The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

The End of the World has been averted! Dang, we rock!
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The Lands of Meeriad - Dankton Continent - Callice

It's a hot mid-day. The sun is beating down. The roads are griddles. Inside the Bank of Callice, one of Callice's largest banks, everything is going well... but not for long.

Unbeknownst to the occupants of the building, a team of sixteen men armed with para-military gear--ski masks, urban camouflage, body armor, and the like--are on the roof of the three story lobby section. They are preparing rappelling equipment and charges to blow the massive skylight for entry.

The leader counts down from three on his fingers. The charges blow, shattering the skylight. Millions of tiny glass shards rain down on the people below. Twelve of the sixteen men rappel down to the first floor of the bank. The other four stay on the roof to provide overwatch for the entry team.

Several people in the bank go for their weapons, but are dropped quickly by the highly-trained assailants. They quickly move to secure the immense lobby. A clerk calls the police while another grabs an AKM47 from below the counter. One of the attackers catches on and pops the clerk twice in the face with his UMP45.

Leader: Nobody move! You move, we kill you!

Another clerk crawls to the AKM and picks it up. He rests it on the counter and fires a burst on full-auto. They hit one man, two in the arm and one in the chest, causing him to drop his M16A3. His level III body armor stops the one to his chest however. Much to the clerk's dismay, three others turn to him and give him ten rounds of varying calibers. The clerk did get another couple shots off, one hitting another man in the chest to no avail.

Nobody decided to go for anymore weapons from there on.

Outside, police special units are arriving. The four men on the roof of the bank start firing at the police vehicles. A driver of one patrol car is hit. His car veers off the road and crashes into a building next to the bank.

A police helicopter with two SWAT snipers hanging out is arriving as well.

SWAT officer (ove radio): Snipers Six and Seven, there are an unknown number of snipers on the roof. Requesting support immediately.
Sniper Six: Roger that. We have eyes on four snipers. Engaging... I've got the one on the left.

The snipers aim their highly customized .308 Remington M700s through their Leupold optics at the men on the roof and fire. Sniper Six's shot goes straight through one man's forehead, dropping him. Seven's hits one in the chest. The armor slowed down the round, but didn't stop it from penetrating. He falls. One of the remaining two men had pulled an M72A7 rocket launcher out of his backpack, prepared it, and is now aiming it at the police helicopter.


The snipers are quickly working the actions of their rifles. The pilot panics and drops altitude quickly. Both snipers shoot the rocket guy, dropping him, but not before he fires the rocket. The projectile goes awry and takes a chunk out of a nearby parking garage. The remaining man is calmly firing his FAL at the helicopter pilot. He hasn't managed to hit the helicopter yet. The pilot gets it stabilized as the snipers are preparing for the final shot.

Back on the ground, the police haven't been able to get near the bank yet. The men inside have too much cover. Several officers are wounded already.

A few blocks down the street in a tiny "Ma and Pa" cafe, the entirety of SG&C are eating their mid-day meals--

--until they hear the gunfire down the street.

Chris: Gunfire's our business. Shall we go stick our noses where they don't belong?
John: Yes.
Jake: Jawsome.

They all start to get up.

Chris: Jango, you stay back and pay for the food. Okay, let's rock--
Jake and Chris: --and ride!

All except Jango swiftly exit the cafe in a cloud of dust.

Jango: They always leave me out... Pfft.

I'm not complaining.

He proceeds to pay for the food.

They hop into one of the Jeeps and take off down the road. They stop at a police line a hundred feet from the bank. A police officer moves toward their vehicle.

Police Officer: There is a dangerous situation beyond here. You cannot pass.

Chris rolls down his window and looks at the officer.

Police Officer: Hey, you're Chris Storms of SG&C, aren't you?
Chris: Yeah. We came to see what was going on. Need any help?
Police Officer: Heck yes. We're being wasted over here. They've got us pinned down. We can't get near the bank. We don't know how many there are.
Chris: Well, if you let us in, there won't be any.
Police Officer: Lemme talk to a superior officer first. Hang on.

He grabs his walkie-talkie.

Officer: Hey, Captain, we got SG&C here. They want to help.
Officer: 10-4. You're clear to come in.

SG&C hop out of the Jeep, grab their rifles, and cross the yellow tape. Another officer comes over to the team.

Officer: They had four shooters on the roof, but we had two snipers in a chopper take them all out. It appears they entered through a skylight. They now have total control of the bank. We can't get in through the front, back, sides, roof, nothin'. We don't know if they've injured or killed anybody. We don't know nothin'. These guys are pros.
Chris: Indeed. All right, we'll give it a whack.
Officer: Remember, there's innocent people inside. Don't go blowin' stuff up with grenades an' slag.
Chris: We got it. Let's go!

SG&C moves up to the front line. Officers are all behind the armored special unit vehicle. The vehicle is being pummeled with fire from inside the bank.

SWAT officer: Dang, these heckers don't let up.
John: Hey, we're SG&C. We're going in there.
SWAT officer: Are you nuts?!
John: Yeah! On our signal, give us some suppressive fire in there. If you're worried about hitting innocents, aim at the structure or something to at least make them think they're being shot at.
SWAT officer: Roger.
John: Ready?

SG&C give the thumbs up.

John: GO!

Several SWAT officers poke out from behind the armored vehicle and pour lead into the bank. Some of the gunfire from the bank lets up. SG&C run to the bank screaming. They all hop through separate broken windows and, upon observing the heavy body armor the perps are wearing, proceed to shoot them in the face. Chris gets hit square in the chest by a .45 from somebody's UMP. He is knocked off balance. John steps up and blasts the guy with his G36. He goes down. Jake is currently engaged with someone shooting out from behind a large pillar.


A man is on the balcony aiming for Megan. Tom runs behind a pillar with Jake. Jake suppresses the guy across the room behind the pillar. Tom pokes out and shoots the guy on the balcony. He falls behind the railing out of sight.

Nearby, John sees one of the attackers holding someone hostage and firing his MP5 wildly while backing into an office. John runs for him as the door shuts. He quickly unlatches the door, kicks it in, and proceeds inside. The man is right in John's face, catching him off guard. He fires a round point blank into John's vest. John staggers, but manages to knock the man's MP5 from his grasp. The G36 is too big for such close range. The man takes advantage of John being off balance and pulls the rifle away from him. John bashes it out of his hand. The man punches him in the face and draws a Ka-Bar knife, swinging right out of the sheath. John jumps back, drawing his .45 Beretta Cougar, and double-taps the guy. He stumbles, but makes another swing with the knife, grazing John's hand and knocking the pistol away. John ignores it and grabs the man's arm, twisting it, forcing him to drop the knife. He delivers a quick kick to his chin that floors him. He then pins him down. Probably not feeling too good, he doesn't move much anymore. John grabs two zip-ties from his vest and binds the man. He picks up his weapons and runs back out into the lobby.

Police are now coming inside. SG&C are standing at various strategic points in the lobby, watching for any more hostiles. The police captain is walking over to Chris.

Police Captain: Great work, mercs. You guys are nuts, but it gets the job done. I can't thank you enough. Is anybody hurt?
Chris: Looks like just cuts and bruises. John?
John: There's a guy in that office over there. Took two guns and some old Wrestle Mania moves to take him down. He's still alive, but he's probably wishing he wasn't now.

The captain whistles, snaps his fingers, and points to the aforementioned office. Two special unit officers move over there and clear the room. They bring the bound would-be robber and his former hostage out of the room.

Somewhere in the bad part of town, one of the head honchos of anything and everything shady or related to organized crime in Dankton--drugs, smuggling, gambling--Carlos Ritan, is watching the news in dismay. The team his little brother led to go rob a bank is dead or arrested.

His brother, Frankie Ritan, decided he needed some "quick cash", so he hand-picked some men from Carlos' personal army--really just a bunch of mercs and ex-soldiers with no sense of morality--to go knock over a bank. He told him he should've went for a smaller bank. It was stupid to try to take such a large bank with so few men. Frankie was always cocky. This time it got him killed... or at least arrested. He didn't know which. Irritated, he turns off the TV and goes to make a few calls. He wanted to find the names of each police officer involved in the incident and find out exactly what happened to his little brother.

An hour later, he hangs up the phone, turns his large leather chair around to face the window, and leans back. He now knows that SG&C was responsible for thwarting the robbery, and that Frankie is in an intensive care unit in a massive hospital in downtown Callice, no doubt under heavy police guard. He scowls, losing himself in thought.
Tom Fender
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8/18/2005 10:22:48 PM

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RE: Mobsters

--Sekhmet, Jake's Inn, early morning, two days after the attempted bank robbery--

Jake is sound asleep behind the desk. A small lamp on the desk provides the only illumination. For atmosphere, the stars and moon are covered with clouds. It's pitch black outside. A window across the room is open wide, allowing a small breeze to move through the lobby, but, unfortunately, also allowing a man dressed in a black sweatshirt and sweatpants wielding a Ka-Bar M1249 khukuri to move through the lobby. He stops briefly to drool at the SIG SG552 leaning against the wall, but he soon remembers his objective. He makes a mental note to swipe that when he leaves.

He makes his way to Jake and peers over the desk to see him holding an M1911 firmly against his right thigh. Jake stirs and smacks his lips. The black-clad man backs up and hides in the shadow of a potted plant. Jake's eyes open and he looks around the room groggily. He gets up, holsters the 1911, opens his small refrigerator, and removes half a Bushmaster KBS Mk. 1 sandwich. He sits back down, gnawing on the old sandwich. He switches on the 12" television sitting on his desk and flips through channels. He gets a strange chill and pulls his 1911 back out of its holster. He looks around the room again.

The intruder grows uncomfortable. Jake sets the sandwich on his desk and gets up again, grabbing a small Maglite flashlight. The intruder decides to bail and dashes silently for the open window. He dives out just as Jake turns on the lobby light. Jake hears the noise and runs over to the window, finding nothing. He turns and goes out the front door to have a look around.

Jake: Dang, it's eerie out tonight.

He wasn't talking to anyone in particular, just to feel better.

???: Hey, Jake!

Jake, startled, turns to the voice, aiming his pistol and flashlight. He sees his "neighbor" Jimmy decked out in jogging suit, 4-cell Maglite flashlight, and USP .40 on his hip. Jake lowers his pistol.

Jake: Hey, Jimmy. Ain't it a bit late--and dark--for jogging?
Jimmy: Nah. Couldn't sleep. Kept getting a weird feeling. Decided to go run it off. Why are you out here wavin' around a flashlight and a gun?
Jake: Something was just in my inn. Might've been an animal. I left the window open.

Jimmy jogs over to Jake, looking around.

Jimmy: Let's see if we can find anything.

The intruder is hiding in some brush nearby, trying to decide whether to hop it up to double murder or wait till later. His boss told him to get it done tonight, and his boss really doesn't like when he doesn't get what he wants. He should've brought a gun. A gun with a sound suppressor. He could go back for one...

Jimmy just turned a corner of the inn, putting Jake out of his view. He could eliminate his target now.

He finally decides against it and dashes for the window behind Jake's back and leaps back inside. He quickly finds a suitable hiding spot to wait for Jake to go back to sleep.

After another few minutes of searching, Jake goes back inside and Jimmy departs. Jake still has a weird feeling. He closes the window and decides to clear the building. He holsters his 1911 and grabs his 552. He goes to grab a bite from the crusty sandwich on his desk then proceeds to clear the various rooms of his inn.

The intruder once again grows uncomfortable. He decides he's not going to get it easy and will just have to ambush Jake. He won't be able to duck into a dark room because of that cursed flashlight on his rifle. And to think he's got to do this with the rest of SG&C! He should charge more.

He hears Jake climb the stairs. He scampers out of his hiding spot and slowly climbs the stairs as well. He listens as Jake throws open yet another door and swiftly clears the room. He moves swiftly but silently to the doorway, coming up behind Jake, raising the khukuri. Jake dang near leaps to the other end of the room, spinning around in the same motion. He identifies the intruder as a threat and opens up. The man with the oversized knife goes down face-first.

Jake: There he is.

He moves toward the man, gun aimed at his head. He kicks away the knife and rolls the man over cautiously, still keeping an eye on the doorway in case of more goblins. The intruder is still alive but barely.

Jake: What the heck was that about?

He just closes his eyes and ceases breathing.

Jake: Ugh...

Jake leaves the room, muzzle-first, to clear the rest of the inn. Several minutes later, after dragging the body down to the lobby, he picks up the phone and dials John's house. After twenty rings, John can be heard half-asleep on the other end.

John: What?
Jake: Some buttface just tried to kill me.
John: That's not unusual. Why don't you tell the police? I'm tired.
Jake: I'd bet he was sent by Carlos Ritan.
John: Why?
Jake: Revenge.
John: What'd you do to him?
Jake: Put his brother in the hospital.
John: When?
Jake: ... The other day when we foiled that bank heist.
John: Oh, that...
Jake: Sigh
John: So, what did you call for?
Jake: ... Be wary. There very well may be more hitmen.
John: Yup.
Jake: Did you get that or are you just sayin'?
John: Yup.
Jake: Ugh... Is somebody else there?
John: Nope.
Jake: Look, don't get killed.
John: Yup.
Jake: Good night.
John: Yup.

Jake hangs up the phone, irritated.

John listens to the dial tone for several minutes before speaking thusly:


Jake calls the rest of the team to inform them.
Tom Fender
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10/7/2005 9:54:13 PM

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RE: Mobsters

Xheis's phone rings. He picks it up to hear Jake on the other end.

Chris: Whaddya want? I'm busy.
Jake: Doing what?! It's two AM!
Chris: Writing email. Like always. Stupid question.
Jake: Right... Anyway... An assassin broke into my Inn and tried to kill me.
Chris: Kay. Call the Police.
Jake: ...You've got to be kidding me.
Chris: Nope. Why?
Jake: That's what John said.
Chris: Stands to reason then, doesn't it?
Jake: Shuddup.
Chris: *Sigh* ...Want me to be worried?
Jake: Slightly, yes.
Chris: Okay... Who do you think it was?
Jake: Carlos Ritan.
Chris: Why?
Jake: Revenge...
Chris: What'd you do to him?
Jake: ...You sure you're not kidding me?
Chris: Yup.
Jake: Fine... Put his brother in the hospital.
Chris: When?
Chris: Oh, right. Couple days ago.
Chris: Gimme a break. Email makes me hazy. And it's late.
Jake: Then stop sending emails!
Chris: You nuts?!
Jake: Yes.
Chris: Nevermind. Anyway... Any specific reason you called?
Jake: Just wanted to let you know there may be others around.
Chris: Right. Anything else?
Jake: I gues--
Chris: Kay. Bye.

Chris hangs up on Jake.

Jake: (Stares at the phone.) I don't believe these guys.

Jake decides to wait till after sleep to call the police. He sits back down in his chair, lobby lights on and 552 in his lap with extra mags on the desk, and slips into a light sleep.
Chris Storms
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10/7/2005 11:22:40 PM

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RE: Mobsters

After yelling at the phone, John continues listening to the dial tone for about a minute. He then slams the phone down and reaches for his Native, which is on the night stand. He proceeds to repeatedly open and close it while staring at the stucco ceiling.

Tom sits up and looks at John. He speaks groggily.

Tom: Who called?

Tom smacks his gums. In utter horror, John slowly turns his head toward Tom before letting out a shrieking, blood-curdling scream.

Tom: Wh--What? Why are... why are you in my bed?

Gas escapes his bottom.

John: Holy--eww. Dude. My room. My bed.

Tom's eyes widen.

Tom: Then what's THAT?!

While staring at John with wide eyes, he points behind himself. There is a hideous sculpture made of empty tuna cans sitting on a large pool table.

John opens his eyes. The lights are off. A dream? His Native is still in his hand. Without looking, he slams his fist down at the bed next to himself. It hits something... that's hovering above the bed. He turns.

Black-clad ninja assassin: AAIIIIIAAIAIIAII!

The black-clad ninja assassin raises his khukuri. John promptly stabs him with the Native. He takes the khukuri, pushes the black-clad ninja assassin off the bed, and goes to sleep.

Soon, he wakes up to the sound of gunfire. He opens one eye, seeing Megan standing in the doorway with her G36.

Megan: I heard a Johnny Quest scream. There was this guy in here... so I shot him.

John looks over the side of the bed. The man he stabbed minutes ago now has several bullet holes in him.

John: Oh. That guy. I already stabbed him.

John rolls over and closes his eyes.

Megan: Oh.

There's a silence.

Megan: Okay. Good night.

She leaves. John rams a finger into his ear and turns it, the ringing setting in.

Meanwhile, at Tom's house. He magically has a house now. Magic.

He is currently sliding down a banister on a sled of tuna cans, shooting two MP5K's, one-handed, in two directions. There are about twenty ninjas in his house, flipping out. Some of them are on the wall. As Tom's tuna sled hits the thiiiing... at the bottom of the banister, he goes flying off in bullet time. He reloads with one hand in midair and fires both MP5Ks at The Boss Ninja before hitting the groufloor.

He hits the groufloor on his feet. He stands up really straight and crosses his arms. He nods, disappearing in a cloud of pink flower petals. Like a ninja.

Da na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BAT

John Gibson
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10/8/2005 1:38:53 PM

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RE: Mobsters

Meanwhile, Straph stands atop the spire of a giant building in Callice, the cool night wind ruffling through his messy hair. At this moment, he is wearing a Long Black Cape of Coolness Factor +2... because there's wind. It billows straight out behind him. He can often be seen here, as he is offered a view of much of downtown Callice. It doesn't matter that he couldn't realistically see the happenings down at street level from this height, because he is, by nature, an unrealistic being. Plus he just looks like a BAD mother balancing on a spire a thousand feet high.

His heightened ninja senses draw a white line on a black background behind him in Anime Vision® and he squints, looking to his right. Somehow by looking to his right, he can see behind himself, even though this is physically impossible.

He is suddenly propelled into the air, becoming a blur to the naked eye. He lands on the flat rooftop and stands straight, unmoving for several seconds. He swings around, moving slightly to the right, and catches three shurikens. They continue to spin quickly on his fingers. Barely flicking his hand, they fly off behind him and hit a man. With a yell, the assailant falls off of the building. Straph is silent. A few moments later, he mutters to himself.

Straph: An unworthy opponent.

He sails through the air to a series of lower rooftops until he reaches street level. This late at night, the streets are much less crowded than usual, though still annoyingly full. This, however, makes it even easier for Straph to move unnoticed through the city. It's never a problem anyway; his ninja skills are too advanced.

Within hours, he finds himself in Zanardio, sleeping in a tree.
Straph Anging
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11/10/2005 4:47:53 PM

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RE: Mobsters

Several hours pass, and a car is heard barreling down the dirt road. He groans, rolls over, and goes back to sleep. Suddenly, the car slows down, several men lean out the windows of the car and open fire at Chris' house as they whip the car around to the side of his house. Splinters of wood and shattered glass start flying everyware as the house is rittled with lead. Chris rolls off the side of his bed and grabs his Px4 off the nightstand. The car is heard screeching around the next corner. Car doors are then heard slamming, and several men are heard barking directions at others. Chris tucks his Px4 into the back of his pants and runs downstairs, grabbing his AR-15. He throws the safety off and and runs to his side window. He slightly opens it and sets the gun on the window ledge. In a few moments, men are seen walking down the driveway towards Chris' front door bearing old Thompsons. Chris lines up, and opens fire. In a matter of seconds, three of the four men are down. The other one had ducked behind a tree. The man waits a few minutes before poking his head out. Dumb idea. His body slumps to the ground.

Chris rushes over to the phone and dials Jakes number. The ringing of the phone wakes Jake from his light sleep. He groans and grabs the phone.

Jake: ...Hello?
Chris: Hey, yeah. Did yo--
Jake: It's 4:15 am..This better be worth it.
Chris: I think the mobsters are after us.
Jake: Gee, what makes you think that?
Chris: ..Maybe the many bulletholes in my house? Or the dead mobsters outside my house?
Jake: Sounds like fun.

Jake hangs up, and leans his chain back against the wall, closing his eyes.

Chris: ...>_>

Chris groans and dials John's number, in case they're after him.
Jake Conner
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11/17/2005 9:43:29 PM

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RE: Mobsters

John's phone rings.

John: WHAT?

Slamming his hand onto the phone, he picks it up and puts it to his ear.

John: ...WHAT?

There's a short silence.

Chris: Ow... I just wanted to let you know four guys with Tommy guns just shot up my house.
John: Yeah? Some fool from Johnny Quest just tried to kill me in my sleep. I stabbed that foo' good. Energy Knives--
Chris: John, I can tell you're half-asleep, but you need to wake up. This is serious.
John: You're right, this guy's starting to stink.
Chris: Knock it off, John.
John: Sigh...

He takes his mouth away from the phone.


John puts his mouth back to the phone.

John: Megan's getting--
Chris: I heard.

There's a silence.

John: Okay, so yeah. I'll talk to you later.

He hangs up and gets out of bed. He promptly falls to the floor and falls asleep.

--The next morning.--
John feels himself being shaken. He mumbles and smacks his gums.

Megan: Your coffee was getting cold, so I drank it. Time to get up.
John: Can I get another few hours? You know how tired I get when I stab somebody.
Megan: Yeah, yeah, come on. I'll get you another cup of coffee.
John: Gross. Why would I want coffee?
Megan: You wanted some last night.
John: Well, yeah... Okay, fine.

John lifts his head as he moans and groans, picking himself up off of the floor. He falls back down, his head thudding against the floor.

Megan: Quit goofing off, we have a long day of stopping people from trying to kill us.
John: Argh.

Megan leaves the room. After a few minutes, John gets up and goes downstairs. Tom, who never actually had a house, is downstairs slurping up a bowl of "Oh's!". He is wearing tactical gear and combats boots already. Megan, in a bathrobe, is preparing some oatmeal. The coffee pot, which John never even knew he had, is going. It's a classic morning scene, except for Tom.

John: I see we're all alive.

He yawns.

Tom: You sure?

He looks at himself.

John: Pretty sure. Am I the only one who had an attempt on his--or her--life in this house last night?
Tom & Megan: Yep.
John: Well, don't I just feel special?
Tom & Megan: Yep.
Megan: What are you going to do about the dead guy on your bedroom floor?
John: I thought he made a nice decoration. Call a taxidermist.
Megan: Call the cops or something.
John: I don't like to talk to the police before breakfast.
Megan: I didn't say right now.

John begins preparing a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Megan: I don't know why you still eat that. It's the bane of your bowels.
John: Yep, but it tastes dang good. 'Tis worth the pot time.

--Fast forward--

Weeks later, there have been no more attempts on SG&C's lives. It's bad for Carlos's business.
John Gibson
2nd In Command of SG&C

11/17/2005 10:11:55 PM

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RE: Mobsters

A month after the failed bank robbery and subsequent hospitalization of Carlos Ritan's brother, and the day before a rather meaningless holiday since Jesus was on Earth (though Christianity DOES somehow exist on Meeriad), the entirety of SG&C sits in a small, little-known, family-run restaurant in Zanardio; The Electric Griddle; a small place, with an open-view kitchen, similar to Waffle House. Over the years, the attractions of Legivve--the previously unnamed city in which John, Megan, and Tom lived--had been diverted to another district, and thus The Electric Griddle was relatively empty for being the night before a major holiday. They are enjoying the peace and good food--some of the best food in Legivve, as a matter of fact--until a .30-06 penetrates the window and skims across John's chest, because he gets lucky like that.

The group hurries behind concealment--no cover in the building--and surveys the situation.

John: Wanna take bets?
Tom: I say John Quiching. Super Grin
Jake: An acquaintance of the mad bomber?
Megan: Carlos Ritan.
John: You stole my bet.

Jango and Chris don't participate. Chris attempts to figure out where the shot came from by the position of the bullet hole in the window and where John had been sitting. Jango is probably in the bathroom. Three ski-masked men, armed with a G36C, a Krinkov, and a Remington 870, burst through the front door. Their body armor meets SG&C's pistol rounds. Luckily, one of the cooks quickly grabs an AK47 from under the dishwasher and hoses the three attackers.

John: I really need to start carrying my Five-Seven.

John makes pained sucking noises and touches his chest where the bullet skimmed him. He winces and doesn't do that anymore. Chris turns to the restaurant workers.

Chris: All of you should get down until we verify that there aren't any more.

They all nod and comply. The cook with the AK looks cautiously over the counter, his rifle held diagonal across his chest. John makes his way around the counter, wincing every few seconds as a new surge of pain runs through his torso and arms. He's getting a little light-headed and his shirt is now becoming red, but he can deal with that later. Tom makes a noise. John looks over at him and sees that he is now wearing thermal goggles.

John: Where did he...
Tom: I see... lights. A lot of lights.
Jake: That's real surprising.
Tom: But! There's a guy on the roof across the street.
Jake: How odd.
Tom: He's probably looking at me too. Grin ...Oh. He just fell off the roof.

There's a silence.

Megan: He... fell off the roof?
Tom: That's what I just said. Not moving... not moving... not moving... I think we're good.
John Gibson
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12/25/2005 12:17:17 AM

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RE: Mobsters

Shortly after the man falls, Tom catches a glimpse of a figure standing up on the roof. Just as quickly as he spotted the figure, it vanished.

Tom: ...Magic!
Megan: What now, Tom?
Tom: There was a guy on the roof. Then there wasn't a guy on the roof.
Megan: Yeah, he fell off.
Tom: No, another guy.
Megan: Great.

A loud crash is heard coming from the store room in the basement.

Jake: Sounds like fun is-a comin'!

A scream is heard from below, seeing as that's where most of the employees ran and hid when the first shots went off. Jake runs over by the front door and picks up the G36C and slings it over his shoulder. Jake tosses the krinkov to John, and the Remington to Megan. Tom pulls out his M92 Krink.

John: I'll stay up here and watch the door.
Jake: Uh, okay.

John clentches his chest as he moves behind the counter, peering above it, watching the front door. Jake, Tom, and Megan approach the back door heading down to the basement. Tom counts to three on his fingers and goes to kick the door. A loud thud is heard, followed by a shriek from Tom.

Megan: Why didn't you try turning the handle?
Tom: That'd be too easy.

Megan and the others step to the side of the door. The turns the handle and flings the door open, bullets fly up the steps and into the stove opposite of the door. Megan, Tom, and Jake are pressed against the wall next to the door. One of the intruders shouts up when the gunfire stops.

Intruder #1: Try anything and we'll kill the hostages!

Jake whispers to Megan.

Jake: Tom and I will keep them distracted, work your way around back and suprise them from behind if you can.
Jake Conner
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12/27/2005 11:59:01 PM

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RE: Mobsters

One of the bad guys turns to the one who yelled up about "hostages."

Bad guy: Put down the crack pipe. Let's get out of here.

The bad guys file out the back. SG&C rushes down and out the door, but the men have disappeared into the night.

Jake: ...Where'd their hostages go?

John shrugs.

John: Where'd my flesh go?
Tom: On the side of the booth we were sitting in.
Megan: Let's get you over to the doctor.
Jake: ...You do that. I'll take care of this.

He points at the block of C4 tossed haphazardly onto a stack of flour sacks and inspects it closely. Tom steps over, rips out the detonator, and pockets the bomb.

Tom: Grin

They leave.

--Two hours later--
John is lying on the couch at home with a buttload of bandages wrapped around his torso. There's a small container of Advil on the coffee table.

Chris: ...They gave you--
Megan: Advil.
Chris: What...
Megan: I have... no clue.

There's a silence.

John: Meg.
Megan: Hm?
John: Go get me some of that leftover Vicodin from the last time I was shot in the lung.

Megan gets up and leaves the room. John groans. Chris turns on the TV and begins channel surfing.

Chris: Oh, I forgot UFC Unleashed is on!
John: Sweet.

--The next day--
The sounds of men being decapitated, gibbing, and choked into unconsciousness is the background as the members of SG&C roam town. It turns out that they have a guardian angel of sorts--in the form of a totally sweet ninja.

Tom passes an alley. A man steps out and begins firing two Px4's rapidly. Several shurikens impact him and the ninja falls from the sky in front of Tom.

Straph: You are not safe. Take your friends and fight the source of your worries.

The ninja jumps directly to a second-story rooftop, disappearing.

Tom: ...WHOA! A NINJA!
John Gibson
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12/28/2005 12:28:40 AM

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