The Lands of Meeriad

The Lands of Meeriad - A Mythical World of Fantasy and Adventure
What is Meeriad?
Meeriad is a planet.
Do real world physics apply?
Magic generally defies the laws of physics, but other than that, real physics do apply.
Can you change my title?
You can do it yourself. Just go into Edit Profile, and under your name is a text box for it.
Can you change my user name?
Yup. Just send an admin a private message with what you want your name to be and they'll change it ASAP.
Can I be an administrator?
You may or may not become an admin, only time will tell, but DO NOT ask to be one.
Can you add an item?
Maybe. Give us a suggestion and we'll see about it.
What's a shop for?
It's how you get money in the Lands of Meeriad Official RP forum, and how players can purchase more equipment.
What's RPing?
RP is short for role play. You create a character and play his role.
Can I get money transferred from my other user?
No, you can't.
Why was my user deleted?

A. The user was made and was never used for 2 to 3 weeks.
B. It has been previously used, but not in several months. (If a user has a lot of money or items, it probably won't be deleted for this reason.)
C. You were permanently banned and we ended up seeing no reason in keeping your user.

Why are my posts getting deleted?
Probably because they were spam, they weren't fit to be posted, or they're not needed any more.
What time does the official RPG take place?
There really isn't a specified time. It has medieval cities and some medieval weaponry, but a lot of modern things as well, such as guns, automobiles, and planes.
How do I get more experience/level up?
Fight battles in the official LoM RPG. The admins will judge how much experience you got from a fight. You cannot get experience in the "RPG" forum or the "Fights" forum.