
?????: "I have over 100 and counting. Now. A Name.And Rank"
Gavins head drops down, a sudden chill running over his partially naked/still wearing underwear - tied up body. "Gavin...Stormfist. I'm an agent....of the howling wind." Gavin looks up with a primal fury. "And you will pay."
??????: "We shall see."

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Gavin Stormfist
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6/13/2005 3:16:16 AM

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RE: Hostage Infiltration

*Gunner drinks a High Potion to restore his health*
*Gunner sneaks along through the mall*
Gunner: *to self* I hope Gavin holds out long enough for me to get in there... if hes still alive, that is.
*Gunner ducks into an ice cream store and hides as a guard is coming by.  Gunner jumps out and grabs him from behind, gripping his jaw shut as he does this and pulls him back inside.  Gunner puts the USP Tactical Handgun against his head*
Gunner: You're... wearing a mask... why?
Guard:........ You're trying to save your friend?  He's already dead you know.
Gunner: *punches his stomach* Liar!
Guard: *doubles over* He is.  And your ex-girlfriend and your baby boy will be to.
Gunner: What!?
*The guard starts to laugh, but gunner punche him again, winding him*
Gunner: You're psychic... jees, you guys have an odd lot. Gunner rips the Guards mask off.
*Images, memories, emotions all flood into Gunner's head.  All of them belong to the guard.  Belial shoots the guard in the head with his surpressed gun*
Gunner: And... thats what the mask was for, I take it...
*Gunner takes the psychic guard's uniform... then puts the mask on*
Gunner: I'm coming Gavin.

*Gunner walks towards JC Pennys and sees a few other guards heading that way too, going to report in.  Gunner falls in behind them.  A guard turns, nods at him, and continues on.  They all walk into the store.  Gunner follows them into a room with hostages all huddled together, a man with glasses that Gunner knew to be the leader of this terrorist group thanks to the psychic guards memories, and Gavin tied up naked on the floor in front of the leader, Jack Kelley.*

Jack: *insert long speech about freedom from repression here.  Gunner wasn't actually paying any attention*

*The guards all exit, Gunner stays behind*

Jack: Yes, Phillip, what is it?
Gunner: *masking voice to sound like psychic guard* This... man.  Here. *he points to Gavin*
Jack: What is it?
Gunner: SOmething... in his mind... he's blocking me... I must get closer.
*Gunner kneels in front of Gavin, slips the Glock Field Knife 78 out of the sheath on the front of his uniform and cuts his ropes*
Gunner: *Whispers* I knew it.  Let's get this slagger.
*Gunner slips his USP Tactical Handgun and the knife into Gavin's hand and stands up*
Jack: What is it Phillip?
*Gunner yanks the mask off, whips out the Benelli M1 Tactical Shotgun and faces Jack*
Gunner: It's a big slagging surprise.


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6/13/2005 3:51:25 AM

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RE: Hostage Infiltration

-Battle Start-

39 Terrorist. randomly armed. HP 150
Jack Kelly- HP 500 Revolver Colt. 45. ?????? Other Weapons. Mp 60

Gavin rushes forward with the USP. Twirling behind an unprepared guard, putting the USP to his temple and pulling the trigger.
-Point blank shot - 150X critical.-
As the guard falls back into Gavin's arms, he pulls a dagger out of the guards rear sheath.

Using the guard as a shield Gavin turns and throws the dagger at another guard.
The Guard ducks and the dagger flies into the throat of another guard.
Critical 150X-that guard falls to the ground.

Gavin: "Gunner this is gonna get real messy."

Two guards turns towards gavin and both pull outglock 18's.
They open fire on Gavin.
Gavin hides behind the body of the dead guard.
They run out of bullets and begin to reload.
Gavin throws the guards body down and starts firing the USP as he twirls behind a pillar for protection. He fires 3 shots.
1- misses.
1- hits a guard in the right shoulder blade.
1- hits a guard that Gavin wasn't even shooting at. Right in the eye. o.o (random death)

The guard who was hit, leans forward holding his shoulder blade.
Guard: "Lets charge this lecker!"
The other guard nods and they both rush forward.
Gavin twirls on the right side of the pillar and fire the USP twice . 1- bullet flying into the wounded guards left shoulder. he falls to his knees in pain.
THe other guard makes it to the pillar.
Gavin rushes around to the other side and grabs the guard by the head and in a solid swift motion, snaps the guards neck. Gavin picks up the glock 18 and leans against the pillar for protection.

*Gunshots are heard*
Chief- "What!? What!!?? Just what in the blue blazes is going on in there! CAll the FBI, CAll the CIA, Call NBC! CALL Someone!! GaAAAWWR!! THATS IT! Boys, lock and load! We are going in."
Deputy: "But sir the syntec?"
Chief: "Send in mechinical rovers. i don't care. You know what!? Send Martha Stewart in to defuse the syntec! I have a better idea. why don't we just make a new slaggin' entrance!"
Deputy: "Alright sir. By the have some donut on your face."

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Gavin Stormfist
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The Lands of Meeriad - Hostage Infiltration

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