The Lands of Meeriad

The Lands of Meeriad - A Mythical World of Fantasy and Adventure

100 lom

A small, hand-made dagger honed to a razor-sharp edge, designed for quick jabs and strikes. 9 1/4 inches overall length with 5 inch blade.

150 lom

A short, lightweight, hand-forged sword designed for agility and speed. 36 inches overall length with 28 inch blade.
Jackson Arms JA42 Cutlass

200 lom

A pirate-style cutlass.

200 lom

A large, mass-produced, knife-like weapon often used to cut vegetation. 35 3/8 inches overall length with 29 1/8 inch blade.
Stihl BayoSaw

200 lom

A gasoline-powered machine which uses a chain that spins at a high speed to cut. Small, lightweight design makes it tactically sound. Attaches to any rifle's bayonet lug. Includes a variety of interchangeable triggers to reach most rifle triggers.

250 lom

A gasoline-powered machine which uses a chain that spins at a high speed to cut. Meant for cutting trees and such, but can be used as a weapon or to open cans. Fuel-efficient design allows it to run at full speed for quite some time. Sleek, neon-green body and purple blade will impress your friends.
Iron Sword

500 lom

A mass-produced, double-edged broadsword with a somewhat cheap blade. Not very sharp and not very sturdy, but it'll get the job done... probably.
Beam Sword

920 lom

A weapon which uses an unknown method involving concentrated beams of light, crystals, and several other secret components to project a glowing "blade" about three feet long upwards of 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit to cut practically anything. Comes in a variety of colors, including red, green, blue, purple, yellow, and white. Safe-T design deactivates the blade when the hilt is released.
Ice Sword

1650 lom

A high-quality sword magically enchanted to freeze whatever it cuts.
Light Blade

2850 lom

Using the same base blade as the Ice Sword, the Light Blade is enchanted to emit a soft light and smite unholy foes.
Grand Sword

3400 lom

A giant, extremely heavy sword that you could just crush guys with the side of, it's that heavy. It was made by orcs for orcs because sometimes an orc just needs a big, heavy sword.
Diamond Sword

4200 lom

Using a 12-year-old's knowledge, or lack thereof, of the world, this sword is somehow highly durable, sharp, and dependable. Maybe it's not actually diamond, who knows? I don't.
Hyper Blade

10000 lom

A magically enchanted sword created by the Linhi when they occupied the Gardens of Meeriad. It is infinitely sharp and just... it'll kill you if you touch it. And don't, like, stab it into the ground or something because it'll just keep going, then Dominion Master Clint Blizzard will be getting tech support emails to teleport the sword out of the planet's core. He doesn't like it when that happens and he gets all moody all day. We don't like that here on the mother ship.