The Lands of Meeriad

The Lands of Meeriad - A Mythical World of Fantasy and Adventure

Race: Demon

Maximum Starting Age: None.

Best Weapon Type: None.

Info: Contrary to their name, demons are not actually beings of the underworld. Thousands of years ago, they were labeled demons by humans because of their demonic features, and the name stuck. They're generally not sympathetic creatures, and are quite often evil, but there are also good demons. Demons cannot die of old age, but can simply lose the will to live. They are extremely resistant to disease, and can be killed by artificial means.

Description: Demons look very much like humans with pure-white or red hair. They usually have some kind of markings on their faces. All demons have long, claw-like finger nails that they can use as weapons, and they can release a strong poison through them. Many, but not all, have dark red instead of white eyes. Wings for gliding are also a common feature on demons. Half-demons most often have pure-white hair, but can also have any natural human hair color.

Class Upgrade: None.

--Special Abilities--
Poison Claws -
Melee attack with claws.