The Lands of Meeriad
The Lands of Meeriad

The End of the World has been averted! Dang, we rock!
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The Lands of Meeriad - Filuria
The Invasion of Meeriad

Straph stands atop a Linhi building. Black aircraft descend from the heavens. He watches them carefully, shielding his eyes from the bright sun.

The aircraft soon begin burning, looting, bombing, shooting the Linhi city in Filuria, their energy weapons tearing through flesh and dirt, bone and concrete.

Three fly in formation in Straph's direction. As they open fire, Straph throws several shurikens in their direction and jumps away. They catch fire and ram into the building where he just stood.

Straph stealthily navigates through the alleys and streets, coming to the city hall. Linhi mystics begin conjuring a magical shield around the hall as warriors hurl gobs of burning death at the attackers. It is no use. These attackers from above soon rip their shield asunder and lay waste to the defenders. The sun is blocked out... but it is no cloud. A black monolith hovers ominously above, raining down ground troops. As an alien patrol scurries down a street, Straph attacks from above, cold steel destroying his new enemies.

There are soon too many, and he must flee. He leaps from the island, disappearing.
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The Lands of Meeriad - The Invasion of Meeriad

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